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November 2021 monthly Horoscope

In Mid-October we had several of our outer planets along with Mercury begin to move forward again. Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn all ended their months long retrogrades. In November our Full Moon will be a Lunar eclipse. This is an emotional release of some kind. Our New Moon will kick us off on the 4th in the sign of Scorpio. The energy listed below may appear a few days before and linger a few days after.

November 1st – The month starts out with some crunchy energy between Venus and the Moon. The Moon in Virgo, liking control of its emotions, is squaring off with Venus in Sagittarius who is enjoying her freedom. There may be a need to break free in some way where we feel constrained by love or finances. The Moon and Pluto also meet up briefly, so don’t ignore that little voice in your head, it has an important message for you.

November 2nd – Mercury and Pluto meet up again as the shadow period of the last Mercury retrograde comes to a close. This square brings whatever this has been about to a conclusion. The truth is being exposed, a mindset needs to change. You can no longer give your power away where thinking and speaking is concerned. And you cannot just follow the crowd thinking either.

November 4th – our New Moon is in the sign of Scorpio with the Sun and Moon at 12 degrees, and opposing Uranus in Taurus, also at 12 degrees. Once again Uranus is bringing some unexpected energy into our new beginnings. Uranus in Taurus is asking that you release your attachment to material things, so in some ways this is actually the mission of Scorpio. However, if you are hanging on too tightly to those material things that do not serve you, well, you may see them abruptly removed. This is a really good day to practice some indifference. Remember balance is always key anytime we are dealing with oppositions. Scorpio rules things like psychology, investigations, transformation, sexuality, death. You have to go deep into the unseen, in order to transform yourself. This is where we see our intimate partnerships grow as well. No other planet is directly involved. Chiron is inconjunct, so some kind of personal wound may spur on your new beginning in an unusual way. Venus is at the last degrees of Sagittarius, so there is a final push in the area of love and finances aligned with this new moon energy. The planet is also in a sextile with Mercury, where it will remain for several days. There is a gentleness to our thoughts and our speech as a result. Scorpio relationships though are very intense, and slightly possessive, so be warned if you start something new now. More to come on this in my full monthly writeup. If you want to tune into this energy, see my latest in the series on connecting to the signs with hypnosis. Here.

November 5th – Venus enters into the grounded sign of Capricorn where love and money get much more serious, and slow down a lot compared to fiery Sag energy. Mercury is still making a sextile to Venus, and the Moon and Pluto meet up briefly as well to combine their energy to help you feel things a bit more deeply. You will want to get really comfortable with Venus in Capricorn as the planet with go retrograde here.

November 9th – Mercury and Mars are conjunct in the sign of Scorpio which has us fired up, a war of words may be upon us today. We are passionate about our beliefs and our speech matches those feelings. We are fighting for our beliefs in fact. We are loudly exposing secrets of some kind too. With the square to Saturn you can bet that there is government involvement in this conflict. World leaders can be in a fight as a result of this conflict which will last for several days. There will be a lot of emotional upheaval as the Moon joins with Saturn in the sign of Aquarius as well. And with the odd angle over to Chiron, there is some wound from the past that needs to be healed.

November 12th – the Sun in Scorpio meets up with Neptune in Pisces and things get really dreamy and a bit steamy. This enhances our creativity and our spirituality. But it could have us also wearing rose colored glasses about some event from the past. This would be a great day for creating music, art, and creative writing, but not necessarily getting the truth.

November 13th – Mercury moves across the spot of the New Moon at 12 degrees of Scorpio and triggers something related to your new beginning. Some kind of truth is exposed in a shocking way most likely because of the opposition to Uranus. As Mars is now exactly inconjunct with Chiron in the sign of Aries, which Mars rules over, there is something you really want to fight about, most likely your independence.

November 15th – the Sun and Jupiter meet up in a square and we are being pushed to realize our ego running our life is not beneficial. There has to be a higher purpose. We cannot play small and stay stuck either. Jupiter wants you to experience growth in this lifetime, when it meets up with the Sun it is pushing you to realize some growth in the area of your life represented by the sign of Scorpio. But the Sun is also going to meet up with Pluto and the ego is feeling very strong and powerful, this could be an internal as well as external struggle for power. If you have needed a power boost this is it, just use your power wisely.

