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Intense New Moon in Cancer 2023

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

The New Moon in Cancer occurs on July 17th at 11:31 am MST. Both the Moon and Sun will be joined at 24 degrees of the sign of Cancer.

Each month the Sun and Moon join together for a rebirth of the Moon. It is void of light, a blank slate. This time that blank slate that is ready to be created upon, is in the sign that the Moon rules, Cancer. For you this refresh will happen in the house you have your Cancer energy at 24 degrees. Don’t know where that is? Come and join my Sip n Stars group. We meet once a month before each New Moon. I help you understand the energy of the sign where the New Moon is happening, help you craft some sample wishes, give you a lesson on manifesting, and then do some chart readings for those who attend live. Sign up here.

Cancer is a water sign, it rules over topics like home, family, and motherhood. Its ruler being the Moon, makes this a very emotional and intuitive sign. Cancer is considered a Cardinal sign, it initiates things, may not have the best follow through, so it relies on other energy for that support. The symbol for this sign is the Crab. Known for its hard outer-shell, and very soft underbelly. The crab shell is its home, and it can retreat within when feeling threatened. This is very symbolic of how those with strong Cancer energy retreat when they are feeling hurt or threatened. Your wishes this month are focused on the topics of home and family, caretaking, even cooking. You may be wishing to move into a new home, or sell the one you own. The 4th house in your chart is considered the base of your life, the foundation. It rules over our ancestral roots, our mother, even how we may be seen as a mother. To go even more in-depth about this sign check out my article and hypnosis session here.

During each new moon we have a chance at a new beginning. We get to create 10 new moon wishes, and we want to do them within about 8 hours of the event, after may work best. This is a water sign, so it is helpful to work with this element when creating your intentions. Speak your wishes out loud after you write them out into a glass of water, then drink it. Make sure these are things that are good for both the ego and the soul. I have a hypnosis session where you can connect to the energy of this New Moon here.

Take a look below at how all the planets are interacting during this event.

The Sun represents the ego self, it is how we see ourselves, and how our closest friends see or know us to be. This is how we measure our success. The Moon is what we need emotionally to feel safe and secure. Having a family is important to us in particular this month. Something about home and family has us feeling successful. Of course, family does not just mean your birth family. Because of all the other activity happening during this new moon the definition of family is changing in big ways. There is something new you want to create that involves home and family, no matter how that looks for you. This could also have something to do with real estate, restaurants, and your ancestors. In order to get this new beginning you are going to have to face your fears, and be willing to take some risks.

Uranus is in a supportive sextile with the Sun and Moon in Cancer. This is what makes our definition of family unique and different. It can bring sudden surprises and changes within your family. It can also unexpectedly make you a family when you weren’t planning on that, so you have been warned. With Uranus in the sign of Taurus perhaps you suddenly inherit some money or receive a financial gift from a family member. An eccentric one at that. Or you decide to live in some way that is unconventional. The only thing we know for sure with Uranus, is to expect the unexpected.

Neptune in Pisces, is retrograde and in a trine to the Sun and Moon. Both water signs, this can increase our emotional state during this time. It can help us to become more creative, more intuitive, and definitely dreamy. Just be careful you don’t overdo it. Neptune energy can be a bit on the delusional side of things. You may end up drowning in emotions and feeling a bit overwhelmed if not careful. But this energy is wonderful for creating art, music, drama's and very beneficial for creative writing.

With Pluto in opposition to the New Moon, and at 29 degrees of Capricorn, we are facing some battles, we have to face our fears where family or our feelings are concerned. Capricorn energy is about hard work and careers. Cancer more enjoys being a stay at home mom, or at least working from home. Governments are aligned with Capricorn energy, Cancer with families. This suggests that in order for you to have the kind of family you want, or to choose when to have a family, there is a bit of a battle brewing. Government restrictions will not be welcomed, and work will be underway to dissolve those restrictions. Of course, in America there is much discussion about family planning, it will likely be coming up again in a big way.

