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June Monthly Horoscope 2021

May ended with a major emotional shakeup with a Full Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse and June will complete this first set of eclipses with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Gemini. We are also in the beginning of the Mercury retrograde in its home sign of Gemini. There is a lot of thinking and communication that has to be revisited this month. Along with a full moon in the sign of Capricorn. Let’s see what else we have to look forward to.

June 1st – Venus will add an extra push to the Gemini energy as she makes up her mind to get the heck out of here. Gemini is much too logical for Venus, she enjoys all of the comforts of home though and is happily shifting into the sign of Cancer. Don’t expect her to clean house however. You may find you want to beautify your surroundings during the next several weeks.

June 2nd – Venus is now making the love flow at home and the Sun is combining with Chiron to help you heal. If you have been exploring the possibility of becoming a coach or healer you may find people showing up to guide you to the right courses and tools. Maybe you are already one and will be receiving some type of recognition for a job well done. It is a good time to ask for reviews and recommendations from those you have helped heal as well.

June 3rd – Mercury is back in its square with Neptune. So, the topic that came up, the reality check you experienced with the Lunar Eclipse is already getting revisited. If you are already backsliding you are going to get a bit or a rude awakening. Perhaps you were deceived the first time around, now you are not going to buy it. Helping you is the exact trine between the Sun and Saturn. With Saturn in retrograde there may be something from the past you are revisiting that leads to your success now. Follow through will be very important. Communicate clearly and you will be rewarded.

June 5th – this is an extremely tense few days. You have likely been seeing this energy build up since the 1st. Mars and Pluto opposing one another can be an all-out war of sorts. Mars isn’t strong in the sign of Cancer, but that doesn’t mean he is all lady-like either. Pluto in Capricorn has been reshaping governments, and restructuring how governments are using their power. Hence all the flexing with the Covid responses across the world. Today some of that may boil over again. This is a day to stay out of the fray. Do not escalate anything and let this pass. Cancer represents home and family. If you are having power struggles at home this is the time where things come to a head and you need to find a solution that allows both authority figures to maintain their power in a way that is fair and balanced. This is the Divine Feminine at war with the Divine Masculine. There could even be weather events on a day like today. 2 years ago, saw this same energy and volcanoes were erupting and buildings collapsing. Be safe.

June 10th – part 2 of our eclipses is the New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Gemini. This will occur at 19 degrees and 47 minutes with the Sun and Moon both combined and the North Node nearby at 10 degrees of Gemini. This distance is wide for an eclipse, so this could lessen the effect a bit, but it will still be felt. Solar eclipses bring changes we see as major events and milestones in our life. They can occur before, during or even after the eclipse actually occurs, but you will know it when it happens. Wherever Gemini is in your chart you will want to be aware of what may be eclipsed out. My upcoming article will have all the details by sign for your specific circumstances. Of course, a full chart reading would be ideal, and I am happy to help you navigate this. Neptune will be in a square to the Solar Eclipse, which means deception or people who are attempting to deceive you need to be dealt with. Do not let this person be you. North Node is our fate, and you want to be on the right path. Being deceitful is not the right choice no matter the circumstance. Best to rip the Band-Aid off and be truthful. Since the eclipse opposes the South Node there is karma to be dealt with and balanced out. Do the right thing. You can have the fresh new beginning when you do.

June 11th – The anxiousness you may have been feeling over the last several days will come to a head today as Mercury retrograde meets up with the Sun. This review phase involves your ego self. How do you define success? These two will meet up again once the retrograde ends, so now is the time to give this some thought, but not necessarily make any changes yet. Mars is happily leaving the sign of Cancer and heading into the passionate sign of Leo. Mars is a fiery planet so feels much more at home in a fellow fire sign like Leo. If you felt bogged down emotionally you are going to feel a lot more joyful for the next 6 weeks. This is a welcome reprieve for those non-emotional types out there.

June 13th – the day may feel a bit off with the contact between Venus and Saturn today. They are what we astrologers call inconjunct, or 150 degrees apart. Love relationships may struggle a bit today. Adding to the oddness is the sextile between Uranus and Venus. Love and freedom combine to present you with relationship opportunities that are not the norm. And since the Saturn and Uranus square is exact again, all kinds of things from the past may be coming up. This struggle is not new. We have been fighting the restriction of the government all year long. Will there be a new round of restrictions or will they be completely lifted? Uranus representing freedom is the one moving forward. But at the same time the Sun and Neptune are squaring off so you might be a little too full of yourself or a bit delusional. So this so called freedom may not be all it appears to be.

