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October 2022 Monthly Horoscope

This month is intense as we are in the eclipse cycle energy in a big way. As mentioned last month we are seeing the last bit of the conflict between Uranus and Saturn. What theme has been prevalent in your life since the two first started their discussion at the beginning of 2021? Mercury will end its retrograde on the 2nd at 24 degrees of Libra. We will have a Full Moon in Aries on the 9th, just as Pluto ends its retrograde at 26 degrees of Capricorn on the 8th. Saturn retrograde ends on the 22nd. Lastly, we have a major New Moon Solar Eclipse on October 25th in the sign of Scorpio, with Venus. Let’s see how it all breaks down.

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Let’s take a look at the action-packed month ahead.

October 1st – Rabbit Rabbit for good luck as you wake will set the tone for the month ahead. It will begin with a t-square with the Moon squaring with Mercury and Neptune, who are in opposition. You haven’t been seeing the truth about a particular situation and it is about to become all too clear. At the same time Venus and Jupiter are opposing one another, in the signs that govern how we relate to ourselves and each other. Balance is about to be restored in our relationships. And just for good measure Saturn and Uranus are once again exact in their square dance. Things are going to have to shift with all this pressure going on.

October 2nd – Mercury retrograde ends in the sign of Virgo, one of the signs it rules over. When a planet changes direction it tends to send out strong waves of energy. We may find it hard to keep control over our schedules for the next few days. Communication and communication devices could get a bit wonky too. This is a signal that the review period has ended and now it is time to slowly begin to move forward and make the needed changes in your relationships and in the house Libra rules over in your chart. The Moon and Sun also make a square today, signaling a time to review our New Moon wishes we made last month about our relationships. What shifts do you need to make?

October 7th – Mercury in Virgo, is moving forward and its first connection is a trine with Pluto, who ends its retrograde in the sign of Capricorn on the 8th. This is the 3rd and final meeting between these two planets, from Mercury's latest retrograde. Pluto is power and transformation. Mercury rules the mind. Are you finally done giving your power away to fearful thinking? This is the time to take your power back and move forward. Virgo rules work so you could be making some plans to change things about the job you have or the way you do it.

October 9th – The Full Moon in Aries happens at 16 degrees of the sign around 2 PM PST. The Sun is conjunct with Venus opposing the Moon from the sign of Libra. This is the Me vs We energy. In Aries there is something about our relationships that is pushing us to close a personal chapter. We could be either gaining independence or giving some up, in order to be in a relationship. Which journey are you on? The Moon is conjunct with Chiron, so the answer is whichever choice will bring you the healing you desire. Saturn is in positive aspect to the Full Moon, which means you are willing to do the work to fulfill this dream you have. Mars is the ruler of Aries and it is square to Neptune and still loosely trine to Saturn. In the sign of Gemini we need to rid ourselves of limiting beliefs. We also need to stop deluding ourselves, something Neptune is well known for. Much more will be explained in my Full Moon blog. Be sure to check it out.

October 10th – Venus is opposing Chiron as it moves closer to the Sun in Libra. If you want to be in a loving relationship, you have got to let go of these wounds you are still carrying around from past relationships. Mercury is at the last degree of Virgo helping you understand how to heal. It could be a bit intense, but you need to see this in order to let it go for good. The Moon square to Pluto helps you find the power to trust your feelings, but not be trapped by them.

October 11th – the Sun and Saturn meet in harmony at 18 degrees of Libra and Aquarius. Both of these signs are in the element of Air. The mind and what and how we communicate, are strengthened. There is something from the past you are ready to share now. Saturn is slowing down to end its retrograde, so the power it is sending out is strong. Could be major shifts in power as a result. Especially since Mercury now in Libra opposes Jupiter still retrograde in the sign of Aries. The way you are communicating or thinking about relationships needs to expand. This is the decision you have come to from Mercury's retrograde. As it faces Jupiter moving forward it is time to make a decision. Jupiter hopes you will grow as a result.

October 12th – speaking of power, Mars continues to square off with Neptune, which means a storm has been brewing. The Moon in harmony with Neptune adds extra emphasis to the energy of the water. Could be a major weather event involving water has occurred or is about to. Things like hurricanes, tropical storms, even tsunamis. Mars is action and Neptune is things beneath the surface. When they push against one another something major can be brought to the surface. This is not the time to take risks on the water or near it. With the Sun also inconjunct to Uranus this is also an indication of weird weather occurring. May not be the best day to plan to travel. Especially as Saturn is still strengthening the Sun.

