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Blessed Full Moon in Capricorn 2023

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

The Full Moon in Capricorn occurs on July 3, 2023 at 4:38 am PDT. The Sun and Moon will oppose each other, with the Moon at 11 degrees of Capricorn and the Sun at 11 of Cancer. Whenever we see the energy of the number 11 we are being granted a special opportunity to manifest. A portal will be open during the full moon. 11 is a Master number, and connects us to Spirit.

Each full moon grants us the opportunity to complete a goal, to create an ending. This can be something you started 6 months ago at the New Moon in Capricorn, or even 2 weeks ago at the New Moon in Gemini. The Sun highlights the Moon as a sign that this cycle is now complete. To get even more messages about the Full Moon check out my Tarot card reading for the week on my YouTube channel here.

Capricorn is an earth sign, it rules over money and careers. Its ruler is Saturn. Together these two energies expect you to work hard to earn money, to achieve your goals, and to create a solid reputation. This is a Cardinal sign, aligned with the beginning of the seasons, Capricorn season aligns with Winter in the Northern Hemisphere. With strong Capricorn placements, you may find that you are great at getting things started, but then end up with a lot of half-finished projects going on at once. Of course, eventually, that Saturn energy kicks in and you get them finished, or you have other factors helping you in your chart.

The house ruled by Capricorn is the 10th, also known as, the Midheaven. This is the top of your chart, where you are achieving your biggest goals. It is often associated with our careers for that reason. But not everyone works, so this is also your reputation, what you are known to be successful at in life. With your intentions this month you may be looking for ways to achieve goals where your career is concerned. To go more in-depth with this energy check out my article and hypnosis session here.

The Moon in Capricorn is what we call at it’s fall. It isn’t strong in this sign, it prefers the opposite energy where the Sun is, in the Moon’s home sign of Cancer. The benefit of the Moon in Capricorn though, is that we get to be more grounded and logical about our goals. Whenever an opposing planet is in the other home planets ruling sign, like these two are now, there is an additional exchange of energy. While there is tension between the two, it may be lessened by the fact the Moon isn’t bothered by the Sun in Cancer. It would actually somewhat relish the light while it is in the sign where it is at its fall. There are emotional goals being fulfilled in the areas that Capricorn rules. There are also potentially emotional endings. Say for instance you have lost a job, and you get a new one with the help of this energy. It puts an end to the stress of losing your job, while also fulfilling your goal of having a new job. Endings always bring a new beginning, somehow.

The ruler of the Full Moon is Saturn, and it is sitting at 7 degrees exactly, which is rare, in the sign of Pisces, while also retrograde! That 7 energy means there is something we have been pondering and reflecting on. At the time of the full moon we are taking an even deeper look. Saturn rules time and it rules karma. There is something that has happened in the past that is coming up for resolution now. Saturn is in a positive aspect to both the Sun and Moon. Perhaps we need a 7-11 run to fulfill our goals this month! Whenever you have Saturn offering you some help, you need to take it. When you listen to Saturn’s lessons, take action on the plan you are given, really good things can come of them. It’s when we think we know better and ignore the advice when things can go very very wrong.

The Sun in Cancer opposing the Moon is also very close to Mercury, which is sitting at 14 degrees of the sign. Perhaps you had a big idea when the two were meeting and Cazimi, or exactly conjunct a few days ago. Now you may be ready to put that big idea into motion. Cancer is a very emotional and intuitive sign. It rules over things like home and family, motherhood, and home cooking. Your intuition is working with your mind on this one, which is a big help. Trust what the Sun and Mercury are showing you now. Mercury gives you the point of view from your mind, the Moon from your intuition. Your job is to balance these opposing views and find the sweet spot in the middle.

Even more blessings are coming from Jupiter at 9 degrees of Taurus. It is currently in the shadow phase of its retrograde that will start in September. It is also covering over all the territory that Mercury did during its retrograde last April/May. It is also sextile to Saturn. Whatever topic this is for you it is really important that you follow through. When you have what we call a benefic and malefic planet working together there is something major going on. Jupiter could bring you a financial blessing of some kind, so again career goals are likely to be achieved during this window of time.

Some other tension going on during the full moon is the square between Uranus in Taurus and Venus and Mars, speaking closely from the sign of Leo. Venus and Mars are both pretty happy playing in the sign of Leo. It’s all fun 24/7 with them. Romances could be really taking off, but are they a distraction from the work you are supposed to be doing? Are they not aligned with your values, are you ignoring the red flags? That is what Uranus is asking, and might have a bit of a reveal party that you won’t enjoy. This story will be unfolding for a while too. Venus will go retrograde in the sign of Leo just after the Nodes switch signs in the 3rd week of July. Venus rules love, money, beauty and our valuables. All these topics will be up for review from now through September. A part of the retrograde work that you need to do will be shown to you during the light of this Full Moon.

