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October Monthly Horoscopes 2020

As we move into the Month of October we have just started Fall in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring in the Southern. Both Jupiter and Saturn have completed their retrogrades and Mercury enters its shadow period for its time in Scorpio. As usual for 2020 this will be another very intense month. In fact you get a t-square, and you get a t-square and you get a t-square. What is a t-square you ask? Where 3 planets meet at 90 degree angles like a teeter totter triangle. Each pushing against the other for domination. Pressure.

October 1st – We start the month out with a Full Moon in Aries. This is something related to the self coming to fullness. Do you remember what you wished for with the New Moon in Aries last March? Mars of course is in retrograde motion in Aries, the sign it rules, as well. The Moon opposes the Sun at 9 degrees, while Mars is sitting at 24 degrees. Sitting very close to the Moon is Chiron, the wounded healer. This means we have the chance to heal an old wound to our self-esteem. The Sun in Libra says this old wound once healed will lead us to have more balanced and healthy relationships. Look for my write-up on the full moon for all the details by sign.

October 2nd – Venus leaves her happy place in Leo for a much less fun time in Virgo. Unless of course your love language involves being of service to others. Love takes on a more practical approach when Venus transits Virgo. So, you can catch your breath if you had a whirlwind romance begin while she was in the sign of Leo. The Moon and Mars also meet up today in the sign of Aries, this is your intuition and emotions on steroids. Great to work through any stuck or stagnant energy, but just don’t overwhelm those around you.

October 3rd – Chiron and Mercury make a strange angle today, called the Quincunx, or inconjunct. This could bring out some very strange and hidden information. Someone could say something to you that is really hurtful and not like them at all. Listen to this message but don’t blame the messenger.

October 4th – Pluto finally starts to move forward again. All that time these planets spent on reworking the Capricorn energy comes to and end. Things will start to slowly move forward in this area of your chart as well. Now is the time for implementing those new structures.

October 6th – Mercury opposes Uranus for the first time during its retrograde in Scorpio. These planets will meet 3 times. This first meeting can be shocking surprises and debates. Do not sign any contracts at this time. They will not go as expected and definitely come with some surprises if you do, and not the good kind. This energy will be with us for a few days so be prepared or should I say expect the unexpected as far as communications go. Uranus is the planet of shocks and surprises after all. Now on the positive side of things this could lead to some aha moments.

October 8th – Mars in retrograde meets up with Pluto who is now out of retrograde but not moving forward much as of yet. So, a quarrel from the past is going to rear its ugly head today. Will you learn to take your power back or get sucked into the battle? These two met up earlier as Mars was going forward through the sign of Aries. This is something you are facing again, and will for a final time once Mars also ends its retrograde later in the year.

October 9th – On top of the square between Mars and Pluto we have the Moon in Cancer squaring the Sun and Mars. It’s a bit broad but we have a Grand Cross which is a whole lot of tense energy in the skies. And as above so below. There is a bit of respite from Venus, Mercury and Neptune and Jupiter, but that only helps those who are willing to take the higher road. Stay out of the fray as much as possible and send a lot of love energy out into the world, I think we are going to need all the help we can get on this day, and the next and the next...this is crunchy time as I like to say.

October 10th – This begins the squares between the Sun and all the Capricorn energy. Up first and exact is Jupiter, both at 18 degrees. This is a fight for justice, that is ego based. Gee I wonder what this could be about. My guess is this is the week that nominations for the new Supreme Court Justice get underway in the US. Could be some fighting between China and India on the border as well. Do your best to not stir the pot and spread positivity this week as much as possible, and even a little more.

October 11th – Our next battle happens between the Moon, Uranus and Mercury. Outcomes to this one will be surprising and shocking. Things could be exposed today that cause a lot of tensions to erupt. You really need to listen to your intuition on this one. Feel into what is actually the truth in this situation. This is also the last of the meetups between Jupiter and Neptune. Whatever you have been working on in the areas of spirituality, creativity, a higher meaning or understanding, now is the time for the outcome. If we tune into this we can get through this very tense week ahead.

October 12th – This could be a day for some apologies as Mercury and Venus meet up in a sextile. The energy is there, but you do have to take action. So, if you need to apologize, just do it. It is also just a nice day for some loving messages, financial windfalls maybe, some kind of contract being signed. Amongst all the square tense energy this feels blissful.

October 13th – Man I want to just say this would be a perfect week to get lost on a deserted island somewhere. My oh My today our t-square happens between Mars, who opposes the Sun and both square with the Jupiter planets, most directly Pluto. Whatever does not serve you is going to get ripped out of your life. This is the ultimate power struggle and Pluto; the ruler of the Underworld and death and transformation is the exit point. Do not kid yourself that you can keep hanging onto whatever has been showing up for you this week. You cannot. This is literally the shootout at the OK Corral.

October 14th – The tension continues but now the North and South Node join in to try and get everyone back on their path’s. Plus, Mercury officially starts its retrograde motion. So, all the stuff that has been blowing up everywhere we get to go back over and try to pick up the pieces. Mercury is in Scorpio, it is feeling the heat from Pluto and Mars, and will have to dig deep and bring some information to the surface so we all can heal. Mercury will travel all the way back in to Libra at about 25 degrees. All of this is meant to bring us to a better way of relating to one another. But man oh man it ain’t gonna be pretty.