October 14th – there is a grand air trine that forms today between several planets. The Sun and Venus in Libra, Saturn in Aquarius, and the Moon and Mars in Gemini. When you have a grand trine in Air signs there is information you are given today that you need to act on. Success comes from doing the work. This is not the time to sit by and wonder what if, it’s the time to make things happen. This is a rare blessing that you don’t want to let pass you by. You will be intuitively guided, sent messengers, and perhaps have chance meetings. Don’t discount them or write them off. In fact, if you want to start writing your big book today is a great day. there could be new partnerships formed today that help you write that book, or create new content of some kind. The relationships started now would be long-term commitments.

October 17th – Mars in Gemini is slowing down to begin its long retrograde back over the sign. But first it makes an exact trine to Venus and the Sun in Libra. This could be the action you need to take, or the person who shows up to help guide you on what steps to take. This energy started with the Grand Air trine helps carry this big idea forward for you. But again, you have to be the one to take the initiative. The Sun will also be square to the Moon in its home sign of Cancer. There is a bit of battle between what your ego wants and what your soul wants. As the Moon also faces off against Pluto there is a definite challenge to your intuition, especially as this means there is a tsquare involving the Sun. But the Moon is strong at home so that is the energy to trust and lean into. On the world stage there could be a major clash of egos going on. Mercury is now completely clear of its shadow so there is a little brief window of opportunity to move things forward if you need to get something launched before the eclipse.

October 19th – this is setting up to be a very intense day. In fact, this may be the conflict that pushes you to finally end something for good. The Sun squaring with Pluto is a major war of egos. This is a violent attack as a result of two people or two governments joining forces. Mars the warrior is still lending power to the Sun which is in a very long conjunction with Venus. There is something important about women in power coming out about now. Jupiter is also now at 0 degrees of Aries and still retrograde. This is a battle for the ages. There isn’t a single planet that isn’t heavily aspected by another at this time. Might be a great day to plan on doing things that involve a lot of self-care. This is not a day to push something, there is just too much conflict in the air. Mid-April of this year we had some similar energy. We could see the escalation of conflict in Ukraine. We could also see the fight over Twitter explode. Information is power with Mars in Gemini, make sure you know yours is accurate before you take any severe action you may regret later. The tsquare between the Moon, Uranus and Saturn is causing a lot of emotional turmoil. It is very dramatic and unexpected. There may be a very unexpected leadership change.

October 22nd – Venus and the Sun meet up exactly, finally at the last degree of Libra. Wow, Venus is Cazimi in the sign of relationships. I would expect one to end on a grand scale. The Sun cleanses Venus as they meet. She moves from evening to morning star and then back again when they meet the next time during the year. Right now, Venus and the Sun are together during the daylight hours in the Northern Hemisphere so she is hidden from view. Once the planet moves away from the Sun it will become visible again. They last met in January of 2022 in the sign of Capricorn, where Venus had her long retrograde. A chapter is ready to come to a close. Could be a relationship, a job, something you love of a material nature even. And it will do so in an intense way. Mercury and Saturn are meeting in a trine, so once you make up your mind about ending whatever this is, there will be no going back. Pluto makes a a trine to the Moon in Virgo lending some control over your emotions that you need in order to make this big transformation happen.

October 23rd – As Saturn ends its retrograde, Scorpio season begins with the Sun and Venus still conjunct, and Cazimi, now at 0 degrees of the sign. Love affairs could be brought to the surface now. They would do so in an odd way, as Jupiter is inconjunct to these two from the sign of Aries, and also at 0 degrees. I don’t recommend starting an affair, as it won’t stay hidden for long. Relationships that begin during Scorpio season can be very intense. There can be a lot of power struggles, possessiveness and secrets. Make sure you know what you are signing up for. Relationships are very transformative if begun now as Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of death and transformation.

