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New Moon in Taurus May 11, 2021

Updated: May 11, 2021

On Tuesday May 11, 2021 at 11:59 am in the Pacific Time Zone we have the New Moon in Taurus. The Moon loves to be in Taurus. This is its home away from home sign. It feels safe and cozy indulging the 5 senses. Taurus being an earth sign allows the moon to feel grounded, and able to slow down and enjoy the good life. The Sun in Taurus helps us focus in on being successful financially. Neptune is in a sextile to the New Moon, bringing a dreamy quality to the event. Venus is the ruler of this New Moon and has just recently entered into the sign of Gemini after leaving her home sign of Taurus. This makes us a bit more practical with our wishes this time around.

When the Sun and Moon combine each month in a new sign they give us an opportunity to set intentions for new beginnings. The Sun is our inner world, our ego self. The Moon rules our emotional self. Combined we feel complete and strong, ready to start something new. In the sign of Taurus these new beginnings have Taurus themes of course. This is the sign that rules money, love, sensual pleasures, the 5 senses, patience, and self-worth. As mentioned before Venus is the ruler of this sign, she symbolizes love and beauty. She is the brightest star in the sky besides the Sun. It helps to set intentions and work with the energy available to you during a New Moon when you want to start new things. As the planet Venus is near to the North Node you may want to look back about 19 years to the last time we had this same setup of planet energy. May 12th 2002. What was coming up for you then? What cycle is ready to come to a close for you? Fated events may kick off during this time.

Neptune in the sign of Pisces, which it rules, is in what we astrologers call a sextile. This is 60 degrees from the Sun and Moon who are combined to form the New Moon in Taurus. This is easy supportive energy for your new beginnings. Pisces rules our spirituality, our creativity, and is a very emotional and intuitive sign. Doing something creative, like art, would be a great activity as you focus on what you want to bring to life with this New Moon. This is the only planet making a direct connection to this New Moon, and is a symbol that you are being intuitively guided on what your new beginnings should be.

By a bit of a wide trine, 5 degrees off the New Moon, is Pluto in the sign of Capricorn. This is harmonious energy, as Capricorn is also an earth sign. Pluto is currently in retrograde at 26 degrees of that sign. So there is something from the past coming up for resolution. This could be closure of some sort. An old power struggle that needs to be resolved. This could also bring a new beginning as you learn to take your power back in whatever area of the chart these 2 energies represent for you.

The marriage asteroid Juno is at 21 degrees of the sign of Sagittarius and in retrograde motion. As you might guess this is the ruler of marriage and commitment. Often used in synastry this asteroid can make contact with one of your partners important planets or angles in their chart. This is making a quincunx, or inconjunct angle back to the New Moon, which is a 150 degree angle. It is currently squaring with the planet Neptune as well. So, something about how we commit to things is coming up for review. Perhaps we are ready to commit to something unexpected. Sagittarius represents broadening our horizons and being open to learning. Your new beginning could come about in some strange sort of way is what this contact says.

Adding to the weirdness could be the sextile between Mars in Cancer and Uranus in Taurus both at 11 degrees. This is a big push for a new beginning that sets you free. The action you take where home and family are concerned could be a little bit erratic. Mars isn’t necessarily strong in the sign of Cancer, he doesn’t appreciate emotions unless they are anger and passion. Cancer is more loving, caring and tender. So, you might surprise yourself with an emotional connection you make during this New Moon. Also impacting Mars is the square to Chiron, the wounded healer. This is where we have to change the action we have been taking to heal ourselves. We can't play safe anymore, we have to take a risk and a different path in order to heal. Chiron is in Aries, which Mars is the ruler of. It is important to break the mold and break through for a new beginning on your healing journey.

Also, not in direct contact but occurring during the New Moon will be the conjunction between Mercury and the North Node. This is fated messages, or opportunities presented to you that can help you start on your new path. But don’t expect this to take off too quickly with Mercury shadow period starting on May 15th. Slow and steady and pay attention to all the details before you sign on any dotted line.

Where might this new beginning show up for you based on your Sun, Moon or Rising sign? You can use the influence of the house this occurs in based on your personal chart. If you know your birth time you can create a free chart on a multitude of sites. The below is general information based on whole sign houses.

Aries – your 2nd house is highlighted during the new moon. This brings new beginnings in the money you make. This is also the house that Venus rules over, so this could bring in a new love. Are you loving yourself enough thought first?

Taurus – of course this new moon is all about you making a fresh start. The 1st house rules the self. You could be planning a full-on beauty makeover or just reinventing yourself. You finally believe you are worth it.

Gemini - Taurus is your 12th house. This is things that are hidden coming to the surface to be exposed and allow you to be set free and begin again. This house can also rule faraway places and large institutions. If you are planning a trip or getting ready to head off for college you might receive some good news about your plans. If you work for or are a part of a large institution this is a new start there.

Cancer – the 11th house is where we get our good luck from. We meet people who grant our wishes. If you are wanting to belong somewhere or find your tribe this is a good time to set those types of intentions. And definitely go buy a lottery ticket within your budget.

Leo – are you looking for a new career or at least a new beginning in your career? Your 10th house rules your career and status. A change here could mean a new career or even getting married or divorced. What you are recognized as or for gets a fresh start. Sometimes we need to release what does not serve us to welcome this in.

Virgo – the 9th house rules foreign countries, foreign travel, and higher education. Both push us to expand our boundaries, which is Jupiter’s influence as it rules over the 9th house. Have you been thinking of getting a degree of some sort? This is the time to sign up. As a fellow earth sign this New Moon energy feels very comfortable to you.

Libra – in your 8th house this new beginning could involve receiving income from outside sources. This is loans, tax refunds, and the money your partner makes. This is also the house of intimacy so you could have a new partner or take a current relationship out of the friend zone.

Scorpio – the 7th house rules our serious relationships and business partnerships. This is where we often see a new relationship begin that leads to marriage or some sort of contract being signed. It could also be a sign that your current relationship will have a new beginning of some kind.

Sagittarius – something about your daily life is changing. Something new may be introduced at work, or a new job altogether. The 6th house also rules our pets and being of service to others. Maybe you are getting a service animal. Whatever it is your daily life is getting an influx of new energy. Good time to start a new health routine!

Capricorn – it is time you finally got out and had some fun instead of just focusing on hard work all of the time. The 5th house rules our passions, our love affairs, children, and our hobbies. Get out and be more childlike and see what new things start showing up for you, including romantic partners.

Aquarius – home and family themes are getting a makeover for you with your 4th house activated. This could be a new place to live or a new family member coming into your home in some way. You could be ready to take on a remodel of some kind or just redecorate your home as well.

Pisces – the 3rd house rules communication and transportation. You could be looking to buy a new car for instance, or have a new commute. Just remember to get this started before Mercury goes into shadow on the 15th. You don’t want to have buyer’s remorse about any new electronic devices or vehicles.

If you want help tapping into the new moon energy you can try out my Taurus hypnosis session here. So far, I have 6 out of the 12 signs done on my Youtube channel. Take each one for a test drive. They each have a different theme that you can work with. Taurus focuses in on yourself worth. Gemini is up next and we will be focusing in on how we use our mind to better ourselves and others.

Remember to make your 10 New Moon wishes within 8 hours of the New Moon to give them an extra burst of energy manifesting them into reality. If you want help writing them out you can always book one of my shorter sessions and we can just create your New Moon wishes together. Book a session here.

Love and Light!

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