June 17th – more strangeness today as the Sun and Pluto make an odd angle, also called a quincunx, which some prefer over inconjunct. But basically, just means something is not connecting right. The ego self is losing some sort of power struggle. Or let’s say you are trying to renovate or transform something and that used to be your thing. Now doing it completely bores you and no longer feels like a way you measure success. But this too shall pass. Just make sure you don’t get involved in any weird power struggles, they aren’t what they appear to be. The Sun and Neptune are still close enough together that you may not be seeing things clearly from that square energy.

June 18th – because of Saturn retrograde the sextile between Chiron and Saturn is now exact again at 12 degrees. That ego wound you have been dealing with may come up again, but you have a plan and you are feeling stronger and better able to deal with it now. Saturn supports you doing the work and helps you release this karmic debt you have that is causing you to continue carrying this pain around. The Sun at the 29th degree of Gemini has you feeling extremely logical, you might just be able to think yourself out of this situation.

June 20th – we welcome the Sun into the sign of Cancer and mark the first day of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter in the Southern. The Summer Solstice is a time for celebrating. Everything that you worked for is in bloom and you are able to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. At the same time, we see Jupiter begin its retrograde at 2 degrees of the sign of Pisces. It will make it back into the sign of Aquarius as well. Jupiter retrogrades take several months, so there will be a lot of work on the inside. Expansion and growth are the themes of the planet Jupiter. It rules foreign lands as well. There could be conflicts overseas that come up for review during this time. We won’t see the planet move forward again until October 17th and it will take almost the remainder of the year for it to enter Pisces again. The theme of the Summer/Winter Solstice, for some is going to be all about finding the meaning of life. Jupiter is your connection to a higher purpose. Finding a guru or teacher to connect to spiritually or to grow with spiritually. If you are in need of guidance this is a good time to reach out and explore new avenues of spirituality.

June 21st – Mercury ends its retrograde motion at 16 degrees of Gemini. All that you reviewed can finally start moving forward again. Keep in mind it will take the next several weeks to completely cover all the ground again. So take baby steps until you really feel a shift in forward momentum.

June 23rd – Venus activates the spot where Mars and Pluto had their little disagreement. This gives you the chance to heal the situation with love. Venus and Pluto do not get along either, but there is a lesson here to not give your power away just because you are afraid to be alone. Love without balance in a relationship is not love. In fact, it is extremely unhealthy to always agree to whatever your partner wants just to avoid disagreements. You have a voice, you have your own wants and needs; don’t be afraid to express them. The trine between Jupiter and the Sun today can make this an emotionally fulfilling day. When you face the past head on, and ask for what you want, you might just see some dreams coming true.

June 24th – the Full Moon this month falls in the sign of Capricorn at 3 degrees. The Sun will be opposing the Moon at 3 degrees of Cancer. Capricorn rules completion of things relating to career, status, and the things we are recognized for. There could be big work projects that are ready to conclude. Jupiter grants a blessing to this area of your life too. It is the only planet directly impacting this full moon. Since it is retrograde someone or some situation from the past is going to make a dream come true. Jupiter also represents our benefactors, or as I like to call them fairy godparents. Where does Capricorn sit in your chart? Fellow Virgo risings this is your 10th house of career. Perhaps your marital status is about to change. Something about the way you are seen is changing now for the better. More to come in my full moon article.

June 26th – in the blink of an eye Venus pops into the sign of loving Leo, and she will luxuriate in all the attention here. Romance is lighting up and lightening up for the next several weeks. Things will get extremely passionate as the planet of love meets up with the planet of passion, Mars in a few days’ time.

June 27th – Mars joins forces with the North and South Node to help you take action on your fated path. The North Node designates what you came here to accomplish in this lifetime. The South Node the karma and experience you came into this lifetime with. Mars means take action, passionately pursue, and conquer your goals. This energy lasts several days, so keep trying if at first you don’t succeed.

June 28th – Venus and Jupiter make that strange angle, the inconjunct at 2 degrees of Leo and Pisces. There is something about a past love relationship or maybe a work partnership that is coming back up for review. Are you truly connecting? Is the relationship too superficial? Adjustment is needed, and it can be a simple change. The square between the two benefic planets in the zodiac are not typically harsh. In fact, a long-standing argument may suddenly and magically be resolved. The Moon will join with Jupiter in Pisces so you are going to be able to tap into your intuition and get the guidance you need for the changes you need to make.

July Preview – The New Moon in Cancer will occur on the 9th of July with a bit of support from Uranus and some opposition from Pluto, but nothing directly making contact. Cancer rules home and family, so this is always good energy to use in those areas for new beginnings. Plus, Mercury will be out of shadow. 2 weeks later, on July 24th, we will have a full moon in the sign of Aquarius conjunct with Saturn, hello lockdown, if not physically, definitely emotionally. It also makes positive contact to the Nodes, so the fate train is showing up and you best get on board. More to come next month!!

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