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December 2021 Monthly Horoscope

The month ahead will see a New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius, a Full Moon in Gemini, and Venus start her retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, plus the holiday season is upon us. The Sun in Capricorn will add a focus on work as well towards the end of the month. Let’s see what else the month has in store for us.

December 1st – Venus is now in her shadow period, which means the area of your chart that this planet will come back over and review. Part of that review will include this feel good dreamy energy from Venus and Neptune in a sextile. Love is dreamy, maybe too dreamy, so don’t get carried away. Same thing applies to your spending. This is a great day for self-care and self-love types of actions. Venus is also in this extended period where she is sextile with the planet Mars, but never exact. This might feel like you can almost reach something up on a high shelf, but you never quite get to it. However, the ingenious ways you employ to reach your target might still bring you a lot of joy. Sometimes it is the challenge that inspires us, not just reaching our goal.

December 4th – we have our New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius at 12 degrees, 22 minutes. This means both the Sun and Moon are together for their monthly meetup, and close to the South Node. This is the node that rules over the past and especially our karmic debt. In the sign of Sag we are breaking free in order to expand our horizons, eclipsing out something that blocks our expansion. Once again, the planet Uranus is involved, as it still sits in the sign of Taurus at 11 degrees, retrograde. It is inconjunct the New Moon, so how you break free may be quite surprising to you and those around you. Sag energy opens you up to new things, learning, mentors, spiritual journeys. Mercury who also rules our learning and communication skills is close by this New Moon as well. I have seen personally that roadblocks start getting removed on the lead up to the Eclipse, which allows the new beginning to come in. We will go a bit more in depth and look at the impact by sign in the New Moon write up.

December 6th – you may feel extra empowered with the positive contact between Mars and Pluto today. If there are any goals you have been needing to accomplish you may feel extra motivated to knock them out. You also might want to knock someone else out, but don’t. Pluto energy is always pushing you to stay in your power. Attacking others is a sign of weakness, not victory. But this could be a great day to do some power shopping and wrap all your presents or finish decorating. Jupiter is squaring Mars, which makes your actions highly visible, so keep that in mind. It also asks that you act with purpose, and for the higher good. Lastly the planet Jupiter blows things up so you can’t ignore them any longer. We will have a few days to deal with this energy as these planets move a bit slower.

December 11th – early this year Venus met up with Pluto as she is doing now. Love is powerful, you feel empowered, and very intuitive as the Moon in Pisces makes positive contact to both. This is a time to check in with your emotions. What do you want from love? What do you want from your partnerships? This is what the retrograde may be about for you. Pay close attention to what is coming up now as these planets meet in their conjunction in the sign of Capricorn for the first leg of the retrograde journey, the shadow period.

December 12th – Energy is getting very intense as Mars in Scorpio is at the critical 29th degree. Secrets may be exposed, emotions may become heated. Passions are running high as well. It’s a good day for staying aware of your surroundings. And if you have been wanting to complete some sort of transformation work then this is a great day to direct this energy into that work. The Sun makes a square to Neptune and that has you getting real about your goals, your success, and where you have been deluding yourself about both.

December 13th – yet another planet enters a critical 29th degree as Mercury is about to leave Sagittarius. That means our mind and our communications are bigger than life, it is a good day to bite your tongue, unless you truly do not care how what you say is going to impact the other person. But again, if you are committed to learning and applying what you learn then this is a good day to take advantage of the energy. Jupiter is still making positive contact to Mercury and this can heighten the energy even more. Sagittarius also rules over our need for adventure. Travel and the need for adventure could feel almost compulsive at this time.

December 14th – Mercury enters Capricorn, and Mars enters Sagittarius, both sitting at 0 degrees. Anytime the planets switch signs it is like a rush of wind enters into your life. Mars in Sagittarius will bring a passion to learning and travel. Mercury in Capricorn will have you focused on all the details and work, and on your budget. Mars will also be conjunct the South Node and Opposing the North Node. This brings up our karma and a need to apply what we learned in the past so we can head in the right direction. Fate train is coming to the station. How will your ticket be punched? On or off the train? The Moon shifts signs today as well, and moves into its home away from home Taurus. This means it will be in a trine to Mercury. When your mind and your sixth sense are connected it is a good day to listen to what that little voice is trying to tell you, especially where finances are concerned. You might get a hot stock tip!

December 15th – Uranus and Saturn have been squaring off all year, it has fueled all the combativeness and the desire for fighting authority figures. As Saturn is moving forward again this is growing in intensity, and today the Moon joins in. Saturn is going to push back hard if you let your emotions get the best of you. This intense feeling is with us through the end of the year too. What has this meant for you? What have you been trying to break free from? Perhaps it is time to finish the work.

