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New Moon Solar Eclipse October 14, 2023

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Each month we have a New Moon, in a new sign, it is a chance for a new beginning. When we have a new moon that occurs during a solar eclipse, we have a chance at a new beginning, but something needs to be 'eclipsed' out of our life for this new beginning to happen.

This solar eclipse is called a 'Ring of Fire' Solar Eclipse. The Moon will only cover about 90 percent of the Sun's face, leaving what looks like a ring of fire. It will begin to be visible in Oregon around 9:13 am, and then conclude over Texas almost 3 hours later. It is said that those who can see the path of the eclipse will experience the effects much more strongly. Interestingly, the next total solar eclipse will happen at the New Moon in Aries on April 8th, 2024, and begin to be visible from Texas, and points east. Make sure you do not try to view the eclipse with the naked eye. Now might be a great time to order some specialized glasses, or make your own viewing tool. The New Moon in Libra will happen at 10:55 am MST, with the eclipse activity beginning a few hours earlier.

The last set of eclipses for 2023 begin with the New Moon in the sign of Libra. Eclipses happen in pairs. One will be a Solar Eclipse at the New Moon, the other will be a Lunar Eclipse at the Full Moon. One will be near the North Node, the other the South. There are 2 sets of them each year, about 6 months apart. The first set in 2023 happened in April and May, with the New Moon in Aries and the Full Moon in Scorpio.

The Nodes switched signs back in mid-July, with the North Node moving into the sign of Aries from Taurus, and the South Node into Libra from Scorpio. It is the South Node then that will be a part of this Solar Eclipse. The South Node represents the lessons we have already learned, the strengths we already have, it is the karma we carry from previous lifetimes. We need to move away from this energy to grow into our North Node. The North Node in Aries is strong and independent, knows what it wants, and has no problem fighting for that. The South Node in Libra is dissolving relationships that no longer match our fated path, or don't allow us to maintain a healthy level of independence. This eclipse in Libra, is ending a contract of some kind, likely karmic, with someone in your life. This can be business or personal, could potentially be a legal contract. It may even occur sometime leading up to the actual eclipse, and seem as if it comes out of nowhere.

The eclipse occurs at 21 degrees of Libra, so any planets you have at those degrees, plus or minus 5 degrees, will be strongly impacted, and play a role in this eclipse. Especially true if they are actually in the sign of Libra. The Nodes return to the same place approximately every 18 ½ years. The last time you saw this type of eclipse occur in your life was in October of 2004. There can be similar situations coming up again that you need to work through. This time doesn’t have to be exactly like last time, unless you have remained stuck, and not learned your lessons. On the world stage we will likely see a major relationship end that is completely unexpected.

This is a new moon though, and that means we get a new beginning. We want to set intentions to release relationships, or contracts that no longer serve us, in order to welcome those in that do. I strongly recommend booking a personalized reading here in order to get clear on what you need to release. I have a special eclipse offer going on right now, sign up before all available slots are gone.

Libra is an Air sign, it rules contracts, communication, relationships, it is associated with marriage and business contracts. Most important to Libra is that things be fair and balanced. Its ruler is Venus, master of love and money. Libra is considered a Cardinal sign, making this an energy that gets things started. Cardinal signs are aligned with the changing of the seasons, Libra is Fall in the Northern Hemisphere. A time of letting things go, reaping the harvest. The symbol of Libra, is the scales of Justice, and they will be balanced during this eclipse. People with strong Libra energy tend to be people pleasers. Being in relationships is how they learn and grow. However, one of those lessons is you can’t always put everyone else’s needs before your own. During this time that lesson will come up loud and clear. To better connect to the energy of Libra, and to call in the relationship you desire, check out my article and hypnosis session here. And tune into my YouTube channel here for the tarot cards for each sign.

As mentioned before this is a new moon, so you have 10 new moon wishes to create. It is recommended to do them within 8 hours of the Moon entering into complete darkness. This event happens at 10:55 am MST, use that as your starting point for your ceremonies. This is an air sign, so it is helpful to work with this element when creating your intentions. Speak your wishes out loud after you write them out. Make sure these are things that are good for both the ego and the soul. Take a look below at how all the planets are interacting during this event. If looking to create more self-love, rose quartz is a good crystal to add into your ceremony.

