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A Very Unique Eclipse!

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries 2023.

On April 19th, or 20th depending on location, we will have the first of our eclipses for 2023. During a Solar eclipse, the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, while it is in close proximity to the Nodes of fate and destiny. A shadow appears on the earth where the Moon is blocking out the Sunlight. The Moon's position creates either a full or partial eclipse, but this time is unique. This eclipse is called a hybrid. Only 7 hybrid eclipses occur this century. During a hybrid eclipse the shadow passes back and forth a few times because of the shape of the Moon, and how the light can peak through at the curve on both ends. Unfortunately, it is only visible in the far southern hemisphere, so Aussies’ be prepared to see this spectacular event. Where the eclipse is visible also increases the intensity of its effects.

Speaking of unique events, this is the last call to join my New Moon circle event this Saturday, call Sip n Stars! This is a membership group that will grow in purpose as the group grows. To begin we will do a New Moon Ceremony together to help you perform your own on the actual date. I will be helping you craft your wishes and I will do some mini readings. This is not a typical new moon because it is an eclipse. Your wishes should be crafted differently. Come join the fun and make new friends and new moon wishes. Detail are located here. You will receive for free my New Moon Manifesting package for joining.

The last hybrid eclipse was in November of 2013, it occurred in the sign of Scorpio. About every 9 1/2 years the nodes return to the same signs, but they are reversed. This is a really good time to think back to what was being eclipsed out of your life at that time. Keep in mind eclipse energy can affect you up to a year prior. But my guess is some major event occurred in your life related to the house you have in Scorpio, and planets around 11 degrees. This time it occurs in the opposite sign of Taurus, and the opposite house. Say for instance last time you had a major job change, it was in your 2nd house. This time it affects your 8th house and your partner could have a job change, or some type of change to their income.

For this to be a Solar Eclipse the Sun and Moon are in the same constellation in the sky, creating a New Moon, a dark Moon. This time that sign is Aries, the sign that represents the self. It is considered a Black Moon, because this is the 2nd New Moon in Aries in a row. Something very personal to you can be eclipsed during this time. Blocks to you being your true self can be removed from life, even from your physical body. The first house is how you represent yourself to the world. This is how others see you and if they are not seeing the real you, they are about to.

Each new moon we discuss making new moon wishes in order to create the life you want. In Aries this is all things related to the self, your self-image, your body. Since this is an eclipse you want to focus those wishes on the blocks you want to have removed. Then refine those blocks based on the house you have Aries in your chart. To get closer to this Aries energy and to read more about it, check out my article and hypnosis session here. And of course, if you want personalized help with this eclipse, I have a package where you can sign up to have me help you every month. Check it out here.

At last month’s new moon the Sun and Moon were at the very beginning of Aries, 0 degrees. Now they are at the very end of Aries, 29.5 degrees. This is another critical degree, but where the 0 is just beginning to understand Aries energy, at 29 degrees you are expected to apply what you have learned in the past month about being strong and independent.

Pluto is going to be in a square to both the Moon and Sun, this is pushing you very hard to make a new beginning where you feel empowered. Wherever you are giving your power away to others, that is going to come to an immediate end. Door closed. Most likely slammed close. Pluto ruler of the underworld can bring your fears to the surface in a dramatic way, so you can rise above them. But, you have to face them in order to do so.

During every eclipse the Nodes are involved. The closer they are to the Sun and Moon the more intense the eclipse energy is. While this eclipse happens at the very last minute of Aries, literally, the North Node is still in Taurus. This is representative of the shift that the nodes will make this summer when they change signs to Aries and Libra. The theme shifts to the Self vs. Relationships. Even though the North Node is still in Taurus, it is close enough to influence your new beginnings, they will just have a bit of added influence from the theme of self-worth. These events become dramatic if you are fighting with fate. Hands down fate will win, the fight will end. There is a dramatic letting go when we continue to ignore over and over, what the Universe has been trying to get our attention to. The letting go happens in the house where you have had the South Node in Scorpio transiting for the past year. Since the ruler of the South Node is Pluto, and it is square the eclipse, it makes the letting go more dramatic for some. But not all of course. If you are doing the work, releasing what is not meant for you it does not have to be dramatic.

The nodes at this time are still being supported by Saturn. This is giving you the discipline you need to do this very important work. This is the opposite of the letting go you were doing in 2013 when the south node was moving through Taurus. Saturn recently entered the sign of Pisces at the beginning of March. Since then it has been in harmony with the nodes. Now it is exact at 4 degrees. It is in a trine to the North node, and sextile to the South. This type of energy is very beneficial, but also very fated. Saturn is a stern teacher, and it is in your best interest to follow where he leads.

