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May 2023 Monthly Horoscope

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

May is a big month with the planet Pluto going retrograde on the first day of May. We are also still in the height of the eclipses, with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse going to occur on May 5th in the sign of Scorpio. This ends a large portion of the emotional work we have been doing with this sign, even though the Nodes don’t move to Aries and Libra until July. Then on May 19th we have the New Moon in Taurus. Important to note is this new moon will be complete at the Full Moon in Taurus during the Lunar Eclipse in October. Mercury is still retrograde also in the sign of Taurus and will remain so until the 14th of the month.

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May 1st – As we dance around the May pole and say Rabbit Rabbit, Pluto shifts into reverse. We have barely gotten to see the impacts of Pluto in Aquarius, it only entered the sign on the 23rd of March. Now it begins its retrograde in Aquarius. It will be here until the 11th of June, stirring up more intensity at that 0-degree point. Then it heads back to Capricorn for the remainder of the year. So that work that began at the 29 degree point, it is time to go back over it. Considering that was the beginning of financial turmoil, and government turmoil, we should be aware of the fear that was stirred up. Now is the time to look at those areas again and strengthen them. Pluto is known for burning things down to the ground, in order to build them back up stronger than before. The entire month is about that work.

May 4th – Venus in Gemini is squaring off with Neptune in Pisces. This can be very dreamy and delusional energy. Not a good day for any kind of detail work. It is a good for day dreaming and creating art. There could be some sort of rude awakening with information being shared that rips those rose-colored glasses right off your face. Saturn has been in a long conversation with the Nodes, in a positive aspect to both since it joined Pisces back in the first part of March. As the Moon joins the South Node it also speaks in harmony with Saturn. This means what happens now is fated, so don’t try to put those glasses back on.

May 5th – this is of course Cinco de Mayo, and it’s also our first Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of the year. A time for major completion involving the sign of Scorpio. Such as King Charles the III being coronated on the 6th. It happens in his 4th house of home and family. You can’t even make this stuff up! This sign is an earth sign, extremely hard working, determined, and just a wee bit stubborn. That is because the mode of this energy is what we call fixed. Things that come to a conclusion during an eclipse are meant to be. This is always very emotional as it involves the Moon. For more details on this sign and to tap into this energy check out my article and hypnosis session here.

The Moon and Sun will be in opposition at just shy of 15 degrees of Scorpio and Taurus, at 10:33 am PT. The Nodes are pretty wide on this one, so maybe the impact will be less intense. However, Uranus is sitting pretty close to the Sun, meaning your endings could come as a very big surprise. The Sun in Taurus helps you successfully use the 5 senses to create financial success. The Moon in Scorpio, one of its least favorite places to visit, has a lot of fear around success. The Moon is what we need to feel safe and secure, and it feels anything but in Scorpio, a sign that rules death and transformation. A huge help during this event is the fact that the 2 benefic planets of the zodiac, Venus and Jupiter, are speaking in harmony. We will go into much more detail in my article here.

May 7th – Venus is out of the sign of Gemini and into the sign of Cancer, where things feel nice and cozy at home. Well they would if she wasn’t making a weird angle to Pluto retrograde at 0 degrees of Aquarius. This could mean power struggles at home, or with women in general. Something from the past is coming up for your review. It may come back up out of the blue because this angle is what we call Quincunx or inconjunct. Could be some have to face their fear about raising a family.

May 9th – this is a good day to stay at home. The Sun and Uranus are exactly conjunct in the sign of Taurus at 18 degrees. In an earth sign like this we can have literal earthquakes, lightning storms, and a bit of chaos. On the positive side we could have a big financial breakthrough, or brilliant ideas. These two meet up once a year. Maybe the Sun can cleanse Uranus of its crazy impact on the financial markets and we can get a reset. This energy has been building all month. Last year’s meeting was a lot more intense, but I would still prepare for some unexpected twists and turns.

