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A Few Words About Me

I am a certified Astrologer and Tarot Reader.  I studied with Annie Botticelli in her Astrology Apprentice Course and Completed my Tarot Certification with Hay House. I then moved on to become Annie's Apprentice.  Doing readings for her clients I honed my skills.  I also became a tutor for her many students for several years.  As of now I am doing this work completely on my own, and loving every minute of my work.


Tarot and Astrology have really helped me navigate my life over the past several years in particular.  It has given me the self-confidence to make life changes, provided me with direction, and just given me support when feeling not at the top of my game. 


Tarot truly works through me as your intuitive reader.  I have so enjoyed the readings I have been doing for others, more than I expected.  Sharing the Universe's messages and helping guide others on their path is a very rewarding and at times humbling experience.  I feel blessed to be able to share my gift.

In my personal life many call me their 'life coach'.  Astrology helps me take those natural skills to the next level.  Leveraging your chart I can help guide you on your life path.


Tarot and Astrology can both help you identify blocks in your self development.   As a certified clinical and rapid transformation hypnotherapist I can help you clear your blocks.   I can use several hypnotherapy techniques to best suit your needs. 

If you are interested in a session book now or find me on Facebook.



How will my reading be conducted?  I do my readings live over the phone or by video chat, like Zoom.

I am an international client, is there a possibility still for live calls?  Yes.  This works best on the weekends, but can also be accommodated during the week.  Check my booking calendar for availability.

Do you have openings now?  Yes I have immediate openings.  Check my calendar.

What time zone are you in?  I am in Pacific and Mountain Time Zone , depending on time of year.

Can I buy a reading as a gift?  Yes gift certificates are an option when you click on the Book Now button.

Can I have an in-person session?  In-person session may be available.  Use the Contact button for scheduling.

Can I have Tarot and Astrology combined in one reading?  Yes.  I find these actually work best together whenever possible.

Why do you need my birth time and place?  This information is necessary in order to create a natal chart in astrology which displays where all the planets were the moment you were born.

Do you share my data?  No.  Please review the Privacy Policy on the homepage for more details.

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