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October Monthly Horoscope 2021

As September came to a close we started the last Mercury retrograde of the year in the sign of Libra. The retrograde continues for most of this month. There will be a New Moon in the sign of Libra as well on the 6th, at just about the point where Mercury started it’s retrograde, 13 degrees. Then we will follow that up with a Full Moon in the sign of Aries. We have several planets ending their retrograde starting with Pluto on the 6th, followed by Saturn on the 10th, then Jupiter and Mercury both on the 17th or 18th depending on your time zone, which means we are ready to move forward in big ways! Let’s see what the rest of the month has in store shall we. Following are some of the major events of the month. For a more detailed writeup on the daily energies see my Instagram page here.

October 1st – Rabbit, Rabbit. May we be blessed with a bit of good luck! As the month begins with some hot sexy energy with Venus and Pluto in a sextile at 24 degrees of Scorpio and Capricorn. Venus isn’t loving her time in Scorpio, and Pluto as the ruler of Scorpio pushes her even further out of her comfort zone. Love may become a bit obsessive in some cases. Pluto is always pushing us to face our fears, and right now the energy says love can help you conquer them. Mercury is currently squaring off with Pluto as it marches back through the sign of Libra. We may be afraid to speak up for fear of retribution. But all Pluto really wants is for you to speak in a way that shows you are the one in power. This is not a time for playing small, but also not a time for being a bully. Even the Moon is getting into the square dance with Uranus, so this could one of those days where you are feeling the pressure to make some changes. Uranus likes to shake things up and right now it is shaking up your sense of security.

October 2nd – the Sun opposes Chiron and our ego wounds end up being on full display. Aries where Chiron resides is teaching us lessons about our self-confidence, and the Sun in Libra says we are successful not when we act alone, but when we form healthy partnerships. This is a bit of a me vs we battle, but it doesn’t have to be. Just learn how to respect your partners needs, or you own independence, while you still focusing on being a healthy couple. The Moon is opposing Jupiter asking you to go within and see what your intuition is trying to tell you about making a difference in the lives of others, not just about you being front and center, while it makes a weird angle to Pluto. What is your sixth sense trying to tell you? It may show up in a strange way, but you still need to pay attention. The Moon is also squaring with Venus, so our sense of security is taking a bit of a beating today. Try to find your happy place and go out and do something fun, it will help you from being stuck and swirling. You will feel best doing something that evokes some childlike joy.

October 6th – this is an intense New Moon because we have Mars, the Moon and the Sun altogether in the sign of Libra at 13 degrees. 13 is the number of the death card in the Tarot, which means we have a huge opportunity to hit the reset button on our motivation. Mars is what we call Cazimi when it sits next to the Sun. It is being cleansed and starting a new cycle. Since it is in the sign of Libra this new beginning involves our partnerships and serious relationships, Justice is going to be served in a rather dramatic way as well. A bit far off but still in the sign of Libra is also Mercury at 20 degrees and retrograde. There may be a lot of past relationships coming up for review right now. Past lovers on steroids reaching out to you. People may literally be coming out of the woodwork because the New Moon is also making a odd angle with Uranus in Taurus also at 13 degrees. And all of this is opposing Chiron in Aries. Wow! Chiron was the trainer of the Gods, a healer, and an astrologer. The message is if you want this new beginning in your relationships you are going to have to heal your self-confidence issues, as in once and for all. Plus Pluto is stationed to go direct. Transformation messages again here. We will go more in-depth during my New Moon write up, so stay tuned. Check out my Youtube channel here for ways to connect with the New Moon energy in Libra.

October 7th – Pluto is finally ready to move forward again after turning direct yesterday. This outer planet is mostly felt as part of our inner work. It moves only a few degrees in a sign each year, and is retrograde for close to half of each year. But now the things, the fears you have been facing, the transformation work you have been doing in this area of your chart is now ready to move forward, albeit ever so slowly. Mars and the Sun are still combined and Cazimi, which may have you feeling extremely fired up, highly motivated or just plain angry. All depends on how you feel with the Sun shining a light on your warrior energy. Some may not be able to control their anger, so this is a time to be very careful when driving, when angers escalate in relationships or business partnerships. Beware that you may need to put yourself in a time out. This is a very good time to plan for burning off your anger and aggression with a super hard workout. Do not point this at someone else. It will not go well and could ruin your relationships. October of 2019 was the last time these 2 met up in the sign of Libra. What was happening for you at that time? How did you handle the intense energy? Around the world there were all kinds of violent protests, so just be careful.

