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June Monthly Horoscope

A father and child play in the sand at Sunset
Summer Scenes

As June begins we will see the Sun and Venus are exactly conjunct.  The New Moon in Gemini will happen at 16 degrees of the sign on the 6th, with Venus playing a big role.  New beginnings in love and finances are possible. Karmic one’s with the connection to the South node.  The Full Moon will be in Capricorn, at 29 degrees.  A major ending.  Then at the very end of the month Saturn starts its retrograde in Pisces. 


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June 1st – Rabbit Rabbit, to bring us in some good luck as we start the month.  With Venus and The Sun conjunct in the sign of Gemini that is a real possibility.  You could be getting recognized as a teacher, writer, or anything that involves working with your hands.  You will be getting a financial reward potentially.  As Pluto and Jupiter are meeting in a positive energy, a trine, both in Air Signs, information, and being open to learning is your superpower.  Pluto is retrograde so during this time you need to go within to learn how to face your fears.  Pluto in Aquarius helps us find our tribe and make a difference.  Jupiter brings growth and expansion to our big ideas.  Take advantage of any new ideas, or even an old idea that resurfaces, at this time. Gemini rules over our thoughts, our mind, and how we communicate with others. With a stellium of planets in this sign now there is a lot of energy helping us focus on our Gemini gifts.


June 3rd – The Sun and Venus are still walking hand in hand, while Mercury enters into Gemini as well.  As it enters it immediately has a conversation with Pluto and Jupiter.  Big conversations, more opportunities to learn, and using your voice, these are all themes that will be coming up now.  Since this is the first time these planets are speaking to Pluto in our lifetime, we need to stay present and aware.  What is coming up now is important for your future, all of our future’s.  This is a fated day, with the Sun and Venus at 13 degrees of Gemini speaking in harmony with the North and South Node.  Pay attention to the houses where this is being activated in your chart.  This is a time where you need to focus on what you want for yourself, not what others want or expect of you.


June 6th – we have a lovely New Moon in Gemini that happens at 16 degrees of the sign, joined by Venus.  This creates a new beginning in love, money, and communication. This could be a new role as a teacher in the community for some.  This energy is still very much connected to the Nodes, our lessons that guide us in this lifetime.  Something major may happen that creates a shift in your life that you didn’t see coming.  It’s a positive shift, these are harmonious aspects.  There is a challenge to the change from Saturn in Pisces, so expect to do some work to make this happen.  Much more to come on this as we break it all down in my article here.


June 8th – Saturn is going to continue to square Venus and the Sun as they move forward, pushing us to follow-through on the commitment to make a change with the new moon in Gemini.  Do you need to change your mind?  Or do you need to make up your mind?  Whatever it is Saturn will push you hard, so best just do the thing.  This is the last day of Mars in its home sign of Aries, so the energy can be a bit heated.  It will definitely motivate you to go after whatever it is you want and desire.


June 9th – Mars enters into the sign of Taurus, which can motivate you to work on your finances.  This can be an indulgent 6 weeks where you want to dig in and enjoy all the things that stimulate the senses.  If you would prefer not to gain 10 pounds in the process, give yourself some good boundaries.  Saturn still squaring the Sun can help you change some bad habits.  With Mercury in Gemini now speaking in harmony with the Nodes, there could be fated news, conversations or information shared with you today.  Be sure to jot it down if it doesn’t seem to apply just yet.  You will want to remember what you learned. The biggest tension of the day is a tsquare that will form with Mars in Taurus at the top of the triangle that is created when 3 energies face off against one another. The Moon will be in opposition to Pluto in Aquarius while square to Mars. There is a battle between what you find joy in and what others want from you, and it all seems tied up with the action you need to take financially to create better balance. This is a brief but emotionally intense pressure cooker.


June 10th – things continue to be very intense as Mars in Taurus continues squaring to Pluto in Aquarius, retrograde.  This is very explosive energy, so it is a good time to be cautious, not a time for taking risks.  Pluto is bringing something up from the past, and it is going to create a fight.  This might be a fight over finances, or women.  The fight for you personally depends on where you have these two meeting up in your chart.  Since we haven’t ever seen these two connect in these places before we need to tune in to fully understand what needs integrated at this time.  Whatever it is, it is going to be big energy that we cannot ignore. There is some hope at peace and healing with Venus in Gemini meeting up in a positive aspect with Chiron, the healer of our wounds. Conversation is the key, seeing the other side's position will help as well.


June 12th – whatever disruption Pluto and Mars brought, Chiron and the Sun will try to help you rebuild as of today.  They meet up at 22 degrees of Aries and Gemini, respectively.  That is the Master Builder number, meaning we are ready to rebuild whatever was torn down by Pluto and Mars.  We will have a few days of this, where we can begin to heal.

June 14th - Mercury and the Sun meet up again, this time in the sign of Gemini, we call this conjunction a Cazimi. Several times a years because of Mercury's retrogrades, the Sun and Mercury meetup. Each time Mercury energy gets cleansed by the Sun and reborn. Something within you may be revived as well, especially if you have natal planets at 24 degrees of Gemini. As a reminder for those of you who don't like a spotlight on your mind, the few days before and after this day can be a bit intense. Go listen to one of my hypnosis sessions and relax.


