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April Monthly Horoscope 2023

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

April Showers are producing big growth opportunities!

In April we kickoff Eclipse season. After a very intense March, where we had 3 planets make major moves into new signs, we are now ready to remove any barriers we have to getting in touch with our life purpose.

I am starting something new and fun for the month of April! Sip n Stars, is a members only group where we will come together to celebrate one another and set our New Moon intentions. You can sign up on my website here and see all the details. I hope this becomes a really fun gathering once a month for everyone. I will also be doing some free chart readings so don't miss out!

In April we have the Full Moon in Libra, putting relationships to the test. We also have the first of our Eclipses, it is in the sign of Aries at 29 degrees. This is a critical degree, you will be tested. We will also be experiencing Mercury retrograde in the sign of Taurus. Pluto will be in shadow, meaning the things going on during this time come up for review once the planet turns retrograde on May 1st. Be sure you are taking advantage of Pluto’s time in Aquarius, it will be short-lived as it heads back to Capricorn on June 11th for the rest of the year.

April 1st – Rabbit Rabbit! The month starts out with an interesting formation in the sky, it’s called a kite. There is something you will want to get off the ground today, something fated. However, you have to make the effort, just like a kite, to get it into the air. A kite is formed by a Grand trine, this one is in water signs, something emotional for you. And at the top of the kite, is a point that creates 2 sextiles, that cross at the top of your kite. So, the North and South Node create the spine of your kite. Saturn and Mars give you the support. Whatever this is it’s pretty serious, so don’t waste the opportunity being presented. Because these planets and the Nodes move more slowly this energy remains for several days.

April 3rd – Mercury enters into the sign of Taurus and immediately squares of with Pluto at 0 degrees of Aquarius. There is powerful information and messages that are going to be shared today. Squares make them confrontational and require you to make a change based on what you learn. Taurus is not a flexible sign, we call it a fixed sign for a reason, so stubbornness may attempt to prevail. But Pluto is very powerful.

April 5th – We have a big full moon in the sign of Libra today. This sign rules over relationships, and wants to see them fair and balanced. You are either ending a relationship that no longer works, or beginning a new partnership where your gifts are better appreciated, maybe both. The Sun in Aries and Chiron meet up at 15 degrees of that sign, while they oppose the Moon. As the Sun shines a light on Chiron, and your wounds, it’s a good time to pause and look at how successful you have been at working on yourself. Are you becoming more independent, or most importantly healing your lack of self-confidence? Because this could be what is at the core of you not being in healthy relationships. Mercury meets up with Saturn in Pisces in a harmonious energy, the sextile. It asks that you do the work with the information you just learned from Pluto, and the Full Moon. Mercury is also conjunct with the North Node for the next few days, making this important work for you to do. Your future just might depend on it. You can read all about it here.

April 6th – all the work you have been doing deserves a little reward. Venus in her home sign of Taurus, meets up with Neptune in its home sign of Pisces. This is very dreamy energy. The type where you can meet the love of your life, or a con-artist, so make sure you are not looking through rose-colored glasses. It’s a wonderful day to plan to indulge the senses. Get some pampering done, a good spa day, beauty makeover, and really good for creative writing.

April 7th – Mars and Mercury meet up to speak in harmony about what the upcoming retrograde will be about. Mercury is now entering its shadow phase, meaning it will come back to this degree at the very end of the retrograde. This means whatever you are considering between now and the 21st should be approached with caution. It’s not a good time to sign up for any kind of financial obligation or investment that is outside your comfort zone. Because it could be up for review. It is good if what you sign up for, requires you to go back over something you may have started in the past.

April 9th - Happy Easter to all who celebrate!

April 10th – a big blessing can be in play for you today as Jupiter and the Sun join forces at 21 degrees of Aries. Aries represents the self, so this is some personal recognition, maybe even financial in nature. You are a big deal right now and it is going to be appreciated. The Moon in Sagittarius is in harmony with this energy as well, so you have the chance to really feel good about yourself today. Take a look at whatever houses these planets are showing up for you. There is a big clue as to what this is about. There could be some people who go a bit overboard with this type of fire energy as well. Especially with Pluto and Venus also meeting up in a trine as they both meet at 0 degrees of Aquarius and Gemini, respectively. Whatever happens today you may never forget it.