Speaking of the nodes shifting signs, they are growing even closer to their exact square with Pluto. There is some sort of fated transformation coming for all of us collectively, and as individuals. You have been feeling this energy for several months now, and it is growing in intensity. Some sort of calling that hasn’t yet been fully defined is getting louder. Neptune in retrograde is also still speaking in harmony with Pluto. Abuses of power will continue to be exposed as long as these two meet. One of those abuses might just get some major light shined on it during this time.

Chiron and Venus are still speaking in harmony, showing us that the way to heal anything is with love. Chiron in Aries is a very personal pain you are experiencing. Venus in Leo is full of love and fun, suggesting that is what you should be doing to heal. Go do what you love!

It will help to know what house in your chart is being activated by this full moon. Create a free chart for yourself on any of the major Astrology sites. You can also book a session with me on my website here. I have condensed sessions where we can just focus on the New or Full Moon occurring at the time of your booking. The below is based on whole house signs, where the signs house begins at 0 degrees. That isn’t typical of most people’s charts, so again double check yours and adjust accordingly.

Aries – the 10th house can have you achieving a major career goal at this time. Something about your status is about to change, this can even include your marital status. Jupiter is blessing you from the 2nd house of the money you make, suggesting your new career or role comes with a nice big raise.

Taurus – the 9th house can bring endings related to things like higher education. Now is the perfect time to be finishing up a degree or perhaps getting the loans you need to pursue your education. You could even be making a big move overseas. With Jupiter blessing you from your first house, the house of the self, this is something you are very excited about. A long-term dream coming to reality.

Gemini – the 8th house rules the money we get from other resources. Things like bonuses, tax returns, or your partner’s income. This is also the house where we may be applying for a loan. That loan may be about to come through now. Especially since Jupiter is in your 12th house which rules over large institutions like a big bank. If you work for a large organization than you could be about to get some sort of bonus.

Cancer – with the Sun shining a light from your 1st house you are looking to complete some sort of partnership goal. The Moon in the 7th house brings some type of change to your serious relationships. They may be ending, a personal or business relationship. Jupiter blessing you from the 11th house of friends and networking groups could be bringing you in a new business partner that is better suited for you.

Leo – the 6th house brings a conclusion to something involving work, health, or things that you do on a daily basis. The 6th house rules over our activities that are a part of the job we do. With Jupiter blessing you from your 10th house of career that big project you are finishing up could come with a financial reward.

Virgo – as a fellow earth sign you have a full moon that is trine, so very beneficial to you. This is your 5th house, it rules things that are dear to your heart. Children, romantic partners, hobbies, anything you feel truly passionate about. You could have a child that is achieving a major goal in their career that makes you so proud.

Libra – this completion happens in the area of your chart that rules home and family, the 4th house. You may be moving out of or into a new house, or a family member may be. You are completing goals related to home and family, so now would be a good time to start or expand your family. With Jupiter blessing you from the 8th house your partner could be getting a big raise that allows you to cut back your hours too.

Scorpio – in the 3rd house you are achieving goals related to your extended family, your vehicles, your community, or your education. You could be achieving some sort of status in your community that comes with recognition. With Jupiter in your 7th house you are receiving some type of financial support from a romantic or business partner.

Sagittarius – the 2nd house rules over the money you make. This means a job or a role could be changing now. You are achieving a goal within your job that could mean you are getting a raise. Likely some certification or class you took is elevating you amongst your peers. With Jupiter in your 6th house of the work you do the chance of getting a substantial raise is extremely good.

Capricorn – the full moon in your 1st house brings something very personal to you to completion. This is the house of how you are seen by others. Perhaps you have been working on improving your appearance by focusing on health and fitness. As a result, you are ready for a major makeover. With Jupiter blessing you from the 5th house you could have a child to thank for your goals being achieved or a chance at romance.

Aquarius – the 12th house is some sort of completion involving large institutions. It could also bring some hidden information to the surface that helps you mentally in some way. Jupiter is blessing you from your 4th house. The blessing you receive as a result of this goal affects you at home. You could be expanding your home or family in some way.

Pisces – the 11th house is a very beneficial house. It can bring your part in some group to an end, or at least a change in the work you do for the group. Perhaps you have been involved in a major project together and this is now ready to be completed. Jupiter is blessing you from your 3rd house, so maybe you are going to be recognized by an important community leader.

Of course, all of the above is just some generalizations, but can at least give you some ideas of what is possible. The Moon can bring change, because it represents constant change. It can bring us fulfillment, it can bring us endings. Whatever happens for you is of course what is meant to be. I will be wishing that all your dreams are fulfilled.

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Love and Light!



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