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April 2021 Monthly Horoscope

As we begin the month of April we are fresh off the Full Moon in Libra. What relationship goals did you conclude? In April we will have a New Moon in Aries on the 11th, and a Full Moon in Scorpio on April 26th. On April 27th we will see the first of our outer planets begin its retrograde season as Pluto kicks us off. The majority of the month is still good then for moving things forward, but by the end of the month we will begin to notice a slow shift to reflecting on what we need to change.

April 1st – Happy April Fool’s Day. Hmm what is the trickster Mercury doing today? He is sextile over to Pluto which means the antics could be plentiful now. Your mind, your speech are both enlivened by this positive contact. You have found your voice and you are not afraid to use it. This could also help you complete a creative project. It has been weeks now but finally Venus has moved past the Sun, soon things will become clearer with your love and money goals. The Moon in Sagittarius is making a trine over to the planets in Aries. Could end up being a very passionate day. Since the Moon is cozied up with the South Node there could be someone from your past reaching out. Just remember if it was a bad idea the first time around it still is. Mars will give you an emotional wakeup call as it opposes the Moon in case you are trying to go there.

April 2nd – The Moon will square over to Neptune in Pisces. So, if you did go there yesterday your rose-colored glasses will come off quickly and you will have a bit of a rude awakening. Hey I did try to warn you. The Sun making positive contact with the Nodes will give you a way to quickly rebound. There is a bit of fate and karma lining up to help you on one of your personal goals. The Sun represents those goals we set from our ego self. This should make someone out there very happy.

April 3rd – Do you hear that happy sound? Mercury is about to get out of dreamy Pisces land and be able to roar loudly as he enters into the hot sign of Aries. We are thinking fast, speaking fast, and getting things done! But before it leaves the sign it may just leave you some kind of emotional gift, or a chance to do some final emotional purging. Get out that pen and paper and write it all out. Then burn it all away as you transition into the Aries energy.

April 4th – Happy Easter to all those that celebrate. And for those that don’t I hope you still find a way to rejoice in the meaning of life. The message is always that just when life seems to be full of darkness and hopelessness there is still room for a miracle to appear. You can choose to have faith and be reborn at any time. Why not today?

April 5th – Ever since Venus passed by the Sun she has been in a loose sextile with Mars. This has passions running very high, today that sextile will be exact. Venus and Mars are the lovers of the Zodiac. This is one of those times when the two are getting along well. Which means your energy and passion for love and money has you on fire. If you have been waiting for a sign about making a change this is it. There may be some who have a business opportunity fall into their lap as if by magic. Suddenly you are off and running in a new direction and it comes with a lucrative financial reward.

April 6th – the Moon in Aquarius makes a trine over to the North Node and then Mars. Your intuition is on point and will help you finalize the goals you are setting for yourself now. Keep in mind that Saturn is at 11 degrees of Aquarius now so in positive contact with the Nodes at 12 degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius. Fate rewards you from planning as well as learning from your past mistakes right now. This energy will be with us now for the entire month of April. Take advantage of this! As the Moon cozies up to Jupiter you are going to know exactly what you need to do, intuitively.

April 8th – if you didn’t pay attention to those little intuitive voices then today when the Moon squares the nodes you will get a bit of a wakeup call. Listen in and get back on track. The Moon is strong in the sign of Pisces. A good day for tuning in and meditating. Or picking up on a spiritual or artistic type of pursuit. For a little extra zest, the Moon and Uranus make positive contact so those messages can come through very suddenly. So can that creative inspiration.

April 9th the Moon moves over Neptune and the energy gets really dreamy, maybe a little too dreamy, so Mars is shouting from the sign of Gemini to give you a wakeup call. Venus is still nearby and trying to soothe the beast inside of Mars, but at the same time the Sun is joining in so it is really a big mixed bag of energy today. Be sure you tune into the spectrum of the energy you want to put to good use. Even Pluto will join in to give the Moon more power to compete with Mars. Could be an interesting day as even the Nodes are exact with Saturn. What lessons will be learned?

April 10th – if you learned your lesson today you are in for a rather big blessing. Jupiter and Venus meet up in a sextile today which is very feel good energy. Again, another day where we want to take advantage of the blessings we are being given and shown at this time. This is love, money, and people coming together for a cause. What you are shown you will want to take action on very quickly. You won’t struggle with your plan of action either as Mercury and Saturn are making positive contact.

