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March 2021 Monthly Horoscope

March 2021 Monthly Horoscope

March begins with all planets moving forward and a grand Air trine involving the Moon. Knowledge is Power said the Moon. We will also have a New Moon in the sign of Pisces and a Full Moon in the sign of Libra. Let’s see what else we have in store.

March 1st – Rabbit Rabbit! Good luck to all as we start out the month. The Moon in Libra is making a trine over to the North Node in Gemini and a sextile over to the South Node in Sagittarius, and to finish out the Grand Air trine it is reaching out to Mercury in the sign of Aquarius, while also conjunct to Jupiter. Wow! If, something auspicious doesn’t occur on this day you just are not paying attention to the signs or your intuition. There is some sort of fated communication about your relationships or partnerships happening in the days surrounding this event.

March 2nd – Mars is now at the last, or anaretic degree of the sign of Taurus. This could bring some volatility to the earth or the stock market, maybe both. This is a good day to stay grounded and aware of your surroundings. Mars will spend a few days here before it enters the lighter sign of Gemini where things will feel as though they are moving very quickly. Venus in the sign of Pisces is also making a sextile over to Uranus adding additional chances for volatility where money and love are concerned. It’s supportive energy, but surprises are not always welcome. The Moon in Scorpio makes positive contact between the Sun and Neptune in Pisces so your best bet is to tune in to your intuition and dive into some creative projects. Who knows what you might dig up with the odd angle to Mars and the square to Pluto. Mercury exactly aligned with both the Nodes today says something important needs to be learned.

March 4th – Mars enters into the sign of Gemini today, the warrior may not be the best communicator so, communication can get a bit harsher and blunt now. But if you have been wanting to finally speak your mind you have a chance over these next 6 weeks. It will feel as if your mind has finally cleared and you can get the answers you need and finish up your projects quickly. Also helping expand the mind and our communication is the final conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter. This is a sign from above that you can move forward now with a decision that has been pending since the first time these 2 met during the retrograde.

March 5th – The Moon meets up with the South Node in Sagittarius while opposing the North Node in Gemini, while they all square the Sun in Pisces. This is a bit of a battle between what your ego wants and what your soul knows your mission is supposed to be. You can be successful and achieve your goals, but you can’t forget what you are meant to be doing. Are you following your North Node path, the one you were born with? The transiting Nodes are always helping raise awareness of what fate and destiny have in store for us. Today we get a nudge about some goals we may have let go by the wayside.

March 9th – Venus gets her time with the Nodes now, and something about love or money needs to be adjusted. Squares always mean some sort of adjustment has to occur, otherwise there is just this harsh edginess that makes everyone uncomfortable. The Moon has to spend some time with cranky Saturn today too, so it is a crunchy day. Don’t try to escape this though. The work needs done. The Sun with Neptune in Pisces might look really inviting for deluding ourselves from reality. But don’t take the easy way out. Do the work. You have a few days to decide what that means for you. The Sun and Neptune combined can also heighten your intuition and your creative skills.

March 13th – we have the New Moon in Pisces today and boy is it dreamy. Pisces, Neptune, the Sun and the Moon are all forming a stellium. The planets range from 19 to 23 degrees in the sign of Pisces. Pluto in Capricorn is the closest contact at 26 degrees of Capricorn. This helps you transform your dreams into reality, if you just face down those fears. Your New Moon wishes can focus on spirituality, intuition, art, music, medicine, healing, and emotional well-being. I have a wonderful self-hypnosis session you can listen to on my Youtube channel here for the sign of Pisces. It will help you connect to the Universal energies, release stress and anxiety, and instead have faith in the unseen. You can use it to help strengthen your wishing power. This dreamy energy will be with us for a few days as Venus makes her way through the sign and catches up to the Sun.

March 15th – Mercury is now completely clear of its retrograde through the sign of Aquarius and at the last degree. This could make our communication devices a little troublesome, including our mouths and minds. It could also give you a surge of mental clarity. All depends how you personally deal with intense Mercury energy. Since the next day Mercury moves in to the sign of Pisces you have a few days to work with the intensity. You just may come up with the perfect ending to that book you are writing or that song. After your aha moment in Aquarius you can apply it to some creative pursuit in Pisces.

March 17th – Happy St Patrick’s Day! Mars is in a sextile with Chiron so you might feel like celebrating. Mars gives you the drive and determination you need to accomplish some healing and encourages you to release the past. The Moon with the sign of Uranus means there could be a lot of emotional surprises in the day. Uranus is electric and it can charge up your emotions, your mothering skills and your intuition. You might be surprised by what you can accomplish with a little luck of the Irish today!

March 19th – it’s New Year’s Eve, ok it’s really Spring Equinox Eve, or Fall down under, but it’s the last day of the zodiac year. The Sun will be at the 29th degree of Pisces today. This symbolizes endings, closure, releasing the past and welcoming in a bright new future. The Moon gets fired up by Mars so you are ready to release something and leave it in the past forever more. Especially since Chiron is in a sextile with Mars and the Moon, we are ready to heal.

