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July Monthly Horoscope 2022

In the month of July we will have a Full Moon in Capricorn and a New Moon in Leo. We will be in the shadow period of Jupiter’s retrograde which is set to begin on the 28th along with the New Moon in Leo. It’s another new moon where something from the past has to be explored before we can have a new beginning. Both are in fire signs suggesting we need a time out so the fire does not get out of control. We now have all the outer planets except Uranus in retrograde. This is the time we go within, do the work. Then we decide how we want to move forward after the next set of eclipses. But for now, let’s focus on what July has instore for us.

July 1st – Jupiter and the Moon are both in fire signs to begin the month, listen to your intuition and follow your passion. If that passion is a desire to heal yourself or others you are going to succeed as the Moon and Chiron meet up on this day as well. The reason you need to heal could be the result of the tumultuous energy that has been building with the square between the two hotheads of the Zodiac, Mars and Pluto. This energy does not mess around. Worst case scenario someone in a position of authority has a bad accident, maybe worse. Best case scenario you break free from someone in authority that has been threatening your livelihood for some time. This is not the time to be taking risks, this is the time to channel your anger and frustration into a passion project where you need some help making a major breakthrough. The few days leading up to and after this should all be paid attention to with great care.

July 2nd – the tension builds even more as the Moon opposes Saturn and creates a grand cross with the Nodes. All 4 elements are pressing against one another in a fight for control. It is an interesting battle between the light and the dark. The Nodes have been doing a dance all year, a tango with Saturn, and a Viennese waltz with Neptune. We are still under the influence of Pluto square Mars and now we add in a sextile between Mercury and Mars, while the Moon is trine Mars. As if this wasn’t enough on this day there is a YOD, or finger of God, between the Moon and Pluto and Neptune. Wow there are so many possibilities on this day and the Moon, your feelings, emotions and intuition is the one on stage. Home and family are taking center stage, and those in power have to step up. This could be a heck of an emotional roller coaster type of day.

July 3rd – some strange information may come to the surface today about an important leader. Mercury is inconjunct to Pluto in Capricorn from the sign of Gemini, where Mercury rules. At the same time the Moon has shifted into super organized Virgo and is inconjunct to Jupiter in Aries, again something hidden about a leader getting exposed. When we see patterns that repeat in astrology there is a stronger chance of them becoming reality. Mars is also at the intense 29-degree point of its sign Aries, which means a war of words is coming.

July 4th – Happy 4th of July to those in the U.S.A. Mars and Mercury both at 29 degrees means the fireworks may be on the ground and in the air, as in the airwaves. The Moon in Virgo makes a trine back to Uranus so this helps us make some emotional breakthroughs, fated ones since the Nodes are in harmony with the Moon as well.

July 6th – this may be a day of healing our wounds. Mercury has moved into the sign of Cancer, and words can be used to console us. Venus in the sign of Gemini in a sextile to Chiron is also using love to heal, again with our words. With Mars now in the sign of Taurus, things will begin to slow down. Of course, that Taurus bull can be awfully stubborn when he decides to dig in, Mars may amplify that a bit. But Mars and Mercury are still marching together in harmony even as they have changed signs at the same time. Mars out of its powerhouse at the same time Mercury leaves its home sign of Gemini. There is a noticeable shift. The Moon in Libra is trying to bring balance and fairness and joins with Venus and Chiron to help smooth things over. But it is making a square to the Sun, so your ego may not like having to back down and let this fight go.

July 8th – as the day begins the Moon and Mercury are speaking in harmony, intuition and our mind are on the same page. The Sun squares off with Chiron and again our weaknesses are being brought to the surface to face them and heal them. We need to take our power back, put our ego in its place if it is hurting others, especially ourselves at this time. As the day progresses the Moon in Scorpio speaks in harmony with your ego self via the Sun, while it opposes Uranus. The choices you make may surprise yourself, but it’s time to let these demons go.

July 10th – The Sun and Uranus are in a sextile and it feels good. Uranus is now within 2 degrees of the North Node and the hands of fate are going to start surprising you over and over again. We have several months of surprises and lessons in store for us. The North Node is a bit like Jupiter. It gives you lessons to help you grow. It may not feel like a good thing at the time, but it will be in the end. Over the next several days the Sun, our success, speaks in harmony with the North and South Node. We are learning from the past, and able to move forward in a way that helps us on our destined path.

July 13th – Our Full Moon in Capricorn occurs at 21 degrees with the Sun at 21 degrees of Cancer. Capricorn is ruler of the 10th house, some form of recognition could be received at this time. Themes will be career, capitalism, government, father, work. There is a need for balance between those themes and the ones involving home and family, along with using our intuition. It’s always important to note a Full Moon when it is at its fall. The Moon doesn’t feel like itself in Capricorn. It is searching for safety and security in a financial sense instead of from family. It trusts the hard work, not the emotions to achieve its goals in this sign. But the Sun shining a light from the Moon’s home sign says there is a way to focus on both and still achieve your goals. Fate is playing a hand in this full moon as the Nodes are speaking in harmony with both the Sun and the Moon. Neptune is helping to create a grand water trine between the Sun, and the South Node. There is an element of the past coming to the surface to help you bring this tension to an end. If fate wants you to know something right now about your home or work family, it is about to be exposed. And with Uranus playing along the element of surprise is also involved. Pluto and Chiron are both playing a part as well. Fear, wounds, secrets. This will be one to watch. Much more to come in my full write up.