October 8th – Venus is jumping for joy about getting out of Scorpio and into the fun-loving sign of Sagittarius, granted she isn’t into learning too much, but she is happier out of the dark, and feeling too much. She will immediately cozy up with the South Node and face off with the North Node. There is something about a past love that needs released so you can follow your North Node path. The Moon and Uranus oppose one another as well and this can bring out some emotional surprises or psychic insights. But this is not the time to give in and just start acting erratically because you don’t feel safe. The Moon in Scorpio isn’t happy, but sometimes we just need to sit in the dark and understand what it is trying to share. Face it, free it, you don’t have to be it.

October 9th – Mercury has finally caught up with the Sun and Mars in Libra at 16 degrees and that means this day could be really intense. A lot of verbal bantering again going on, fighting for Justice, rehashing something from the past. And now our aggression and our anxiety are going extremely overboard. This is a really good day to plan a retreat and practice a day of prayer, mediation or better yet, silence. Otherwise you just might put your foot in your mouth, or someone’s fist. You are talking fast, thinking fast, reacting too fast. So again, find some outlet for this energy, and maybe don’t fly if you don’t have to on this day. Mars is known for causing accidents. And the Moon is now joining Venus and the South Node in Sagittarius, so we really need to let this emotional baggage go in a healthy way. Sag rules overseas and foreign lands, we may see something coming up there that has to be dealt with, and it won’t be pretty.

October 10th – Saturn is moving forward again and that heavy energy in the sign of Aquarius lifts just a bit, power to the people can return, and some of those government mandates may start to lift. Mars and the Sun are still traveling close together so things are still pretty intense, but Mercury has moved off of the two just a bit, so communications or protests may begin to lessen.

October 13th – Mercury and Uranus are making an odd angle which can cause you to talk crazy talk, or have crazy dreams. Don’t believe everything you hear. But Pluto and the Moon are conjunct in Capricorn so you may want to pay attention to what your intuition has to say. And Venus in Sag is making a sextile over to Saturn, so some seriousness is needed where love and finances are concerned.

October 17th – This is a busy day for the planets! The Sun and Pluto are in a square which can be quite explosive energy. Fear is a terrible thing at times and causes people to react in violent ways, this is a day to be aware of your surroundings. Meanwhile, Mercury is back at the point where it started the retrograde while it makes a sextile to Venus the ruler of Libra, and then turns direct. This could be a positive heartfelt conversation that clears the air between you and a partner. If something came up in the retrograde this is the time to start to talk about it in a sensible way. If this is finance related it is time to review those commitments one last time. Mars and the Sun are starting to separate as they make an odd angle over to Neptune in Pisces which is conjunct the Moon. Something about our relationships is pulling us away from our spiritual or creative path in life. It’s time to make an adjustment of some kind and stop putting all the time attention just into our partners. This is also the day that Jupiter begins to turn direct, we are finally ready to move something forward in our friend groups, or get that innovative idea off the ground. Especially since Mercury also turns direct today. Yay the Mercury retrogrades of 2021 are coming to an end. Of course, we still have a lot of ground to cover before Mercury is completely clear. This will be an intense day with so much going on in the sky, and as above so below.

October 19th – Mars and Jupiter meet up in a trine which could bring you some kind of reward for acting on your faith, or just having some amongst all the chaos. Some beneficial partnership or contract could be signed at this time. Jupiter could also expand your Mars energy so whatever house this is in for you is getting a boost of steroids. Since Libra is relationship energy there could be major passion in this department. Countries could be joining forces to fight off an enemy as well. Do your best to tap into the positive motivation that is available to you.

October 20th– The Full Moon in Aries happens at 27 degrees of the sign while the Sun is still pretty close to Mars at 27 degrees of Libra. The Moon in Aries means some personal war is about to be won. There are some decisions that have to be made in our relationships and partnerships in order for this to happen however. The T-square that forms between these planets and Pluto is what could make this full moon a very volatile one. T-square’s with Pluto is our triggers on serious steroids. Paranoia, fear, dishonesty, all may be out on display during the full moon. But the key here is to face your fears, and do the transformation work, take your power back in your relationships and be willing to fight for your needs, in a healthy way of course. There are some blessings with Jupiter making a sextile to the Moon and a trine to Mars. If you can tune into this energy you will fare better. More to come in my full write up. You can also tap into the energy of Aries here on my Youtube channel.

