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May Monthly Horoscope

As April came to a close we finished up with a Full Moon in Scorpio that was full of twists and turns, some that are yet to be revealed, and Pluto turning retrograde. May will have a New Moon in Taurus and a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius, which kicks off eclipse season. Let’s see what else the month has in store for us.

May 1st – Mercury is in a trine with Pluto, which could bring up some trauma from the past in order for you to clear it once and for all. Speech is powerful when Pluto combines with Mercury. If you have been holding back you may not want to any longer.

May 2nd - Venus and Neptune meet up in a sextile today which has you feeling in love with love. This is really dreamy energy that is easy to get lost in. So remember to keep your head. Both planets are in the signs they rule so when I say beware of over indulgence I really mean it. As in a good day to put the credit card on freeze. But if you are looking for inspiration and creativity then this is the day!

May 3rd – towards the end of the day Mercury will fly into the sign of Gemini, which it is the ruler of. Suddenly our mind is clear, we are speaking clearly, our plans unfolding as if by magic. Enjoy these next several weeks while Mercury is at home. Pushing you a bit to make some goals will be the square between the Sun and Saturn. If you have been slacking off a bit, today is a bit of reckoning. We could also see a clash between government goals and individual goals. Maybe a new set of lockdowns happening.

May 6th – Venus is meeting up with Pluto in a trine. There could be a lover from the past showing up in your life about now. But they are in the past for a reason. Maybe this is just so you can finally have some closure. Make sure whatever is going on you are staying in your power.

May 8th – in the evening Venus will move into the sign of Gemini, this is not her favorite sign. Love gets much more logical and practical, but also a bit on the fickle side. Just when you think you know what you want in love, you may suddenly change your mind. Gemini is the sign of the twins, the light and the dark, so those will be the themes Venus is working through. Best to remain flexible.

May 9th – Mars starts to make a weird angle back to the South Node, which is the past and karma. You may be taking action on things related to home and family and the past. Especially since both are also connected to Uranus. Weirdness abounds. Expect the unexpected and things coming up from the past that you thought were dead and buried. Maybe even literally!

May 10th – Mercury cozies up to the North Node and Chiron in a positive way. You may be able to come across some kind of healing modality that really helps you break free of a very old wound. Maybe it’s one of my hypnosis videos here that helps you. Jupiter at the last degree of Aquarius has the energy of We the People on a bit of steroids. There just might be something that unites us all today.

May 11th – we have a New Moon in Taurus today. This is like the Moon’s second home, so it is very happy and strong here. New beginnings related to love, money, value systems, even beauty are all possible. Neptune will be sextile the New Moon which brings an element of spirituality and creativity to your options for new beginnings. The is also a square between Mars and Chiron at 11 degrees of Cancer and Aries. Since Mars is the ruler of Aries, it is likely Chiron is seeing something in Mar’s house it thinks needs attention. Where are you fooling yourself? When you answer that you might know what you need to set your intentions on for this New Moon. See more in my new moon article later this month.

May 12th – Mercury and Saturn team up to help us execute a solid plan with our New Moon intentions. There is something you are ready to commit to and you might just put that in writing today. Maybe you are closing on a new home or signing a new contract with a business partner. As long as you dot the I’s and cross the T’s things look really good. Just be warned Mercury will retrograde this month and anything started may have to get redone.

May 13th – Jupiter enters Pisces, all be it somewhat briefly. Next month this planet will start its retrograde and head back into the sign of Aquarius. Whatever you have been experiencing here will be brought to your attention so you can take a second look on the issues again. Jupiter takes quite a while so you have plenty of time to learn what you need to learn here. June 20th the official retrograde will begin.

May 15th – Mars and the Moon are in a weird angle with Saturn. This could be a difficult day to get things off the ground. Your intuition might just feel a bit off. Mars with the Moon can bring intense passion and emotions. But the odd angle back to Saturn tries to bring some order and structure to those emotions and they don’t necessarily want to be orderly. Or, this is one of those days where you feel awesome and out of nowhere you hit a brick wall. Be patient on this day.

