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The Sign of Virgo

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

There is a lot of controversy around hypnosis and healing physical ailments. But as I have said all along, the mind believes what you tell it. So, if you tell it to heal something can it? Think about the last time you cut yourself. In most cases, the body healed itself and you didn’t have to tell it anything. That scab that formed, to protect the skin, and create its own band aid, seems like it was healing itself. Mind over matter is something you hear all the time too. If I just focus enough the pain will go away. Is it really the medicine you take then, or is it all just a placebo affect? Why does a placebo work just as well for some people as the actual medicine? The theory is because they believe it to be true. They are those who specialize in using hypnosis instead of anesthesia. There are even those who can be hypnotized for medical procedures and don’t feel anything. Literally the area you focus on can be made numb.

If you think about setting intentions, it is a lot like self-hypnosis. I am putting out into the Universe, or the subconscious mind what I want to achieve. With hypnosis we can take those intentions and apply them to your overall health. I am not saying it can heal you, but I am also not not saying that. It all depends on what you want to believe. Hypnosis will not be as effective if you doubt it can work for you. In fact, the more suggestible and open you are the better hypnosis works for you. We create states of self-hypnosis all of the time. When was the last time you arrived home and you don’t remember actually the drive there? Or you are heading somewhere and you are lost in thought and miss your turn? In the first scenario you set the intention to head home, your body remembers the drive home and gets you there. In the second it senses your attention somewhere else and doesn’t respond. You create what you focus on. So why not focus on being healthy?

With the help of hypnosis, you can tell your body how you want it to respond. You want it to crave healthy foods and exercise for instance. You want it to release any guilt associated with a certain type of food. Weight gain is trapped emotions, so is pain, so is illness. When we associate guilt with what we are eating, our body feels guilty and ashamed and hangs onto those feelings and keeps them trapped in our body. We need to make both conscious and unconscious eating decisions in order to make peace with our bodies and the food we eat. If you look at a candy bar and immediately feel guilty, then your body associates feeling bad with that food. And feeling bad is a recipe for unhappiness in your body. Think about that candy bar as it goes into and through your body with negative feelings attached to it. It is leaving a trail of unhappiness in your entire body. Who do you know that can eat whatever they want and never gain weight? What is their attitude towards food? I am not suggesting you just eat candy bars all the time. But I am suggesting you stop beating yourself up when you do. And if you retrain your brain to crave healthy foods instead, you won’t have anything to feel guilty about anyway. All things in moderation. Unless of course you are diabetic and then you just have to make different choices and still feel good about them.

With the energy of the sign of Virgo, we are working with the energy of organization, attention to detail, especially where our health is concerned. The sign of Virgo is one of the 3 Earth signs. All earth signs work with the energy of being grounded, our actions are purposeful and slow moving. We have already covered the other earth signs of Capricorn and Taurus, so this rounds out the earth signs. When you think of the Earth, it is solid, it provides support, it is what you need to flourish in this lifetime. Without keeping our feet on the ground, thank you gravity, we would float away. Mentally this is what keeps you from day dreaming all the time and getting nothing accomplished. The Earth signs are highly motivated to manifest what they want from a financial perspective. The energy is one that generates financial success. The Earth signs are focused on having financial freedom and independence. They can often be found in some sort of financial role like banking, accounting, or investing. Making money is a top priority. Virgo is a mutable sign, which means it is the most flexible. At times a bit too flexible and can end up having a lot of interests, but a hard time sticking to just one thing at a time.

Virgo likes to have control, of everything and everyone, because they crave order. They will know all the details, facts, about everything. They especially enjoy alternative ways of healing. They enjoy working with crystals, reiki, mediation, hypnosis, anything involving energy healing. Manifesting with Virgo energy involves planning, rituals, using herbs, dirt, or essential oils. Connecting to the earth in some way helps this sign manifest what it wants into reality. This would be a sign that would write out new moon wishes and plant them in the earth.

Virgo is the 6th house of the zodiac. We have found our joy in the 5th house, and now we are ready to get to work. The 6th house represents our daily routines. This can involve our work, our health, our pets, and being of service to others. Any routine you make a part of your daily life falls under the energy of the 6th house. When we tap into this energy we can create a healthy lifestyle. With the help of hypnosis, you can tap into this type of energy to help you create a healthy diet and exercise routine, get better organized, attract in the perfect job. You can use it to create a better self-image and appreciation for your body.

A Virgin Maiden represents the sign of Virgo in the Zodiac. In Greek mythology she is associated with the asteroid Astraea, which rules over our health. The constellation of Virgo aligns with the time of the wheat harvest so she is often associated with providing sustenance as well. Physically the sign is tall and slender in nature as a result of being so focused on good health, in some ways resembling a stalk of wheat. Just like a stalk of wheat they are flexible and able to move with the wind. They are perfectionists, and a bit OCD because of their attention to every little detail.

The planet Mercury is the ruler of the sign of Virgo and the 6th house. Mercury also rules over the sign of Gemini. While in Gemini Mercury focuses on our thoughts and communication, in Virgo it is focused on all the details. It is a sign that likes to use lists, color coordination, like in a closet. It rules our reasoning, our decision making, and still our communication style. While Gemini might see both sides of things, Virgo sees just the facts. Mercury ruling over the mind and being in the 6th house gives this sign the desire to study and learn about health and diet. About alternative cures and medicines, like naturopathy. Since it also rules over our animals, this sign can be drawn to having pets and their overall wellbeing and health. Their jobs could range from Naturopath to Veterinarian, and anything that requires organization and attention to detail.

Let’s tap in together to the energy of the sign of Virgo now and learn how to use our mind to connect with our self-healing powers. The following is an audio file you can listen to multiple times, but even just once can have a major positive impact on your life. You should listen without distraction, in a quiet place, with your phone on silent. This helps reduce the distractions from the conscious mind and allows you to more easily connect to the subconscious mind. Access the session here.

For additional work with the signs and hypnosis you can take part in one of my coaching packages where we work with the current energy to help you achieve your personal goals. For more on this please visit my website

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