A new moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are conjunct and in the same sign. The Sun represents the ego self, it is how we see ourselves, and how our closest friends see, or know us to be. The Moon is what we need emotionally to feel safe and secure. In the sign of Libra, both are focused on how we relate to others. Your Sun side feels as though a relationship is what you need to be successful now, whether personally, or in business. The Moon feels the need at an emotional level, to feel good about the people you are in a relationship with. Whatever is making you feel unsuccessful, or unsafe at this time will need to be eclipsed out of your life. Blocks to relating well with others, or blocks to having the type of relationship you truly want, are a good thing to focus those wishes on. I highly recommend during an eclipse that all your wishes be about easily letting something go, or removing some type of block. This is not the time to just wish for something new to begin. You have to let something go first.

Venus as the ruler of Libra has clues for you. Venus is in the sign of Virgo, it has you focused on those relationships that are a part of your daily life. What do you love about them? Do you have friends that support your work, your health? If not, now may be the time to move away from those relationships, and find some like-minded people instead. Venus in Virgo people love structure and order in their relationships and in the work they do. They also love to be of service to other people, and help them heal. The question now is how is love serving you? If it isn’t, you need to make some changes that are focused on your own health and well-being. Do you love the work you do? If not, this might be another area where you see a sudden unexpected change.

Sitting close to the Sun and Moon in Libra, is Mercury, which rules communication. There is a chance for a fresh start in how you communicate with others. If there is an argument you wish to settle, now is the time to tune into your intuition and let it guide you on how to resolve the issue. There may be legal issues you are dealing with that the eclipse will help to resolve, by bringing new details to the surface. This energy can also give you a new way of thinking about relationships. New information can be brought to your attention that helps you in some way relate to your partner. Whatever you learn now, it is important to see it for what it is, not to turn away from what you don’t want to see.

Opposing the Sun, Moon and Mercury, is Chiron in Aries. This shows us a wound that is affecting our self-confidence, and has for a long time. This is likely caused by someone you have a close relationship with now, or you did in the past. With this eclipse it is time to let this wound go, take your power back, and stop letting it define you. With both the North Node and Chiron in Aries, we are beginning to realize how strong we are, and that we don’t need to let other people define how we feel about ourselves. This is what is motivating us to have a new beginning in our relationships, to restore balance in them, and focus on our own needs, not just our partners.

The North Node in Aries opposes the South Node in Libra, the Nodes are always exactly opposite one another. Not an actual celestial body, they are just a point in space around the Moon. With the North Node opposing this new beginning there is a karmic lesson about relationships, about justice, that needs to be learned so this new beginning can happen. The South Node in Libra is showing you what you have to let go of, in order to gain your independence back again. The Nodes show us what we have to balance in order to move along our fated path. We can be in relationships that support our independence. We will need to let go of those that stifle our independence. The North Node in Aries also says you can heal the pain of past relationships, and no longer let them hold you back from getting the love you deserve.

It seems like Uranus in Taurus has played a role in so many lunar events this year, and this one is no different. This time the angle to the Sun and Moon in Libra is what we astrologer’s call inconjunct, or quincunx. Even the name is odd. This means the new beginning may happen because of some strange unexpected event. Which of course, is typical of eclipse energy anyway. But this means it could be even weirder. Perhaps you will end up being in a relationship with someone unexpectedly, or someone you wouldn’t normally consider.

Neptune and the South Node have been inconjunct one another for several months now. This is bringing delusional behavior to the surface, it can also bring creative gifts back to life, from the past. In the sign of Pisces Neptune is strong, it is ruler of this sign. It is also going to be inconjunct with the New Moon. Bringing something to the surface to be seen, so you are willing to release what is not meant for you, and move towards what is. Neptune is dreamy energy. It rules creativity, spirituality, music and art. Perhaps you are blocking these gifts and this eclipse will help bring them back to life.

