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Relationship's will Surprise you!

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Full Moon in Libra 2023

On April 5th, 2023 at about 9:34 pm MST, we have the full moon in Libra at 16 degrees. Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac. It rules over relationships with others. Its goal is for you to achieve good healthy relationships. This is where we look in your chart to see your ideal relationship partner’s traits. The 7th house is associated with marriage and business partners. With a full moon in this sign something about your relationships is fulfilled or coming to a conclusion.

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With the Moon in Libra we are looking to relationships to help us feel more secure. The Moon represents what we need to feel cared for and nurtured in our life. Receiving the right type of care helps us feel safe and secure. We are emotionally fulfilled. With the Sun shining a light from the opposite sign of Aries we are being shown what our relationships are doing to challenge our ability to love who we are. There is tension created by this type of opposing energy during each full moon.

You set a goal with the New Moon in Libra, then 6 months later it reaches fullness. This is when you do an evaluation on your relationships, in whatever area you have Libra in your chart, and decide what to do with them.

The Sun’s goal in Aries, is to enjoy success on its own. That is why it is at odds with the Moon in the relationship sign of Libra. In fact, with Jupiter and Chiron on either side of the Sun there is a lot of intense energy opposing the Moon. Jupiter makes you a big success, it is what might be creating tension in the relationship. Perhaps your partner feels threatened by your success. Chiron shows us our deepest wounds, so that we can heal them. Next to the Sun it to wants you to focus on healing yourself, and again feels like attention on your partner’s wounds at this time are a distraction.

So how do you solve this tension? The answer may lie in the planet Venus, ruler of this Full Moon. Venus is currently in her other home sign, Taurus. She is speaking in harmony with Neptune in Pisces. In order to solve this tension, you need to follow your heart. You need what you desire to be honored. You need your dreams to be supported. If your current partner can’t get on board with that, they may not be the right one for you. If you want to stop having toxic relationships, you need to focus on new partners that honor you. Most importantly you first have to love yourself. Right now, with these two joining together it’s time to dream big. Just don’t get too carried away that you become a bit delusional. When your partner shows you who they are in the present moment, that is always who they are. You cannot choose to stay with them because someday they might get better or treat you better. That is a losing prospect.

The Moon is also inconjunct with Uranus, also in Taurus. This could be an unexpected ending to a relationship, or could bring someone from the past back, and it will really be a shock. Or your partner might act a bit crazy and unlike themselves. The thing with Uranus is you just never know. Best to expect the unexpected.

Not affecting the full moon but still important is the fact that the North Node and South Node have been having an extended conversation with Saturn. Both the South Node and Saturn speak to our karmic debts. You likely have some karmic debts that are aligned with your relationships. This can be a time of healing them. Healing conversations can occur because the North Node is also conjunct with Mercury in Taurus. This is deep healing conversations. Here we express what we want and need and can be heard.

If you look at the picture of the chart you notice that the red and blue lines are forming the shape of a kite. At the kite’s tail, is the South Node, at the tip is the North Node and Mercury, Mars and Saturn make up the cross bar. This is something where you have to make an effort, a big effort, in order to get it off the ground during this time. The Full Moon energy amplifies this work, but isn’t directly a part of it. A kite without anyone to hold the string, to lift it up, just flops around on the ground, or flies erratically wherever the wind takes it. But with just the right amount of tension and support it can fly high up in the sky. You have to ask yourself, are you ready to make the effort? Will you do the work to get what you say you want from a partner? Do you need a partner to help you complete the work?

Lastly, we are just starting to see the influence of Pluto in Aquarius, it just entered this sign on the 23rd of March. The work it has us doing is facing our fears about our fate. It is squaring with the North and South Node, and will be for most of the year. This is you facing your fears about the past so you can live the life you are meant to live. You are changing the way you think about the things you currently put value in. For instance, if you think you are not worthy unless you are in a relationship, so you stay in a toxic one. Or, you think you don’t deserve to be loved so you stay single. Whatever this means for you this is the year you need to get over it. At the time of this full moon you may get a clear indication of what that fear is.

