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October Monthly Horoscope 2023

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

We are back in eclipse season as we have the New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Libra on October 14th, and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on the 28th. One introduces us to the work ahead for the next 18 months and the other closes out the work from the previous 18 months. Just before the eclipse Pluto stations to go direct on the 10th and we will want to be ready to finish out the lessons of Capricorn through the end of the year.

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October 1st – Rabbit Rabbit! Wishing you much good fortune in the month ahead. Venus is close to ending the retrograde cycle as it moves closer to the 28th degree of Leo, but first there is a fated conversation that happens between Venus and the Nodes. You are likely seeing the fated outcome from the work you have been doing with Venus since last July. The work revolves around love, money, beauty and things you value.

October 2nd – Mercury opposes Neptune making it difficult to think straight. Mercury is all about order in the sign of Virgo, Neptune likes to keep things unclear in the sign of Pisces. A conversation may be needed to set some clear boundaries and clear your head. Mercury will also be speaking in harmony with the Moon in Taurus, this is grounding energy and very helpful. Tune into your intuition before you make any decisions now.

October 3rd – Mercury now speaks in harmony with Pluto, both are in earth signs. Pluto is starting to slow way down, and get ready to head forward again. You may be ready to fully step into your power now, especially where your business is concerned. Virgo represents health and healing, if you have a business in that arena you may be ready to complete the transformation of your business. Perhaps you are meeting a powerful business partner. However, Venus is inconjunct to Neptune, so if things seem too good to be true they definitely are. Mars is also inconjunct to Neptune, and this forms a YOD, or mission from God. With Neptune being the way forward, you need to connect clearly with your intuition and guides in order to know what you should be doing next. Mars is in relationship sign Libra, conjunct the South Node, opposing the North. Someone from the past that you may have been in a work or personal relationship with, has something to add to your quest.

October 4th – Mercury moves into the sign of Libra and joins the Sun, South Node and Mars. Now communication becomes even more important in our relationships. This can also be a time where you see new contracts being signed. Mars conjunct that South Node has you working on releasing toxic relationships, or behaviors learned in past relationships. This is a time where you will feel motivated to connect with those from your past. But the North Node opposes this connection. It is reminding you that you cannot give your power away in relationships any longer.

October 5th – in September and October we have had a lot of inconjunct energies between the planets. This is a 150 degree angle that connects the planets. It is a bit like the energy of the planet Uranus, odd and hard to manage. While Mars is still inconjunct to Neptune, trying to help us clear up the fog, Pluto and Venus are now inconjunct as well. Something about love, or money just doesn’t feel right. Maybe this is the reason you are feeling highly motivated to get out of a situation that no longer serves you.

October 6th – more weirdness as Jupiter and the Sun are now joining the inconjunct parade. Jupiter the teacher talking with successful Sun, could mean you achieve a level of success in a strange unexpected way. Venus also ends her retrograde story as the planet reaches 28 degrees of Leo where it all began last July. You should be clear of all those lessons now and ready to fully apply what you learned.

October 7th – this is what I call a very crunchy day. It could actually be explosive, and you could be accident prone. Mars and Pluto the planets of war and power, are meeting in a square today. Mars in Libra, square to Pluto in Capricorn, is some sort of partnership that may come together and attack a large organization, or a government. On a personal level your partnership may in some way be threatening the work you do. Squares mean change needs to happen, so take a deep breath before you react too violently to your deepest darkest personal triggers. The eclipse next week will be sure you get this handled one way or another. Look out for this tension a few days before and after this day.

October 9th – the planet Venus moves into the grounded sign of Virgo helping us slow down and appreciate the work we did with Venus in Leo for the past 3 months. But the planet isn’t happy in the very rigid and controlling sign. People who have Venus in Virgo like a lot of structure in their relationships, a lot of control too. However, Venus is not one to be controlled, so there can be a lot of drama as the planet of love acts out. On the plus side it is a really great time to get your finances in order. To create a budget and be able to stick to it. Also great for learning alternative methods to enhance your beauty.

October 10th – The Sun opposes Chiron which can create some pain in our relationships. Adding to this is the opposition between Venus and Saturn, both at 1 degree. With Mars now at 29 degrees, a critical degree, in Libra, relationships are very strained. It is actually a pretty intense day and fights are definitely possible. This is also the day that Pluto stations to go direct, making our fears seem very real. This is the day where you take the lessons learned about how strong you are and actually put them to the test. See your pain and heal it Chiron says.

October 11th – Saturn moves back to 0 degrees of Pisces, another intense degree. It will stay at this degree through the end of November, but ends its retrograde on the 3rd. Now is the time for you to tune in and see what needs a complete reset in your life. What lessons has Saturn in Pisces been trying to teach you since it entered the sign last March? Any correlation to the lessons from 1994, if you were alive then, as that was the last time the planet was in this sign. You don't want to be stuck here for the next 29 year cycle, so do the work, see reality.

