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Are You Ready for the intense Energies of April? Find Out with Your Monthly Horoscope

Updated: Mar 30

A picture of a solar eclipse
Solar Eclipse

This month will be very interesting with Mercury retrograde beginning on the 1st, a new moon Solar Eclipse on the 8th, plus a full moon in emotional Scorpio.  Many consider the first new moon in Aries to be the time for new beginnings.  But this year, those won’t happen unless you let something go first. Then you have work to do because of the Mercury retrograde between 15 and 27 degrees of Aries.


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April 1st – Rabbit Rabbit for good luck!  It’s April Fool’s Day, but Mercury going retrograde in the sign of Aries is no joke.  The big question is, “Are you learning to make yourself a priority yet?”  If not, the eclipse is going to take whatever is blocking you out of your path.  Take a look at the house that has that Aries energy, it’s about to get a serious workout.  Mercury already showed you what you need to work on, as it moved forward over the past 3 weeks, now it’s review time for the next 3.


April 3rd – Venus in dreamy Pisces meets up with its ruler, Neptune.  Daydreaming, fantasies, and being creative are high probabilities.  So are wearing very rose-colored glasses.  Don’t make any big decisions in this energy.  Give it a few days to clear.  But it’s a great day for indulging the senses and pampering yourself.


April 4th – our fated events for the week get started with the Sun meeting up with the North Node at 15 degrees of Aries.  This check in at the half way point of the sign of Aries has everything to do with how you are doing on prioritizing your own needs, instead of making everyone else happy first.  If you are doing well a big reward could be what you receive.  If not, the upcoming eclipse may help you take care of that. The Sun in Aries is a personal success, but it may mean to achieve this, you have to let go of a relationship that is ultimately holding you back.


April 5th – Venus enters into the hot hot sign of Aries and immediately makes a sextile to Pluto in Aquarius.  This is very sexy energy, but can also be a bit possessive.  Watch out if you have a date tonight!  Things could get out of control fast.  You won’t want to create a stalker situation.  If already in a relationship, this is a good weekend to plan to reconnect, as these two dance together for a few days.


April 8th – There is so much intensity with this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries.  I will touch on it briefly now, but be sure to read the full article here.  Of course, the New Moon means the Sun and Moon are together in the same sign, and at the same degree.  Both are at 19 degrees.  What makes this a Total Solar Eclipse is the proximity to the North Node, sitting at 15 degrees of Aries.  The is a new beginning that involves your self-image, your self-expression, and how other people see you.  Warrior or Victim?  Aries the first sign of the zodiac, is about taking action to create your new beginnings.  Exactly conjunct is the asteroid Chiron, that shows us what we need to heal.  All opposing the South Node in Libra, is showing us what relationships we need to release in order to honor ourselves.  There is a war brewing and the hands of fate will decide how it ends. Saturn in the sign of Pisces sits at an odd angle to the South Node. An unexpected change in leadership could be what sparks this eclipse activity for the collective. Mercury being retrograde while Saturn speaks to the South Node, speaks strongly of past choices coming up for review. Mars ruling planet of the eclipse feeling restricted by Saturn in Pisces is where the war is happening. For a breakdown by sign be sure to watch for the weekly Astrolesson and Tarot reading on my YouTube channel here.


April 10th – speaking of war, Mars is meeting up exactly with Saturn in the sign of Pisces.  There is some advice you are given today, on the action you need to take, and when you need to take it.  Saturn puts the brakes on Mars so you don’t act too irrationally to all the changes being created by this eclipse.  It also is calling up some karma, and lessons you should have already learned in the past, as both are inconjunct to the South Node in Libra.  There is something a little odd about the past that comes up now for resolution.  The Moon will also be with Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, making our feelings a bit indulgent, and somewhat unexpected.


April 11th – Mercury and the Sun meet at 22 degrees of Aries, the master builder number.  When the Sun and Mercury meet it’s called Cazimi.  This happens often in a year because of how many times Mercury retrogrades.  This can bring about some huge aha moment, that helps you break free from some way of thinking where you have been giving your power away.  It is time to start thinking for yourself.  This might be a time where you feel passionate about speaking up for yourself as well.  This will be an intense day. Mars remains exactly inconjunct to the South Node in Libra, pushing us to resolve something in the past, perhaps serving Justice on someone.


April 14th – the Moon in its home sign of Cancer has us feeling strong emotionally, strong enough to break free from whatever the eclipse showed us needs to be released.  The Moon squares the Nodes and Venus while trine to Mars, and Saturn.  There can be major emotional breakthroughs. Saturn and the South Node both deal with karma, this extended discussion between Saturn in Pisces and the South Node in Libra could prove to be very interesting. Saturn provides you with advice, when you hear it you need to listen, follow the rules.


April 15th – Mercury is now exactly conjunct to Chiron as it retrogrades, so if there is healing work to do, this can connect you with the information you need to do the healing.  You may be able to help others heal through your words, or with the information you have to share.  As the Moon squares with the Sun, it’s time to check in on what you were supposed to change with the eclipse, and adjust if you have already gotten off course.  The Moon is also trine to Neptune in Pisces, which makes this an extra emotional day.