October 25th – the New Moon Solar eclipse happens with the Sun, Moon and Venus all joined at 2 degrees of Scorpio. 2 is the number of relationships, and Scorpio is the sign that rules over our intimate partnerships. This sign also rules over power and money. An eclipse will remove whatever isn’t serving you in these areas. The farther off your path you are the harsher the eclipse will be. You cannot have a new beginning while you try to hang onto something not meant for you. An Eclipse with the South Node in Scorpio means we are letting go of something painful, perhaps something hidden. The Nodes return about every 19 years to each sign. You could have a cycle from 2003 ready to come to a close. Good news is you can learn from those lessons and start again. The eclipse is inconjunct to Jupiter, which is a benefic planet. So, your willingness to let this go can help you achieve a personal goal. It can help you regain your self-confidence that may have been lost because of a horrible relationship, whether business or personal. We will delve more deeply into this and the impacts for each sign with the blog article later this month. Now might be a really good time to book a reading and get yourself prepared for a major restart. I will also break this down in more detail in the blog article, so stay tuned.

October 26th – Mercury and Mars meet up and give you the courage to speak your mind. The eclipse may have shown you what needs to be released, but you may have some work to do to make that happen. You will have the support you need. Saturn moving forward now forms a tsquare with the Moon as it opposes Uranus. This could be the aha moment that you have been waiting for. The answer to what has been holding you back since the square between Uranus and Saturn started back in 2021. Slowly the restriction that Saturn has over Uranus is going to dissipate. This is the beginning of that separation as Saturn continues to march on as Uranus continues its retrograde through the sign of Taurus.

October 27th – Mercury in Libra is exactly square with Pluto while both make contact with Mars. There is a need to change your thinking. There also could be major power struggles in a relationship. Perhaps a budding relationship or business partnership that will benefit from this change in your plans. But not if you stay stuck in outdated thinking or communicating. Pluto and Mars in contact with one another is always challenging and intense energy. This could be two opponents coming together in an unexpected way. On a personal level you may decide to make a major change but in a really unexpected direction. Some may call you crazy, but do it anyway. The eclipse is removing obstacles for a reason.

October 28th – Jupiter jumps back into its home sign of Pisces, technically its second home, Neptune replaced Jupiter as the ruler when it was identified. Jupiter has us reviewing all things related to Pisces energy. Spirituality and psychic gifts, music, creativity, and we will be feelings things in a major way. Jupiter will make it back to just 28 degrees of the sign before it moves forward at the end of November. Jupiter only comes around once every 12 years to a sign. So, think back to 2010, what cycle are you wrapping up? Now is your chance to do the final work. And unless you like what you chose the last 12 years, you may want to think very carefully and clear away any limiting beliefs you adopted back then that are keeping you stuck now.

October 30th – Mercury will enter into the sign of Scorpio and start digging up information for all to see over the next several weeks. As it is Halloween season we may hear and see all kinds of scary things! But don’t be afraid of the dark. The Sun and Venus are still there trying to shine the light. But the Underworld likes to keep its secrets and will likely fight to keep them hidden, but it won’t be easy. Keep that in mind if that is you. The Moon in Capricorn is trine to Uranus in Taurus, some interesting financial discoveries could occur today.

November preview – November 8th is the second of our two eclipses, this one is the Full Moon Lunar eclipse in the sign of Taurus. This one occurs with the North Node. We are ending something that helps us on our fated path. This one is something we feel, more than see, normally. But of course, there is a tsquare with Saturn at the time of the eclipse. The Sun, Venus and Mercury are all aligned with the South Node in Scorpio. The Moon, Uranus and the North Node are all aligned in Taurus. Someone in a position of authority may be bringing this ending to light for you. But the Sun Cazimi, now with Mercury, could blow your mind a bit. Anxiety will be especially high during this intense time. The Full Moon already impacts us emotionally. With the Sun and Mercury also conjunct, that makes our minds very busy as well. And of course, Uranus next to the Moon can make us emotionally unstable. Have your best friend’s number on speed dial and know this too shall pass. It will pass easier if you pay attention to all the information being sent your way and don’t ignore it. This is the grand finale of the year, I would expect serious fireworks along with it. We will dig into all the details in next month’s blog. But we can easily start experience eclipse energy the month prior, so be prepared for some craziness.

Again, if you have not done so yet, book a reading with me, and let’s discuss what you need to get ready to eclipse out of your life. Understanding how this interacts with your natal planets will be critical information you want to know.

Love and Light!


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