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Hot August Monthly Horoscope 2024

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Summer Fun August 2024 Monthly Horoscope

August Preview – as the month begins fated information is headed your way, with Mars now speaking in harmony with the nodes of fate and karma.  Mercury will begin its retrograde from 4 degrees of Virgo.  The New Moon will be in Leo at 12 degrees of the sign, the pressure filled Full Moon will be in Aquarius at 27 degrees. 

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Below is a breakdown of the month day by day, when there are key energy events. Keep in mind the energy can be active a few days before and after. You can use this information to help you plan your activities accordingly.

August 1st – Rabbit Rabbit to call in some good luck for the month ahead.  As mentioned above Mars in Gemini at 8 degrees is speaking in harmony with both the North Node, where we are heading, and the South Node, where we have already been. There is action you need to take to get you on your path.  At the same time the Moon, in its home sign of Cancer, will be squaring the nodes.  That means you have to let go of something you feel very comfortable with in order to grow.  Some surprise twists and turns may come from the square between Venus at 26 degrees of Leo, and Uranus at 26 degrees of Taurus.  Love and relationships may get a big shake up. Conflicts involving women and finances may be making the news.

August 4th – the new Moon in Leo occurs with the Sun and Moon meeting in the sign at 12 degrees, while Mercury stations to go retrograde.  That means this New Moon and its new beginnings don’t happen overnight.  There is work and research to be done.  Leo is a fire sign.  It deals with topics like leadership, things you do to shine in the world alone, it also can be very romantic.  This is the 5th house ruler and that is the things we are most passionate about.  It is also ruled by the Sun, which means it is very strong here at home.   The Nodes will speak in harmony with the New Moon, which brings fated new beginnings, and lessons.  Mars in Gemini, conjunct with Jupiter, will be sextile to the Sun and Moon, motivating us to take big action as we start something new.  Cupid’s arrow could strike you in a very odd place because of the fact Venus and Neptune, both at 29 degrees of Leo and Pisces, respectively, are making an odd connection to one another.  Much more to come on this in the full write up, with a break down by sign.  Read it here.

August 5th – Venus leaves fun and flirty Leo and enters grounded and earthy Virgo, and immediately has a strange conversation with Pluto, retrograde in the sign of Aquarius.  Some details may come up to the surface that have so far been buried.  Venus has the dirt in Virgo on love and money topics.  Venus is also going to start walking closely with Mercury retrograde as they pass one another by at these early degrees of Virgo.  They share a little joke and then Mercury runs with it back into Leo where Venus has just been.  There is something you need to take a closer look at, especially if wanting to start a new relationship right now.  Don’t jump in head first.  Take this very slowly until all you need to know is shown to you.

August 7th – the Sun in Leo meets up with Jupiter in Gemini at 15 degrees of each sign.  This is a very blessed and beneficial day, especially if you have natal planets at this degree in your chart.  The Sun is our ego self, and what we feel most successful doing.  Jupiter brings us growth opportunities, and that means you could see some financial gains today.  In the sign of Gemini, Jupiter sends information your way on how to be a success, so don’t overlook these important details.  It could be a few days before or after these two meet that you see the full benefit of this energy.

August 10th – the Sun in Leo at 18 degrees is making a quincunx back to Saturn, retrograde and in the sign of Pisces.  The Sun in Leo shines very brightly and shines the light on itself.  Saturn thinks that behavior is ridiculous and has something to say about it.  Don’t try to be a big show off or Saturn will knock you down a peg or two. The angle these two meet at is strange and weird. Could be a day where a political figure is in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

August 11th – more strange energy this time with Venus in Virgo at 7 degrees speaking inconjunct, or quincunx to the North Node in Aries.  That new relationship you thought was all hearts and flowers might show the first sign of cracks in the foundation.  Boundaries may be tested, and you want to be sure you pass the test.

August 14th – discussions may get really big as Mars in Gemini, is conjunct with Jupiter at 16 degrees, which is going to create a square over the next several days with Saturn retrograde in Pisces.  There may be big words about boundaries and borders during this time.  Something big has to change when these three are square to one another.  Gemini is about communities, communication, and short-term travel.  Will some of these things end up being restricted?  Mercury ruler of Gemini is at 0 degrees of Virgo where it is having another conversation with Pluto at 0 degrees of Aquarius, while both are retrograde.  This is part two of their discussion and whatever was dug up earlier, there are lots more details coming to the surface now. Expect a very tense few days. They might even get a bit explosive!! Stay safe while traveling, be extra vigilant.

