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New Moon in Gemini 2023

The New Moon in Gemini occurs on June 17th at 9:37 pm PDT or 12:37 am EDT on the 18th. Both the Moon and the Sun will be joined at 26 degrees of the sign. Normally when the Sun joins another planet we call that Cazimi. It is a rebirth for that planet. The same is true for the Moon, there is an emotional reset that happens. The Moon is completely blank because of its proximity to the Sun, this is your chance to start again. The refresh happens in the sign of Gemini, and in the house you have Gemini, or its ruler Mercury in your natal chart. If you want to be well prepared it might be a good time for you to join my Members Only Sip n Stars group. You can bring a friend and they can get a free trial so sign up the week of the New Moon and we will come together and set our intentions to navigate this energy effortlessly and easily. Sign up here.

Gemini is an Air sign, it rules communication and it rules our mind. Its ruler is the one and only Mercury, most famous for its retrogrades, oh so many retrogrades. Being the fastest planet in the sky as it moves around the Sun, it takes a lot of turns, which causes all the retrograde activity. Gemini is what we call a mutable sign, like Mercury it is constantly moving back and forth. With the ability to always sees both sides it can be hard to make up your mind, or get things done quickly. There is such a thing as thinking something to death. The symbol for this sign is the twins, representing both sides, the light and the dark, communicating with others. Your wishes this month are focused on things involving communication devices, phones, computers. Transportation devices like vehicles and travel in general. Educating yourself and others is another area you can explore. To go even more in-depth about this sign check out my article and hypnosis session here.

During each new moon we have a chance at a new beginning. We get to create 10 new moon wishes, and we want to do them within about 8 hours of the event, after may work best. This is an air sign, so it is helpful to work with this element when creating your intentions. Speak your wishes out loud after you write them out. Make sure these are things that are good for both the ego and the soul.

The Sun and Moon will be in a square to Neptune, making our mind a bit fuzzy. This won’t be the time to jump into anything you have not fully vetted. You truly have to dot the I’s and cross those T’s. You also want to wait until the light returns to the Moon before you make any major moves. A square means you need to make a change. If you are involved in a situation that is not good for you, then it will be time to end that association. Neptune is great for deluding us, self-medicating and escaping reality. This is great when we are using creative gifts, but not so great when we allow ourselves to be deluded. The rose-colored glasses need to come off. You also may need to change direction in how you are using your creative gifts currently. This could mean going back to school or maybe teaching others. Whichever one is different than you are doing right now.

Mercury the ruler of this New Moon is actually also in the sign of Gemini, meaning these new beginnings are strongly supported. Mercury is sitting at 11 degrees of the sign. The number 11 even looks like the symbol for Gemini, and it is opening a special portal for manifesting. If there were ever a time to pay extra attention to your thoughts it's right now. You will manifest whatever you are focusing on, so be careful, make sure your thoughts are positive. Speaking of that, I recently recorded and uploaded a new hypnosis session to help you create a positive mindset. Find it on my Youtube channel here.

Strongly supporting Mercury is Venus in the sign of Leo, where she will go retrograde in July and be there until September 3rd. That means there is likely to be some important information shared with you at this time that is all to do with that retrograde. Venus rules love, beauty, finances and our values. You could be hearing from someone important at this time that affects you and those areas in your life. What you hear may just create a new beginning that gets explored deeply during the retrograde. Yes, old lovers may return, but it will be up to your karmic history whether that is for another lesson, or because the timing is right now for you to explore more.

Mars in Leo is about 5 degrees away from Venus adding passion and motivation to this new beginning. It is also in a wide sextile to Mercury. This is where we are getting the motivation to make a change. Some of that motivation is about healing. Chiron in Aries, the sign Mars rules, is in a trine to Mars. This is where we can be taking action to heal. It could be that the new information you are gaining as a result of this New Moon in Gemini, is what you have been waiting for to help you complete your healing journey.

When we do the work, we have the power of both Saturn and Jupiter supporting us. When these two planets work together miracles can happen. Saturn is now retrograde, as in literally turning retrograde at the time of this New Moon. That of course is significant. With Saturn in the sign Neptune rules, Pisces, we are seeing something that we need to take a second look at now. On March 8th Saturn entered the sign of Pisces, where it will spend about 2 ½ years. This first retrograde in this sign is giving us time to explore deeper the lessons Saturn has been showing us since March. With the Sun and Moon square Neptune, also in the sign of Pisces, there is something we are not seeing clearly. Now we have to dig in and do the work. Saturn helps us tear down the structures we have built that are weak, then it helps us rebuild them. This process begins now, and it will last until November 3rd. After that we can start building again in this area of our life. As you read below what Neptune is asking you to change, just know Saturn will be there to help you rebuild it.

Jupiter brings us growth and expansion opportunities in the sign of Taurus, and in whatever house you have this planet by transit now. This energy will make bigger whatever topic the Saturn retrograde has to show you. It is making larger the work of Saturn retrograde. Meaning you can’t have a new beginning without letting go of the things you are holding onto that do not support you. It will become very obvious at this time too. Jupiter also is still sitting close with the North Node, and opposes the South. These are fated changes you are in the process of making.

