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Huge shifts forward in 2023!

Updated: May 5, 2023

January 2023 Monthly Horoscope

Happy New Year!! Be sure to check out my 2023 outlook here for a broad overview of the planets and the year ahead! The shifts into the New Year are already being felt. No more Saturn square Uranus, which dominated most of our year! No more Mars retrograde after the 12th of the month! We will have a Full Moon in Cancer, which is a feel-good kind of Moon in its home sign. Our New Moon will be in the eclectic sign of Aquarius. The links to both articles are included below. We will see 2 retrogrades end, Mars and Uranus, but will just be at the beginning of the Mercury retrograde in Capricorn. Do you want help planning for all this and more? Check out my reading options here.

Jan 1st – the energy present on this day has a lot to say about the energy that we will be dealing with for the full year. You can treat this like the birth chart for 2023. The Moon will be conjunct the North Node and opposing the South, with Uranus nearby as well. This suggests women may surprise us this year and on this day. The year starts out like the old Christmas Coca Cola song, in harmony, as the Sun in Capricorn speaks with the Moon in Taurus. The Moon is super happy in Taurus and the Sun appreciates the hard work of Capricorn, although it is a bit too dull. Saturn the ruler of Capricorn is unaspected, showing its influence is slightly less this year. Venus and Pluto are conjunct which again gives women some extra influence and power, they are still speaking in harmony with Jupiter in Aries. Mars has about 2 weeks of its retrograde left, and will sit at this 8 degrees of Gemini for that entire time, this will be a major turning point for all. Mercury in retrograde is just starting its conversation with Neptune in Pisces, which can lead to some creative ideas from the past coming to life. Chiron is still forming that odd angle to the South Node and squares the Sun. The themes of healing may push us into unchartered territories this year.

Jan 2nd – the hands of fate play a major role when the Sun is making a positive aspect to the Nodes. It is exactly square Chiron, so in order to achieve this success you have to let go of a past pain or disappointment. Neptune and Mercury are exactly sextile as well, making it a great day for daydreaming and creative writing. But if what someone is saying to you seems to good to be true, it likely is. Don’t be fooled. Remember when Mercury ends its retrograde these 2 will meet again and the rest of the story will be revealed. The Moon is speaking in harmony with Mercury and Neptune, so trust your gut. Venus is spending her last hours in the sign of Capricorn and will head next into the sign of Aquarius, which brings the love to friends and groups we are a part of, maybe finding love there too!

Jan 3rd – the planet Neptune spends about half of every year retrograde and has a very long orbit. Because of that it only moves a few degrees every year, spending about 12 years or so in each sign. Today this planet or dwarf planet moves forward again. This can make things a bit foggier than normal as it builds up momentum to make this turn. In fact, you might still have on some rose-colored glasses from your New Year’s Eve encounter, it’s time to take those off. Ahem. Mercury is helping you see the reality of whatever situation you have gotten yourself into.

Jan 4th – Venus and Jupiter meet in a sextile which makes this an extra sweet day. Your need to belong and your need to lead come together in the perfect way. Anytime Venus and Jupiter meet good things are bound to happen, if you let them. Saturn meets up with the Moon as it makes a weird angle back to Mercury, this could bring up some strange information from the past about a political leader.

Jan 5th – things get electric when the Sun and Uranus speak in harmony. Anything goes with this type of energy. In the earth signs this could mean some powerful earth activity. Also could mean, the stock market is a bit on the crazy side, again.

Jan 6th – the Full Moon in Cancer will also have the influence of Uranus as it is sextile the Moon and trine still to the Sun. Cancer is the 4th house, it rules over things like home and family. The sign of Cancer is about how we care and nurture ourselves and others. Something involving home and family can come to a conclusion at this time. Mercury in its retrograde is conjunct to the Sun, or what we call Cazimi. This could mean that information comes to the surface that affects something to do with home and family. Whenever the Sun and Mercury meet it is a time of communication and information being strongly highlighted. This is also the time of year when people can get a bit anxious because the Sun is shining a light on the planet that rules our mind. Can make for a few tough nights of sleeping, or create some incredible dreams. Really good idea to journal whatever comes to you day or night, during these few days before and after the Full Moon. These planets also form a loose Tsquare with Chiron at the apex point. Suggesting you have some family drama to heal. Much more on this in my Full Moon Blog here. If you want to better connect to the energy of Cancer check out my blog and hypnosis session here.