April 11th – we have the New Moon in the sign of Aries at 22 degrees of that sign. The Sun and Moon come together at the degree of the Master Builder. Venus is still nearby at 26 degrees and even Mars is at 23 degrees of Gemini. Add to this Jupiter at 25 degrees of Aquarius and this is the most beautiful New Moon we will have this year. All signs are for moving forward wherever Aries sits in your chart. There will be a loose square back to Pluto, which will push you to face your fears and accept that goodness really does exist for you. Look for much more detail in the New Moon article!

April 12th – the Moon will move rather quickly into the sign of Taurus and meet up with Uranus. This always brings about some emotional surprises. Perhaps some clearing out of old baggage since the Moon is still dark. Give it a few days along with taking any action on your New Moon wishes until you see the light return to the Moon. Which may be hard because Mars and the Sun are exact in their sextile today. So, if this is something you have put in motion in the past, go for it. Now is the culmination and a reward for your efforts and hard work.

April 14th – that big blessing you have been waiting for is finally here. Today we have Mars in a trine with Jupiter and both are making a sextile over to the Sun. It just doesn’t get any better than this! On top of all that Venus is in her home sign of Taurus and at zero degrees. This means love, money, self-worth and our value systems are all about to be renewed. Even the Moon is making positive contact with Pluto. Good day for buying a lottery ticket! But the key here is you are being rewarded for taking decisive action. If you are like me and have your Mars return on this day then there is a brand new 2-year cycle starting and it looks to be pretty incredible. Anytime you have a planet making a return to its natal placement it is in a way like a full moon, a culmination and then a new cycle begins. This happens with every planet and is really good information to look back upon and see what each cycle represents for you. Wishing all some amazing blessings during this time.

April 15th – the Moon will meet up with the North Node and you will feel intuitively guided to follow your path. Then it will head over to meet up with Mars who is still in an exact trine to Jupiter. If you were wondering which action is the right one to take, you will know today. In fact, you don’t want to overthink this. The Sun is also making positive contact still with Mars, but Mercury is getting close to Cazimi, so you may not be thinking clearly. You might be in serious need of a Pros and Cons list, but at the end of the day listen to your gut. It knows the answer. You have a few days with this energy so use it well.

April 18th – Mercury and the Sun are together at the last degrees of Aries; this conjunction can be rather intense so be sure to get some grounded energy into your body. Absolutely important to burn it off as well. The mind is fired up. Some people love this energy, mostly those of you who have your Mercury already in a fire sign, but for those who don’t get prepared. Yoga, meditation can help, but you need something like hot yoga to compete with all the fire energy.

April 19th – Boom just like that the Sun and Mercury move into the sign of Taurus, with Venus there at 6 degrees and Uranus now at 10. This will have all 5 senses on point. You are luxuriating in life right about now. But the Moon will square over to Mercury and the Sun today so you need to pull your head out of the clouds a bit. Or at least out of that box of chocolates! Mars and Jupiter are still keeping you action oriented, so maybe just one more. You can burn it off later!

April 20th – The Moon makes positive contact with the nodes from 11 degrees of Leo today, and Chiron in Aries. You are fired up and ready to heal those past wounds. In fact, your healing journey or your healing business may really take off right about now. This will be an extended period where Chiron, representing our childhood wounds, makes positive contact with the Nodes. And we are still benefitting from the extended sextile with Saturn. Let yourself be guided on your healing journey. Fate is showing you the way to the right healers or for the right healing business.

April 21st - the planet Mars is at the 29th degree of Gemini. This means for a few days communication and our thoughts will be intense. Especially since there is still positive contact with Jupiter and that planet loves to expand things. Are you looking for the next big thing? The next big idea? This could be the day! Don’t go too crazy though. Venus will be conjunct with Uranus and that means whatever you start may not go as expected right now. But if you like surprises in love then you will love this day. Perhaps this is the little nudge you need to get out of a rut. But put your wallet away and your credit cards in the freezer you might spend a little too freely today.

