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June Monthly Horoscope 2023

Updated: May 21, 2023

Congratulations you made it past the first set of eclipses for 2023. In June we see 2 outer planets set to turn retrograde. First is Saturn in Pisces, and at the very end of the month we see Neptune in Pisces also. Pluto is already retrograde but it will move back into Capricorn where it remains for the rest of the year. We begin the month with the Full Moon in Sagittarius and then our New Moon will happen mid-month in the sign of Gemini.

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Let’s take a look at what the month ahead has in store for us.

June 1st – As we start the month off Jupiter is conjunct to the North Node in Taurus. These are fated blessings wherever you have this energy in your chart. This is a growth opportunity, perhaps financial in nature, that you get to experience because of the lessons you learned in the past. This could also be a result of the work you have been doing since about May 19th because of the big square between Jupiter and Pluto, it is still there, but the energy is fading now. Saturn, and Mars, who was part of the big square I just mentioned, are meeting in a quincunx. The gas and the brakes applied at the same time are no way to move anything forward. But whatever this is for you might just get accomplished in a very unique way.

June 2nd – this is a very dreamy extremely feel good day! Woohoo, I think we deserve this. Venus, the Moon and Neptune are all meeting at 27 degrees of the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. This forms a grand water trine in the sky. There is an opportunity, an intuitive knowing, all you have to do is act on what is being presented for you. This could be the romance of a lifetime if the right houses are being triggered. Since this is the weekend make plans to do something you really enjoy. You could meet someone there!

June 3rd – the Full Moon in Sagittarius happens at 13 degrees, meaning the Moon is there while the Sun is across the sky at 13 degrees of the sign of Gemini. This is all about knowledge. Sagittarius rules over higher learning and higher education. This is the perfect time to get accepted into a college, especially one overseas. Also, the perfect time to finish a degree. Of course, if not educating yourself, you may be looking to do some overseas travel. Jupiter is the ruler of the Full Moon and it is just starting to move on from the North Node. Venus is beginning to move on from Neptune, and just to keep things exciting, Mercury is conjunct to Uranus. Information could really surprise you right now. Like getting into that school you never expected! More on this in the full article here.

June 4th – Mercury and Uranus are exact at 20 degrees of the sign of Taurus. There could be surprising financial news, the 2 energy is one of restoring balance. How that happens is what could surprise you. This is the last day of Venus in Cancer, so it could be a very emotional day. Especially as that means she is beginning her opposition to Pluto in Aquarius. Lovers from the past, power struggles between lovers, all are possible for the next several days. We could potentially see a woman in power step down.

June 5th – Venus is now activating the opposition energy that occurred in May between Mars and Pluto. This should be less explosive, as in physically, but it still could be emotionally challenging. Especially since this is creating a grand cross between these two and the Nodes. Whatever this event is for you, and for the collective, it is fated. And all the squares mean something major has to change.

June 8th – Venus is in a tsquare with the North and South Node. Whatever the conflict you are experiencing love is the answer. You can’t get where you want to go, you can’t let go of the past, unless you let some love into your life. Venus and Mars are both in the sign of Leo, these are the two lovers of the Zodiac. Chances are relationships are going through a major transformation in your life now. This is also the day that Jupiter enters into its retrograde shadow. This is going to bring up the topics that were covered for you when Mercury was here in April/May. Jupiter is going to slow things way down, and help you delve deeper now into whatever that retrograde was bringing up for you. But it won’t reach the 15-degree point until September, then the actual retrograde work will begin, and last through the end of the year. I think this is going to be very interesting work.

June 9th – this is a day for big healing to occur. Chiron is in a sextile to the Sun in Gemini. This a good day to publish work related to healing. Especially since we also see Mercury in a sextile with Neptune. You are very creative right now. Maybe this is the day you start writing your story.

June 11th – your words are very powerful as Mercury meets up with Pluto retrograde. This is a very brief discussion at 29 degrees of Taurus and Capricorn. But it will be intense, likely business or financial in nature. Then Mercury quickly pops into its home sign of Gemini. Information is going to start really flowing now. With Jupiter in Taurus, in a square to Venus in Leo, there might be some disagreements that you need to resolve. These are gentle squares when the two benefic planets meet, but still this needs to be resolved. You should feel comfortable speaking your mind.

June 13th – this is a weird day. Saturn is inconjunct with Venus, while Mercury is inconjunct with the South Node. Some information from the past is going to be exposed involving a woman in power, who is going to see karma handed out. In our own lives we may come across information from the past in a strange way, or from an odd source. Authority figures are going to try to add more restrictions over women and it won’t go over so well. Get ready for a fight.

June 15th – Mercury is getting quite the workout this month. After its conversation with the Nodes, it is now squaring with Saturn. This is the battle I was discussing. Saturn is trying to restrict speech on topics involving spirituality, music and art, and of course medicine.

June 17th – our New Moon in Gemini occurs at 26 degrees of that sign. This is a new way of thinking, speaking and cooperation. Adding to this is the energy between Mercury and Venus, this is helping us clear the air and resolve some grievances. However, not everyone is saying the truth here, and that is about to be exposed. The Sun and Moon in Gemini are in a square to Neptune, the delusion is over. Saturn also is stationed to go retrograde. So, whatever we are learning now, we are going to spend quite a few months doing some hard work with the information. Hopefully this doesn’t mean our travel is going to be restricted. Much more on this in the full article here.