Jupiter nearby the Sun and Moon, about 5 degrees apart will also be an influencer on what gets eclipsed, whatever it is will be for the greater good. Whatever this block is, it is keeping you from growing. The time for playing small to make others happy is coming to an end. There is also tension between Jupiter and Pluto that is just beginning. It will kick off now and this power struggle will grow until the middle of May when there is an exact square. This is a note of caution. Whatever is eclipsed out takes time and consideration when you respond. The repercussions can create more chaos if you rush forward without careful planning first. One thing is for sure there is no going back to the way things were.

Let’s take a look at where you can experience a new beginning by releasing what is not meant for you. Rising sign, based on your actual birth time, is going to be the most noticeable, followed by your Sun Sign and Moon. Those with late degree Aries or early degree Taurus energy, are also going to notice this more than others. Depending on your time of birth this eclipse happens at such a late degree that it could be the house following the one described below, or the one before. About 6 weeks before the eclipse we start to get clues about what is coming in, that can help you understand what to focus on below. But get your chart done so you know for sure. For some it is even possible what needed to be eclipsed has already happened. This will help you understand why.

Aries – Just like last month’s new Moon this occurs in your first house, this time at the very end of it. It is now time to decide how you are going to step into your power. What blocks to your self-confidence do you need to remove in order for you to become a strong independent warrior? Is it a person that talks down to you? Or a job where you are not truly appreciated? It is time to step into your power.

Pisces – you have had time to think all month how you are going to step into your power with how you make money. Affirmations like I am Enough, I am Worthy, will help you believe in yourself again. You need to take charge over the way you make money, you no longer need to rely on someone else for income. You could be ready to go into business for yourself.

Aquarius – you are finding your voice in your third house. Learning to speak with authority, but not in a way where others feel belittled. This is about you letting go of self-doubt and getting comfortable speaking to large groups. Maybe you are ready to take on some type of teaching role. You won’t have to yell to be heard, people are willing to listen.

Capricorn – this new beginning involves home and family. A part of your home, or a member of your family may be moving on. This provides new opportunity around the house. Could be the beginning of a remodel project. Or you could just be ready to move. A new job could be what pushes you to make relocation a real possibility.

Sagittarius – in the 5th house any blocks to romance and children can be removed. So, if that is not on your agenda you have been warned. This is a great time for finding inspiration again, opening your heart in some way to let the joy in. Whatever has been blocking your joy will be removed. This also could be a time where your children are getting ready to move away. They may be called to be of service somewhere which causes the move.

Scorpio – in the 6th house blocks to good health, yours or your pets can be removed. This could be some sort of medical breakthrough that solves a long-standing health issue for you. If your job has been lackluster and not fulfilling any more, a new opportunity could present itself. There is something about the priorities at home, or working from home that may instigate this change.

Libra – in your 7th house of serious relationships you get a reality check. Are you with the person that brings out the best in you? This is the time where relationships that are not meant for you can fall apart. This is also the time where fated new one’s can begin. If you have been waiting for the one, this could be the it! If there is any type of deceit going on in the relationship it will be exposed.

Virgo – in the 8th house you are gaining resources from others. This can be new investors in your business. This can also be new intimate partners, since this is the house that rules sexuality. It is also the house that rules complete transformation. If you currently have partnerships that are holding you back, personal or business, they may need to be dissolved so better ones can come in to give you the value you deserve. You have to feel good about whomever you are with.

Leo – the 9th house is where you expand your horizons. This could involve a big move overseas. Or it could be that you are ready to pursue your higher education goals. But first you have to check in with your beliefs. What is it that is holding you back from letting yourself grow? Perhaps you are in a relationship that is a bit possessive. That will need to come to a close so you can pursue your bigger dreams.

Cancer – Aries is the 10th house, your career, fame and status in the world. If you are not in a career that values your leadership skills you are going to let it go, or be let go. Walking away will shock you and those around you, but you need more than a paycheck to feel safe and secure. You need a career that nurtures you and respects your independence. In fact, you could completely change your career goals and start in a new field entirely. One where you are more focused on serving a purpose.

Gemini – the 11th house rules over our friends and our networking groups. This is a chance to find a group where you really fit in. You will have to let some people go in order to welcome those in who are actually a part of your soul tribe. You may have known them for a long time too. But you need a group that meets you where you are now, not where you used to be. In order to grow you have to accept the new challenges being offered you, when you do you will finally feel like you are with your tribe.

Taurus – the 12th house when activated by an eclipse can bring some shocking truths to the surface. Things that you keep hidden away under lock and key. But they need to be released so you gain your independence from them. You are a sign that can definitely benefit from doing hypnosis to clear those blocks once and for all. This house represents major endings as well. It is the last house. There could be some father figures being let go at this time.

Be sure to set your intentions in a positive way to remove blocks effortlessly and easily that keep you from being in your full power. In fact, that is a good wish to set, no matter what area you are focused on at this time. Another good one, that I be easily able to adapt to the changes that come into my life as a result of this eclipse/new moon.

I am sending you a whole lotta love and light with this one!

Thank you for sharing!



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