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A Full Moon with a Twist!

January 6th, 2023 is the first Full Moon of the year and it happens in the sign of Cancer at 16 degrees, and occurs just after 4 pm MST. Do you have planets around 16 degrees in your chart? If you do, this full moon may carry special meaning for you. A full moon signifies a completion, fulfillment of goals, or intentions involving the energy of the Moon. The Sun shines a light fully on the Moon from the opposite sign in the zodiac, this time that is from the energy of Capricorn. The message is it takes two, it takes a little tension, in order to complete this goal you have for yourself.

The Moon is in its home sign when it is in Cancer. This means it is at full strength. Emotions may be even stronger than normal during this full moon as a result. The Moon represents our feeling self, what we need in this lifetime to feel safe and secure, like a mother’s love. It is round and full like the stomach before it gives birth. Our feelings are tied closely to our intuition, again like a mother’s sixth sense. The sign of Cancer is all about motherhood, caring, nurturing, cooking, things you do around the home. Its symbol is the crab, which means those with strong Cancer energy may have a hard outer shell, but are very sensitive on the inside. To get even more in touch with the energy of Cancer check out my article here, along with a free hypnosis session for connecting to the energy. With the full moon happening here, you want to set intentions to conclude things involving home and family, such as buying or selling a house. You could be ready to become a parent, or sign up for cooking classes. Maybe you are just ready to step more into your feminine energy.

The Sun in the sign of Capricorn, is shining a light from the opposite perspective, it’s masculine and all about doing the work. During each full moon as we have opposing energies, it is best to see how we can get them to meet in the middle. Instead of pulling against one another, see how we can get them in perfect balance. This is like being a mom who is in charge at work, but comes home and needs to shift gears and become softer. There is room for both energies in your life, you just have to learn how best to use them. Otherwise if you act like a mom at work your employees will run all over you, and if you act like the boss at home, your kids will revolt.

The planet Mercury is about a week into its retrograde and is conjunct with the Sun, or what we astrologer’s call Cazimi, in the sign of Capricorn. This gives your mind a big dose of Sunshine to cleanse and refresh it. Some people love this energy, some find it overwhelming. This is what gives you pause and has you rethinking how you handle your position of authority. There may have been some action related to your father, or fatherhood, or just being an authority figure, that needs revisited. The topic already came up once, last month, when these two first met up on Dec 18th. They won’t meet again in the sign of Capricorn to completely resolve this issue, as the Sun will have moved onto the sign of Aquarius when Mercury comes back to this point a 3rd and final time. Something about what you learn will help you in fulfilling your Full Moon goals. The Moon in opposition to Mercury means we have to balance what we think with what we feel. If too much in your head, it’s time to trust your gut, and vice versa.

The planet Uranus still sitting fairly close to the North Node is making positive contact to the Sun, Mercury and the Moon. This adds the element of surprise to your full moon conclusion. For instance, someone’s pregnancy would be an unexpected one. Or your big idea becomes a huge money making one. You could feel really inspired to make a change involving conflict in your family too. If you watch all the baking show competitions, this is the twist. Since it involves the Nodes, it will be a twist of fate.

There is also a T-square with Chiron. It is sitting at the 12-degree point in Aries, moving forward after it’s retrograde from last year ended at the New Moon in Capricorn. Chiron shows us how to turn our weaknesses into strengths. It is the planet that is releasing the pressure from the tension between the Sun, Mercury and the Moon. In the sign of Aries, it is focused on developing your self-confidence. Perhaps your mother and father want different things for you, and you feel a lot of pressure about choosing sides. You will need to decide ultimately what is best for you.

No other planets are directly involved, but of note is Mars sitting almost still at 8 degrees of Gemini, where it will go direct on the 12th, thank goodness! Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, which could suggest part of the work you have been doing as a result of the Mars retrograde is ready to come to an end.

Let’s look at the area of your life and chart that will be activated with this energy based on your Rising, Sun or Moon sign. Definitely a good time to look at your Moon chart this time because of how strong the Moon is in Cancer. What is a Moon chart? It is where you make your Moon the Ascendant of your chart. It may indicate how you will be emotionally fulfilled during the full moon. Of course, you can also book a session with me to review the impacts of this Full Moon at

Aries – the Moon for your is in the 4th house, which is what the Moon rules over, since Cancer is the 4th sign of the zodiac. Something involving home and family is coming to a conclusion at this time. Maybe there is some kind of a surprise inheritance coming your way. That North Node and Uranus are in the 2nd house of the money you make, so could be a surprise raise or job offer too. Of course if you have been spending too much time on work things, it’s time to focus on family.

