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May Monthly Horoscope - Will the Force be with you or against you?

May sees our first outer planet retrograde, as Pluto will begin its retrograde journey on the 2nd.  Also in May, we see Jupiter change signs, and move into Gemini.  You might think back to 2012, when this last happened, for similar themes that may repeat themselves.  As Jupiter moves into Gemini it will form a trine to Pluto in retrograde.  Another new energy for us to experience in our lifetimes. The New Moon in Taurus will happen pretty close with the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction energy on the 7th, and we will have a Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd


We are almost at the half point of the year!  Is it time to take a good look at what will be coming up for you?  Especially the 2nd set of eclipses still to come in September/October?  Check out my specials here.


May 1st – Rabbit Rabbit for good luck this month!  Make this the first thought you think when you gain awareness this day.


May 2nd – Pluto stations to go retrograde at 2 degrees of Aquarius.  All you have seen since January 20th is now up for internal review.  Are you where you belong?  Are you making a difference?  Are you connecting like you should?  Most importantly are you facing your fears about fitting in?  This retrograde lasts until October 11th, so you have a lot of time to find your answers.  In September, this planet will dip back into that critical 29 degrees of Capricorn, which will make election season even more intense than normal.


May 3rd – get ready to feel powered up!  Pluto and Mars make a sextile giving us both power and motivation to tackle what we want.  Mars is very strong at home in its sign of Aries.  Both planets are also known for rulership over the sign of Scorpio.  Power that comes from hidden places just might be the theme for the day, or two.  Also of note is the fact that Neptune, ruler of Pisces will reach the anaretic, 29th degree of the sign.  This brings an intensity to all things Piscean. This will last for quite some time as Neptune goes retrograde from 29.55 degrees of the sign on July 2nd.  When other planets aspect this point we will note the critical nature of the work we need to do. This work will be of bigger importance later this summer, or now if it happens to be conjunct one of your natal planets.  More to come as the summer progresses on this topic.  Start being aware of what you are guided to undertake now.


May 4th – be with you…. love it when I get to say that.  With the Sun in Taurus making an odd connection to the South Node in Libra, you may achieve some kind of recognition for work you did with someone in the past.  It could come up as a big surprise too. Mercury activates the eclipse point for the final time now. What began back around March 21st is now fully complete. You know what you need to know, you can take final steps on what you have learned, and move forward now.


May 7th – the new moon in Taurus happens at 18 degrees of the sign, with the ruler of the new moon, Venus, nearby at 10 degrees.  This can bring a new beginning to your life that involves the senses.  Art, beauty, love, and finances are all open to a fresh start.  With Saturn in Pisces in a trine to this new moon, your new beginning may be something that comes with a lifelong commitment.  Best do the work!  The full article can be found here.  You can also connect to the energy of Taurus by reviewing the article and hypnosis session here.


May 11th – Venus is the next planet to make an inconjunct connection to the South Node in Libra, and as the ruler of the sign has something important to show you about the past.  Relationships, women, justice for women, all are topics that may be discussed in detail over the next several days.  Things could get a little weird and unexpected too. The Moon in it's home sign of Cancer will be in a tsquare with the Nodes, always a good time to pay attention to getner tugs to make a change. In cancer in may be a change again that involves the women in your Iife.


May 13th – speaking of weird and unexpected, the Sun meets up with Uranus at 23 degrees of Taurus.  You could receive some surprise recognition, or have a big aha moment, where you create a new invention.  You also might decide to just break free from it all and pursue something you love more.  With Saturn in a sextile to Venus, whatever this new thing is you decide to pursue, it can be a long-term commitment, so choose wisely.  Saturn will encourage Venus to be more serious, and may help curb your spending.  If you have been making every effort to spend wisely, you might see some kind of reward.  Mercury also clears its post shadow retrograde, giving you the greenlight on what you learned.


May 15th – Mercury will ingress into the sign of Taurus, giving us lots of details about finances.  It can help us create a budget, it can also help us speak lovingly to others. You have a few weeks to figure out what your plan with Mercury will look like.  The planet immediately speaks in harmony with the Moon in Virgo, another Mercury ruled sign.  Listen to your gut instincts today, they will not lead you astray.


May 17th – Pluto in Aquarius is having a difficult conversation with Mercury in Taurus.  If you have been a bit selfish then Pluto is going to call you out.  It’s time that you took an interest in the needs of others, not just what is best for you.  Do you share your wealth with others?  Are you donating to a cause?  If not, and things seem stressful, go and donate either some time or money helping those in need.  The Moon in Virgo is speaking in harmony with Venus, Uranus and the Sun.  Virgo is the sign of service, suggesting strongly that is where you should be paying some attention now.


May 18th – when the Sun and Jupiter are together you are feeling blessed.  The two are meeting up at 28 degrees of Taurus and speaking in harmony with Neptune in Pisces, at that 29-degree point.  This is almost like angelic gifts coming to you.  If you are naturally gifted you may be called to share your gift with the world.  Or, your gifts may suddenly get shared with the world and you are greatly rewarded.  Now if you are acting like an ego maniac well then Jupiter will have a lesson for you.  Financial gifts are possible for those doing the work Jupiter expects of you.  Mars in Aries is conjunct the North Node, and opposing the South, so this is a day where karma is going to be in charge of the outcome. There is fated action you are meant to take, lessons to learn from the past. Very important day.


