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Unveiling the Mystique: 2nd Full Moon in Capricorn July 2024

An orange full moon above teh horizon overlooks a house on the seaside
Summer Night Full Moon

In the celestial dance of the cosmos, every alignment carries its own unique energy, weaving a tapestry of influence over our lives and the world around us. Among the most captivating alignments is the Full Moon—a moment of culmination, illumination, and potential transformation. When this lunar spectacle occurs in the sign of Capricorn, accompanied by a sextile to Neptune in Pisces, and a conjunction with Pluto in Aquarius, the cosmic symphony crescendos into a profound and multifaceted experience.  On July 21st, 2024 the Moon will shine brightly from 29 degrees of the sign of Capricorn, where the Moon is at what we Astrologer’s call its fall.  The event occurs at 3:17 AM PST.  Each year there are 13 Full Moon’s, meaning one sign each year gets two, Capricorn is that sign in 2024. The Anaretic degree, also known as the 29th degree, holds a special significance in astrology as it marks the final degree of a zodiac sign. When a significant celestial event such as a Full Moon occurs at this degree, its importance is heightened, symbolizing the culmination of energies and the need for completion and transition.


The Essence of Capricorn: Ambition, Structure, and Mastery

Capricorn, an earth sign ruled by Saturn, embodies the archetype of the diligent achiever—the mountain goat steadily climbing toward the summit of success. Its energy is steeped in ambition, discipline, and a drive for enduring legacy. Under the influence of Capricorn, we are urged to confront our responsibilities, establish solid foundations, and strive for mastery in our chosen endeavors.  To better connect to this energy, check out the details in my article here along with the free hypnosis session.


The Full Moon: A Beacon of Illumination

As the Sun opposes the Moon during a Full Moon, the heavens are illuminated, casting light upon that which has been hidden. It's a time of culmination and realization—a point of reckoning where intentions set at the New Moon begin to bear fruit. Emotions run high, and clarity often emerges, revealing the path forward with newfound insight.  From the sign of Cancer, the Sun shines a light on topics of intuition, nurturing, home and family.  This is the Matriarch who is standing off against the Patriarch in the sign of Capricorn.

Capricorn is associated with authority figures and social structures, and a Full Moon at the Anaretic degree of this sign may bring issues of power, control, and governance to the forefront. It may prompt us to confront any imbalances of power in our lives or in society at large, and to take a stand for justice, fairness, and integrity.


Sextile to Neptune in Pisces: Bridging the Mundane and the Mystical

In this cosmic configuration, the ethereal Neptune in Pisces forms a harmonious sextile aspect to the Full Moon in Capricorn, while Trine to the Sun in Cancer. Neptune, the planet of dreams, spirituality, and transcendence, finds its home in Pisces—an intuitive, compassionate, and deeply sensitive water sign. This alignment infuses the pragmatic energy of Capricorn with a touch of otherworldly magic, inviting us to blend the realms of the mundane and the mystical.

Under this influence, our ambitions may be imbued with a sense of purpose beyond the material realm. We're encouraged to tap into our intuition, listen to the whispers of our soul, and align our goals with a higher calling. Creativity flourishes, and artistic endeavors take on a transcendent quality, serving as conduits for divine inspiration.  At 29 degrees, a critical degree, it is important to not delude ourselves into thinking something can continue to exist, when it has run its course.


Sextile to Uranus in Taurus: Innovation, Liberation, and Radical Change

Uranus, the planet of innovation, liberation, and sudden change, finds itself in the stable and grounded sign of Taurus. This placement infuses Uranus's disruptive energy with a practical and tangible quality, prompting unconventional breakthroughs in areas related to finances, values, and the material world. Uranus in Taurus challenges traditional norms and structures, catalyzing radical shifts in how we approach security, resources, and the environment. You may find unexpected financial resources are available to help you achieve your goals.

Mercury: All is Not What it Seems

Mercury is square to Uranus and inconjunct to the Moon. This causes a lot of mental confusion. Things you thought were true, may suddenly be exposed as lies. But seeing the truth is what will help you heal your heart in some unexpected way. In the sign of Leo a leader may be exposed for their lies, the news will surprise us all.

Jupiter and Venus: All We Need is Love

When the two benefic planets align they bring us blessings. Jupiter in Gemini can bless us with the information we need to heal our hearts, Venus in Leo. Jupiter makes whatever it touches bigger, and Gemini rules communication. Expect the information that is shared today to be meaningful, and help you conclude your Capricorn goals. This may be news you have been waiting a long time to hear.


Conjunct Pluto in Aquarius: The Call to Collective Transformation

Adding depth to this cosmic tableau is the conjunction of the transformative Pluto in Aquarius with the Full Moon in Capricorn, while opposite to the Sun in Cancer. Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, wields its power to unearth buried truths, dismantle outdated structures, and catalyze profound metamorphosis. In the innovative sign of Aquarius, Pluto's influence is directed toward collective evolution, challenging societal norms and sparking revolutions in thought and action. During this alignment, we're confronted with the imperative to embrace change—to release that which no longer serves us and embrace the emerging paradigm of the future. The conjunction of Pluto with the Full Moon in Capricorn intensifies the drive for personal and societal transformation, urging us to confront power dynamics, dismantle oppressive systems, and forge new paths toward freedom and equality. With the Sun in Cancer, women may be called upon to shine a light on something hidden and unseen, so that it can be transformed in the light.