May 10th – Venus and the Nodes are speaking in perfect harmony today. What might fate have instore for you? You will want to see what house holds your Cancer energy at 3 degrees of the sign. Have you learned to let go of your fear where love is concerned? Do you believe you are loveable? If so, expect some good karma to be coming your way. Saturn, and Mercury still in retrograde for a few more days, are meeting in a sextile. This could be information or contracts from the past that come to completion. Or, come up again for some kind of review. Don’t rush this. You will want to go over the details carefully until these two finish their conversation on May 17th. After that you should be comfortable with all you have learned and ready to take final action on it.

May 12th – Jupiter has been in the sign of Aries for a year now. It spends about a year in every sign. It was last here in 2011. This is a 12-year journey that is coming to a close, so a new one can begin. Aries teaches us about the self. It is our confidence, our image we project on the world, it is our independence, our inner warrior. At 29 degrees it is intense, this is our final lesson. Do you have the confidence you need to succeed? It will be tested. Jupiter is a gentle teacher as long as we are paying attention. If we are putting our head in the sand it has no problem giving us a rude awakening. Considering this is the activation point of the Solar eclipse, this is likely to get a bit dramatic. If you have been hanging onto something that was supposed to be eclipsed from your life you will likely see it permanently removed at this time. If you set your intentions and did the work and let that ‘thing’ go, then you will be rewarded.

May 13th – Venus speaks in harmony with Mercury and Saturn, this would be a beautiful day to get married or rekindle a romance from the past. Venus and Saturn bring a commitment. Mercury is in the sign that Venus rules, so the love songs and sweet talk is a bit over the top. Especially since Mercury is now stationing to go direct, it puts out a lot of energy before it makes its big turn. The Moon is actually in the sign of Pisces with Saturn as well. Something about this day is going to be heartfelt and remembered. A positive emotional impact for sure. If you are not the sentimental type you might be slightly annoyed.

May 14th – Happy Mother’s Day!! How have the last 3 weeks of Mercury been helping you to review the things of value to you, like your Mom? Did you dig in and do the work? Did you call your Mom yet? Are you ready to move forward with the changes you made? Mercury is pretty close to the North Node again, just like it was back on April 6th when the retrograde shadow began. There is something fated coming to fruition for you now.

May 15th – for much of last year Mars and Neptune were squaring, now they are forming a trine in the water signs Cancer and Pisces. There is an emotional connection being made. It is time to take action on those changes you were making. This could be some sort of spiritual work you are ready to put out to the world. It could be time to express yourself emotionally. This is a big creative boost so don’t let this pass you by.

May 16th – this is a day for the record books most likely. Mercury and Saturn are having their follow-up conversation from the retrograde. This is the day you can move your plans forward, but only if this is truly aligned with your values, something that is worthy of you. Jupiter is moving into the sign of Taurus, where it will spend it’s retrograde this year. As it does it is in a major square with Pluto, until the 21st. It is likely that any legal battles going on now escalate into fear mongering. If you are in some sort of legal battle expect it to escalate. 0 degrees of any sign is an intense degree. It is showing us what we don’t know, and need to learn. Jupiter is expanding the financial markets, but it shows you what you need to see to do so in a way that supports all involved. What do we need to see? Pluto in Aquarius is power to the people, it is also power to AI. This tension is aided by Mars in Cancer and the Moon in Taurus, conjunct Jupiter. This energy is emotionally tense and upsetting. If you are going to grow financially you have to do it the right way. Whatever has been done so far that is contrary to positive growth, is going to fall apart. These are good days to stay close to home and be extremely cautious with your finances.

May 18th – the Sun in Taurus is speaking in harmony with Neptune while all the tension from Pluto and Jupiter is still going on. With pressure like this, it is no surprise Mt St Helens blew its top back in the 80s. Saturn also still speaks in harmony with Mercury. It is like all the other planets are showing up to try and resolve this tension. Our ego self, the Sun, is being aided by our spiritual gifts from Neptune. The power of prayer especially when we all come together can do amazing things. Tap in here to help you get through the tension.

