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July Monthly Horoscope 2023

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

This month is blessed by Jupiter and the Sun in a sextile to kick off the energy of the month. It is subtle energy, some won’t even notice it, but it flavors the entire month. Rewarding you for the growth you have been experiencing emotionally. For some it is financial blessings, depends on what houses are impacted in your personal chart.

This is also a month where major shifts occur, and fireworks will happen. The nodes leave the signs of Taurus and Scorpio, and begin a new 18-month cycle in Aries and Libra. Relationships that do not support your independence will eventually come to an end. Relationships where your individual needs are respected can begin. We have the Capricorn Full Moon on July 3rd, my birthday, woot woot. If you have a Full Moon on your birthday that means your whole year ahead is about fulfillment of your goals. Then we have the New Moon in the sign of Cancer. Venus will begin her retrograde on July 23rd the same time that Chiron does, trine one another. Major healing, with the help of the feminine. This is going to be an amazing month. There is so much to cover!!

July 1st – Rabbit Rabbit. With the fact we also have the Sun and Jupiter playing nice this should be an excellent start to the month. Unless you are an egomaniac then you might be so full of yourself other people can’t stand you. Of course, no one who follows me is like that! Jupiter expands on what it touches. A sextile is harmonious expansion. But if you are living only in your ego, then you are likely to get a lesson on this day, so you can reconsider your current path. together these two planets can bring you a major success and it could have a positive financial impact as well!

July 2nd – Venus in Leo is in a square to Uranus in Taurus, the sign Venus rules. This is a softer square compared to the one recently had between Uranus and Mars. There is something involving money, love or women, that is about to make a major shift, one that will surprise you. Keep in mind Venus is in its shadow phase and will turn retrograde on the 23rd, so we are only beginning to see the first part of the story here. It will likely be September before you see the full picture.

July 3rd – Speaking of the full picture we have the Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn today at 11 degrees. This of course means the Sun is at 11 degrees of Cancer. This is part of my Solar Return chart. This is a snapshot of the themes for the year ahead. This chart is created when the Sun returns to the exact degrees it was when you were born, it is your official birthday. It actually can happen a day before or after your traditional birthday too. If you haven’t had a reading like this you can book one with me here. I recommend you do one a few months before your birthday as I typically see the energy beginning to shift at that time. Mercury with be close by the Sun, having recently gone through its Cazimi moment, or rebirth. There is a need to balance your ego self, and how you think, with your emotional self. A balance between your thoughts and your intuition. Jupiter in Taurus is supporting this Full Moon. This makes endings a blessing, even if they don’t seem like it in the moment. It can also be providing some financial blessings because it is in the sign of Taurus, and in harmony with the Moon in Capricorn. Both bring good prospects financially. Saturn and Jupiter are still in a sextile, so you have the added support of Saturn at this time as well. You are rewarded for doing the work that you have been guided to do. Much more to come on the Full Moon article where I break this down by sign. Read it here.

July 4th – Happy Independence Day! At least here in the United States. We could have some fears come up as a result of the Moon sitting next to Pluto and at an odd angle back to Mars in Leo. There could be some literal fireworks, in the emotional sense. There could be some violent outbursts on this day because of those who are uncomfortable facing their fears, so be cautious and aware of your surroundings.

July 5th – Mercury in a square to Chiron also speaks of mental health issues. This could also be more battles involving women’s rights. Neptune and Mars are going to be inconjunct for about a week. This is where delusion meets reality. Where our ability to delude ourselves comes to some sort of shocking end. And where those trying to delude you get exposed. As a result healing can occur. Neptune has long been in a sextile with Pluto. Both are retrograde and showing us how those in power who are not using that power for good, can be dissolved. This is a subject from the past coming up for another look. This is also about partnerships with governments overseas. On a positive note this is those who are using their spiritual and creative gifts for good, uncovering business ideas to help them grow and prosper.

July 6th – the Nodes just moved into the 0-degree mark of Taurus and Scorpio. This is time for you to finish the lessons. The Nodes move across this degree until July 18th so you have to make fast work of it. Scorpio, South Node, letting things go, transforming, understanding what true power is. Taurus, North Node, this is your true North, your guiding light, showing you the path, you are meant to follow. This path has shown you what is truly important to you, and what you are worth. The intensity of your lessons are going to be kicked up a notch during this time of transition. Anything you have in your own chart at either 0 or 29 degrees is likely to be strongly activated at this time too.