June 18th – we have a master lesson being given, as Saturn and Jupiter, the 2 great teachers and leaders, join forces in a sextile at 7 degrees of Pisces and Taurus respectively. With Saturn now retrograde and Jupiter now in its shadow phase of its retrograde that starts in September, these are not quick lessons we are learning. Jupiter is taking the lessons learned from Mercury retrograde that happened in April/May and now expanding upon them. Get very curious about what is showing up now, there is much to learn. This energy helps us know what to do with the information that is coming to the surface now. The Sun and Neptune still in a square could suggest this information has many layers. The Moon in its home sign of Cancer speaks in harmony with the Nodes, so listen to your gut before you trust what someone is saying.

June 19th – Venus enters shadow phase of its upcoming retrograde. This means whatever you are experiencing in love, money and beauty, they will be looked at 3 times before they are in their final form. The actual retrograde period runs from July 23rd through Sept 3rd, summer lovin is what I am calling this time. It happens in the sign of Leo, alongside Mars for several weeks. This will have our passions running high. Sometimes we get caught up in that passion, and forget common sense. Venus normally spends about 3 weeks in a sign, so we are definitely getting an extended time to focus on love and romance, if that is what you are looking for. Otherwise this is something to do with power and money. 2015 was the last time you saw Venus here, look to that time to get clues to what, or who may show up for you.

June 20th – before the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer and we have the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere, there is a strange conversation with Pluto, retrograde and at 29 degrees of Capricorn. This could be someone in power who has some kind of secret exposed, or at least information about them is brought to the surface. There will be some sort of major power struggle, but this angle makes that struggle awkward. With the Moon also opposing Pluto, this could involve women’s rights, or one woman in particular, again, and be pretty emotional. 29 degree point being activated by 2 planets that deal with egos and power means it is a difficult day for those overly attached to both.

June 21st – Hello Summer Solstice, Winter down under. This is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. You have all the light you need to see what you need to see. From this point until the Fall when the light is fading. The seasons are similar to the light on the Moon. This would be a Full Moon. The light begins to fade from our ego self between now and the fall, where we let go of the things we know no longer serve us. We harvest what we need and let the rest stay and fertilize the soil over the winter months, then we begin again in the Spring. If you let it, Astrology teaches you how to get into the rhythm of the cycle of life. When you work with it you are so much more successful at creating the life you want. Mercury speaks in harmony with Chiron, providing us with some information that can help us heal, then it speaks in harmony with Mars, who motivates us to use the information and do the actual healing. Make sure you plan a Solstice celebration.

June 23rd – all that celebrating may just be paying off as the Sun speaks in harmony with the Nodes of fate all sitting at 1 degree of Cancer, Taurus and Scorpio. The Moon is in Virgo and also speaking in harmony with the Nodes and the Sun. These are fated feel good events. In fact, this could be the culmination of all your work with the Nodes since the beginning of 2022.

June 25th – this is one of those days where you want to be careful because you are having some harsh energy that can cause accidents. Mars is squaring off with Uranus at 21 degrees of Leo and Taurus. It can help you break free of a situation that is not for your highest good though too. This tension can be a bit erratic, definitely shocking. Square energy means something has got to change. You can choose to make the change or the Universe will change it for you, I suggest option 1. If you have Mars or Uranus in your 3rd or 9th houses those are ones that should watch out when traveling. Just expect travel to be a hassle and plan appropriately. These will last for a few days as well. Also true, if that planet rules that house for you.

June 26th – Mercury is at the last degrees of its home sign of Gemini, which is going to add to the travel confusion. It speaks at an odd angle with Pluto, while Jupiter speaks at an odd angle with the Moon, there is a lot of weirdness going on when you have Quincunx, or inconjunct energy happening. Just slow down and leave yourself a lot of extra time if traveling now. Have a backup plan to get where you need to be.

June 27th – Mercury meets with the Nodes in harmony, suggesting if you traveled home right now it is going to bring you good conversations, connect you with people from your past, and generally have you in the right place at the right time to hear something important. Mars is also beginning to move away from Uranus, so that tension is less severe.

June 29th – The Sun in Cancer speaks in harmony with Saturn in Pisces. This is achieving some major award or recognition for all the hard work you have been doing. Saturn in retrograde suggests this is about work you have been doing in the past. This also could just be a great emotional feel good day as both are in water signs.

June 30th – Mercury now gets that blessing from Saturn, rewarding you for the work you do involving reading, writing, speaking. This is a great time for content creation of any kind, especially something that creates emotional well-being. We are also having Mercury and the Sun conjunct, or what we call Cazimi. This is a mental reset. As a reminder to those who don’t enjoy your mind having a flood light shined on it, this is time for grounding and relaxation techniques. Saturn will help though, as it is a restrictive energy. Work with water to help.

July Preview – the month is blessed by Jupiter and the Sun in a sextile. It is subtle energy, some won’t even notice it, but it flavors the entire month. Rewarding you for the growth you have been experiencing emotionally. For some it is financial blessings. This is a month where major shifts occur. The nodes leave the signs of Taurus and Scorpio and begin a new 18-month cycle in Aries and Libra. Relationships that do not support your independence will eventually come to an end. Relationships where your individual needs are respected can begin. We have the Capricorn Full Moon on July 3rd, my birthday, woot woot. Then we have the New Moon in the sign of Cancer. As mentioned earlier Venus will begin her retrograde on July 23rd the same time that Chiron does, trine one another. Major healing, with the help of the feminine. This is going to be an amazing month.

If you want to know more of course book a session with me here.

Thank you for sharing!

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