July 16th – Mercury is Cazimi again as it meets up with the Sun in the sign of Cancer at 24 degrees, which is still speaking in harmony with the Nodes. Mercury has been speaking with them for the past several days and now some major moment of enlightenment can occur. They are also still speaking in harmony with Neptune while inconjunct with Saturn. Maybe more secrets coming to the surface about a leader’s affairs. Pluto and Venus are also inconjunct today which can bring power struggles to the surface where love and money are concerned.

July 18th – Venus leaves the sign of Gemini where she always has a hard time deciding what she wants, and enters into cozy Cancer, which feels a bit more comfortable. Love feels like a warm gooey cookie when Venus is in the sign of home and family. You may be able to express your emotions more openly while Venus visits the Moon’s home sign. Speaking of, the two will square off for part of the day, while the Moon is in the sign of Aries. There could be some moments of passion, but this is not a harsh energy.

July 19th – the Sun opposing Pluto in Capricorn at 27 degrees of Cancer is harsh energy, this is a big power struggle on the world stage. Neptune is trying to place peacemaker as it gives positive support to both the Sun and Pluto. Whatever power struggles you are under the effects of that Grand Water trine may be what gets you past this intense few days. Mercury moves into Leo helping us find a bit more fun in our day for the next several weeks as well, just as soon as we get past this conflict that is. This is also the day that Chiron, the wounded healer, goes retrograde, which it spends almost half of its time doing. Half as in Chiron was half man and half centaur. So, when it goes retrograde it is time to work on our healing. Could be pain you experienced just this year or things bubbling up to the surface from the past. Still in Aries, we are working on our identity. Who are we? What do we stand for? What is keeping us from self-realization?

July 21st – while you are still under pressure, the Moon and Mars meet up in the sign of Taurus, this could have you over indulging in order to soothe the pressure you are under. Things like overspending, over eating, anything you tend to do to self soothe that causes you more harm than good. On the positive side if you use this energy to heighten your senses and work on a creative project, you could have a tremendous breakthrough. We use our emotions to manifest so focus on what you want to create and it may come to you in record time.

July 22nd – Leo season begins as the Sun dips into its home sign. This is a time to focus on fun, children, creativity, and joy. Summer romances pick up steam as well.

July 23rd – Mercury in Leo makes a trine to Jupiter in Aries which is slowing down to turn retrograde shortly. This could be a really big idea, an important communication, or some sort of major life lesson. This can be an exciting day full of fun as long as you don’t overdo it. Both are also making a sextile to the Moon. We feel good and we want to shout if from the mountain tops. Your intuition is spot on so jot down any big ideas you are getting now.

July 24th – Venus and Jupiter square off today which means you need to make an adjustment in love where you family is concerned. Your independence may be causing some issues at home, and those issues will be highlighted today. The Moon speaks in harmony with Saturn helping those in a position of authority remember to tap into their feelings. With Saturn in retrograde it may be time to deal with some miscommunications.

July 28th – our New Moon in Leo happens at 5 degrees of the sign, and the number 5 represents change is coming. Leo could be a change in leadership, involving our children or our romantic partners. This is mid-term primary elections in the U.S. so there could be some major shifts. Jupiter stations to go retrograde at almost the exact time of the New Moon and forms a trine. So, these changes are major and will not go by unnoticed. Jupiter is a benefic planet so these are new beginnings that are for our highest good. Since Mercury will be in a t-square and opposing Saturn, also in a t-square with the Nodes there is likely to be some kind of bombshell news involving someone in power. Mars is within a few degrees of the Nodes adding a little extra power to the hands of fate, and Uranus there as well brings things to light in surprising ways. This may suggest a change in leadership occurs very unexpectedly. Mercury will be trine to Chiron in the days leading up to this event so maybe this change in leadership is healing in some way. More to come on this is in my full write up.

July 31st – the month will end with Uranus in Taurus exactly conjunct the North Node and opposing the South, all while conjunct to Mars. This is being driven to take action on your fated path. Mercury now is directly opposite Saturn, which is a battle of youth against the old guard. The Moon in Virgo is trying to instill some control over the emotions that are surely running high at this time, and is speaking in harmony with all that activity going on in Taurus. Listen to your intuition about what is going on now for guidance. There is a lot of pressure to make a major change, but you want to pay attention to the signs and clues showing up for you. This is not the time for a knee jerk reaction.

August preview – Uranus will join the retrograde parade of the outer planets towards the end of the month. We will have a Full Moon in Aquarius and a New Moon in Virgo. August 21st Mercury will begin its shadow period for the next retrograde in September that will occur in the sign of Libra. It will be important to pay attention to what is happening in our relationships during this period of time. More to come next month of course.

Love and Light!

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