March 20th – In the Northern hemisphere we are welcoming in the first day of Spring while down under it is Fall. This occurs each year as the Sun enters the sign of Aries. This is the time to set your intentions for new beginnings, create those vision boards, and plan your personal development goals. Aries rules the first house, which is aligned to our rising signs and how we present ourselves to the world. We are reborn in the spring. The Moon in Gemini will be cozied up to the North Node helping us balance our emotions and our mind. By the time it travels around and back to the Sun in Aries we will be ready for things to really move forward. Venus spends her last day in the emotional sign of Pisces. Love is very different in Pisces compared to Aries where Venus will be tomorrow. Pisces is gentle and kind and sweet. Aries is hot and passionate and maybe a little impersonal. Get ready for a noticeable shift.

March 21st – Saturn and Mars meet up today in the air signs of Aquarius and Gemini. This can be a very thought-provoking day. Communication and planning may both move into high gear. Saturn helps bring structure to our thinking and Mars helps us take action on those thoughts. At the same time Venus moves into the passionate sign of Aries. Even love is action oriented now as it is conjunct with the Sun, which makes Venus invisible for a few days. So, love might be a bit under cover at this time. Sometimes our ego and love combine in a harmonious way, other times our ego self can drown love out. Considering they are also both squaring the Moon in its home sign of Cancer, I am thinking there is some kind of emotional outburst potential in our relationships. This will be one of those days where you want to give the energy something to focus on besides you.

March 24th – after a few emotionally intense days the Moon makes a trine from the fun-loving sign of Leo over to the Sun, Venus and Chiron. This can make us reminiscent of happier times in our childhood. Even the nodes make positive contact with the Moon today. Could be a few romances starting with lovers tied to our past in some way. Past life, childhood friend? Saturn is opposing the Moon which adds even more energy associated to past life karma. And just to keep things interesting is the square over to Uranus. This could end up being a very interesting emotional day. Surprise surprise surprise. Bonus points if you know who that is from speaking of the past.

March 25th – Venus and the Sun have been close together for some time now and today they are what we call Cazimi. Once Venus passes the Sun she will be reborn again as an evening star. This isn’t a good time for making big purchases or big decisions in love. It is a good time for contemplation and deciding what you want from love. Wait to act after Venus has cleared the bright light of the Sun and can stand in her own light again.

March 26th – The Sun and Venus are still joined together in Aries while Mars, the ruler of Aries is now meeting up with the North Node in Gemini. There is something you are meant to be doing, action you are meant to take relating to your life purpose. You may finally be ready to let go of that South Node behavior that you have been over reliant on. Mars can help you find middle ground as long as you are acting on your goals. Mercury has been making contact with the nodes as well from the sign of Pisces, but this is a square. Again, though it is emphasizing a need for a change in plans or how you are thinking or communicating. Whatever is getting in the way of you achieving your life goals, let it go. The Moon opposing Mercury makes you tune into your intuition for answers, not just your head.

March 28th – we have a stellium in the sign of Aries with the Sun, Venus and Chiron all at 8 degrees of the sign of Aries. Our success in love comes from healing our past wounds. Aries is our self confidence in particular that needs to be healed. Just because love didn’t work out so well in the past does not mean it never will again. Adding to the intensity of an already incredible day is a Full Moon in the sign of Libra. The Moon brings culmination, endings, and fulfillment associated with the sign it is transiting. Libra rules the law, our relationships, things being fair and balanced. In the Tarot this is the Justice card, and Lady Justice will be out in full force now. Things will be righted. There is a lot going on with the planets today. Saturn is making positive contact to the Nodes. Which means our hard work is about to pay off. Mercury and Neptune meet up to give us inspiration. Your relationships are going through a complete rebirth right now. I think we will see surprises on both ends of the spectrum, break ups, make ups and hook ups. More to come in the full moon write up.

March 31st – we end the month with Venus taking baby steps away from the Sun and meeting up with the Nodes. Changes in relationships right now are fated. Especially as Saturn is also making positive contact with Venus. This brings a serious nature to love. And if it isn’t showing up as love for you it could be your finances or self-worth, even your values. Whatever area this is for you it is time for a pretty monumental new beginning. The Moon making a sextile over to Pluto says listen to your intuition where your relationships are involved. There is important information there you need to listen to.

Month Ahead

March and April are the only 2 months this year free of retrogrades. These are the months for launches and moving something forward. In April we will have a New Moon in Aries, which is a good time to launch anything related to the self. Venus is also still close by, supporting your financial choices now. Like starting your own business. At the end of the month we have the full moon in the sign of Scorpio. This Moon will be trine the ruler of Scorpio, Mars, in the sign of Cancer, which the Moon rules. This is reciprocal energy. They are cooperating in a sense. Neither one is happy in those signs, but the connection helps them adjust. More to come on this next month of course!

If you want to know how this month will impact you feel free to book a session with me at my website here.

Love and Light.

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