July 8th – we have a YOD or mission from God today between Mars, the Moon/Neptune and Pluto. Mars in Leo is a lot of drama, the way out of the drama is to calm down and listen to your intuition. Keep in mind that as the Nodes are getting closer to their exact square to Pluto that a fated transition of some kind is coming. It involves government leaders on the world stage. In our own lives it involves the topic covered by the house Pluto is transitioning in your personal chart. This isn’t a new concept, you have been working with Pluto in Capricorn for a very long time now. It is however time for you to complete this work, face your fears, and rise again.

July 9th – Mercury and Neptune speak in a trine, both in water signs. There can be conversations that inspire healing. While the Moon has moved on from Neptune, the YOD conversation continues between Mars and Pluto. Something about the May tension between Pluto and Mars is coming up again, but in an unexpected way. There could still be battles, these two planets deal with war and death, and winning and power. When the angle is awkward it’s like having a bad date, you want things to happen, but they just can’t seem to make it work. While Pluto is squaring the nodes, Mars is in a positive aspect. Taking action is what is rewarded, especially if you are protecting children. Maybe we will have some sensible gun laws enacted here in the U.S. finally.

July 10th – Mars moves into the earth sign of Virgo and all the OCD people like me rejoice! Nothing like a little extra motivation to get yourself organized. Mars energy doesn’t actually like being in earth signs, it is far too slow and grounded. But this time may be different since it is now exactly speaking to the nodes. Getting organized might just be what you need to make a major breakthrough of some kind. For instance, if this happens in your 6th house of work and health and daily activities you could kick off a new healthy lifestyle and be able to really stick to it. Especially for the next 6 weeks as Mars transits this sign. There is also some sort of standoff between young and old, with Mercury opposing Pluto and both squaring to the Nodes. This creates what we call a Grand Cross, a lot of pressure happens, so that a diamond can be made out of all this battling. This is a very volatile day. Getting grounded and connecting to the earth is key to managing the increased stress level.

July 11th – Mercury moves into the sign of Leo and starts to spread more joy and laughter, which it appears we really need. The Sun squares to Chiron exposing our ego wounds. The Sun when in the sign of Cancer highlights success through family. There is something that you are doing to keep yourself apart from your family or maybe you need to completely break free of them in order to be who you are meant to be. That isn’t easy, but it is necessary.

July 14th – more weirdness as Mercury is inconjunct to Saturn, and Venus is inconjunct to Neptune. Both Saturn and Neptune are in the sign of Pisces, traveling at opposite ends. You could get strange help from a mentor overseas for example, that’s Neptune and Saturn. With Venus and Mercury both traveling in Leo, but also at opposite ends, there is something really intriguing going on that seems unrelated but it isn’t. Venus is about to turn her back on Mars and head towards Mercury. A bit like turning your back on an old lover in order to be with someone younger, or someone new. With Venus slowing down and about to turn retrograde this event, whether love or money related, is going to last through the rest of the summer. Bringing us more surprises is the Sun at 22 degrees of Cancer in a sextile with the planet Uranus at 22 degrees of Taurus. Perhaps some family money is coming your way that is very unexpected.

July 17th – our New Moon happens at 24 degrees of the sign of Cancer. This will bring new beginnings involving home and family. With Uranus in Taurus at 22 degrees it is adding some unexpected events that can cause these new beginnings within the family. It is a sextile, so hopefully not a serious jolt. However, we again have a YOD with Venus in Leo, which is our children, so for some a child is leaving home. This YOD happened earlier when Mars was here, now it is with Venus, Pluto and Neptune are still in their sextile and now inconjunct to Venus. This point in your chart is important for you to understand your mission from Spirit. Love is the answer, leading with love, is the mission. Jupiter is in a square to Mercury in Leo, so things are changing in big ways. Leo is also represents rulers. Perhaps someone young is about to take the throne, or someone tricky. What we are seeing now is part of the story unfolding from the Mercury retrograde as Jupiter is now covering that territory once again. Showing us even more. Mars opposite Saturn can be authority figures arguing as well. I will break this down for you by sign in my article here.