May 17th – Venus in Gemini is conjunct with the North Node and this of course means opposite the South Node. This is a time where in love you are learning from the past in order to meet destiny who is apparently calling, as in someone literally calling you. Or this could be a new job or financial endeavor being brought to your attention. Chiron still closely aligned here gives us an opportunity to heal a wound with love. The Sun is also making positive contact with Pluto in retrograde. This again has the feeling of some pain from the past being brought to the surface so you can heal.

May 20th – we are starting Gemini season officially as the Sun enters in to the sign. Your mind is on high alert the entire month as the Sun makes its way through this sign. There is renewed focus on our thinking and our communication skills. This is the time of year to get all that paperwork done that is hanging over your head. The Sun is also making a square to Jupiter also at 0 degrees of Pisces. Jupiter squares are not necessarily harsh, unless you are ignoring what is trying to be shown to you. Something about your thinking may need to change, you will want to spend time meditating and listening to Jupiter’s message for you.

May 21st - Mercury squares off against Neptune. Squares to the planet Neptune always have the potential of revealing secrets and pulling off our rose-colored glasses. Some sort of truth may be revealed. This is a reminder that there is a need to coordinate our thinking with our spiritual life. There is more to be seen than meets the eye. Attention to detail is important but so is the unseen. Pay attention to a message from Spirit.

May 23rd – our next planet to turn retrograde is Saturn, at 13 degrees of Aquarius. This sign rules our friends, our networking, and our benefactors, or if you have read my articles before, what I like to call fairy godmother energy. When Saturn goes backwards the plans we have in place with our friend groups need to have a thorough review. I would take a close look at anything you have started recently and then dig more into the details. How this shows up for you depends on what house it occurs in from your natal chart. For you Libra’s out there this happens in your 4th house of home and family. Perhaps you have had a friend staying with you and it is time for that situation to be reevaluated. What impacts is it having on the rest of the family for instance.

May 24th - on this day the Moon in Scorpio opposes Uranus. Something from the Full Moon last month may come up for you so you can have closure. The two are both squaring Saturn so it might feel like déjà vu as this is very similar to last month’s Full Moon energy.

May 26th – we have the first of our Eclipses with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius. This is a full moon that is in close proximity to the Nodes. This one happens with the South Node. The Sun is with the North Node in Gemini. Lunar eclipses tend to be more subtle and an emotional experience. This is a good time to work on permanently removing emotional blocks. It would be an excellent time to listen to my hypnosis for the sign of Sagittarius here. You can connect to the energy, and get clear guidance on connecting to source and understanding your path. Sagittarius rules foreign countries, higher learning, and our spiritual path/teachers. Something in these areas is coming to an end. This is highlighted by the Sun with the North Node in Gemini. Something you need to learn is guiding you to release this from your past. There is a major lesson to learn and when we do we are released and able to follow due North. With the positive trine to Chiron, there is the possibility for major healing to occur. More to come on my Full Moon Lunar Eclipse article.

May 29th – our next planet to go retrograde is our good friend Mercury, so all those plans you have been making, well, you are going to have to redo them over the next 3 weeks. Anything you have been writing, contracts you have drafted, business launches, all need a second look. You also need to take your time. You do not want to rush and miss any kind of important detail. Since Mercury is also conjunct Venus there is something about love and money that is coming back up for review as well. Again, add in the house where this is happening for you and you will get an idea of how this might show up. Virgo’s, in your 10th house of career there is something or someone coming back from the past. But before you go jumping at this opportunity read over the fine print. You do not want to miss anything and regret making a major career change that is not all it was promised to be.

May 31st – Mars with be in positive contact with Neptune. We are feeling very passionate and creative, especially around the house. Also, today the North Node is conjunct the Sun. This is you seeing a major milestone achieved. The Sun is success and North Node is fate, so just know whatever is showing up is meant to be. Hey Virgos this is your 10th house which also rules our status. You could be meeting a marriage partner if you are single. It might take a bit to unfold but big changes are underway.

June Preview – The big Solar Eclipse will happen at 19 degrees of Gemini on June 10th. This is where you may see something eclipsed out of your life so you can have that fated new beginning. Our next set of eclipses won’t be until November and December. So, this could take up to 6 months to fully unfold for you. We will have a new moon in Gemini on the 10th. Jupiter starts its retrograde on the 20th. Last but not least we will have a full moon in Capricorn on the 24th. More to come on the June monthly horoscope.

Love and Light!

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