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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio 2023

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse brings closure to the activities we have been working on during this Taurus/Scorpio node transits. This is the final full moon for this approximately 19-month work with the nodes, so it is going to be a grand finale of sorts. It occurs at 14 degrees and 15 minutes of the signs Taurus and Scorpio, at approximately 10:35 am MST.

The Moon in Scorpio is at fall, meaning it does not like the energy here as much as it does the warm and cozy energy of its home sign of Cancer, or the indulgent energy where the Sun currently sits in Taurus. Here we have to face our fears, make peace with the darkness, and emotionally transform. You will see a dramatic chapter in your life come to a close wherever the South Node has been transiting in your chart. If you are ready for a major release check out my article and hypnosis sessions for Scorpio here.

The Sun in Taurus is shining a light on this Moon to bring it to fullness. It asks you if you know what you are worth. Not just in dollars, but in self-worth. Because if you do, you can rise above your fears, and start accepting all that you actually deserve. Fear is just a trap, it keeps us stuck, it keeps us from achieving all that we are capable of. It is time to ask yourself what you are so afraid of after all?

The Sun is fairly close to Uranus, in Taurus, sitting at 18 degrees. This brings the element of surprise to these endings that are fated, and very much needed. Uranus is like a lightning bolt of energy. It can unexpectedly push us outside our comfort zone. This planet can also bring us inspiration, innovation, and in Taurus some financial surprises. The energy is going to push you to break free from your fears, and complete your transformation journey.

There is a huge blessing made possible at the time of this eclipse by Jupiter and Venus. When the two benefic planets speak in harmony in the sky it brings us a gift. Jupiter is in Aries at 27 degrees while Venus is at 27 degrees of Gemini. This creates a sextile, which is a very gentle energy. You will want to look at what houses these two are bringing you blessings from, and what if any, planets they are currently making contact with in your chart. Venus is in a square to Neptune, helping you move away from a situation where you have been deluding yourself. This in and of itself can feel like a major blessing. This isn’t what we call a harsh square, but it is something we need to end at this time. You can no longer hold on to whatever this is for you.

The Nodes are pretty far away from the Sun and Moon, sitting at 4 degrees. That makes this just a partial eclipse. But it is still very karmic as Saturn is still speaking in harmony with both the North and South Node. There are some who feel Saturn’s influence as far away as 10-degrees because of its rings. Learning those lessons from the past is what will bring you the greatest rewards now.

Mercury is retrograde also in Taurus, but at 8 degrees. It is dividing the space between the Sun and the North Node. It is telling you to look back over some important details, especially where your finances are involved. It is possible that you get some information that is really helpful at this time. Fated information can come your way. Mercury started its retrograde on the 21st of April, right after the Solar Eclipse. Meaning there is something you need to hear or see or maybe even say at this time, to help you move forward. This planet stays retrograde until May 14th, where it will be close to the North Node for several days. This will be the final fated outcome of this first set of eclipses.

Where will you be looking for completion and closure that is fated? See below for some possibilities based on your Rising, Sun or Moon sign. Typically, the rising sign is most notable. However, to know this for sure you will want to either book a session with me here or check out my Tools tab under articles on my website. There is a worksheet you can leverage to track your changes for the year. You can find this very helpful for planning as long as you have a birth chart to work from. Check it out here. For even more clues take a look back on this same cycle from 19 years ago, or 2004.

Scorpio – Are you so excited? The heavy lifting is almost over. Granted it isn’t until July that the nodes officially move on, but this is going to show you what is possible. You are shedding the old you, stepping into who you are meant to be now. Perhaps a very close friend or partner is who shines a light for you and shows you the way forward. This is an ending in your first house, the self, your self-image, you are ready for personal breakthroughs. The Sun in the 7th house of relationships is lighting the way.

Libra – in the 2nd house this is an ending to the way you currently make money. You are no longer afraid to pursue something that is better for you. It is time to end your attachment to those who are taking advantage of you. You deserve to make all the money you need and want. It’s time to let go of situations where you are not being valued. The Sun shines a light from the 8th house of the money your partner makes. Maybe they are getting a big raise that gives you some flexibility.