The North and South Nodes, representing our karma/dharma, are about to be in an exact t-square with the Pluto, signifying major change is coming. They are also in a t-square to the New Moon. This means the change you want won't be easy, but it will be what is best for you. Even though it comes as a result of a lot of pressure, it will be worth it in the end. This transformation of the government, or government leaders is fated. This could also mean a change in your career is fated. Capricorn rules 10th house and that is our career. A major change could be based the result of leaders of the past or present, who did not use their power well. The Nodes are switching out of the signs of Taurus and Scorpio, and into the signs of Aries and Libra. Our focus is changing while the light is out on the Moon. It’s as if we need our emotions dampened as this change happens. The hands of fate are reset with their purpose about to focus on your individual rights, the day following this New Moon, so you know they are connected. There will be a separate article on the topic of the Nodes changing signs soon. But for now, just know fate is in charge here.

Yet another important event is Venus, the planet that rules, love, beauty and money, it is stationed to go retrograde at the time of the New Moon. Whatever you want to start now, just know that it will take some time for it to reach fruition. Venus will go retrograde from July 23rd to September 3rd, in the sign of Leo. This is the sign that rules romance, passion, children, and our hobbies. All things we do that are heartfelt. You may see a new opportunity, for instance remodeling your home. You would then pursue that effort for the next several months. Not a time for rushing things related to love or money. It will be time to slow down and fully appreciate them. Venus is positively aspected by the Nodes, so whatever your lessons are during this time, likely related to something or someone from 2015, they are fated. Especially because Venus is part of a YOD, a finger of God during this time. The planet Venus, is inconjunct to Pluto and Neptune, which are sextile to one another. Pluto and Neptune together will be stirring up a lot of things that have been hidden. Combined they can give power to those who want to deceive us. Venus in Leo is showing you that there is some feminine energy out there that is going to be ending the corruption. Venus is where we have to lean into, we have to focus on women in leadership roles to end this destructive way of being. On a positive note, Pluto in Capricorn with Neptune in Pisces, could help you build a business involving spirituality or art, or music. The YOD to Venus points the way, follow your heart it says, overcome those financial blocks to success. This YOD means there is major work to do during this time. It will not come easily, but it will be worth it.

The other benefic planet, like Venus, is Jupiter and it is in a square with Mercury in Leo. This is important because Jupiter is now covering the territory that Mercury did back in April/May. It is considered to be in shadow because it will come back and go over these degrees again as it begins its retrograde in September, just as Venus ends hers. A square means you may need to change your thinking as it relates to Leo topics. For instance, you might think this isn’t the time to have children because of your financial state. But something may happen to change your mind. This could also be a young politician paying the price for abusing his power, or abusing his finances. Jupiter is justice, and it has some to be served. It may also expose some evidence of wrongdoing under the darkness of this moon.

Also causing us to pause is the opposition energy between Saturn in Pisces, retrograde, and Mars in Virgo. Neither of these planets is strong in these locations, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to battle one another for control. Earth and water could collide in the form of a hurricane or a tsunami for example. This would put a damper of your plans to take a trip of course. Saturn in Pisces wants us to create better boundaries, to stop deluding ourselves, about whatever house topic this rules over for you. 7th house would be ending delusions where relationships are concerned. Mars in Virgo is all about very aggressive control. Balanced these two can help you move forward at just the right pace. Unbalanced you will feel restricted and can get yourself hurt as you rush to avoid feeling restricted by any type of authority figure. Don't let that be you.

If you want to explore more in your own chart you can also schedule a New Moon reading with me here.

Now let’s take a look at where this new beginning may be showing up for you based on your Sun, Moon and most importantly your Rising sign.

Cancer – this is your first house, things that represent the self. With a power struggle that involves your relationships with others it may be time to reinvent yourself. Your emotions don’t have to be a burden, your sensitivity is actually a gift. It is time you stopped letting others define you. Stepping fully into your intuitive self is called for now. Wishing to be in contact with your intuition.

