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"July 2024 Horoscope: What Do the Stars Have in Store for You?"

A large firework lights of the dark night sky
July Horoscope All Signs

As the month of July begins, we will see both Neptune and Chiron go retrograde.  Neptune on the 2nd, Chiron not until the 26th.  Both retrogrades will last until December.  The New Moon will happen on July 5th, and the Full Moon in Capricorn on the 21st.  We begin to see how Saturn and Neptune will influence each other in the coming year.  The two are now 10 degrees apart, which will be a faint connection, but with Saturn’s rings you may notice it as early as the beginning of June. 

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July 1st – Rabbit Rabbit as we begin the 2nd half of the year! 

July 2nd – The Sun in Cancer at 11 degrees is now squaring with the North and South Node.  This activates changes and lessons for us that are fated.  The Sun is how you are supposed to be shining in the world.  If you have been blocked from doing just that, the Universe may step in and open some doors.  This is my Solar Return chart, so I am most curious to see how this goes.  We also have Venus in Cancer making a positive aspect to Saturn, retrograde in Pisces.  This is something that you are willing to make a long-term commitment to.  This could be a place to live with Venus in Cancer, or someone moving in to your home.  Whatever the commitment you feel good about it.  Saturn in retrograde suggests something or someone from the past may be involved.  Mercury moves into the sign of Leo and our conversations about this commitment can be quite passionate.  As if that wasn’t enough Neptune also starts its retrograde which will last until December 7th.  Time to go within and reflect on all the work you have been doing ever since Neptune entered into its home sign in February of 2012!

July 3rd – Mercury in Leo, ruler of communication opposes Pluto in Aquarius.  There could be some communication challenges, but you just need to speak your truth, and speak from the heart. There could also be challenges with communication devices, or power struggles over communication sites.

July 4th – Happy Independence Day to all those in the United States!  Hopefully no Aliens try to attack us today.  Just a movie reference of course. Or is it??

July 5th – we have the New Moon in Cancer today at 14 degrees of the sign.  This is a new beginning that involves the energy of the sign of Cancer.  Themes that involve mothers, motherhood, home and family are all up for manifesting.  Since these two luminaries are also squaring the Nodes of fate and karma, it is a good time to make some changes around your home.  Mars and Saturn are speaking in harmony so if you need to make a move you have a lot of muscle to help.  Much more to cover in the full article here.

July 8th - Mercury in Leo speaks in harmony with the Nodes of fate today, creating important conversations. Information that you uncover today may help you on your fated path. The information could be quite big as Mercury is currently speaking in harmony with Jupiter, which expands our world view. This could be big information involving foreign people or countries. Jupiter is transiting Mercury's home sign of Gemini, making this information the kind you don't want to miss!

July 9th – more fated blessings are possible as Jupiter speaks in harmony with the North and South Node.  Maybe you have already seen the influence of this energy in your life.  Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and has a large energetic reach.  In the sign of Gemini, you may be blessed with information, a new vehicle, a new spiritual teacher.    There is also another fated event, a YOD, a mission you are fated to take, although the contact is very brief.  If your gut tells you to do something, or not do something, listen to it immediately.  As the Moon transits from Leo to Virgo we feel our mission calling to us.  The Moon will be inconjunct to the planets Neptune and Pluto.  This is a very interesting day indeed.  Mercury is also still sextile to Jupiter and both are speaking in harmony with the Nodes.  There could some big announcement today, and it should be good news!

July 11th – time for a free Slurpee!  It’s 7/11 day!  You might get a much bigger reward than that as we have Venus at the 29th degree of Cancer speaking in harmony with Neptune at 29 degrees of Pisces.  Something you did in the past may be about to pay off.  With the Sun and Saturn also making positive contact from the same signs, your hard work, your good karma, will be rewarded. Especially since we still have Jupiter speaking positively with the North and South Node.

July 12th – in case you were thinking of squandering your good fortune Venus is getting a bit of a smack down from Pluto, as the two planets oppose one another.  This is about you needing to share whatever you just gained, with others.  Do something good to help others, this is not the time to just focus on yourself.  Venus loves her time in fun passionate Leo.  Pluto just wants the time to be spent with purpose, not just playing around.  Boo Pluto, just boo!

July 15th – the Sun in Cancer squares off with Chiron in Aries.  There is some healing you need to do.  The conflict could be between what your family expects of you and what you want for yourself.  With the North Node in Aries you have to choose yourself.  You can’t keep people pleasing.  Some might actually end up making a move because they choose a job offer.  This might upset your family, but you have to pursue your dreams, not theirs.