July 18th – the nodes have just shifted into Aries and Libra, for the next 18 months we are focusing on our need’s vs the needs of our partners, and our relationships. This also means the nodes are exact in their square to Pluto, adding a need to powerfully transform ourselves. Relationships on the world stage will end in dramatic ways. There may be some notable deaths as well. Powerful government figures could transition their power, or their lives. It’s high drama as long as all three are at that 29-degree mark. December of 2004 was the last time we had the nodes in these same signs. We had a devastating Tsunami in Indonesia. You can reflect back on that time if old enough for clues about what this may mean for you on a personal level. However, Pluto makes things much different, this isn’t an easy transition. The biggest tension occurs while all are at 29 degrees and that is just until July 27th, but the square with Pluto will last through all of August. Simply put we have fated work to do here. Pluto in Capricorn has brought a lot of conflict with the government’s around the world. We have to decide what government is going to look like going forward, how we are going to shift more power to the people. Those kinds of changes take time, and a lot of pressure to make a reality.

July 20th – amid all the tension we have the Sun speaking in harmony with Neptune in Pisces. Both in water signs this is some highly emotional energy. We can tap in to bring some sort of creation to life. This may be the perfect place to escape with Mars and Saturn at an impasse today. Mars is the gas and Saturn is the breaks. This is one of those times when you need to learn how to drive a car with a clutch. You need just the right amount of gas in order to move forward. Too much and you will flood the engine and go nowhere. Listen to Saturn, not Mars.

July 22nd – this is another super crunchy day and we have a major fated battle on our hands. We have a grand cardinal cross forming in the sky, meaning something important is going on that will create a major new beginning. Cardinal signs are the signs associated with the changing of the seasons. Cancer has the Sun at 29 degrees, a critical degree. Capricorn has Pluto. Aries has the North Node. Libra has the South Node. This means the Nodes are squaring the Sun and Pluto, and this forms a big red box in the sky, or glaring red energy. Emotionally we are on edge because of this and the fact the Moon is trine to Uranus. The Moon in Virgo trying to bring some calm to the chaos. This is where you need to tune in. Work with the earth. And remember diamonds are formed because of a lot of pressure. So something good will be the result of all of this pressure. But that connection to Uranus in the sign of Taurus, could literally shake up the earth to expose those diamonds for you.

July 23rd – perhaps it is all of this pressure that has you thinking about what it is you truly love? This is Venus retrograde day. As the planet stands still it is going to have a long conversation with the Nodes as well as highlight the YOD work you are supposed to be doing now with Neptune and Pluto. What are you afraid of where love and money are concerned? What relationship or situation are you deluding yourself about? Where are you giving your power away? The contact with the Nodes can potentially bring back lovers from the past, maybe even employers. This is not a guarantee they are the one, it is a guarantee there is some unfinished work to do. You have until September 3rd to explore what is showing up for you now. There is no need to rush. As a reminder this could be related to the last retrograde here that happened in 2015. Learn the lesson so it doesn’t come up again 8 years from now, which is the Venus cycle. With Uranus and Mercury in a square there are definite conversations that will surprise you. Last but not least, Chiron also goes retrograde today. Time to go within and heal our wounds to self-confidence.

July 27th – Mercury is conjunct with Venus and becomes a part of the YOD work. Words can be used to heal, so can information. Communication is key. But because of the odd angles to Pluto and Neptune something about this information coming out today is very strange. Make sure you are not deluding yourself where love is concerned. Retrogrades are for review, not for taking major steps, unless those lessons are about returning to something or someone meant for you, as Mercury now too is speaking in harmony with the Nodes.

July 31st – the month ends with big help from Jupiter in Taurus as it trines to Mars in Virgo. There is some control needed and Jupiter jumps in to help. The action you take at this time needs to be purposeful and for a higher good. We also have another YOD forming between Neptune, Venus and the South Node. These multiple YODS going on are just a reflection that the work we have to do during this Venus retrograde is fated and important.

August Preview – Mercury will go retrograde again in the earth sign of Virgo beginning the 23rd, followed by Uranus on the 29th, still in earth sign Taurus. It will be hard to move things forward swiftly with all the planets in retrograde right now. This is a month to plan to slow down and review your progress. We have 3 lunations this month. A full moon in the sign of Aquarius to kick off the month. The new moon will happen in the sign of Leo followed by the second full moon in the sign of Pisces. We need to wrap things up that are keeping us from our fated paths.

This is going to mark the midpoint of the year. It's time to evaluate how you are doing against the goals you set for yourself this year. Are you in alignment? Do you know where all the work will be for you for the remainder of the year? If not, this is a really good time to pause and evaluate where you are are and where you want to be. A reading with me or coaching sessions with me can help you do just that. Book a free coaching discovery call with me here.

Sharing is Caring!

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