Virgo – the 3rd house brings endings to things involving siblings, cousins, extended family, or your place in the community. You could be getting ready to publish a book, or teach a class, maybe even go back to school. Mercury, your ruling planet, rules over this house, I expect this to be something that you feel at peace with. You may already suspect what this is and be doing the work. Especially with the Sun shining a light from the expansive 9th house. You know it's time to grow. Maybe it is because of your growth you have to let this situation go.

Leo – the 4th house involves a possible move. You could be moving in or out of your current place of living. This is a letting go of fears related to motherhood, or your actual mother. The Sun shines a light from your 10th house of career, which could mean a move that is related to the work you do. If not moving this could be you getting ready to complete things that you are currently working on around the house.

Cancer – the 5th house rules the heart and the things we love. Here we find things related to lovers, hobbies, our passions, and our children, which are our little creations. A child could be moving out, so could a lover. You could also be ready to release something you have been creating into the world. Whatever is leaving you, just remember it is fated. With the Sun shining a light from the 11th house your friends might be playing a role in helping you let this go.

Gemini – the 6th house is letting go of something that is a part of your day to day life. This house rules work, health, being of service, and our pets. All the things that are a part of what we do daily. You could be getting a dream job, after finally letting go of one that was holding you back. If you have been having health issues solutions could be offered to you at this time. With the Sun shining a light from the 12th house it is time to clean up that thinking that holds you back. Or it’s time to schedule a procedure that is going to help you get healthy.

Taurus – the 7th house rules your marriage and business partners. Are your needs being met? That is what the Sun wants to know from your first house. You, like Scorpios, have been dealing with a lot during the past year with the transit of the North Node in your sign. With only 2 months left are you finally ready to accept your worth? Is your partner worthy of you and treating you well? If so, the relationship can be elevated to a new level. If not, then it is time to let it go.

Aries – the 8th house rules our intimate relationships. This is the house of death and transformation, Scorpio energy. It has been a big year for you as well with this house being activated. Now it’s time for this major transformation to come to an end. For you to reach your full potential. Of course, the Sun is shining a light from the 2nd house of the money you make, of the value you give yourself. Perhaps this person you are with now is helping you to see and understand things about yourself that you never expected. It’s a good thing, so let it in.

Pisces – the 9th house shows us where we need to experience growth and expansion. In Scorpio that is about no longer playing small, no longer just serving others. It is time to allow yourself to be a big deal! I know that doesn’t feel right, you feel like a fish out of water, pun intended. But the Sun shines a light from the 3rd house, where we are still learning. It is showing you how to apply this knowledge you have. Go use it.

Aquarius – the 10th house is our career, fame and notoriety. You are achieving a major goal and likely to be receiving a lot of recognition. Of course, that means you have to let go of any fear where your career is concerned. You may have even decided to change jobs. The Sun shining the light from your 4th house shows your family wants to support you, so don’t forget about them.

Capricorn – the 11th house represents our friends and our networking groups. This is a time where you can find your tribe, and for some that means you had to let go of one you thought you might always be a part of. The Sun in your 5th house is showing you what you feel most passionate about. This new group will support your passions, not try to thwart them. Your children are a part of your 5th house and what they are doing may be affecting you, such as moving out so you have more time for you.

Sagittarius – 12th house endings can bring a release of subconscious blocks that are much appreciated. They can also bring very big endings, since this is the house that rules things that are hidden, and is the last house in the zodiac. Something hidden could be brought to the surface that causes this ending. This could be health related in some way as the Sun shines a light from the 6th house. There is something you do on a daily basis that may initiate this big release for you, in a somewhat shocking way.

This Full Moon is in a water sign. Working with water can help you set intentions and create the closure that you want. One you can try is writing on a post-it where you currently are. Then place it on a glass and fill it with clean filtered water. Next write a post-it for where you want to be. Place this on the second glass. Read the first glass, stating 'I am releasing these things from my life permanently'. Pour this into the second glass. State 'I am welcoming these things into my life with the energy of the Full Moon'. Then breath in deeply feeling into your heart space, smiling, then drink the water. And so it is! For more help like this and to make it specific to you, book a Full Moon reading with me here.

Love and Light!

Thank you,



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