June 16th – Happy Father's Day! If you have been a little too delusional amongst all the chaos, today those rose-colored glasses will get yanked off your face.  Neptune is squaring with Venus and Mercury, all at 29 degrees.  A square means something has to change.  In Gemini you have to change your mind.  Mercury rules Gemini, so it’s energy is strong here, and it wants all the details to come out.  Joined with Venus those details may have to do with love and financial dealings.  Something not so desirable may get exposed in a big way.


June 17th – Venus and Mercury head hand in hand playfully into the sign of Cancer.  This is the comforting words you need to hear after whatever just happened.  Venus will help us to focus on home and family.  You may feel more connected to your family, or be ready to beautify your home.  Mercury has you speaking with family, or about family.  You have this energy for the next 3 weeks and it will feel good after all the stress and strain.


June 18th – Pluto retrograde in Aquarius at 1 degree has an odd conversation with Venus and Mercury.  Some hidden information belonging to a family may get exposed in a weird unexpected way today.  My guess is over the internet, or the internet will play a role in what is exposed.


June 20th – as the Sun finishes its time in Gemini, before we have the summer solstice, it too has a difficult conversation with Neptune at the 29th degree of its home sign, Pisces.  This could be a conversation about religious beliefs that gets out of hand.  Could be that churches have to make some kind of major concession.  In your own life there may be some sort of existential crises involving your religious beliefs. The Sun is highlighting the light and the dark, which with Neptune is making you very confused.


A neon image of a crab symbolizes the zodiac sign Cancer
The Sign of Cancer

At about 2:48 PM MST we have equal parts day and night as the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer, and in the Northern Hemisphere Summer begins.  The equinox whether fall or summer, is a time for finding your balance.  We now have a stellium of planets, 3 or more, in the same sign.  The Sun, Venus and Mercury are all in the sign of Cancer.  This brings the Cancerian themes to the forefront, much like we saw the last month focus on Gemini themes.  Feelings will be more intense, so will topics that involve our homes, and our families.  Intuition gets a big boost, so don’t ignore it.  Mars will speak in harmony with Mercury and help us to talk about how we feel more easily.


June 21st – After the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer, just like Mercury and Venus just did, it will make an odd angle back to Pluto and dig something up in a weird way.  Maybe you will find success in an odd way, become an internet sensation overnight.  Or, maybe you will meet new friends who will feel like family.  It will also face off with the Moon in Capricorn, and help us complete a business goal.  Capricorn rules our 10th house of career.  It could also bring the end to something or someone government related.  With that interesting Pluto energy helping the Sun, in the family sector, it is someone’s role in the family, that may change suddenly.  A lot more to come on this in the Full Moon article, here.

June 22nd – There is a brief Grand Cardinal cross today that involves the Moon, Mercury and the North and South Node. This creates a lot of pressure, and pushes you to make a big fated change. Mercury will square the Nodes, and that means we have some kind of discussion that could put us on a different path.  Because of the Moon, with its square to the Nodes, you may need to stop doing something that your family wants you to do, and instead start pursuing what is best for you.  With opposition between the Moon and Mercury, in the Moon's home sign you have to balance your thoughts with your intuition. Using both now will serve you best. Remember diamond's are formed from great pressure. What beautiful thing will you create from all the pressure?


June 24th – Mars in Taurus is now making an odd connection to the South Node in Libra, both at 11 degrees.  This creates an 11:11 portal of manifestation. Wish wisely. Mars has you taking action, based on something or someone who shows back up unexpectedly.  Perhaps a job offer is in the making.  This also could be an unexpected financial settlement of some kind, involving a contract you had in the past.  At the same time the Moon will be in the sign of Aquarius, squaring off to Mars, as it speaks in harmony with the Nodes. Tune into your intuition when things begin to get weird!


June 26th – speaking of finances Venus in Cancer will now square the Nodes. There could be some fated changes in your family life driven by a female in your family.  It is a fated change that involves love or money, maybe both.  As this happens Mercury is speaking in harmony with Saturn, so a new contract may get signed, a big commitment being made.  For some it could be about the purchase of a new home. 


June 28th – Venus and Mars are making a sextile to one another, both sitting at 14 degrees of their signs.  This can be a passionate day, where you are falling in love.  Masculine and feminine energies are combining in positive ways.  This can be a day where you simply feel good, happy and joyful about life.  Maybe because Mercury is squaring with Chiron and you are letting go of a way of thinking that has kept you stuck for a long time.  Now you are healed, or at least realizing you are able to begin your healing journey.


June 29th – Mercury speaks in harmony with Uranus making for some very lively conversations.  With Saturn also stationing to go retrograde, it is a day where you don’t want to overreact.  You also should slow down.  Uranus can add some lightning to Mercury's already fast pace.  You might end up saying more than you needed to say.  Saturn says slow down, and be a bit cautious.  The retrograde in Pisces will last with Saturn until November 15th which also happens to be a Full Moon in Taurus.  Sounds like there will be a big dramatic ending to your Saturn retrograde work. Saturn might also tell Mars and Venus to go get a room!



July Preview – We will see both Neptune and Chiron go retrograde in July.  Neptune on the 2nd, Chiron not until the 26th.  Both will last until December.  The new moon will happen on July 5th, and the second Full Moon in Capricorn on the 21st, making it a Blue Moon.  We begin to see how Saturn and Neptune will influence each other in the coming year.  The two are now 10 degrees apart, which will be a faint connection, but with Saturn’s rings you may notice it as early as the beginning of June.  More to come on this as we fully uncover the energy in July.


Love and a Guiding Light!











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