May 19th – this new moon is full of tension. The new beginning you are looking for doesn’t come easily. In the sign of Taurus, we have a deep desire to begin something we truly love, Venus is the ruler of this sign after all. In Taurus she is ruling over the money we make. Maybe all the tension lately has you questioning your career choices and you are ready to make sweeping changes. The Sun and Moon gives us an emotional reset, cleans the slate so we can realign with our value systems again. They are both being fueled by Mars and Pluto, but they are opposing one another and square to Jupiter. With the North Node conjunct with Jupiter our lessons are being led by fate. Expect the article on this New Moon to dive deep into all of this amazing energy. You can read it here.

May 20th – the tension is building! We have 2 major planets at 0 degrees and 2 major planets at 29. It is just going to be an extreme day. Saturn is still very much in control of the conversation. It is still sextile to Mercury. The Sun at 29 degrees of Taurus is speaking in harmony with Mars at 29 degrees of Cancer. When these 2 signs work together they can make great things happen. The Sun will also transition into the sign of Gemini and from there be speaking in harmony with Pluto in Aquarius. I am expecting powerful protests. This is war. Mars at 0 degrees of Leo is facing off with Pluto at 0 degrees of Aquarius. This is Me vs We. Mars in Leo wants to have all the power for himself. A leader on stage in a big way pushing back on the people. Pluto is backing the people, they are uniting. Jupiter is joined with the North Node in Taurus as it adds to the tension. Resources are being fought over. Jupiter in Taurus is the way out of all of this tension, fate is definitely in charge here. There is someone in a position of authority who will speak up and help these two resolve their differences. Each side has to give a little. We are in this energy for several days.

May 24th – this incredible tension escalates even more as Venus in Cancer is squaring with Chiron in Aries. The energy feels very sad. Women and children could be suffering as a result of all this fighting going on. The Moon in Leo is joining the battle between Mars, Jupiter and Pluto. At the same time the Sun is inconjunct to the South Node. Information about the past comes up in an unusual way, maybe it is what we need to know to get out of this mess.

May 25th – Venus in Cancer, and Uranus in the sign Venus rules, Taurus, speak in harmony today. This could be the breakthrough we have been waiting for. Perhaps a woman steps into power that shows us how love is the answer here. There are definite opportunities for surprise financial windfalls.

May 26th – the hands of fate are fully activated now as Mars now exactly squares the nodes of fate. Pluto too is squaring the nodes, but it is 3 degrees apart for an exact square, it will be exact in July. This is what makes power change hands. The power changes are fated.

May 26th – as if power struggles couldn’t get any worse, now we have tension between the Sun, the Moon, and Saturn. The Moon in Virgo is trying to bring some emotional stability, while Saturn in Pisces is actually trying to do the same. New boundaries need to be drawn, that is the lesson here.

May 29th – it’s Memorial Day in the USA. We are remembering those we lost to war. The cost definitely feels too high.

May 31st – Jupiter is now exactly conjunct to the North Node in Taurus as it opposes the South Node in Scorpio. This is a once in a lifetime energy. I believe the last time these two met in 1762, in the sign of Taurus, peace was brokered, leading to the Paris treaty. The 7-year war over the colonies in the United States, as yet not United however, still under British rule for several more years. But the French would end up releasing their interest shortly. The King of England at the time had passed, and new leadership had a much bigger desire for peace. Will Jupiter work its magic again? I am certain it will. Will it happen overnight. No.

June Preview – After all the tension in May it is no surprise we are going to start seeing outer planets move into retrograde. There is work to be done with Saturn entering retrograde on the 17th followed by Neptune on the last day of June. We will also see Pluto move back into Capricorn on the 11th. That government restructuring is about to begin. It lasts through the end of the year, staying at 29 degrees, that critical degree, the entire time. But now we know what we need to do, and it is time to do the transformation work. We will have a Full Moon in the sign of Sagittarius and the New Moon in Gemini. There is also some very positive energy to begin the month, so have faith, we will get through all the chaos together.

Love and Light.

Thank you,



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