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New Moon in Taurus 2023

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

On May 19th, at approximately 8:53 am MST, we have the New Moon in the sign of Taurus. Both the Moon and the Sun will be joined at 28 degrees of the sign. This is a New Moon you won’t soon forget. We have some incredible tension in the sky that is going to make you want that new beginning in a major way. If you read my monthly May horoscope article here, you know this is an intense time in the heavens and of course as above so below.

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Taurus is an earth sign, it rules over money and valuables. Its ruler is Venus. Together these two like you to experience life to the fullest by engaging all of your senses. This is also what is called a Fixed sign. Stubborn as a bull might be a good way to describe those you know with strong Taurus energy in their chart. You are making wishes then to receive money, experience love, enjoy yourself thoroughly in some way. To go more in-depth with this energy check out my article and hypnosis session here.

During each new moon we have a chance at a new beginning. We get to create 10 new moon wishes, and we want to do them within about 8 hours of the event. This is an earth sign, so it is helpful to work with this element when creating your intentions. Get yourself grounded in some way as you write out these wishes. Make sure these are things that are good for both the ego and the soul.

Venus as the ruler of Taurus, then is the ruling planet for these new beginnings. It is sitting in the sign of Cancer at 12 degrees, and mostly unaspected. Saturn in Pisces is sitting at six degrees, which is a bit wide for a strong trine influence, but will be felt. This is supportive energy as long as you are being responsible with love and money, especially at home, since Cancer rules home and family.

Saturn is also in an exact sextile to Mercury in Taurus, which is just out of retrograde, and now in what we call shadow. It is now going back over all the ground it covered at the start of the retrograde on April 21st. That makes this the final time that Mercury and Saturn speak, and trust me you want to listen to what Saturn has for a final piece of advice. Around April 7th you may have come across some information that you have been digging into. This could be the final piece of the puzzle, and then you can move ahead. But wait until the light shines back on the Moon in a few days before you launch anything too risky.

Pluto went retrograde May 1st, and still sits at 0 degrees of the sign of Aquarius. It is making a positive aspect to the Moon and Sun and Taurus. It is not exactly trine to them because they are in different sign elements, but they are trine by degree. This gives you some added power to your wishes.

Mars is in a sextile to the Moon and Sun as it sits at 29 degrees of Cancer, which it is leaving very shortly. Another powerful resource to help you create this new beginning for yourself. Mars in Cancer has been asking us to pay attention to, and act on, our intuitive guidance. Now is your last chance this cycle, to listen in and then take action.

Now for the big fat t-squares that are likely creating a lot of anxiety in our lives right about now. While neither one of these is directly aspecting the New Moon they are both aspecting Pluto who is. That means these new beginnings are going to involve a lot of drama. Remember this is earth energy so you have got to ground yourself to get through this. Walk barefoot outside, thymus thumping, hypnosis sessions to keep those chakras clear, breathing and meditation. Pick one or pick them all.

The most powerful influence that will be felt in the days leading up to this New Moon and days after is Pluto at 0 degrees of Aquarius, in a square to Jupiter at 0 degrees of Taurus, and opposing Mars at 29 degrees of Cancer, and this will move to Leo the next day. This is a battle of Me vs We energy. Jupiter in Taurus is our way out. This is our connection to spirit, and divine intervention. In Taurus we are either being overly confident or completely lacking confidence.

As in all tense energies the best place to be is somewhere in the middle. Don’t be so cocky you are taking unnecessary risks, and don’t be so down on yourself you let your back be walked all over. Since this is an earth sign there could be the potential for natural disasters, major accidents too. These are important days for being careful while traveling. It’s also a good time to prepare for things like earthquakes. If you read my articles you know I am not a doom and gloom person, so it’s good advice to take. Pluto and Mars are warriors, they can appreciate one another’s power, but they are not looking to bow down to the other. This is where the tension comes from and it is likely to be epic. Mars when overly stressed can cause accidents. Again, I am just going to stress that you be careful. Especially with your money since the new moon is in Taurus. Could another bank be failing, maybe.

Jupiter is going to ask you what price are you willing to pay to stay in power? Jupiter is sitting very close to the North Node at 3 degrees of Taurus. Whatever this turns out to be for the collective and for you individually it is part of your fated journey. We are meant to grow as a result of the choices we make now. With Mercury also nearby we are learning a fated lesson. Be on the right side of fate. Let go of those unhealthy attachments you have, which is what the South Node opposite Jupiter is wanting to see.

This is also good time to backup all your devices with Pluto in the sign that rules the internet, and to amp up your malware protection. In July the role played by Mars gets replaced by the Sun. This event is going to be with us for a while and could escalate again right as the Nodes changes signs and the Sun sits at the last degree of Cancer. But much more on that in the July articles.

The other t-square that is just starting to build is the one between Pluto and the North and South Node. It won’t be exact until the Nodes move into their new signs of Aries and Libra, and Pluto is back in Capricorn, mid-July. But again we have these lessons about how we use our power, how we deal with our fears, how we are transforming our life so we can follow our fated path. Always best to work with Pluto, face those fears, and then transform them into strengths. This isn’t new work, we have been seeing this for some time. Now we just have more pressure to do the work.