Jan 8th – more crazy news may be coming to the surface as Mercury who rules the lower mind meets up with Uranus who rules our higher mind. This may just be additional information being brought to the surface as these two first met in December when Mercury was moving forward through the sign. The shocks and surprises are not done yet, they will have a third and final meeting before this topic is exhausted.

Jan 9th – Mars and Venus meet up in a trine. While Mars stations to get ready to end its retrograde, a past love or financial situation may come up to be resolved. Venus in Aquarius isn’t the strongest, but it is the love you share with groups you belong to. You could hear from one. Especially if it is related to an old school you attended.

Jan 10th – Mercury is sure busy talking to all the planets it can during its trek back through the sky, today it is having words with Chiron, words that might hurt, or about words that hurt you in the past. Chiron ended its retrograde at the end of December but its slowly changing direction. These two will also meet again once Mercury turns direct. Maybe it’s best to bite your tongue until then.

Jan 11th – Venus is forming a tsquare with the Nodes, which means fated love or financial situations are getting a wakeup call, something has got to change. If you are the one who makes the effort to create the change then you are likely to be rewarded by the Grand Earth trine that involves the Moon, Mercury and the Nodes/Uranus. This could turn out to be a very surprising day that kind of turns your world upside down. Or right side up if you have been heading off your path. These energies will be with us for a few days.

Jan 12th – Venus and Chiron meet up to try and heal some of the craziness of the past few days. But Mercury is still making a square to Chiron while it speaks to the masters of our fate. So, whatever is coming up now needs to be learned in order for it to be healed. In fact, Mars is finally ending its retrograde at the same time, in the sign of Gemini, the sign of learning, back to its resting spot at 8 degrees. This has felt like the longest of retrogrades. So many people have told me how tired they have been. When the planet that rules energy and drive is in reverse it can be very draining. Finally, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. As it gains momentum to move forward you might be a little too excited to move forward. This still is not the time to rush ahead. Mars meets up with Mercury and the Moon, so things are coming to you, to help you understand the lessons Mars has for you. Give them some time to completely unfold.

Jan 13th – the Sun meets in harmony with Neptune, giving us a place to escape the pressure. A good day for those who have businesses related to creativity or spirituality. You might receive some type of recognition for all the hard work from last year. Perhaps we will see some government cooperation overseas!

Jan 14th – Venus is exactly square to Uranus so don’t go making any big purchases. We might see some surprising breakups on the world stage today. Uranus wants freedom, but it speaks to Venus from her home sign of Taurus, while Venus is in Uranus’s home sign of Aquarius. It is said this makes the square energy more beneficial. Each planet is showing the other some support. Still with Uranus involved it will be shocking whatever it is. Don’t do anything risky!

Jan 15th – Mercury is inconjunct to Mars in Gemini, which means misunderstandings are likely to occur. Or your conversations are just weird today. These two last met in mid December while Mercury was moving forward and Mars was retrograde, so this could mean a continued discussion where now you see the other person’s side of things more clearly. There is still more to this story though so hang tight. Mercury is stationing here to go direct, meaning this story might actually turn into a novel, all about that time in band camp…or about what began for you last time Mars was at 8 degrees on September 4th. What have you been mulling over these past 4 months? Are you ready now to take some action? This could feel very much like a severe Mercury retrograde for several days, so protect your information, and drive very carefully.

Jan 18th – whatever crazy has been happening it takes a step forward as Mercury ends its retrograde. However, Mars and Mercury will continue to be inconjunct for at least a week, and then add in the South Node to the discussion and there is karmic debt that is going to be coming up in a very strange way. Mars is the apex point, the action point of the energies that are coming together in what we call a YOD, or mission from God. Mercury is a sextile to the South Node giving you information from the past, or a past life, that is needed in order for you to make up your mind about something truly life changing. Outside of the YOD Mercury also speaks in harmony with the North Node, so information and communication are joining forces. Mercury is in Capricorn, which rules governments, so maybe something major is happening on the world stage. Especially considering this is also the day that the Sun and Pluto meet up in the sign of Capricorn, which is an annual event. This could cause some dramatic power plays, or have you feeling powered up. These next few days are going to prove very interesting. Add to this Mars is opposing the Moon, and you need to be sure you check in with your gut before taking any type of action.