December 18th – the last Full Moon of the year occurs today at 27 degrees of Gemini, right as Venus is stationed to go retrograde. We are bringing to an end something we have been learning about. Or a way of thinking or speaking. The Sun shines the light from the sign of Sagittarius which may mean some sort of mentor or teacher is pushing you to complete your learning. Or maybe you have to cut the apron strings and venture out on your own path now. There is a lot going on with these endings. Jupiter is at 28 degrees of Aquarius and blessing the endings. Venus and Pluto are still conjunct as this full moon and retrograde occur. There is definitely something you fear in love, and how you value yourself that needs to be dealt with. And Mercury is squaring off with Chiron so speaking up for yourself might be a challenge. Reminders of childhood wounds form how others spoke down to you are coming up for review. We will delve more deeply into these topics during the Full Moon write up. Just know this one won’t go by unnoticed.

December 19th – and so the Venus retrograde begins, just as the Moon opposes Mercury at 10 degrees of Capricorn, while both are in positive aspect to Uranus who is squaring Saturn…ok there is a lot going on today. The Moon is strong at home in Cancer, the key will be to tune in and listen to your feelings, your intuition, and what your body is trying to tell you. Because of the sextile between the Sun and Jupiter work might be going really well, but the responsibilities at home can’t be ignored. Always take advantage of those Jupiter blessings, this is a day where you could be generously rewarded for your hard work.

December 21st - the Winter Solstice is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere, as we reach the shortest day of the year, with the least amount of light. (Down under there is the exact opposite affect with the Summer Solstice.) This is where we have a chance to let something metaphorically die or go into hibernation for a long spell! The need to go ‘inside’ is prevalent and since we are also experiencing Venus retrograde it is a good time to review what we want from love. What do we value and why? Same thing for money. What are you doing with what you already have? How are you honoring it? The energy of this day gives you a glimpse into what the next 3 months hold for you. With Mars and the Moon in a trine, passions could run high, generate some heat and keep you hot the next 3 months. Sounds like fire season down under may be a problem again.

December 24th – a Merry Christmas Eve to those who celebrate! Venus and Pluto are exactly conjunct as we are transformed by love and or money during this holiday. Especially possible to exchange gifts from someone from the past. But remember it’s Venus retrograde, and things don’t always last during a retrograde romance. Love can be transformed, so can money, so can your value systems. If something is ending it is only so something better can make its way in. It will be mid-January when these 2 meet again and the story of the retrograde fully unfolds for you. Keep an open mind as the work continues into the New Year. The Moon and Sun are in a trine in the earth signs so we are feeling safe and sound, and grounded regardless of the changes presented to us today. But that square between Uranus and Saturn is also exact, so no family fights! Keep the peace.

December 25th – Merry Christmas! Mars and Chiron meetup and give us a chance to heal ourselves. In fact we will feel driven to do so.

December 26th – Mercury and Neptune meetup in a sextile and we feel like reaching out and expressing ourselves in loving ways, especially related to the past.

December 29th – Mercury is conjunct with Venus and Pluto transforming how we communicate with our loved ones. Perhaps we are signing some sort of new contract, with some financial implications as well. Mars is in a sextile to Saturn which can have authority figures feeling invincible. You might think this about yourself as well. But let’s not forget the square between Saturn and Uranus, which will be inconjunct to Mars. If there is some power play it won’t turn out as expected. Jupiter moves back into its home sign of Pisces, where it bears a lot of influence. We briefly saw this energy as Jupiter entered Pisces and then almost immediately went retrograde. Around mid-June you experienced this brief shift. Now you will be ready to move forward. Jupiter returns once every 12 years to the same sign. Think back to 2010 and what you were dealing with then. A similar theme may be showing up for you for the next year.

December 31st – we end the year with a bang, maybe literally as the Sun is in a trine with Uranus. The fireworks might be real in your life and not just in the sky. The Moon is also making an odd angle back to Uranus so emotionally the end of the year could be quite a roller coaster of unexpected twists and turns. Which is pretty much par for the course where 2021 was concerned. The ‘5’ year lived up to its name.

January & 2022 preview – 2022 for starters is a 6 year. You can get an idea for how you do in a 6 year by thinking back to 2004, or 2013. A 6 year is focused on love and joy and happiness. Maybe you have been too busy for love and now you are ready to embrace it again. Or working too much and now are ready to slow down and have some fun. January will have a New Moon in Capricorn and a Full Moon in Cancer. The Nodes will shift into Taurus and Scorpio, like they did in 2002. Uranus will end its retrograde on the 18th followed by Venus on the 28th. But Mercury starts its retrograde on the 14th. But February, March and most of April are all free of retrogrades! Plus, the Saturn and Uranus square will finally be relenting. For most of the year anyway during October they will be at it again. Enjoy the reprieve while it lasts because we will also have a Mars retrograde at that time as well. Never a dull day in life or astrology. If you want a personalized reading for the year ahead book one of my coaching packages before I raise my prices. It will take several sessions to cover all the information, and you get a chart of all the major events and how they will impact you for the entire year!

Happy New Year!

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