This new moon is best to focus on getting aligned with the things you value the most. Letting go easily of anything that is blocking you from feeling worthy of good things. Then of course aligning that with the energy of the house where this will occur for you. These late degree new moon’s could mean this happens in the house following the one I write about below for your sign, be sure to read both. This is one of those times when I strongly encourage you to take a look at your own chart, so you know where to focus those intentions. And where you can expect a lot of tension will be the 3 houses that have Pluto, Jupiter and Mars in them. Jupiter is in the same sign as the new moon, but at the very beginning. Few houses span from 0-29 unless you follow whole house systems, I do not. So likely these two things will happen in 2 different houses for you. Read on for all the details below.

Taurus – this is your new moon, a new beginning in the way you present yourself to others. I wouldn’t do any type of dramatic beauty makeover at this time, but you may be very tempted to chop off all your hair. It is a good time to do things to take care of yourself better. Mars and Pluto are giving you power to transform, take advantage of this fully. Quit those bad habits that you have been meaning to for so long now. Jupiter wants you to believe I am seen.

Aries – a new moon in your 2nd house can bring you some new way of making money. This could be a new job, one where your contributions are appreciated. Now it isn’t like you need any help with expressing yourself, so probably the opposite is true now. Pluto, and Mars your ruler, giving you even more power, means you need to watch out for those around you. Your temper could be rather explosive and you don’t want collateral damage around you now. Jupiter wants you to believe I am valuable.

Pisces – a new beginning in the 3rd house can see you wanting to take a class of some kind. There is a chance to start a new position within your community. Since this is the house that rules your communication skills and Mars and Pluto are giving you some serious authority to speak with, you want to use your voice for good. Jupiter wants you to believe you are knowledgeable. Your challenges with boundaries are also likely to disappear now.

Aquarius – you might just be feeling an extreme amount of pressure to move. A new beginning in your 4th house means you value where you live. You want to feel safe to be yourself in your own home. This is a really good time to be extra careful around the house and please no projects climbing ladders without a safety harness on. You might feel like wonder woman, but you can not fly. Jupiter wants you to believe I am safe and secure.

Capricorn – the 5th house brings us new things to love, like children, hobbies and romantic partners. Just remember to hold back a bit because with Mars and Pluto your passions run extremely high, you might scare a potential suitor off. But on the bright side your kids might clean their rooms immediately. Jupiter here wants you to believe I am fun.

Sagittarius – the 6th house brings a new beginning in your day to day life. New job, new pets, new workout routine. But again, you need to rein in your strength at the gym. There is no need to overdo it on the first day. Take your time and build those muscles back up slowly. You need to pace yourself to win a marathon. Jupiter is your ruling planet and right now it wants you to know I am healthy.

Scorpio – the 7th house brings us the potential for a new serious relationship, business or personal. With Pluto and Mars involved you could be quite the power couple. You or they could also be a bit obsessive, so try to take this slowly. Jupiter wants you to believe I am loveable.

Libra – the 8th house can bring us a new intimate partner, or a big financial blessing. This house also rules the resources we receive from others. It can additionally show where we take on debt, such as a new loan. Mars and Pluto might make you feel like you can afford more than you should, so just keep that in mind. Jupiter wants you to believe I am worthy of help from others.

Virgo – the 9th house is all about growth and expansion, which right about now can feel like you are that girl from Willy Wonka who blows up like a blueberry! Especially with Mars and Pluto helping you expand in big ways. But you have a lot of knowledge and it is time for it to be shared with a larger audience. No more playing small they say. Jupiter wants you to believe I am gifted with the knowledge of the Universe.

Leo – the 10th house rules your status in the world, your career, it’s what you are famous for. Perhaps you are ready to take a giant leap into a leadership role of some type. Just remember to use your power wisely now. Pluto and Mars are going to have you feeling like a Big Kahuna, so just make sure you don’t get too big for your britches. Jupiter wants you to believe I am successful.

Cancer – the 11th house is our friends and our networking groups, it is also our benefactors. You could be making very important connections at this time. In fact, these are very powerful friends that could be with you for a long time to come. Do not allow yourself to be intimidated by how powerful they are. Everyone gets dressed the same way, one arm or leg at a time. And we all have insecurities. Do not let yours get the best of you and run and hide in your shell. Jupiter wants you to believe I am right where I belong.

Gemini – 12th house beginnings can mean you are about to take a role in a large institution, like the military, a hospital or just a large company. Or you could be taking an interest in hypnosis or meditation. This is the house that rules all things that are hidden. Pluto and Mars can give you some incredible psychic abilities right now. Be prepared to journal those dreams and messages coming through now. Jupiter wants you to believe I am in touch with my inner guidance.

I hope to see you at the New Moon event. Right now, I have it tentatively planned for Saturday the 13th to give us time to prepare for this interesting energy. Let me know how I can be of service to you. There are several options for working with me on my website. Here.

Love and Light.

Thank you,



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