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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse October 28, 2023

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Our final lunar eclipse of the year will be a partial lunar eclipse on October 28th at 5 degrees of the sign of Taurus. It will be visible over parts of Europe, Asia, North America and part of South America. Eclipses occur when the Earth is positioned between the sun and moon. Since the Full Moon is exact at 1:24 PM MST, it’s mostly visible on the far east coast only. But you can check on a website like to find out if it will be viewable in your area. You can also look there for the time the Eclipse will begin and end in your region.

Full Moons are about completion. The Moon is at peak fullness, the light of the Sun is fully illuminating the Moon. The eclipse dims some of that light, creating an emotional release of some kind for you. Eclipses focus on removing something from your life that is not meant to be part of your fated path. The Nodes are what shows us our fated path, and they are always nearby when we have either a Solar or Lunar eclipse. Since the North Node is actually in the sign of Aries, not Taurus, like the Moon, the eclipse is partial. It is also 9 degrees away, so less intense than some other lunar eclipses. The North Node shows us what lessons we need to learn in this lifetime. In Aries, it's about self-confidence, independence and personal strength. The South Node, shows us what we are already good at, what strengths we already have. In Libra we know how to function well as a couple, or with others, but we give our power away in order to keep the other person happy. That is the work we are here to do right now. Create situations where we move from co-dependence and create interdependent situations instead.

I have been talking about this interesting eclipse energy since March, when Mercury first passed through this same degree 3 times, as it went through its retrograde cycle in the sign of Taurus. Back in March was your first clue about what this eclipse would be about. What did you hear or see then? Jupiter is in process of doing the same journey, as it also retrogrades between 5 and 15 degrees of Taurus, until the end of the year. But it is expanding whatever this is for you, so you cannot possibly miss it. This planet brings growth and expansion, in a positive way, as long as you are paying attention.

It’s the 5-degree point, a number that in numerology signifies change, that is being activated now, by the Full Moon. Whatever is released for you at this time, will lead to a major emotional change. The Moon rules over our emotions, so it could simply be an emotional weight that is lifted from you. Perhaps in 2004 something happened that you have been hanging onto ever since, now you can finally have some closure. But it won't feel simple, it will feel like the biggest weight ever is gone. Being open to positive change right now is the absolute best position to take.

It was October 2004 that we last saw this same type of eclipse cycle. This is a good time to think back on what was going on in your life at that time. What things, people, situations, did you suddenly find changing for you? Are you starting to sense something similar now? Do you have a case of shoulda, woulda, coulda, about it? Now is the time to put whatever this is for you to rest.

Each full moon grants us the opportunity to complete a goal, to create an ending. This can be something you started 6 months ago at the New Moon in Taurus, or even 2 weeks ago at the new moon in Libra. The Sun highlights the Moon as a sign that this cycle is now complete. To get even more messages about the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse check out my Tarot card reading for the week on my YouTube channel here. I draw a card for every sign.

Taurus is an earth sign, it rules over money and valuables. Its ruler is Venus. Together these two energies want you to experience life to the fullest, by engaging all of your senses. This is also what is called a Fixed sign. Stubborn as a bull might be a good way to describe those you know with strong Taurus energy in their chart. You may be ready to fulfill goals related to your finances at this time. There may be a major purchase you have been working hard on, now that can come to fruition. The Full Moon means either something ends, or a goal is achieved. But how that happens feels much different when it is because of something emotionally being eclipsed from your life. That saying you have to set something free in order to see if it comes back to you, that's this moment right now. To go more in-depth with this energy check out my article and hypnosis session here.

The Moon feels at home in Taurus, it is in exaltation here, meaning super happy. It enjoys the richness and feel good energy found in the sign of Taurus. This is the sign that rules comfort foods, and the Moon is all about comfort and security. The Moon in Taurus is being fully illuminated by the Sun in Scorpio, these are opposing signs in the zodiac, and what creates the full moon is this opposition. The energy in Scorpio is dark and very intense, it is also hidden. When the Sun visits here each year, it brings light to the darkness.

This is the time of year where Scorpio energy gets to shine. The tension between these two signs is about tangible vs intangible things. The material vs the non-material. As with every full moon we have to learn to balance both energies. We can’t only live in the material world, and we can’t only live in the spiritual world either. Neither one exists without the other. How can you restore the balance between the material and spiritual needs in your life, the full moon asks. What do you need to release so you can have balance is what the eclipse is asking, and will do for you. However, I always recommend you do the work yourself! Let those unhealthy emotional attachments go!