Jan 21st – right after the Sun moves into the sign of Aquarius the Moon joins in to create our first New Moon of the year, and surprise, Uranus ends it’s retrograde. This is the third planet that has ended a retrograde in the past several months aligned with either a new or full moon. Things are definitely shifting forward in big ways now. Surprising ways. It also happens to be my youngest daughter’s birthday. When you have a New Moon on your birthday the year ahead is full of brand-new experiences, and the unexpected with Uranus involved for this one. At the time of your birth we astrologer’s look at your Solar Return chart. This combines the energy of your planets at birth with the current energy to show you the themes in your life for the year ahead. It can change how you present yourself to others in some ways as your rising sign lens can change. During this New Moon there is a YOD in play, Venus is speaking closely with Saturn, and Jupiter is lending support to the Sun and Moon in Aquarius. This is a sign that brings us to a place where we feel like we can find our tribe, to find where we belong. This energy, can make you follow the beat of your own drum. It is inventive, it is the 'We the People' energy. To learn more and use hypnosis to help you connect you can check out my article here. With the help of Jupiter in Aries combined with Aquarius energy the people are gaining even more strength. The time for restraining the people is over, that was so last year. To see the full write up on the event see my blog article here.

Jan 22nd – Venus and Saturn meeting up can create binding contracts involving love or money. Saturn is a bit restrictive for Venus’s tastes, but it does help to have this level of seriousness involved when you are setting up long-term goals. In fact, this is great energy to get married under as long as both of your charts support it. Mercury is moving off its exact contact with Mars and speaks in harmony with both the Nodes. By the evening even the Moon is joining in with Venus and Saturn, this is love that is meant to last type of energy, it feels really good!

Jan 24th – a major blessing could happen as Jupiter and the Sun make a sextile to one another today. It is subtle energy so it could be that you don’t realize how big of a blessing it is until later, but it is a great success in some way. It could involve others that you lead in some way. Maybe you will be asked to lead a group, if not receiving recognition for the work you already do.

Jan 26th – so remember that argument you may have had the last time Mercury and Chiron were speaking, this is the final part of that conversation as the two square off one final time. Venus is also just about to leave the sign of Aquarius for a sign she enjoys so much more, Pisces. Look for love to feel a whole lot more dreamy soon. Maybe it will help soothe these rocky waters you find yourself in, again.

Jan 28th – another very interesting day as the Sun forms a t-square with the Nodes while in a trine to Mars. You may feel pressure to make a major change in your life. Something that you were contemplating during the long months of Mars retrograde. If you take the leap of faith here I do not think you will regret it. But just staying the course you just might. The Moon in Taurus is also squaring to Saturn in Aquarius. This is a need to feel good emotionally, maybe hang on to a security blanket of some kind. But doing so will not offer the kind of security you are used to. Pluto speaks in harmony with the Moon, so tune in and listen to your gut. Because even Mercury on this day speaks in harmony with Uranus so the information may be coming in rather fast and furious. If you have a choice to move forward or stay stuck, move forward. You will have a few days with this energy, so it isn’t an easy decision, but making one is so important.

Jan 31st – as we end the month, Saturn has cleared it’s retrograde from 2022’s energy. What lessons have you learned? What did you decide to break free from as a result of the square between Saturn and Uranus that started back in 2021? Did you decide to figure out where you belong, or become a part of something with purpose and meaning? Saturn moves into Pisces and our lessons fall under topics of spirituality, art, and delusions. Saturn is not strong in Pisces, but that doesn’t mean it won’t flex its muscles in your life like it last did in 1994. Interestingly, Saturn and the Nodes formed a tsquare to start off that year on this date at 0 degrees of Pisces. Now is a good time to reflect back on your Saturn lessons from that time, if you are old enough, and decide what you are going to do with them this time around!

February preview – all planets are out of retrograde from now until April. If you need to move things forward now is the time to start the big planning and a launch date would be better after Mercury clears its shadow period the 8th. Then you have about 3 weeks before its next shadow for the retrograde in April. We will have a Full Moon in Leo on the 5th, and a New Moon in Pisces on Feb 20th. I will look forward to sharing all the details with you next month!

Love and Light!

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