July 17th – we have a brief Grand Fire Trine today, which is 3 planets making trines to each other.  Whatever opportunity shows up for you be sure to go after it.  Venus in Leo is speaking in harmony with the North Node in Aries, and both are speaking in harmony with the Moon in Sagittarius.  This is some fired up energy that you don’t want to let pass you by.  Leo is love, fun and passion, things that speak to the heart, especially with Venus there.  Leo is the Lion, it’s time to step into your power.  It’s fated even.  This is also the first day of Mercury Pre-Shadow.  It’s retrograde will start her next month.  Start journaling about what you are learning.

July 18th – what a positive day!  We have the Sun speaking in a sextile to Uranus in Taurus, bringing us some happy surprises. We also have Mercury in Leo speaking in harmony with Chiron, while both speak in a trine to the Moon, giving us another Grand Fire Trine. Also giving us what we need to heal, through conversation, or something we are studying.  Venus is also still speaking in harmony with the Nodes.  Pluto did just dip back into 0 degrees of Aquarius, giving us a chance to see something we missed last January/February. 

July 19th – Pluto and Neptune have this ongoing sextile to one another, and now we add Mars, at 29 degrees of Taurus.  This could help you take action after seeing something that has been hidden from you in the past.  Now you know what you need to know, and how to take action on getting what you want.  Mars is fighting energy, in Taurus, it’s about something you really desire.  Money and Love are top of mind.  Especially with Venus still speaking in harmony with those nodes!  Fate is taking the lead right now.

July 21st – we have the Full Moon in Capricorn at 29 degrees of the sign, which puts the Sun at 29 degrees of Cancer.  Masculine and Feminine energies need to come into balance.  Home versus work energies, father versus mother.  Whatever this lesson, it is important, 29 degrees is a critical degree, there is a major test of some kind, that results in a major ending.  Maybe someone’s political career is ending.  Mars moving into the sign of Gemini could suggest strong speech, especially since it is trine to Pluto in Aquarius.  Both sitting at 0 degrees have something new to teach us about the power of speech, in large groups in particular.  Blessing us amidst all of this, is Jupiter and Venus speaking in harmony.  But the change energy is a bit shocking because Mercury and Uranus are in a square.  Some big march is possible, or protest.  Much more to come on this in the Full Moon article here.

July 22nd – the intensity continues as the Sun enters into the sign of Leo and opposes Pluto.  This could get a bit explosive.  This is the needs of a leader at odds with the needs of the people.  Something may come to the surface today about said leader and it might not be so pretty.  This is a good day for you to make sure your ego is in check and you are considering the needs of others, not just your own.

July 23rd – helping you speak up is the Sun in Leo, and Mars in Gemini meeting at 1 degree.  There is a big chance that some important information is shared today, and it fires up both sides of this disagreement.  If you have a speech to make, just face your fears, and you will do a great job!  This is a time where the words you use matter, not a time for being boastful.  Show how much you care for all involved and you will win everyone over.

July 25th – Mercury gets to the last degrees of Leo and is having an odd conversation with Neptune and the Moon in Pisces, both also at 29 degrees.  You might learn some information in an unexpected way.  Secrets will be coming to the surface.  Even if the feeling you get seems too crazy to be true, trust it.  The Sun in Leo meets up with Mars in Gemini so information is coming in really fast and you need it to be successful right now.  So don’t skimp over the details, you need to read every one. The Moon in Aries late in the day will help you know just what to say.

July 26th – speaking of details, Mercury enters into its 2nd home, Virgo, and immediately has a strange conversation with Pluto in Aquarius.  More secrets are coming to the surface now.  Over the next 10 days you are seeing what you need to learn while Mercury is moving forward in Virgo.  It will retrograde on August 4th, pay special attention to the events today as they will come up again.  This is also the first day of Chiron retrograde, this will last until December 28th. Get ready to go within and heal those wounds that keep you feeling like you can't be confident about your goals and desires.

July 30th – speaking of healing Venus meets up with Chiron, so this is step one on your healing journey, all you need to start is a little self-love.  It’s time to really look at what you are hanging onto from the past.  Is it really serving you to still feel so much hurt and pain over this issue? The Sun shines a light on your destined path today as it speaks in harmony with the Nodes. Be sure to step into the spotlight!

August Preview – as the month begins fated information is headed your way, with Mars now speaking in harmony with the nodes of fate and karma, from the sign of Gemini.  Mercury will begin its retrograde from 4 degrees of Virgo.  The New Moon will be in Leo at 12 degrees of the sign, the Full Moon will be in Aquarius at 27 degrees.  At the end of the month we will see Uranus begin its retrograde, which will last until January 30, 2025!  Check out next month’s horoscope article for all the details!


Love and a Guiding Light!




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