April 17th – This is a big energy day! Fated love events can happen when the planet Venus meets up with the North Node while opposing the South Node in Libra, which Venus rules.  This happens once a year, Venus meeting up with the North Node, just where they meet changes.  It asks the question in the sign of Aries, “Are you loving who you are?”  If not, you may break free in a big way.  If not love related, this may have to do with the money you make. Jupiter and Uranus are exactly conjunct in Taurus, the other sign that Venus rules.  Uranus wants freedom, and Jupiter expands on the need for that freedom.  In fact, the last time these two met in this sign it was World War II.  Freedom from financial constraints, freedom from those who do not share the same values as you, are just a few examples of what could happen.  The Nodes were also in the same signs during WWII, but at the end of their journey.  We also had Saturn in Taurus, squaring Mars.  So, while there are similarities, there are also significant differences.  On the positive side, this could be a financial windfall, helping you to gain financial freedom. Take a close look at what is being highlighted in your own chart with this energy.  That is where the big shift is going to happen.  Jupiter and Uranus, remain exact until the 21st at 21 degrees, and then continue at 22 degrees until the 25th.  Then Jupiter will have taught you what you need to learn and move on. 


April 19th – Another big day in the sky and our lives as the Sun enters into the sign of Taurus, while Jupiter and Uranus, are still conjunct.  Wherever the Sun moves it shines a light on that zodiac sign and the house that sign occupies in your chart.  This is how we like to feel seen, how we succeed.  You might notice a similar theme comes up for you each year at this time as the Sun moves through the sign of Taurus.  For more about this sign check out my hypnosis article and free recorded session here.  Adding some fuel to take action on whatever Uranus and Jupiter have been showing you, is the sextile from Mars in Pisces.  Mars doesn’t really love this overly emotional sign, in its perspective, there is too much caring for the feelings of others.  Water dampens Mars’ fire after all.  But that means whatever we feel today, we feel in a big way.  Don’t ignore your intuition, it is telling you the truth.  Venus and Mercury meeting up might help you express your feelings better about something that happened in March.  Or, what happened during the eclipse as they both activate the eclipse point.


April 21st – that conversation you just had might lead to some healing of hurt feelings.  Chiron meets up with Venus at 20 degrees of Aries.  Or, it could mean something happens that hurts women in general.  The Sun in Taurus will square with Pluto, which is a very difficult and intense energy.  Again, not unusual we experience this each year, however, now Pluto is in Aquarius so we haven’t seen this square happen in our lifetime.  It could take a big explosion in order for this change to happen.  Financially I would protect my assets, especially my passwords and things on the internet.  Mercury is also conjunct the North Node, opposing the South, so information and the internet might have a big lesson to teach us.


April 23rd – the Full Moon in Scorpio is you guessed it INTENSE!  While the Sun in Taurus opposes the Moon in Scorpio, they are both squaring to the Scorpio Moon’s ruler, Pluto, in Aquarius.  Whatever ends now, you are going to spend a lot of time considering what it means. This point where Pluto is now is where the planet will sit as it begins its retrograde in May, on the 2nd to be exact.  There is a lot of internal work to be done.  The Full Moon will shine a light on what that work is for the collective, and for each of us individually.  Check out the full article for all the details, here.


April 25th – Mercury comes back to speak to the North Node in Aries at 15 degrees of the sign.  There is something fated you need to remember, learn, or share with someone else, maybe someone from the past.  This is the last day of the retrograde as Mercury now stations to go direct, while having extended contact with the Nodes.  It might take some time to learn what we need to learn now, but learn we will. Information, and communication can be difficult for the days leading up to and after Mercury stations to go direct. Travel can be challenging as well, be patient. Saturn is also going to take a step away from being exactly connected to the South Node. Perhaps you see a reward for doing the hard work.

April 29th - Venus leaves the passionate sign of Aries, where things were getting rather intense and heads into her home sign of Taurus. Time to indulge the senses. This is also the last day for Mars in the sign of Pisces, which is a good thing. Mars too is headed to his home sign of Aries, things will be intense and you will feel energized for the next 6 weeks, like it or not. The Moon in Capricorn is also in a trine with Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, this could be a big day for the stock market.


April 30th – on the last day of the month we end with yet again, some major intensity.  The Moon will be joined with Pluto in Aquarius while they both square to Venus as she enters her home sign of Taurus.  Venus and the Moon both are very gentle energies, Pluto might be a challenge to that gentleness however.  Pluto wants passion, transformation, rebirth of some kind is needed.  Aquarius is that energy that can unite us.  But you might just need to let go of some kind of security blanket, get real with yourself, in order for this change to happen.  Pluto rewards you with power when you do the work to transform. Mars also officially enters its home sign of Aries, so this month ends with a lot of intensity, just like it started.


May Preview - Holy Hannah what a month April is going to be!!  May sees our first outer planet retrograde, as mentioned above Pluto will begin its journey on the 2nd.  Also in May, we see Jupiter change signs, and move into Gemini.  You might think back to 2012 when this last happened for similar themes that may repeat themselves.  As Jupiter moves into Gemini it will form a trine to Pluto in retrograde.  Another new energy for us to experience in our lifetimes.  The New Moon in Taurus will happen pretty close with the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction energy on the 7th, and we will have a Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd.  Much more to come in next month's article.


Love and a Guiding Light!


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