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Maralee is an insightful, purposeful, and straight forward astrological coach.  The outcomes I have experienced have been life-altering and its due to listening and applying her coaching. Maralee always provides me in-depth insight on my natal chart. She is great at guiding and providing constant awareness of the energies to help me achieve my goals. She is honest about my triggers and her frank guidance has been a necessary element in my journey to meet my goals. Her advice provides me access to be uncomfortable and break from the habits that don't work in my daily life. In her guidance at times I am frustrated because she does push me to challenge my thoughts that don't lead to success and reflecting back she is usually right on her guidance…..I recommend Maralee to anyone that is ready to step into their purposed journey.  I have many wins due to her coaching with me and I am beyond grateful she is my coach.  

Parallel Lines

Arlissa L.

I went into my Hypnotherapy session with Maralee sure I knew where my issues were stemming from and that I could predict how the conversation would go and the outcome. I have never been more wrong, nor more shockingly enlightened in the best possible way in my life. Maralee was able to bring me to a sense of peace throughout the entire session, even through the difficult bits and pieces that needed to be rooted out and addressed. She was able to guide me through realizing not all issues are created equal and as such should not be handled in the same manner. Before my session I had nervous energy about food and eating and fears due to some health battles. After my session I had a bowl of ice cream and a good night’s sleep with no residual pain or discomfort for this first time in over a year. AND it has lasted ever since! (Of course with the general eat healthy and treat your body right rule). But more importantly, I have been able to accept, forgive, and move past some underlying issues that have, to be quite honest, tormented me my whole life. I’m happier. I’m more at peace. I’m enjoying food again! I’m not all the way where I want to be, but with Maralee I was able to take several huge steps in the right direction. I absolutely stand by her and what she can offer and I absolutely will be continuing to see her for each service she provides. The enlightenment she brings is an enhancement to my life I’m simply not willing to go without!

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