October 12th – Saturn and Mars combine their efforts to help you take the action you need to take on your Saturn lessons. Mars enters its home away from home sign of Scorpio, as the two meet up at 0 degrees. This is something new and possibly unexpected that you find yourself drawn to start. Mars will stir things up in this area of your chart over the next 6 weeks. It will bring things to the surface, push you to face your fears, and overall help to transform this area of your life. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

October 14th – the New Moon Solar Eclipse happens at around 10:40 am in the Pacific Time Zone, making this partial eclipse visible. In fact it will start in Reedsport, Oregon where the shadow of the Moon reaches at 9:13 am. This is an Annular Eclipse, or Ring of Fire, meaning the Moon will be smaller than the Sun and allow for a Ring around the Sun to still be visible. On May 20th of 2012 we had a similar eclipse visible from this same area, from Oregon in a diagonal down to Texas. Here is a great article on location and visibility here. As eclipses are meant to remove blocks from your fated path, the work is not always easy. This mostly depends on you, and how much you are willing to let go of something that is not meant for you. The Moon and Sun are joined in the sign of Libra, relationships will be impacted. Mercury sits also at 17 degrees of Libra, not quite Cazimi just yet. New relationships can begin because of the lessons you have learned. But one’s where you are not learning the lessons, will need to come to an end. The Moon blocks the ego of the Sun so you can connect to your heart and let go of what the ego has you holding onto so fearfully. Since the eclipse happens connected to the South Node it is the past that holds the lessons for you, and it is the past that must be let go. Uranus is making an odd angle to the Eclipse, making it more shocking than normal, and in a weird way. I will go much more in depth in my article, where I break down by sign what new beginning you may have in store. Read it here.

October 17th – the Sun has been speaking with Uranus, at an odd angle for a few days since the eclipse, and now it is exactly conjunct the South Node and opposed the North. There is a need for balance in our relationships. We cannot hang onto the past if it takes our power away. We are able to learn the lessons now, but maybe in a strange way, or from a strange source. The planet Mercury and Uranus are now also making that odd angle to one another. Information that comes out now about relationships, or legal matters, might be shocking and a bit strange.

October 18th – Mercury is now exactly conjunct with the South Node. Information from the past is coming to the surface. Mercury rules teachers and information, also transportation. In the sign of Libra, the news could be about a partner you had in the past. Something you need to learn is presented that can make you stronger. All of these are making an odd angle back to Neptune, so the information coming out right now is really strange!

October 20th – this is another really crunchy day! Mercury and the Sun meet up exactly conjunct aka Cazimi, at 27 degrees of Libra while they both square to Pluto. This is the next level to whatever Mars started for you when it met with Pluto earlier in the month. This can be some mind-blowing fights and explosions. And if you don’t want your head or mouth to explode, it is a good day to stay home, and just journal those thoughts instead. Then sit back and watch the fireworks, because this is going to be epic.

October 22nd – we have some calmer and happier energy with Jupiter retrograde meeting up with Venus. This can bring you some sort of blessing. It can also make you a bit overindulgent, so word to the wise, don’t go on a reckless spending spree. There could be some great financial blessings in store when you are being kind, loving, and open to learning. Mercury enters into the sign of Scorpio and speaks in harmony with Saturn as well. Mercury stirs things up that are hidden, so does Saturn in Pisces. This is a good time to get to the bottom of something and make a fresh start.

October 23rd – the Sun enters into the sign of Scorpio and officially starts Scorpio season. Happy birthday all you intense Scorpios out there! The Sun is not at its strongest in this sign, it prefers the bright light and fire of its home sign of Leo. But when it shines a light on the dark there is much to see, and much work to be done. Especially since the Sun is now exactly trine to Saturn. So, whatever Mercury and Saturn came up with, the Sun will now execute on the plan, and you will likely succeed! Scorpio is all about transformation and intensity. Expect the work to be next level.

October 26th – Venus and Chiron are making an odd angle to one another and we can potentially see a woman we know fall ill. Or, we could see women heal in an unusual way. Likely women born in the mid 60s as Venus will be conjunct their natal Pluto and Uranus, which were both conjunct then, in the sign of Virgo. Perhaps we see a woman step into a position of power then as the result of a man who falls ill, or vice versa.

October 28th – a full blown crunchy day as we have the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse as Mercury is conjunct to Mars, in the sign of Scorpio with the Sun, and Opposing Jupiter in Taurus, where the Moon will reside! I expect this eclipse to be very interesting. The Moon will be at the point that both Mercury and Jupiter started their retrogrades. It is also where the King of England received his coronation. Could his rule already be coming to an end? In order to complete this work of the past 18 months, while the North Node was in the sign of Taurus, there has to be a major completion, a major letting go emotionally. The Sun is shining a light from the sign of Scorpio, which rules death and transformation. It is most likely a metaphorical death, but something has to be let go in a big way. There is closure in whatever area of your chart you have this Taurus energy, as the Moon sits there opposing the Sun. Be sure to read my article here that will go into much more detail and break it down by sign for you.

October 31st – We finish off the month with more excitement. Venus will be in a trine to Uranus in Taurus. You could meet someone unexpectedly that makes you a job offer, relationship offer, or maybe get some money out of the blue. After all the stress of the eclipse this might bring some welcome relief!

November preview – as the month begins Saturn will be slowing down to end its retrograde on the 3rd. We will have a New Moon in Scorpio on the 13th, and a Full Moon in Gemini on the 27th. The holiday season is here and it’s time to wind down and prepare for the year ahead! 2024 is when we really start stepping into our power, and making things happen. The planner for 2024 will soon be available to you here, you can still access the 2023 planner. And there will be a special holiday discount on my 1 hour sessions beginning in November. See them here!

Sharing is Caring,

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