Mars in Scorpio is trine to Saturn in Pisces, these two planets in water signs, are going to stir up a lot of emotions during the eclipse. Saturn is in retrograde, slowing down as it gets ready to head forward again on November 3rd, just after the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Saturn and Mars are both planets that require you to do the work. Saturn gives structure to your Mars ambitions. This is what is going to give you the motivation to eclipse what does not serve you, and start fresh and new again in this area of your chart.

Pluto the planet of death and transformation, power and destruction, has been squaring the Nodes for most of the year. It is about to end it's time in Capricorn, where it has been for about 20 years. This is why we see so many power struggles going on in different countries, and in all layers of politics. The planet is a bit wide of this eclipse, but it would not be unexpected for a major change in politics as a result of the eclipse. Especially since this planet just ends its retrograde on the 10th. When planets change direction they put out a lot of energy. This one you may not see in your physical world, but you can definitely feel an undercurrent of energy. Something big is changing.

See below for what you can expect to be eclipsed out of the way so you can have a fresh start in your relationships. Rising sign will be most noticeable to yourself and others. Then you Moon sign is something you will feel on an emotional level. Your Sun is something your ego self notices.

Aries. This is a notable eclipse because of the fact it happens in your 7th house of serious relationships. Either blocks to a relationship will be removed, or the relationship itself may end. The South Node in your 7th house is going to clear away any relationship that is not meant for you. If you are hanging on to one, not being honest with yourself, now you will see the truth. You have to focus on your partner’s needs, as much as your own. Balance must be restored if this relationship has a chance to survive. If you are ready to heal and open yourself up to a new relationship, wish for the blocks to healing to be removed. Uranus in your 2nd house could cause a change in job and that may upset the balance of your relationship in some way.

Taurus. In the 6th house you may be working on some type of business arrangement, legal contracts of some kind. One may have been stalled, and now the obstacles to that are about to be removed. The pressure comes from the 12th house which is large institutions, maybe the legal system, or a bank. Whatever you had planned for this business deal, it isn’t going to turn out the way you expected it to, so be open minded to a different plan. Use this energy to remove blocks to good health if work isn’t a top priority for you now. Taurus rules the throat area, maybe you need your tonsils eclipsed out. With Uranus wreaking havoc in your 1st house, you may do something that surprises even you where your day to day life is concerned.

Gemini. In the 5th house which rules romance, a relationship may suddenly come to an end, so a new one can begin. This is especially true when you have been sacrificing your needs and wants, to keep the other person in the relationship around. That isn’t healthy, it’s codependent. With your ruling planet, Mercury, sitting next to the New Moon you are strongly affected by the eclipse. The North Node in your 11th house could be a friend who has been trying to advise you about your relationship. There is something about what you want, and what your friends want for you that is out of balance. Is it time you spoke up? Or broke up? Use this energy to focus on what you want in your romantic life, and get what’s blocking that removed. With Uranus in your 12th house something involving a large organization or a secret could be what disrupts your relationship plans.

Cancer. A relationship with your family is part of this eclipse energy. The 4th house rules mothers, the home, our ancestors. Maybe there is information about the family that has been hidden and will now be brought to the surface. There could be something you need to know, but it has been kept hidden from you. If not family, maybe you have been trying to buy a home and blocks to doing that will get removed. There is tension between the house that rules your mother, and the house that rules the father. The eclipse is about to restore the balance. Someone may be moving out in order for balance to be restored in your life. Use this energy to root out anything in your foundation that is not strong. With Uranus in your 11th house maybe there is an unexpected inheritance that disrupts the family dynamic in some way.

Leo. The 3rd house rules communication, our siblings, our role in our community. In order for a relationship in your community to flourish you may need to change your mind in a big way. This is a huge aha moment for you, that could change everything. This could speak to a local move in your community, as a result of a relationship ending. If you have a long-standing argument with a sibling this could be a good time to clear the air, and restore the balance. Use this energy to remove blocks to communicating effectively. With Uranus in your 10th house of career maybe its an unexpected change in job that causes you to move away from your siblings.