April 14th – All this month Saturn has been in shadow of its retrograde that begins in June. Making this a good time to stay aware of your Pisces lessons. While making its way forward, it has been speaking positively with the Nodes. This is a time where we are doing deep hidden karmic work. Once resolved a door will open up for you. But this work takes time and lots of attention wherever you have Saturn in your chart. That work may involve your romantic partners, or business ones, and how you communicate with one another. Saturn is squaring Venus as she moves through the sign of Gemini. In this sign Venus never settles on just one thing. But something about being indecisive is irritating Saturn, so there are words. There is something you do need to decide if you want to move forward in a good way.

April 19th/20th – This is an incredibly powerful eclipse. The New Moon occurs at 29.5 degrees of Aries, just shy of Taurus, where the North Node is sitting. This is already what we call a critical, or very intense degree. Adding even more energy to this, and not in a good way, is the square to Pluto at 0 degrees of Aquarius. The power to the people, a great cause will be challenged. The point of an eclipse is to remove a block from your fated path. The removal will be very noticeable. Considering Saturn is speaking in harmony with both the North and South Node, whether we like it or not, this is serving a purpose for the greater good. More details on this in the article that you can find here. It includes the breakdown by sign. You won’t want to miss it. Well you actually can't.

April 21st – not a coincidence that Mercury turns retrograde right after the eclipse occurs and while the Sun is still squaring off with Pluto. Whatever these conflicts are about they require a lot of time to think about the outcome. Mercury won’t quite be in touch with Uranus at 17 degrees of Taurus, but it is close enough for the information coming out now to be a bit shocking and unexpected. Things could suddenly fall from or appear in the sky. Uranus and Aquarius both affect the airwaves. This retrograde lasts until May 14th, so after the Full Moon Lunar eclipse that is coming on May 5th. Taurus is a sign that rules over money, making this a good time to shore up your finances. It will be a good time to do a review of your finances too. This is also an earth sign, making it a good time to deal with earthly things like gardening. More earthquakes are also possible during this time. Expect the unexpected and remain flexible.

April 23rd – Mercury speaks in a sextile with Mars in Cancer at 15 degrees. This can bring a strong emotional reaction to the news we are hearing at this time. If you need some passion to use to write or create now is a great time to tap into this supportive energy.

April 24th – that kite formation is activated again with the Sun at the tip of the kite as it joins the North Node and opposes the South. This time the Moon and Saturn are supporting your efforts as they both trine the South Node and help to give you strength. The lessons you have learned, the karma you have resolved are giving you a big lift up today. But you are the one who has to get that kite up in the sky. You need to run fast and pull against that string. This will not get off the ground without a lot of effort on your part. But when it does, watch you soar off into the sunset a great huge success.

April 27th – Chiron in Aries is squaring off with Mars in Cancer at 17 degrees. At the time Mars is also being positively influenced by Uranus. This is a good time to break away from feelings and emotions that are holding you back on your healing journey. You might find you are suddenly free of a trigger that has haunted you for a long time too. This energy sticks around through the end of the month, as Pluto stations to go retrograde.

May preview – as mentioned earlier May begins with Pluto going retrograde at 0 degrees of Aquarius. You have between now and June 11th to get in touch with your Pluto lessons. Then the planet will move back into Capricorn where you need to finish the work before you can move fully into your Pluto in Aquarius transformation. Pluto will move forward again in October, but remain in Capricorn. In January 2024 we will have Pluto back in Aquarius. It will briefly pop into Capricorn again in September of 2024. After November of 2024 Pluto will remain in Aquarius for about the next 20 years. That makes this is a gradual transition we are going through. There is some very intense extreme energy in May between Pluto, Mars and Jupiter. Thankfully Jupiter is involved, but it is going to be something to pay attention to for sure. On the 5th we have the emotional conclusion to our first set of eclipses, with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. And then on the 19th a new moon in Taurus. More to come so be sure to subscribe and tune in for all the details next month!

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