August 15th – amongst all the terse words is a chance to do something to make it all better.  The Sun in Leo, speaks in harmony with the Moon in Sagittarius and Chiron in Aries.  With Chiron retrograde, there is some pain from the past that has a chance to be healed now.  This creates a Grand Fire trine, and all you have to do is step up and take advantage of this energy if you want to heal yourself.  With Mercury now back in Leo, and inconjunct to Neptune in Pisces, both retrograde, there is more energy about the past that needs further review.

August 19th – the square between Jupiter and Saturn, now becomes a T-square as Venus enters the story line at 17 degrees of Virgo.  Plus, Mercury and the Sun are conjunct at 26 degrees of Leo, this could be mind-blowing on its own.  This is going to happen on a certain politician’s Mars, so he is going to be making some sort of headlines today.  His chart is very challenged during this time.  Making this an explosive time in his career and life.  This also happens to be the Full Moon in Aquarius, what you want for yourself is at odds with what is best for the ‘people’.  An Aquarian goal comes to fruition where ever you have 27 degrees of Aquarius in your chart.  However, with two t-squares in play during this very intense full moon, anything can happen. Expect a lot of crazy, a lot of tension, and a whole lot of weird. For all the details check out the full write up here.

August 22nd – Mercury in Leo is now speaking with Chiron again, giving more details about what you can heal.  We still have Jupiter and Saturn squaring off while the Sun hits 29 degrees of Leo.  There is a brief YOD between the Sun, Neptune and Pluto.  A fated journey or mission may require your attention, especially if you have planets at 29 degrees that are being impacted now.  Mars and Venus are in a square as well, so there is just a lot of tense energy all around.  But the key is tapping into Mercury and doing things like meditation and hypnosis to keep yourself grounded. Check out one of my free sessions here.

August 23rd – welcome to Virgo season.  Time to celebrate all the OCD Virgo’s of the world.  The Sun will shine a light on all the details for you to get organized, maybe to get healthy.  Here is a great article and hypnosis session to help you connect with the energy of Virgo and help yourself heal. Mercury and Chiron are still speaking in harmony so this is the perfect time to work on the healing of your inner child.

August 24th – Mercury is speaking in harmony with Mars in its home sign of Gemini at 22 degrees, while they both speak in harmony with Chiron.  There is still a big push to do something to help yourself heal right now.  Leo is leaders, so maybe one is going to be on the mend during this time, or fall ill, and then need to heal.  Venus meets up with Chiron in its quincunx, so the healing could require some kind of alternative method.

August 27th – Venus in Virgo at 27 degrees, meets up with Uranus at the same degrees of her home sign, Taurus.  This could be a surprise involving love, or money.  Be careful to not get carried away and spend too much on lavish purchases.  The Moon in Gemini is meeting with Jupiter, so it might be hard to make up your mind about what to buy anyway.  There could be a lot of back and forth emotions during this brief visit. 


August 28th – Mercury will station to go direct, while still speaking in harmony with Chiron.  Things you have been working on during this meetup might start to gain some momentum now.  All that you discovered during the retrograde has to be applied once Mercury begins moving forward again, you can’t just pretend you didn’t see what you saw. There is also a Kite formation that is created in the sky today. The backbone of the kite, the tension that causes it to rise, happens with the opposition between Venus and Neptune. You have to take off some rose colored glasses in order to see whatever this is for you take off.


August 29th  – sees Venus speaking in harmony with Pluto from her other home sign, Libra.  Relationship news, especially about the past, may surface now.  The Sun in Virgo at 7 degrees with also be quincunx with the North Node in Aries, you might see success come in a roundabout way now.


September Preview – Mercury will be post shadow for most of the month, as you start moving forward with the ideas you created during the retrograde last month.  On the first day of the month Uranus will begin its retrograde, and stay that way until January 30th of 2025!  Also, on the 1st Pluto is going back in to Capricorn until November 19th.  Election cycle will be full of surprises and secrets surfacing from the past.  Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus are all retrograde and speaking in harmony with one another.  These outer planets create change for us that is internal in nature, it is helpful change.  It also lasts for most of the month.  The New Moon will be in Virgo on the 2nd, and the Full Moon in Pisces, will actually be a Lunar Eclipse.  This one will give us a preview of the work we need to do with the Nodes in Virgo/Pisces for 2025.   You can read all about it in next month’s monthly horoscope article.


Love and A Guiding Light!


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