The ruler of the full moon is Venus, at 18 degrees of Virgo, because this is the planet that rules the sign of Taurus. Venus is the ultimate material girl, and lives for sensual experiences. Venus energy isn’t completely at ease in this sign. Virgo energy is a bit restrictive and controlling for Venus’s liking. However, it is an excellent time to be working on health, loving your body, getting organized, and cleaning house. Whatever house you have Virgo energy in your chart, could be where you see clues to what you need to let go of, or complete. Venus will be positively aspected by the planet Uranus. Uranus is retrograde, and also in the sign of Taurus with the Moon ,and Jupiter, also retrograde. Uranus is the planet of surprise, innovation, and inventiveness. Love and money surprises can play a major role in this eclipse. The connection is a positive one, but sometimes we don't realize how positive this change is until later, when all the emotions have cleared. All eclipses carry the element of surprise, this connection just ups the game, a lot!

The Sun in Scorpio is in a wide conjunction to Mars and Mercury at roughly 11 degrees of the sign. Mars and the Sun are both fires signs, Mercury is the fastest of the planets, this is going to generate a lot of heat, in a sign that prefers the darkness. This is going to stir up the darkness. The Moon in Taurus is in a wide conjunction with Jupiter at 11 degrees. Jupiter expands on whatever it touches, meaning the emotional energy of the Moon is even bigger than normal. All during an eclipse. This is a significant moment that I can't underscore enough. Emotions and tensions are going to be at a peak. This is not the time to help escalate them, this is the time to help deflate them. It is also a time where there can be accidents. Stay aware of your surroundings, and if possible plan a staycation at home. The Sun, Mars and Mercury create a powerful moving, vocal force, that is opposing the Moon and Jupiter, a loving caring benefactor and teacher. This can show up in a multitude of ways.

Mars is pushing you to act, Mercury is pushing you to speak up, both want you to get moving. Jupiter though, says no taking action unless this is something you truly care about and value. It is a major life changing moment where you must choose yourself over what others want for you, you need to break free from mob mentality. Period, end of story. Mars and Mercury combining efforts, will get your fired up. Your mind may feel like it is literally on fire with too much going on. Especially since Mercury just had a fire bath from the Sun a few days ago when it was what we call Cazimi, exactly conjunct the Sun. Speech can become very impassioned now. This is your defining moment. What are you going to do? What are you going to say? Whatever you do, slow down, do not overreact, or lash out. Jupiter is your guiding light now, tune in and listen to what it is trying to teach you. Get connected with the earth, stay in touch with reality, that is where the truth lies. Not in the dark with the Scorpio energy.

Saturn in the sign of Pisces at 0 degrees has been elevating emotions again like it did when it was here at the beginning of March. 0 degrees is considered an intense critical degree. The planet is a major influencer and is slowing down, to end it’s retrograde at the beginning of November. It is putting out even more energy while it slows down. Saturn is strict, controlling, extremely bossy. Don’t ignore Saturn, it never goes well. It is in harmony with the eclipse energy, exerting some control over the Sun and Moon. There is a lesson from the past that is coming up for you, so it can be learned and you can then move on. Again the lesson happened last March, just like the Mercury lesson. In the sign of Pisces Saturn creates boundaries, it restrains our feelings, our psychic abilities. Not so we can’t access them, but so we slow down, and do the work on them, or with them. You have a role to play during the eclipse. You have to do the work, connect to your spirit guides, and release what they are showing you to release. This not a time for trying to hang on, or give it one more effort. Nope, the time has come to move on. Perhaps the time has come to move on from a leader who has become too out of touch with reality.

The hands of fate, the North and South Node, have moved on to the new signs of Aries and Libra, and are a bit wide in their influential orb of energy. That does not mean we get off easy here. They are still in a t-square to Pluto, which has quietly been working beneath the surface with these points for most of the year now. The South Node has also been working at an odd angle specifically with the Neptune. This is where that work that has been going on beneath the surface will come into the light for you to see and deal with. Pluto shows us where we give our power away, where we live in fear, and hold ourselves back. Now is the time where you see the fear, but do it anyway. Neptune shows us where we are deluding ourselves. It's time to get real.

Read the below for your Sun, Moon, and most importantly rising sign. Don’t know what all 3 are? You can book a session with me or go to a website like and create a free chart. You just need your birth date, time and place.

Aries. In the 2nd house you are completing goals related to the money you make. Will you be leaving a job that holds you back? Or will you be getting paid what you are worth at the one you currently have? The pressure in your 8th house means your partner may be playing a role in the decision you make. Their income could be changing and it will affect the emotional choice you now have to make. This is an excellent time to work on releasing limiting beliefs about the money you make.

Taurus. An eclipse in your sign, is of course a significant one. Are you being true to yourself? Are you showing others who you truly are? Or, have you been hiding out in that opposing Scorpio energy, perhaps letting a partner shine instead? This is a time where you can achieve a personal goal. This is about letting yourself feel good about who you are right here right now. You have been doing so much work over the past year and a half, with the North Node going through your first house. It’s time to step into your full potential. This is the time to release anything that gets in the way of you believing I am confident.