Gemini – in your 2nd house you are making wishes for a new job that you can do from home, or perhaps move to do in a new home. Maybe you are looking to move into real estate or home design. You might have to fight with your partner in order to make this move happen, or deal with some debt first. Hopefully you can find a place that works best for the both of you.

Taurus – in the 3rd house you may be thinking about going back to school. The 3rd house is about our place in the community. Maybe you want to buy an RV and travel around your local community. There is a battle from the 9th house, pulling you to think bigger, set bigger goals for yourself, chase more money. But you will choose to keep things small for now, you will want a cozy place to live.

Aries – the 4th house as mentioned is ruled by the Moon and the sign of Cancer. It is very likely you are getting ready to make a big move. You are ready to put roots down somewhere that allows you to have a lot of independence. The challenge though is related to work, or a parent, that may not be supportive of this change. You are definitely going to follow where love leads you now.

Pisces – in the 5th house you are wishing for things related to the heart. Children, romance, a new hobby even. With both Saturn and Neptune in your sign you are working on boundaries a lot. You could be planning to redecorate your home. The challenge is you want to make sure everyone approves of what you are choosing to do right now, and you have to remember to do what matters to you instead, or at least equally so.

Aquarius – are you connected to what feels good in your day to day life right now? That is the question you ask yourself when the New Moon is in your 6th house. This is the energy that is a part of your day to day living. You could wish for a change in the work you do, your health or getting a new pet. You could also decide you want a job that you can do from home. The challenge is the company you work for isn’t likely to support you. Suggest a compromise and ask to work from home a few days a week.

Capricorn – in the 7th house you might be wishing that you and your partner can move in together. The 7th house is about marriage, business partners, and very close friendships. It’s the house that represents how we learn about ourselves as we relate to others. The challenge comes from worrying about giving up your independence if you take the next step together. You might realize the financial benefit and decide it’s worth the risk.

Sagittarius – the 8th house could have you deciding to do a major overhaul where your home is concerned. This house rules over major transformations. Of course, sometimes we need to burn things all the way down to the ground before we can rebuild. The challenge may be your finances. Is the cost worth it?? In the end you will figure out a way to do this that is cost effective.

Scorpio – one last day of the South Node in your sign, hallelujah!! The total makeover is almost done. In the 9th house you are now ready to expand your horizons. Now that you have let go of all that old baggage it is time to grow. Maybe it’s time to go abroad, and you are wishing to take a trip overseas to explore all it has to offer. There is a power struggle with those around you who think you belong closer to home. Maybe you will compromise how long you will be gone, but you still need to get away and explore.

Libra – the 10th house could have you wishing for a change in your career. Cancer energy and work has many possibilities, real estate, chef, caregiver. No matter which you choose you must feel emotionally connected to the work you do. Your family may not be the most supportive about this career change you want to make. You will work on ways to get their buy in.

Virgo – the 11th house is our friends and our networking groups. This is also your 11th house so you can make up to 40 wishes when the Sun is in your 11th house. We call this your Grandaddy wishing period. You could be wishing you had friends that felt like family. Wish to have friends visit you. You are looking to create new heartfelt connections this month. The challenge in your 5th house could come from one of you children who doesn’t like your new friends. But you are so good at solving problems you can solve this one too.

Leo – new beginnings in the 12th house can come from things that we cannot see, unless you are part of some sort of large organization or institution. Perhaps you are wishing to take over some large company, you always want to be the star. But in the 12th house you might do so more behind the scenes than normal. This big change though would completely upset the current routines in your day to day life. You will have to figure out a way to have it all.

No matter what you are wishing for, expect it to look different in the light of day. As the light returns to the Moon, the Nodes shift and square exact to Pluto, things will begin to surface. What you begin to see may completely change your expectations of what the future has in store for you. Be flexible with these wishes. I would in fact make sure to add one that asks that you remain flexible through all the upcoming change. You can always join the Sip n Stars group for just a month to see how best to navigate the changes ahead as well. Hope to see you there!

Thanks for sharing!

Love and Light,



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