Mars' Multiple Aspects: Imbuing the Moon's energy with a desire for Action

Mars at 0 degrees of Gemini, partners with Pluto in fellow sign Aquarius also at 0 degrees, in a 120-angle, or trine. This is a powerful aspect to the Full Moon that will heighten the senses, and create powerful emotional urges to act. We may find Government figures are aligned with a specific cause that pulls at our heartstrings. There is a need to respond to something that could be upsetting the greater good. Mars in a sextile to the Sun brings a lot of fire power to the table. Don't get burned.

Saturn: Full Moon Ruler

In the dreamy sign of Pisces, 10 degrees away from Neptune, sits Saturn in retrograde. This would seem to indicate this Full Moon is karmic, and based on the past. Saturn simply requires you to follow his rules, execute flawlessly, if you want to be rewarded now. Except nothing is simple with Saturn, it's all a lot of hard work. What work you ask? Looking back to the New Moon in Capricorn from January of this year, can provide clues and help you manifest your desires fully now.

The Full Moon is going to give us a preview of Pluto's retrograde back into the sign of Capricorn.  From September to November, Pluto sits at 29 degrees of Capricorn, the same critical degree as this Full Moon.  Expect that the full transformation, the paradigm shift, will conclude during Pluto's final journey through the sign of Capricorn. In our lifetime we will never see Pluto in the sign of Capricorn again. Consider this as you look at the potential for your sign below. This area will be further explored during Pluto's retrograde. It ain't over until it's over.


Impact by Zodiac Sign:

  • Aries: 10th House: Career and public status undergo profound transformation, leading to a redefinition of professional purpose and legacy.  The Full Moon emphasizes career ambitions and public recognition, prompting a need for assertiveness in pursuing goals. Just know your goals could be reviewed in the Fall.

  • Taurus: 9th House: Spiritual and philosophical transformation is emphasized, inspiring a quest for higher knowledge and enlightenment.  The Full Moon focuses on financial security and material stability, urging practicality and resourcefulness in managing resources that you use for education or foreign travel. Be sure to put some aside for the Pluto retrograde.

  • Gemini: 8th House: Intense psychological transformation and empowerment are catalyzed, leading to a profound exploration of hidden truths and taboos. The importance of communication with intimate partners is also highlighted. A relationship may go through an intense metamorphosis, only to be full reborn in the during the Pluto retrograde.

  • Cancer: 7th House: Relationship dynamics and partnerships are transformed, fostering deeper intimacy and shared growth. The needs of both partners are highlighted now, and brought into better balance. Be sure your commitment is worthy of your time and attention as it will come under scrutiny from September to November.

  • Leo: 6th House: Health and work routines undergo transformative changes, prompting a focus on holistic well-being and service to others. Creative self-expression and leadership in career pursuits, can help others see you in a new light. Be patient and allow the changes to happen naturally with the help of Pluto's energy in the Fall.

  • Virgo: 5th house: Creative expression and self-fulfillment are amplified, inspiring artistic innovation and individuality. The areas of romance and your hobbies, even your children can experience unexpected changes. Know that you will explore the matters of the heart more closely with the help of Pluto during its retrograde.

  • Libra: 4th House: Family dynamics and ancestral patterns undergo deep transformation, leading to a redefinition of home and roots. Your physical home may also be transformed. Perhaps the changes will lead to a relocation in the sometime between September and November.

  • Scorpio: 3rd House: Intellectual transformation and communication breakthroughs are encouraged, fostering innovation and knowledge-sharing. It is time to open your mind to learning to speak your mind without fear of rejection. Otherwise what isn't spoken will come again for review with Pluto in the Fall.

  • Sagittarius: 2nd House: Inspires a quest for knowledge and wisdom in career pursuits, encouraging exploration and expansion of horizons. Financial transformation and empowerment are highlighted, urging a reassessment of values and resources. Are you doing what you love? Pluto will help you assess that again during its retrograde.

  • Capricorn: 1st House: Personal transformation and self-reinvention are emphasized, prompting a profound exploration of identity and authenticity. There is more to you than just hard work and now is the time for you to show your true identity. The last chance to do this work with Pluto will being during the upcoming retrograde at 29 degrees of your sign.

  • Aquarius: 12th House: Spiritual and karmic transformation occurs on a deeply subconscious level, leading to profound spiritual awakening and healing. The veil is thinned as you reach across and connect for the answers you seek. The full answers will be received as Pluto digs deeper for you in the Fall.

  • Pisces: 11th House: Social transformation and collective ideals are emphasized, fostering activism and community engagement. This is a time where you friendships go through the biggest transformation, aligning you with those whose values align with you own. What you start now may lead to an even bigger social activity sometime between September and November.

 Overall, a Full Moon at the Anaretic degree of Capricorn serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of integrity, responsibility, and accountability in our lives. It challenges us to be diligent in our pursuit of our goals, to honor our commitments, and to uphold the principles of honesty, fairness, and respect in all of our dealings. By embracing the lessons of Capricorn and harnessing its disciplined energy, we can navigate this potent lunar phase with wisdom, strength, and grace.

Love and A Guiding Light!


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