Let’s take a look at what the impacts may be for you. The most noticeable is from your Rising sign. To know that you need to know your birth time and create a free birth chart on an astrology website or app. The Sun sign is what you experience and hold close to your heart. The Moon is your emotional self. Below are just some generalized samples and will likely not match your houses exactly. But you can always book a session with me here to find out for sure.

Libra – this happens in your first house, making the relationship with yourself the most important one of all. The Sun is shining a light from your 7th house. You are finding good balance and setting healthy boundaries in your relationships going forward. Something about the relationships you are in are showing you something important about yourself. Be open to seeing it.

Virgo – you could be ending a relationship with someone you work with as this occurs in your 2nd house of the money you make. A business partnership could end. Some balance could be restored financially between you and a business partner, or life partner. It’s time that things work out fairly for the two of you. This is also about the money you make directly and the money you receive from other resources. You don't have to do this all on your own. A new money making resource could bring better balance into your finances.

Leo – in the 3rd house you are looking at the relationships you have with extended family, in your community, maybe even at school. If your goal is to be in a relationship you could meet someone in your local community. In fact, you could cross paths with someone from work at a community event unexpectedly, and sparks fly. In the 9th house your focus on growth may have had you too busy to see a relationship opportunity right in front of you.

Cancer – the relationships you are working on restoring balance to are all home related, those in your home, or your mother specifically. Or you are looking for a partner who is caring and nurturing. It could be that you meet a friend of the family unexpectedly, who opens your eyes to new relationship possibilities. The Full Moon could be bringing an end to something within your home, and cause someone to move out.

Gemini – the 5th house is already full of romance and children. All you have to do is end that relationship where only their needs mattered. Your friends are trying to show you that there is better out there for you. Get back to what matters most for you, follow your passion and meet someone along the way that is better suited for you.

Taurus – the 6th house rules your daily life, your health, and the work you do, also your pets. You are busy with all those planets and the North Node visiting your first house, maybe too busy to spend time on your relationships. It could be the end of a working relationship that hasn’t been honoring your contributions. It’s about time you realized how valuable you are.

Aries – in the 7th house this is extra powerful time for your relationship goals. Are you ready to make a lasting commitment to the one you are with? Or have you been holding on to something for too long that just isn’t right? You might have a strange epiphany that suddenly has you changing direction in your relationship.

Pisces – the 8th house rules our intimate partnerships, it is the house that rules our sexuality. It could be that you are ready to take things to the next level in a newer relationship. You are learning how to set boundaries, how to make sure your needs are equally as important as your partners. When they are, things get hot!

Aquarius – the 9th house brings us partners that help us to grow. There could even be a long-distance relationship, or one with someone from a foreign country. Perhaps the long-distance thing just isn’t working any more and more effort has to be made to communicate and visit each other. It is even possible that you have been so focused on education that you haven't had time for any relationships. That is about to change.

Capricorn – the 10th house is our career, it’s our status. Yours could be changing, with the ending of an important relationship. You are at the top of your game and you are only going to keep those partnerships that are helping to lift you up, not tear you down. The planets in Aries are shining a light from home and family. Perhaps too much focus there has kept you from achieving your career goals. Now it's time to bring that back into balance. You can have both.

Sagittarius – the 11th house is our friends and our networking groups. It might be time to change who you are working with on a cause that speaks to your heart. Maybe you joined this group because it was important to someone in your life, but now it’s weighing on you. There is always more good you can do in the world, and that new opportunity could show up now. Jupiter and the Sun in your 5th house remind you to balance your passions with those of others.

Scorpio – nothing like a little 12th house hidden romance to get you fired up. But maybe it is time to bring this one out into the open, trust that it’s going to work out. If looking for love you could find it at a spiritual retreat, a large company, or hospital where you are having some tests run. Perhaps you have been working too much to allow you to even consider time for love. Things are about to change.

If you want to know more specifically about what you are going to be working with book a session with me here. I offer a focused Full Moon reading where we can look in depth at what will be going on just for you, and create an intention setting ceremony.

Thank you for sharing my work!

Love and Light!


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