April 22nd - our love fest continues as the Moon from Virgo makes a trine back to Venus, Uranus, and Mercury and the Sun! All this Earth energy and I do believe it’s Earth Day! Do something nice for Mother Earth today. Go plant a tree, take a hike, conserve water, save energy. The Moon will also square the nodes today so you will be motivated to make some sort of change and honor your earth energy. Especially where your health in concerned.

April 23rd – Mars enters the sign of Cancer today, and he isn’t going to be the best houseguest for the next 6 weeks. He doesn’t really like the whole feeling or emotions thing. He thrives on his hot headedness. At the same time Venus is squaring off with Saturn. Venus is strong at home, but Saturn is always stronger. So, if you have been overindulging a bit in all things Venusian there is a bit of a change of course needed. Don’t blame the messenger. Saturn is always happy when we are being responsible.

April 24th – The Moon and Mars square off today and basically fight about how Mars is taking care of the sign of Cancer while the Moon is in Libra. This also can cause a bit of friction in our relationships with family members you live with. Mercury, Venus and Uranus are all conjunct in the sign of Taurus now, so this also makes our love relationships a bit erratic. Since this also means all three planets are a squaring off with Mars, we are in for a change in what has been so far some pretty glorious energy this month. But alas, it is time we put on our big girl/boy britches and got back to work. This energy lasts for several days as Venus and Mercury become exact. There is a lot of planning and communicating going on with our partners, especially where money is concerned. But Saturn is not having anything to do with us if we aren’t getting serious. In fact, you will feel pretty uncomfortable pretending things are all peaches and cream when you know for a fact they are not. And so does Saturn. Time to dig in and do the work.

April 26th – adding even more intensity into the already crazy energy is the Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio. The Moon in the sign of Scorpio is not a happy Moon, it does not like the darkness of this energy. It doesn’t mind the need to transform, but its intuition gets tangled up in the dark energy and it’s hard to tell what is real and what is fear. The Sun will be across the sky in the sign of Taurus of course. Both will be sitting at 7 degrees. This is a number that represents going with in for answers. Because this occurs while Saturn is squaring Uranus and close to the Sun this can be a very rough transformation. This will be sudden and shocking endings that force you, and by no means gently, to face your fears. We are going to have to speak the truth with our partners, secrets may be revealed. But just know whatever you are shown is serving a purpose. We can’t heal what we don’t see, what we refuse to face. You are going to get a chance to do that now whether you are ready or not. So, start preparing now. As in right now. Look where Scorpio is in your chart and identify the area you need to transform and bring to completion. Much more to come on this one in the Full Moon article.

April 27th – the Moon still fairly full will make a trine over to Neptune, while squaring over to Jupiter, it will also sextile Pluto who is now retrograde! And so it begins, retrograde season. This has you doing a huge evaluation of whatever came up for you with the Full Moon. This is a good day to go within, do some journaling, and make peace with the dark side. Jupiter squares push us to see something we are trying to ignore. In the end it is all for the best, but plan on a rather emotional few days where we get a chance to really cleanse our past.

April 28th – the very next day the Moon shoots into the sign of Sagittarius and meets up with the South Node, your past, your karma, and you now know what you have to release. The positive contact the Moon makes to Saturn has you willing to do the work too, so does Chiron. There is a bit of a feeling of the Band-Aid being ripped off, but after the initial shock you are ready to face the truth.

April 29th – What’s that you say? You can’t handle the truth? Well the square between Neptune and the Moon today is saying otherwise. The time for self-delusion is over. There is an odd angle over to Mercury today as well which means you may find out this truth in a really strange way. As in psychic messages strange. Especially since the Sun and Uranus are exactly conjunct today. This is a weird day, be prepared for anything, because truly anything can happen today. And on that note we will end the month!

May preview – Saturn will go retrograde on May 23rd. Mercury will go retrograde at the end of May in the sign of Gemini, it’s home sign. This will mean for a good part of the month we will be paying attention to the plans we make and the messages coming in. These will all need reviewed before we can do anything about them in June. Jupiter will make its way into the sign of Pisces. We will have the first of the eclipses on May 25th as the Moon and Sun face off at 5 degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius, this is a Lunar Eclipse. Does anyone still remember how fun the middle of April was?? Enjoy it, seriously! I will be here to guide you every step of the way, but be prepared to change gears in May.

Love and Light!

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