Speaking of the Nodes Pluto and the Nodes continue to get closer together in their t-square. It will be next month that this fated transformation occurs, as they will all meet at exactly 29 degrees. That degree is what we call anaretic, a critical degree. This transformation could be born from a crisis. Whatever this is we have to complete this work, and now might just be a good time to get started. It is fated, we can’t continue to ignore it.

This New Moon is best to focus on getting aligned with a new way of thinking. Letting go easily of any area where you are currently fixed in your thinking, or think you have all of the answers. We never have all the answers. We continue to see the New Moon’s happen at the late degrees of the sign. That means it is really important to know your chart, because the house readings I do below are based on early degrees of the sign. You can create a free chart on any Astrology sight like Where you have Neptune is where you need to make a change so the new beginning can happen. Let’s look at the below for your Sun, Moon and most importantly your rising sign.

Aries – your 3rd house is activated, which is the house that Gemini rules over in your chart. This is a new beginning as listed above. You could be making a local move to a new community. Neptune is pushing you from your 12th house. This is the house that rules things that are hidden and right now something hidden is being brought to the surface. What you learn is going to be a big part of this new beginning. You could joining or leaving some sort of large institution, perhaps graduating so a new chapter of your life can begin.

Taurus – the 2nd house rules over the money you make. A new beginning here can bring you a new job or a new source of income, perhaps a raise. Neptune is squaring you from your 11th house of friends and groups. You may need to let go of one in order for you to start a new job. Something like leaving a job where your best friend works.

Gemini – this of course is happening in your first house. Once a year we each get a chance at a fresh start, sometimes twice. This is the house that defines how we show ourselves to the world. The knowledge you have you are now ready to share with others, and you will be known for something new. You could even do a makeover at this time. However, with Neptune in your 10th house you may be more likely to make a major change in your career.

Cancer – your 12th house is activated, this area rules your subconscious mind, along with other things that are hidden. It also rules endings, being the last house in your chart. That means something may end so this new beginning can occur. You could be leaving a large organization. With Neptune squaring you from your 9th house, the one that rules growth and expansion, the reason for leaving is because you are meant for something more. Something bigger. Or because of a foreigner.

Leo – the 11th house brings you in contact with your tribe, finally figuring out where you truly belong. You could be joining a new group, or just making a new important friend. Neptune squaring you from the 8th house of death and transformation suggests this is a major letting go. You could be letting go of someone you rely on financially, ready to be completely independent.

Virgo – the 10th house brings you a new career opportunity. Some new kind of status, which can also sometimes be related to our relationship status. One could end or begin, depending on your current status. This is what you are most famous for. Neptune squaring you from the 7th house of serious relationships might suggest you are ending, or at least making major changes in your current relationships, business or personal. The delusion of the relationship is getting exposed so you can make the right choice.

Libra – the 9th house offers you a new growth opportunity, this could have you considering going back to school, or moving to a foreign country. Neptune is squaring this new beginning from your 6th house. This change could be related to the work you currently do, your health, anything that is part of your current day to day life.

Scorpio – 8th house is the house that Scorpio is aligned with so this is not unusual for you. Always ready to handle a new crisis, that brings about a whole new chapter in your life. Neptune squaring you from the 5th house says your heart may be involved in whatever this change is. Could be a romance ending, or at the very least going through an incredible amount of change. If you are deluding yourself about your romantic partner, you won’t be able to any longer.

Sagittarius – the 7th house is about our marriage or business partners. You could be getting engaged, or signing a business contract of some sort, maybe going into business with someone. Neptune is squaring from the 4th house of home and family. A family member could be leaving you, or your engagement means your partner is moving in. In either case and adjustment to how you live is going to happen. Maybe your partner gets a big raise and you buy a new house.

Capricorn – the 6th house brings something new in your day to day life. New job, new health routine, maybe even a new pet. With Neptune squaring from the 3rd house, you might have to change your mind about something to let this happen. Could be that this type of work doesn’t appeal to you at first, but after careful consideration you see the value of making the change.

Aquarius – the 5th house rules your heart, your romance sector. You could be starting or at least meeting someone new that gets your heart started. If not looking for romance this is still something that speaks to the heart, like having a child, or starting a new hobby. Neptune squares from your 2nd house of the money you make. Could be a job change that makes possible meeting this new person. Or gives you the money to have a child.

Pisces – with a new moon in the 4th house you could be moving, or doing something new around the house. This is the house that also rules over your mother or motherhood. A new child is also possible now. With Neptune in your first house there is something about how you show yourself to others that has to change. Like maybe not being so relaxed with your personal boundaries anymore.

Of course if you want to know for sure you can book a reading with me here. All of the above is just some possible scenarios, but yours may not have been mentioned. Watch my YouTube channel for more details via the Tarot too.

Thank you for sharing this with someone you think might benefit from the information.

Love and Light,



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