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November Monthly Horoscope 2020

The month of November begins on the heels of the second October full moon in the sign of Scorpio. Should make for a very emotional start to the new month.

November 1st - The Moon is strong and Full still in the sign of Taurus where it is already strong. Add to that the trine back to all the planets in Capricorn and you will be feeling like you are hitting on all cylinders. The earth energy helps you remain grounded as far as your intuition is concerned. However, the squares between Mercury and all the Capricorn planets means you are struggling to make a sound decision. Listen and tune into Saturn energy on a day like today. You need to remain structured and disciplined with your emotions and your thinking and speaking. This is not a day for flying off and making off the cuff decisions. Also today we have Venus facing off with Chiron. Love is challenging our personal wounds. Something we desire is forcing us to deal with the past, and until we do we cannot have what we want where Venus is concerned.

November 2nd - The Moon moves into Gemini and makes a positive connection to both Chiron and Venus. Let your intuition be your guide, let your emotions show you how to heal this wound. Mercury is slowing down and so the stand off with Saturn continues. Mercury the planet of communication, in the sign of Libra representing partnerships and legal issues is battling out with Saturn, the government. Those in the astrology world have long been saying the election in the United States is so fraught with chaos it is hard to tell who the winner will be. This is the second time these planets are meeting and they will be exact again on the 5th. This battle with Saturn started back on September 23rd. Whatever battle you have had raging in your life is about to come full circle.

November 3rd - The energy of this day feels like time is just stuck and standing still. Mars has reached the last degree of his retrograde. This is where all the work began. Mars will sit here stationary until the 14th, and you will feel the drain in your energy. But today the Moon in Gemini reaches back and gets some support from Mars. Women in power may be top of mind today. The Sun and Uranus have been standing off since the last full Moon. The 2 are beginning to slowly separate but the surprises may not be over yet. Especially since Venus and Uranus are also in a very weird angle.

November 4th - Mercury officials ends its retrograde, no more until next year!! Yay us. Now is the time to look at what has been happening and be ready to move ahead, slowly of course. The Moon is lending you support and helping you know the way forward.

November 5th - Mercury didn’t station long and is already on the move and back to face off against old stodgy Saturn. This is my Gandalf analogy, where you must pass the test and then you can move forward. The Moon seems to be quite busy meeting up with everyone, trying to lend emotional support. Today it meets up with the Sun in Scorpio. The Moon is strong in its home sign of Cancer. It is pushing against Venus in Libra suggesting strongly that home and family are the priority. Something you love is not mixing well with your home, your center. Something here has definitely gotta give.

November 6th - the Moon faces off with all the Capricorn planets. This theme of family versus the government has been a familiar one. Add to this a square over to Mercury and I would expect a lot of arguing about who’s home it really is…as in election result discussion.

November 7th - The Sun and Mars meet up at an odd angle today. Your ego is trying to move you forward but doesn’t quite have it right yet. The Sun is bogged down in emotional Scorpio. Which makes sense as Mars is just still sitting at 15 degrees of Aries. Jupiter has finally come back to meet up with Pluto at 22 degrees in Capricorn. Whatever this year has been about for you, now you have to face it head on. You have the power to transform this. Jupiter is adding to Pluto’s transformational ability. This is the final meetup between these 2 planets and the last time in our lifetime’s they will meetup in Capricorn. These 2 first met back on April 5th. The second time was on June 22nd, and this is the trifecta. Last chance. All the cards on on the table. What hand are you going to play? Do not play it safe. Go big or go home! Take a look at your personal calendar. What have you been dealing with since about April 5th? What came up again in June and what are you ready to close the book on now? Where will this transformation journey end for you?

November 8th - When the Moon squares with the Sun it is a reminder to review the goals you set for yourself at the full moon. Venus is also meeting up in harmony with the Moon while starting her face off to Mars. This could be a relationship issue coming to a head. Venus wants what she wants, to feel loved. Mars is all about passion, and right now that just ins’t enough.

November 9th - The Sun starts its trine over to Neptune. This has us tapping into our spiritual side, our creative side, and using this to bring a project to life. You could use all that frustration between Venus and Mars and channel it into this work.

November 10th - Mercury is moving forward and now at the last degree of Libra again. This is a wrap up to the Libra portion of the Mercury retrograde energy. You could have closure of some kind today. The Moon meeting up in a trine with all the Capricorn energy says again follow where you are intuitively guided. In Virgo the Moon looks at your health and daily routines, looks like they get a positive lift up today.

November 11th - Happy Veteran’s Day and a special thank you to all for your service. Mercury in Scorpio now gets to bring up all that stuff you have been trying to keep buried. Pluto rules the sign of Scorpio and wants to show you the way to clear up what is buried and holding you back. Mercury helps you connect the dots and come up with a plan to release this stuck energy.

November 12th - Venus makes positive contact with the North and South Node. Love is entwined with fate. Relationships started at this time do so because you have a karmic contract. But be prepared, it may not get off the ground very quickly. Venus is about to square off with all the Capricorn planets, so it won’t be the same old type of love story. This one will be work. Ok maybe that is the same old love story! Might take until Venus is in Scorpio meeting up with the Capricorn energy in a positive way, for things to take off. Be patient.