Gemini. In the 12th house you could be ready for some major healing. There are stories running in your subconscious mind on repeat that simply no longer serve you. Now is the time to release them. If you work for a large organization it could be time to leave. The 12th house is the last sign of the zodiac, it signals a major ending occurring now. It is also a time of major emotional release. Whatever resentment you carry, now is the time to let it go. Set intentions to remove blocks to your angels and guides, so that 3rd eye becomes wide open for you.

Cancer. The 11th house rules your friends and your networking groups. Do you have a goal of letting go of friends, or groups that don’t value you? Maybe they make you feel guilty for always being so emotional. On the flip side are you ready to complete a major project that you, and your group have been working on for quite some time now? All you have to do is believe you deserve it, and it will come to fruition now. But whatever blocks you has to be released, no matter how hard it is. I know, I know, you feel the need to take care of everyone. But right now, you need to balance the needs of others with your own, and release whatever blocks that from being your reality.

Leo. This could be a major defining moment for your career. This lunar eclipse happens in your 10th house. This is your fame and reputation on the line, bringing whatever this is to fullness at this time. Maybe you have been blocked in the area of your career. Maybe your relationship with your father hasn’t been what it should be. The eclipse can release the pain the relationship with your father has caused you. No matter what is holding you back from being successful at this time, you can expect it to be removed. A boss could move on suddenly for instance, or your dream job opens up. Just be ready to take the right action to bring your goal to reality. I am releasing blocks to my success.

Virgo. Your 9th house is where you experience growth, whatever has been blocking yours is about to be removed. Jupiter is strong and at home in the 9th house. There could be something you need to learn, in order to be teaching it to others. Perhaps there is some fear attached with getting too big. All that pressure in your 3rd house from the Sun, to be active in your community, can make it hard to let go and expand. But you can do both, and now you may just see how. The eclipse will remove the blocks to growth you have been experiencing. You later degree Virgo energies might be really surprised at just how big the opportunity is, with Venus and Uranus adding a lot of energy to your late degree Virgo placements. 13-25 degrees get ready for a wild ride.

Libra. With your 8th house activated you are about to go through a life changing event. This house rules over death and transformation. This house rules our intimate relationships, your partner could be facing a major financial challenge. This house rules the money we get from other resources, like our partners. Just know that whatever is about to change for you, better things are on the other side of it. There is a lot of pressure in your 2nd house, which rules the money you make. Don’t let finances get in the way of you and your partner. Find a way to get on the same page where finances are concerned. If you have been waiting on some sort of settlement you may see it arrive finally with the eclipse removing the block to settling. I am removing blocks to transformation.

Scorpio. The 7th house rules your serious relationships, marriage, business partners, and very close friends. You are under a lot of pressure to make some changes in order for your relationships to flourish. If your goal is to be married, then you have to commit to making the changes your potential partner is asking of you. No more secrets, no more hiding your feelings. It’s time to face your fear and express those feelings. Any blocks to doing so can get removed at this time. So can your existing partner, if you don’t start being real. I am removing blocks to having a successful committed relationship.

Sagittarius. The 6th house sees you achieving a goal at work, because of some kind of block being removed. Perhaps you are about to get a raise and recognition that is a bit overdue. Of course, you have to believe it’s possible first and stop putting limits on what you can earn. If this isn’t work related it can be about achieving a major health goal. If you have been ill this could be a time where you focus this eclipse energy on removing whatever has been creating the illness. I am removing blocks to good health.

Capricorn. The 5th house rules over the heart. This is romance, hobbies, our creative gifts, our little creations themselves, our children. What has been getting in the way of connecting with your heart lately? Are you not having the type of relationship you hoped for with a child, or your romantic partner. This is a time to set intentions for removing blocks to expressing how you feel and getting reconnected. Maybe a child is moving out and you are having a hard time with that. No matter who is leaving now, it is opening a new door for you to explore your passion.

Aquarius. Did you move, back in 2004? Did someone leave your household? Or did you have a dream of owning a new home? Anything involving home and family is on the table now. The 4th house rules the home, your mother, being a mother. Blocks to having the family life you want can be removed now, so can blocks to moving. If you have been struggling to buy, sell or just find a place to live, the eclipse can help you remove them. I am safe and secure with where I live.

Pisces. The 3rd house brings goal to a close involving communication. This is writing, speaking, learning. This house also rules over transportation. You could be trying to figure out your place in the community, or if you want to go back to school. Answers come to you with an eclipse in the house that Mercury energy rules over. Whatever blocks you have to getting the answers you seek, set the intention to remove them now. A great aha moment is possible, and an old way of thinking is released.

I cannot stress enough how everyone experiences a lunar eclipse on a very personal, very emotional level. It will be a good time to tap into ways to manage your stress if you are easily overwhelmed by intense emotions. I have several great options under my hypnosis tab on my website, or YouTube channel. Feel free to listen to them multiple times if needed. Of course, I am always here to help with a live session as well. Check out your options on my website here.

I am sending you lots of good vibes for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. May you be able to easily release what no longer serves you, and feel good about it in the process.

Thank you for sharing!

Love and Light,



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