Virgo. The 2nd house rules the money you make. If you have a business partnership that is not serving you, then this may be the time that comes to a close for you. Maybe it already has, and now the right partner can show up for you. If you have been part of a legal battle, this could be the time where the blocks to a settlement are removed so you can get what is due to you. The North Node in your 8th house of money that comes to you from other resources, suggests it’s time to get a nice payout too. Use this energy to remove limiting beliefs around money. With Uranus in your 9th house, maybe you will be inspired to take a trip abroad. You can grow into an expert in your field potentially.

Libra. The 1st house rules your self-expression. This is time to review how you have been showing yourself to others. Are you a major people pleaser and push over? Are you exhausted as a result? The North Node in the 7th house and the South Node in the first is about balancing me versus we energy. Things need to be fair and balanced between yourself and others. The South Node is helping you release any relationship that keeps you from being true to yourself. You are wishing to remove blocks to being true to who you really are. With Uranus in your 8th house there could be a financial issue that pushes you to the limit in your current relationship.

Scorpio. 12th house eclipses work heavily on the subconscious mind. This is something hidden from you that is suddenly brought into the light. This house rules our psychic and intuitive abilities. You are already a very intuitive sign, but if you have been blocking your abilities, those blocks will be removed now, and swiftly. Releasing any mental unrest will help you heal physically as well. The North Node in your 6th house wants you to work on restoring balance in your daily life, making your health a priority. Let someone help you. Use this energy to remove any subconscious blocks that weigh you down. With Uranus in your 7th house of serious 7th house of marriage could the one be a nutty professor who shows up out of the blue?

Sagittarius. Friendships may change with an eclipse in your 11th house. A friendship may end, or a block within a friendship may get removed. This is also the groups you belong to, and if one is taking up too much of your time, and not giving you anything in return, it may be time to find one that does. If you have been lacking friends, this is the time to set intentions to remove the blocks that keep you from finding your tribe. This is the house of what I like to call your fairy godparent energy. One may appear now with an unexpected gift. With Uranus in your 6th house of work some unexpected changes there could be what causes your friend group to change unexpectedly.

Capricorn. Something related to your career is about to be eclipsed as this happens in your 10th house, the midheaven. This house rules over your fame and reputation as well. Blocks to achieving fame could be removed. This could also be a partnership that is coming to an end, so one that is more supportive of you can be created. Whatever ends for you related to your career is for the best, something better is waiting for you. If your workload has been out of balance this eclipse could help to restore fairness to your workload. You could use this energy to focus on removing blocks to your success, so you can get the job of your dreams. Uranus in your 5th house could cause some unexpected change with your children, maybe staying at home with them is going to be needed.

Aquarius. In the 9th house you are looking for a new beginning that can really expand your horizons. Great knowledge can be gained from the 9th house if you are willing to open your mind to new things. Perhaps you are trying to move from/to overseas, but there have been obstacles to your travel. Those can be removed now. If you are looking for growth opportunities now is the time to focus on removing any obstacles that stand in your way. The North Node in your 3rd house is helping you learn how to communicate with authority, but that doesn't mean you should sound like a know it all. That attitude is what the South Node wants you to release. With Uranus in your 4th house of home and family unexpected changes where you live could be why you suddenly change plans on where you were going to move.

Pisces. The 8th house is the house of death and transformation. If you have been feeling stuck lately, because Saturn is in your sign, now is the time to focus on getting unstuck. Be warned an eclipse in your 8th house can be truly life changing. This house also rules over the money we receive from others, like our partner, or spouses. They could be about to go through a major change that will affect you. If you have something standing in the way of you and your partner now is a good time to use this energy to remove those blocks to intimacy that you have been craving. With Uranus in your 3rd house, you may suddenly be inspired to go back to school, maybe to become a teacher.

Of course, all of the above are just some samples of how the energy may show up for you. A personalized reading will help you know how to focus on the upcoming changes. You can book one with me here! Don't forget I am offering an eclipse special too!

Thank you for sharing! Let me know about your eclipse experiences in the comments section.

Love and Light,



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