November 14th - Drum roll please….Mars retrograde is over, ok well not exactly but the retrograde motion is over. And we have the New Moon in Scorpio on the same day. Mars was the traditional ruler of Scorpio before Pluto was discovered. Coincidence? Of course not, there are no coincidences in Astrology. This is the time to wish for a soul mate, change, and empowerment. Pluto as the ruler of Scorpio shows you where you give your power away so you can learn that lesson and take it back. Venus is exactly square the ruler of the New Moon at 22 degrees of Libra. Remember how I said that love was going to take a bit to get off the ground? If you want to meet your soul mate then pay attention to the battle waging within where love is concerned. You have to break the mold, stop repeating this pattern, and admit what you want. Stop settling where love is concerned. Venus represents our values, and they need to match with your partners. Otherwise there will just be more battles down the road. I will have my New Moon article up in time to guide you through this transformation journey.

November 15th - Venus is exactly square with Jupiter today at 23 degrees. Slowly Jupiter is moving off of its conjunction with Pluto who is still at 22 degrees of Capricorn. Relationships are just being challenged. They have to be something that serves you. The Sun is sextile over to Jupiter and Pluto still. So you still feel like you are on top of the world, but your ego isn’t what is needed for your love life to be successful. Exactly the opposite is true.

November 16th - Mercury opposes Uranus again this is the last meetup from the Mercury retrograde. These 2 first met up on October 6th. What surprises were you experiencing? Over this week the news was shocking and strange, I would expect more of the same. We lost a rock legend during this time and the President was having a tweet storm about Covid. They met for the second time around the 18th of October just after the New Moon in Libra. Was is shock and ahhh or shock and blah for you?

November 18th - The Moon joins all the Capricorn planets as Venus makes her last stand off against Saturn. Needless to say Venus and Saturn don’t get along any better. Saturn wants Venus to be more serious in her relationships. The Moon is not happy or strong in Capricorn either. However you can take control of your emotions and do some work without being sucked into drama. Mercury officially ends it’s retrograde today as it clears its shadow period and returns to the starting point at 11 degrees of Scorpio.

November 20th - this is a big day for relationships. We have a 11/20/2020 which makes this a big day for creating the relationships you want. Venus gets a big surge of energy as she leaves her home sign of Libra. 2 energy is all about our relationships. Whatever you have been working to achieve in love or finances comes to a conclusion. We also have the Sun at the last degree of Scorpio, this is an important energy day. The Sun will definitely be stronger in a fellow fire sign, Sagittarius.

November 21st - the same day Venus slides into dark and murky Scorpio water the Sun moves into fiery Sagittarius. This will be another big energy day with a sign of hope on the horizon. I am starting a special project when the Sun enters Sagittarius I will update and add a link to help you connect with this energy to accomplish your Sag goals for the month ahead. Sagittarius rules the 9th house which represents higher learning, a connection to a higher power, foreign travel, and teaching. Maybe this means we can finally understand all the transition work that has been leading us to this moment.

November 22nd - Mercury and Mars meetup in the strange angle we call a quincunx. Both are moving forward again but their goals are not matching up and a war of words is possible. But the Moon is cozying up with Neptune so you might just escape reality and ignore all the noise. Just do so responsibly. Like diving deep into your art, whatever that is for you. Mercury will trine Neptune, which will help you communicate how you feel to those you love, if you don’t get stuck in the Mars trap.

November 24th - the Moon hangs out with Mars and then connects over to the Nodes in a positive way. Mars is finally off the 15 degree mark too. Something fated is showing up for you now and all you have to do is take action. Venus makes an odd angle over to Chiron. There is a love wound you want to heal but it just doesn’t seem to want to close.

November 26th - Happy Thanksgiving to those in the United States. Would love to see us all focusing on what we have to be thankful for and burying a few hatchets. With the help of the Sun meeting up with Chiron the light is shining on the wound Venus exposed. And now as Venus is facing off against Uranus there could be a shocking conclusion to this area of your life. Especially since the Moon also meets up with Uranus. Emotions are all over the board today. Best be prepared with some of your best grounding habits. Definitely want to avoid any financial pitfalls, not a good time to risk it all in the market. And any awkward conversations around the dinner table.

November 27th - Mercury meets up with Pluto which empowers you to speak your mind. Then meets up with Jupiter which expands your mind. This would be a good time to put your plans into play that you may have been working on throughout the Mercury retrograde. Just make sure you have a detailed plan, because the next stop is Saturn and it is going to be carefully reviewing your paperwork.

November 29th - on it’s way to the Lunar Eclipse the Moon stands across the sky from Mercury while it is meeting up with the Capricorn planets. Your emotions are going to win the battle over your head, so just listen to your intuition. Perhaps you are being guided about what should be eclipsed out of your life. Even bigger news is Neptune ending its retrograde. Things are really starting to move forward now, and the foggy brain will begin to clear. Only Uranus and Chiron remain in retrograde now.

November 30th - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini has the Moon in Gemini at 8 degrees and the Sun in Sagittarius at 8 degrees. Their closeness to the Nodes is what creates the eclipse. This is a penumbral lunar eclipse at 2:28 am MST. This means the Moon is dimmed as it passes through the Earth’s shadow. These 2 signs represent the lower mind and the higher mind and finding a way to balance the 2. The Moon representing our emotions and intuition is aligned with the North Node, the Sun representing our ego aligns with the South Node. With eclipses we have to let go of something from the past that is blocking us achieving our North Node goals. This one requires us to let go of something the ego is very comfortable with and may bring a very emotional battle for you. I will have a the full article up and delve deeper into the work that will be needed. Chiron and Uranus are in play which brings up our wounds in a surprising way to be healed.

December preview - Eclipses always come in pairs and that means in December we will see the New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius. Solar eclipses are usually more noticeable as you physically experience this versus emotionally experiencing the Lunar. December 16th Chiron will move forward but Uranus will hang on until Jan 14th. Saturn returns to the sign of Aquarius on the 17th. The Full Moon will happen on December 30th making the end of the year an emotional one.

Love and Light!

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