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The Sign of Cancer

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Our emotional experiences shape our lives. The events we have experienced in the past have created an imprint in our subconscious mind that associates the emotion we felt with the event. If that event was trauma we tend to associate future events with the same type of emotions. This can make it very difficult to break free of the original trauma if each subsequent event we tap into this trapped emotion of fear. With hypnosis you can identify the original trauma, release the emotions and create the experience you want to have going forward.

Instead of always thinking I can’t get in the water, because as a child you had some traumatic near drowning experience, you can instead visualize yourself swimming safely and having fun. Hypnosis allows you to create the feelings you want, with the use of visualization techniques. By imprinting in the subconscious mind the way you want to experience these types of events going forward, you are able to rewire your brain. Once you create the emotional pathways for your future you can start manifesting the way you want to experience life in this area going forward. When we connect to our feelings this is what helps us manifest our dreams and desires into reality faster. With hypnosis you can also remove stuck and trapped emotions and memories you are not aware of at a conscious level. Once released manifesting what you want can happen much faster and easier.

Emotions create an electrical charge in our body. This is much like a magnet and attracts to you, events, people and situations that match that electrical charge. If you continue to be stuck in some sort of trauma you want to redirect this energy and release the negativity in order to attract in what you want. Perhaps you ‘feel’ too much. For some emotions can be hard to manage but learning in a hypnosis session that you are in control of your emotions and thoughts, can give you the power to feel through emotions in a healthy way. With the energy of the sign of Cancer, we are working directly with our emotions and our intuition. The sign of Cancer is one of the 3 Water signs. All water signs work with emotions, how we express them and how we share them with others. We have already covered the sign of Pisces, and the last one we will review is Scorpio. But for today, our focus is on Cancer. Emotions are how we manifest our desires. If we let emotions remain trapped or don’t finish processing them we can remain stuck in circumstances that are not fulfilling. We need to learn to complete processing our emotions in order to be free of them. Expressing happiness and joy allows us to become a magnet to more of those types of experiences. Cancer is the 4th house of the zodiac. We move on from expressing how we think in the 3rd house to expressing how we feel. In order to express our feelings for others we need to be fully aware of them. One of the primary ways we express how we feel is caring and nurturing others. The 4th house represents home, family and motherhood. Growing up we learned a lot about expressing our emotions from our parents. We may have adopted a style that is not true to who we are as adults however. With the help of hypnosis, you can learn to express yourself in a way that fits you.

The Crab represents the sign of Cancer in the Zodiac. If you think about a crab physically, it has a hard outer shell, but a soft underbelly. This can be very representative of how we tend to protect ourselves by hiding our hurt from others. Even striking out like a crab with its pincers when feeling hurt. Ideally, we process our emotions, feel compassion towards the other person, and release them so we are free to experience life to the fullest. The Moon is the ruler of the sign of Cancer and the 4th house. It rules our emotions, our intuition, even the Oceans. There is an energetic pull from the Moon that affects the tides, and since the body is over 90% water it makes sense it affects us as well. The Moon moves across the sky and through each sign every few days. Our emotions can fluctuate with the movement of the Moon. The Moon in our chart shows us what we need to feel safe and secure in our life. If your Moon is in the sign of Cancer for instance, you need to care and nurture yourself as well as others. You may have a desire to have a strong relationship with your mother, family and children. Comfort food may be your go to for coping. Since the Moon also rules over our intuition yours would be very strong if your Rising, Sun, or Moon sign is in Cancer.

Let’s tap in together to the energy of the sign of Cancer now and learn how to use our emotions to help us manifest the life we want to have. The following is an audio file you can listen to multiple times, but even just once can have a major positive impact on your life. You should listen without distraction, in a quiet place, with your phone on silent. This helps reduce the distractions from the conscious mind and allows you to more easily connect to the subconscious mind. Access the link here.

For additional work with the signs and hypnosis you can take part in one of my coaching packages where we work with the current energy to help you achieve your personal goals. For more on this please visit my website

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