October 22nd – The Sun moves into the sign of Scorpio and things all around us begin to hibernate. Leaves are completely dying off and storing up their energy as are we before we head into the dead of winter. Scorpio is the sign of death and transformation, of intimacy, secrets, and deeply felt emotions. You have to be willing to go deep to connect deeply with others as well as ourselves.

October 23rd – The Moon in Gemini is making a trine to Mercury in Libra. This is a nice boost that helps your conscious and subconscious mind work together, and not far off is Saturn now moving forward in the sign of Aquarius. This is similar to the Grand Air trine we experienced back in September and now we may see something come to a completion. Saturn rewards you for doing the work of the Mercury retrograde and you may end up feeling emotionally satisfied as a result. Enjoy this blessing especially in the area of our partnerships. The Sun in Scorpio is making an odd angle to the North Node also in the sign of Gemini. There may be something you are not seeing because your ego is getting in the way. But a truth may be revealed that helps you move forward on your fated path.

October 24th – our mind may be a bit erratic with the connection between Mercury and Uranus, so might the things we say, or others say to us. This inconjunct or quincunx energy is brief, but strange be prepared for anything.

October 26th – Venus and Neptune square off today which can lead to some excesses in love and money. Deceit is possible as well. Definitely a time where those rose-colored glasses you like to wear where money and love are concerned could get ripped off your face quite abruptly. Neither of these planets is harsh energy, but it still will feel a bit foggy. Not a good day to make any permanent decisions in love or finance.

October 28th – after all we have and to endure this month today Venus and Jupiter meet up in a sextile which is a nice blessing in our lives. Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius makes this blessing even more powerful since Venus is in the sign it rules. They are both at 22 degrees which is a Master Builder number. What do you want to build in love? In money? In spirituality? This is a good time to ask for help should you want it. Whatever you are building it is blessed, so go for it. The Moon is making a trine to Chiron at the same time helping us heal our emotional wounds. Relationships may be extra intense as Mars is now at the last degree of the sign of Libra. Passion is on big time! There is a bit of weirdness as Mercury and Neptune make a quincunx, might be some weird dreams going on, and definitely a time where communication can be a bit foggy. Be warned.

October 29th – the Sun and Saturn square off today for a battle of egos. The Sun in Scorpio is not in the mood for bossy Saturn one bit, and might be trying to sneak around to avoid detection. But Saturn isn’t having it. Do the work, get your ego out of the way, and listen to what Saturn is trying to tell you to do here. Otherwise this is just going to be one of those ugly crunchy days.

October 30th – Saturn enters into its home away from home, Mars, and couldn’t be happier. Mars the warrior is happy in the sign that rules death and transformation. It wants to conquer and rule over everyone after all. It was the original ruler of Scorpio until Pluto was found. You can expect the next 6 weeks to be a lot of death and rebirth going on.

October 31st – we end the month with Mercury and Jupiter making a trine in the air signs of Libra and Aquarius at 22 degrees. So again, the Master Builder energy is activated. We may sign some beneficial contracts, or hear something from a benefactor. Our relationships may be blessed with positive shifts in our communication patterns. With it being Halloween, we of course have to have some weird energy going on and that happens between Chiron and the Sun. Ego wounds might just be healed by some new age mystic. All while the Moon in Virgo tries to keep our emotions under control, but it’s a challenge as it opposes Neptune in Pisces. Those emotions don’t like being under control, they are fighting to break free with Neptune’s help. But man, oh man can that make things oh so foggy. As in things may not be all they seem on all Hallow’s eve. Watch out!

If you thought October was intense just wait until we get into the eclipses of November. First up is the New Moon Solar eclipse on the 4th in Scorpio, that’s intense right there. Then we have the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on the 19th at 27 degrees. An eclipse in the sign that rules death and transformation is going to be intense to say the least. There will be no fighting to hang onto whatever this represents for you, it simply will have to go. If I was a betting person and I have money invested in something risky I would think about moving it before the eclipse in Taurus, if that is what your gut is telling you of course. More to come on this in next month’s writeup of course. Hard to believe but the year is almost over!

Love and Light!

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