May 19th – as the Sun moves away from Jupiter just slightly it will be exactly sextile with Neptune, and then pop right into the sign of Gemini.  This will bring some serious power to communication, knowledge, even transportation.  Mars is still riding with the nodes, causing you to take fated action on your goals.  There are lessons learned from the past that will help you succeed now. Especially helpful for those with careers that are linked to Piscean topics, music, art, creativity, and spirituality.


May 21st – Jupiter is now beginning its exact sextile to Neptune in Pisces with both at 29 degrees.  There is something critical that you need to do right now, something to do with your spiritual gifts.  Wherever you feel a calling you need to respond.  You will be blessed as a result.  You will certainly feel good sharing your gifts with the world.  There is a chance for something important to come to an end now, so if you have been working on something like a book, this is great time to publish it.


May 22nd – you could be feeling unstoppable today as Pluto in Aquarius meets with the Sun in Gemini.  You might know just what to say to make a difference in the lives of others, so we might see some big political speeches.  This is a lot of Air energy making communication a big deal.  Pluto is retrograde so a topic from the past that is affecting a large group may be up for discussion.  Maybe some peace is possible now.  With Venus joining with Jupiter and Neptune there is even bigger chances for miracles and blessings to occur.


May 23rd – the Full Moon in Sagittarius happens at 2’55” of the sign, with the Sun shining a light from the same spot in Gemini.  This is bringing balance to what we know and what we are willing to learn.  Something big may be coming to fullness now.  Sagittarius rules foreign people, places and big ideas.  Venus and Jupiter will still be conjunct, and speaking in harmony with Neptune at 29 degrees.  Venus will very quickly move into the sign of Gemini following the Full Moon.  First she has to finish the work in her own sign. Since the Full Moon is also being fueled by Pluto, it is likely to be a very powerful event. More to come on this in my article here, and you can always tune into the energy of Sagittarius with my free hypnosis session and article here.


May 24th – Venus enters into the sign of Gemini and immediately begins speaking in harmony with the Sun in Gemini and Pluto in Aquarius.  Powerful connections can be made at this time, things like romance, money, and other material things.  But only if they truly matter to you and will make a positive difference in your life.  Relationships started now are not for the faint of heart.


May 25th – Jupiter will head into the sign of Gemini where it will reside for the next year.  This ends the work you have been doing with Jupiter through the sign of Taurus, which included a Full Moon lunar eclipse.  It’s time to move on.  This starts a cycle like you may have seen around this time in 2012, the last time we had Jupiter in Gemini.  This planet takes 12 years to complete a cycle and begin a new one.  In Gemini Jupiter is at its fall.  It doesn’t necessarily want to get bogged down in all the details.  So, it makes things bigger.  Discussions, teaching, the internet, working with our hands all gets bigger.  Speeches get bigger! What were the themes in 2012 that you were dealing with?  Did you learn some lessons you don’t want to repeat?  I sure did!

May 27th - Happy Memorial Day - you may want to join with others and celebrate as the Moon meets up with Pluto and both speak in harmony with Jupiter. Communication is important as Mercury in Taurus meets up with Saturn in Pisces, both at 18 degrees. Important discussions can be held now, contracts may be signed.


May 29th – Mars and Chiron meet up in Aries at 22 degrees, that master builder number 22, is active again.  We have to take action to do some type of healing.  This could be something recent you need to heal from, or something long-standing.  But the point is to see your wounds to the ego for what they are, likely fear, which isn’t real, and do something to heal them.


May 30th – Jupiter meets exactly with Pluto now, as both are at 1 degree of their respective Air signs.  Some information is brought to the surface about something that happened in the past.  This information should be helpful to the greater good.  It could be this is the information we need to do that healing work.  Pluto in retrograde brings things to the surface so you can face them head on.  Jupiter gives you the knowledge you need to tackle whatever surfaces.  Spirit has a plan for you.  All you have to do is listen and then take the required action.  You have a few days to do the work.  Take whatever you learn to heart because it will be another 12 years before these two connect in these two signs.


May 31st – speaking of learning things Mercury in Taurus is meeting up with Uranus at 24 degrees of the sign.  This is big surprises and aha moments.  You could have surprise conversations involving love and money.  Venus is still hanging out close to the Sun in the sign of Gemini, which Mercury rules.  Surprise information involving love, money and women are all a high probability.


June Preview – as June begins we will see the Sun and Venus are exactly conjunct, Venus Cazimi is a rebirth of Venus.  The New Moon in Gemini will happen at 16 degrees of the sign on the 6th, with Venus playing a big role.  New beginnings in love and finances.  Karmic one’s with the connection to the South node.  The Full Moon will be in Capricorn, at 29 degrees.  A major ending.  Then at the very end of the month, Saturn starts its retrograde in Pisces.  More to come in next month’s article.


Love and a Guiding Light!









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