Libra – in the opposing sign of Capricorn, your focus will be on your 10th house of career. Something about home, family or where you live may be a challenge for your job. But you can resolve this during the full moon and achieve those career goals you have for yourself. In fact, maybe you could form some type of partnership involving your spouse and do something completely new.

Taurus – the 3rd house involves the community you are a part of, it can be a school, a car club even. This house is ruled by Mercury and rules our communication and transportation devices as well. Maybe you are ready to finish a course of study, but it’s taking a lot of extra effort because of work duties. Stay the course, you are almost done! If you want to get a more enhanced degree you have to finish this one first. The North Node and Uranus have been in your sign for a good year now. Are you taking advantage of trying new and surprising things?

Scorpio – the 9th house is where your full moon sits, which is the house that brings lots of growth and expansion. Could be completing some course of study, related to something of a foreign nature. Could be you are ready to move abroad. It’s time to allow yourself to pursue those big dreams and goals you have, no more playing small. The South Node has been in your sign for a good year now since your sign is opposite Taurus and that North Node. What are those hidden fears about yourself you are needing to let go of? You have until mid-July to finish the work.

Gemini – the 2nd house is activated for you at the time of the full moon, meaning a goal you have about the money you make is coming to fruition. With Mars about to end its retrograde in your 1st house as well, all the hard work you have been doing on yourself is about to really pay off! Something involving a large organization may play a surprising role, as you have had the North Node and Uranus in your 12th house. The Sun shines a light from your 8th house which is money that comes from other resources, like a romantic or business partner. Are they actually holding you back?

Sagittarius – the 8th house rules the money you get from other resources, like a partner, an inheritance, tax refund, a bonus. One may be coming through for you during this time. If looking for funding from outside resources you could see this come together for you as well. The Sun and Mercury in the 2nd house of the money you make could be giving you some inspiration on ways to make more at the same time. Make sure you have a good budget planner, there could be a lot of financial decisions to make soon. That North Node with Uranus is in your 6th house. Are you being called to do something else for your career or health?

Cancer – of course this is your full moon event for the year. This happens in the first house, which represents the self, and how others see you. Maybe it’s time for a dramatic new look, or some kind of body makeover. Mars has been stomping around for a long time in that subconscious mind of yours. Are you finally ready to conquer those body image issues? Chiron in Aries is trying to show you just how strong and beautiful you are. Let that sink in. Just because you might be single is no reason to not love yourself. In your 7th house of relationships you have to focus on what others think and what you think is right for you.

Capricorn – you have the energy of the Sun and Mercury pushing hard against the Moon in your 7th house of serious relationships, often this is a spouse, but if not married it could just be a very close friend. A goal involving one of your relationships could be achieved. Could be business related as well. But you might have to give up a bit of your independent streak to achieve them. Perhaps it is an unexpected twist of fate that brings a romantic partner in to your life.

Leo – a full moon in the 12th house can bring something hidden to the surface. This is also a double dose of ending energy, as both the 12th house and full moon, bring completion. This house also rules faraway places and large institutions, like a hospital, and the subconscious mind. It is good time to set intentions to end those subconscious blocks that keep you stuck in the past. Maybe you will get a surprise job offer overseas with the North Node and Uranus in your 10th house of career!

Aquarius – in the 6th house you are fulfilling a goal related to work, your health, pets, and being of service, maybe for work you are in the service. There might be a choice you have to make about moving overseas for your job. But I think at the end of the day you may decide to stay closer to home. The pressure comes from your 12th house, letting something go, or learning to trust what you cannot see. The twist of fate involves home and family type of topics.

Virgo – in the 11th house your friend groups are impacted. You could decide to end a friendship that just drains the life out of you, or step back from a group that does the same thing. Or the opposite is true, and your goal of making friends comes to fruition. The battle for you is between things you think are fun to do, and things your friends want to do instead. Your surprise comes from your 9th house, so it could be some unexpected growth opportunity.

Pisces – your sign is opposite of Virgo so you have your full moon in your 5th house of children, fun, and hobbies. This is the house where you decide how to follow your heart. If something is in the way of this, the block can be removed now. Or, if your kids have too much of your time and attention, maybe a friend can provide some help. You could even decide you are going to quit your job, and find one that allows you to have better work life balance. Your 3rd house being lit up by the North Node and Uranus could have you deciding to get a new car.

Of course, how this happens for you is unique to your chart. How these planets interact with your natal planets, and what houses these are in specific to your birth chart tell the full story. I would love to work with you and see what your full potential is. Check out my offers here.

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