October 16th – The New Moon in Libra at 25 degrees is a pressure cooker. This new beginning comes about out of necessity for change. Libra rules the law, balance, and relationships to name a few. Venus the ruler of the New Moon sits in Virgo at 16 degrees, opposing Neptune while in a trine to Jupiter. This New Moon is still part of the t-square between Mars and Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. This is also very karmic as the Sun and Moon make positive contact between the North and South Node. There is so much going on it will take a major write up to cover it all. But focus your wishes on what is fair and just, and for relationships in particular, both personal and business. I will make an effort to get my article out earlier than normal and will cover all the details not just our wishes.

October 18th – Venus is exactly opposed Neptune at 18 degrees, on the 18th. This is a 9 in numerology, which brings endings. You can no longer delude yourself. Whether it’s love, money, substance abuse, or your value system it’s time to let go of that which no longer serves you. As the Moon is making positive contact with all the Capricorn energies this gives you the emotional strength you need to make this change, and make it permanent. The Sun is at the end of the t-square energies with its exact square to Saturn at 25 degrees. This is a last push for control.

October 19th – Remember that weird and awkward discussion you had the first time Mercury and Uranus met up? Here is comes again and the desire to be committed to your point of view is stronger than ever! Try meeting in the middle here, but rest assured if not now you will when these 2 planets meet again in about 10 days to finish this opposition energy off. Mars square is exact with Jupiter, so now Mars has pissed off all the Capricorn planets and will start to move past them for the time being. This intensifies our anger issues 10-fold, at least. Be prepared to bite your tongue.

October 20th – Our latest t-square belongs to Venus, the Moon and Neptune. The good news is these planets are all what I would call beneficial. So, what comes out of this tension is meant to serve you well emotionally. But you need to do the work and let this change happen. If you try to delude yourself things won’t go so well. Feel into this one, your intuition will tell you what is needed.

October 21st – Venus is exactly trine with Pluto at 22 degrees. This is the Master Builder number in numerology. Maybe you are rebuilding your health, or your daily routines. Pluto shows you how to take your power back and make any necessary changes. Virgo where Venus has been all month is grounded energy where love and money is concerned. The added Capricorn energy means there could be some rewards where both are concerned if you have been working hard. There is a square between the Moon and Chiron today, so just make sure you aren’t emotionally eating, spending, etc…

October 23rd – Now Scorpio season begins and all that square tension begins to subside, but our anxiety will be building as we have the Sun and Mercury both in Scorpio. You could quite possibly feel like those around you are losing their minds, especially since the Moon also squares these 2 today. If you haven’t figured out how important it is to have a healthy way to decompress, then now is the time. How do you get to your happy place? In a healthy way. Meditation, hypnosis, mantra, positive affirmations, Epsom salt baths, sage??? Pick one or all, but do something that keeps you feeling above this tension. Saturn and Venus meetup which will be the last contact with these Capricorn energies. Saturn asks you to be serious where love and money is concerned.

October 25th – Mercury and the Sun meetup at 2 degrees of Scorpio which means that Mercury is Cazimi. Or burned out by the brightness of the Sun. You are either someone who is anxious during this meetup or someone who’s mind is on fire. Maybe somewhere in the middle. Not a good day for making any type of final decisions. Mercury and the Sun will meet up again once the planet starts moving forward. Wait until then to launch anything major, or follow through with this decision you are pondering.

October 28th – Venus enters Libra her home sign, almost with a sigh of relief, while Mercury is at the last moments of Scorpio before it also enters Libra. We are reviewing our choices, our legal battles. The fight for fairness has some new energy involved. Love and Logic are coming to town, not just ego.

October 29th – The Moon and Mars meetup which has us fired up emotionally, along with our intuition. This action you are about to take needs to be felt into, not just acted upon. This will make for a powered up Full Blue Moon in Taurus.

October 31st – All Hallow’s Eve is going to be pretty remarkable. The Full Moon in Taurus is conjunct Uranus. Both of course oppose the Sun in Scorpio. How this situation comes to fullness is going to be shocking! We are going to learn something today as Mercury and Saturn meet up in a square. Something form the past may be exposed, and you can’t ignore it. This is directly related to events that occurred when Mercury was first in this space around September 23rd. Definitely a bit of Karma involved. You will reap what you sow, best make it good stuff! Venus also is in a weird angle to the Moon and Uranus. A female could somehow play a major role in what occurs with the full moon. Maybe the financial markets. Taurus rules sensuality, the 5 senses, love, and money. Something in these areas is about to come to a conclusion. I will have my full write up on this and impacts by sign. This is the 2nd full moon in the month of October, that makes this what we call a Blue Moon. May not be the best time to send the kids out trick or treating. I would make alternative plans now.

November Preview

Quite an intense month as we head into November and election season in the United States. Mercury will be standing still and ending its retrograde motion on election night, but still square with Saturn. Just saying right now this is your voice and your vote being restricted. I recommend voting early if in person, and definitely mail in your ballots or drop them off at a ballot box as soon as you have it in your hands. Do not miss this opportunity to make your voice heard. Mars is literally going to stand still at 15 degrees of Aries for weeks. It will just end its retrograde on November 14th with the New Moon in the sign of Scorpio. All while Pluto and Jupiter will be conjunct, and positively aspecting this New Moon. This is something new involving the Government and transformation, that is huge. The end of the year definitely won’t be boring!

If you are looking for answers of your own be sure and book a session with me before my prices for my coaching packages go up in the New Year. I will also be starting a new blog series soon where I combine astrology and hypnotherapy to help you tune in to the energy each month with a brief hypnosis audio. This will be a great way to welcome in the energies of 2021 which is a Universal 5 year where we welcome in change. My mantra has always been Change is Good, I always welcome it in with open arms.

Love and Light!

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