November 19th – we have the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Taurus today, which is where our Nodes are about to shift and sets up a new series of eclipses in the sign of Taurus and Scorpio for the next 18 months. This may be an indication of what will be coming up for you in the year 2022 so pay close attention to the events occurring for you with this full moon. The Sun is at 27 degrees of Scorpio with the Moon at the same degree in Taurus, and just a few degrees away from the North Node in Gemini, now at 1 degree. The eclipses occur whenever the Sun and Moon are close to the Nodes, and the closer they are the more intense the energy can be. The Sun highlights a lesson from your past, next to the South Node, while the Moon pulls you towards your fate and destiny, next to the North Node. Pluto trines the lunar eclipse giving extra emphasis to things being transformed and coming to light. Jupiter squares the energy making this event even bigger. Lunar eclipses can be more internal, and not as easily felt or seen in the outside world, but this one may be different because of the involvement of Pluto and Jupiter. Taurus endings are financial in nature, Venus related things, like love and money, values. And btw, Venus just entered her shadow period. We will dive a little deeper into this during the monthly write up as well, but expect some major shifts.

November 21st – Mercury and Pluto are exactly sextile and heating up our communication skills, while the Sun enters its last degree in Scorpio. There is once again a big push of energy to get the truth exposed. Jupiter is squaring with Mercury trying to make our communication matter, to get the lies to stop. To use our voice to help those that are less fortunate. Venus is in a sextile with Uranus so there could be an element of surprise in our love lives with someone from our past. Maybe a job opportunity from the past.

November 22nd – the Sun enters into the sign of Sagittarius and invites us to find our joy again. We seek adventure, travel and fun. In the USA we will have the Thanksgiving holiday where we will want to travel and gather with friends and family. With the connection to the South Node from the Sun and opposition to the North Node we are trying to balance out some karma. We feel more successful being attached to something from the past, but the future and your purpose are trying to call you forth and get you to drop the crutch.

November 24th – Venus and Mars are making a sextile which means passion is on the rise. Mercury is also at the very last degree of Scorpio so maybe someone reveals their true feelings for you, or you do the same. The Moon in Cancer will oppose Pluto in Capricorn for some emotional tug of war as well. It’s a good time to find a way to generate heat in a positive way.

November 25th – Happy Thanksgiving! The Moon is in fun loving Leo, trine to Chiron, while Mars and Venus are still in their sextile. There is a lot of passion for those family gatherings. Use it to have fun, relive childhood happy memories or play some games. Make it a politic free zone! Mercury is now in the sign of Sagittarius and can lighten up our communication as well, it definitely will speed it up, along with our minds. Since it will be moving into Cazimi yet again, with the Sun in Sag we can have our minds blown, as in expanding them.

November 26th – Chiron and Saturn have been moving close together because of the retrogrades and now as Saturn moves forward they are meeting in a sextile once again. Saturn in Aquarius is teaching the people how to come together, Chiron in Aries is showing you how to stand up for yourself. Both come together with the message of we are stronger together as long as we don’t give our power away completely to others. The lesson for the year can come to a close now.

November 29th – Happy Hanukah to those who celebrate. Mercury and the Sun are exactly conjunct at 7 degrees of Sagittarius. This is that time where we may feel a lot of mental stress because the Sun is shining so brightly combined with Mercury. This is a major opportunity to open our minds to learning something new, connecting to a higher purpose, taking a chance to travel abroad. We are also still experiencing all the passion of Venus and Mars in this extended sextile, pursue your passions it says. Especially if you have a passion for helping others heal, as both the Sun and Mercury will be in a trine to Chiron in Aries. The Moon will trine the North Node and sextile the South, let your intuition guide you on your path. The square between Mars and Neptune, while sextile to Venus says we have to make sure our relationships are beyond the material things. We have to go deeper and connect at the spiritual level. This energy stays with us for the beginning of December as well.

December preview – the 3rd/4th depending on location will see our final Solar Eclipse of the year in the sign of Sagittarius. The Sun, Moon and South Node will all align there, with Mercury also nearby. The Full Moon in Gemini will occur on the 18th blessed by Jupiter. Followed by Venus retrograde the very next day. Expect love, or the things you love, to play a big role at the end of the year as a result.

Love and Light!

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