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Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Moon in Scorpio

Now this is a moon to howl about! On Saturday May 18th at 5:09 pm ET/2:09 pm PT, we will have our Full Moon in Scorpio which means the Sun will be in opposition to the Moon in Taurus, both sitting at the 27 degree mark. Along with this we have Venus and Uranus still within one degree of each other, also in Taurus, and sextiling over to Mars at 1 degree of Cancer. We also have a loose conjunction with Mercury in Taurus at 24 degrees. Did I mention this is a moon that is howl worthy? Well then I should probably also mention during the full moon we have the North Node in a beautiful trine with Neptune, which means Neptune is in a sextile over to the South Node. These 3 are sitting at 18 degrees. We really have a lot going on so let's break it down a bit more and then we will look at some general themes based on your sign.

The Sun/Moon opposition conjunct with Mercury. This means we need to find balance between these 2 areas in our life. Where this impacts you depends on what house these signs are in in your natal chart. The Sun is the Ego self, the Moon the intuitive self our feelings, what we need to feel safe. So the Sun is saying show me the money in Taurus, and the Moon is saying I need more than just money, I need to feel things, and I need to feel them deeply. So life cannot continue to be all about chasing after money and material objects, there needs to be some feelings attached to what we are doing or they just simply have no meaning at all. So we are balancing our need for things with our need for feelings and this full moon will show you where you are out of balance. Yes we all deserve to have nice things, there is nothing wrong with that. But if you only care what is in your bank account, what car you drive, how hot your girlfriend/boyfriend is then you will get a little wakeup call. The moon in Scorpio isn't necessarily happy. While it is a water sign, like the Moon's home sign of Cancer, it is dark murky water and you cannot see what is going on underneath it. The Moon can also represent secrets being revealed, and boy does Scorpio like it's secrets. The Sun is shining a light on them and even if this is just a secret you are keeping from yourself, that won't be allowed to last and you will see something you need to see with this full moon.

Mercury conjunct the Sun lights up your mind, makes you very communicative, maybe slightly anxious, because you have so many ideas you don't know which one to tackle first! The Moon says to slow down, check in with your intuition and see which idea you are actually most passionate about and that is where you should put your focus.

Venus conjunct Uranus means you can expect the unexpected where love, money, relationships, self-worth, and anything sensual is concerned. This conjunction is beginning to fade as Venus is moving off Uranus but still very much at play. This is fated meetings, online dating, being attracted to things you swore you would never be attracted too. Mars is pushing you to take action, in Cancer it is all about the feels of home and family, and you don't get those as well living the single life. Mars isn't at his strongest in Cancer either, like the Moon in Scorpio. Mars is Fire energy, Cancer is Water energy and it tends to dampen Mars just a bit. Which in the case of Mars isn't necessarily a bad thing.

The South Node Sextile Neptune will help you remove blocks to your creativity, remove rose colored glasses that do not serve you, and remove blocks to your psychic and spiritual insights. The Trine to the North Node has you using these areas to move forward on your home and family goals. 18 degrees where all three of these are sitting reduces to a 9, which represents endings that lead to new beginnings. Be sure to tap into this as it will stay with you for a bit as Neptune moves very slowly.

Mercury is also in a Trine to Pluto, and has just moved off of the Saturn/South Node Trine. This empowers us to speak up, communicate our needs, express our ideas, and perhaps be in OCD mode on steroids. The South Node and Saturn helped you clear up some miscommunication, helped you come up with some solid plans, now you are ready to execute them. So go for it. The Sun too is still feeling the effects of being trine with Pluto. You feel like you can accomplish anything right now. You know just what to do, what to say, and how you are going to get things done.

Now what did you set as your intention for the last new Moon? How about the New Moon in Scorpio last November? You have the potential to bring those wishes to a reality now. To bring to fullness something you started.

What might you experience with the Full Moon? This will be my normal tongue in cheek comments, but how this truly shows up for you will depend on your personal chart. I am only picking out a few aspects of the houses below to use as examples.

Virgo/Pisces you are working on third house versus the ninth house. This is taking our ability to communicate in a small way versus share our message with the world. The third house is talking to your neighbor, the ninth house is talking to a higher power. This could also be staying close to home versus going out to explore the world. You need to balance the little picture with the big picture.

Libra/Aries the Moon is in your second and eighth houses. Money you make versus the money you receive from others. You need to find the balance between the 2. You can't just make all the money on your own Libra, it's okay to get help from others. And Aries, you can't expect everyone else to keep taking care of you.

Scorpio/Taurus the Moon is in your first and seventh house. You are balancing shining your own light on self versus shining the light on your partnerships/relationships. This is all about setting proper balance and creating interdependent relationships. You cannot hold all the power any longer, and you cannot just give it away.

Sagittarius/Gemini this is a balance on your physical health (6th) vs your mental health (12th). You can run around all day keeping yourself soooo busy. But it is time to slow down and pay attention to what your body is actually telling you. And if you have been in a mental fog, it is time to get active, shake out those cobwebs and move, regardless of how you feel.

Capricorn/Cancer your opposition is between the eleventh house of networking and the fifth house of creativity and children. If you spend all your time focused on your groups and hobbies you might not being giving enough attention to your children. Sure it's great to be out there rubbing elbows, fighting for a cause, but your kids need some attention as well. And if it's not your kids its your romance, your creative hobbies. You have forgotten to have fun or you are having too much!! Balance people balance.

Aquarius/Leo the Sun in the tenth house and moon in the fourth house means the balance is needed between home and family, which is the lesson of the North Node/South Node so you are getting a little extra nudge. How do you manage both areas better? What adjustments have you been working on but not stuck to yet?

Again how this aligns for you is very dependent on your personal chart, but the above will give you some of the nuances of the full moon. Our emotions are always highlighted with a full moon, it's why everyone acts a lot more emotional the days leading up to and just after the full moon. The sun shines a light on our emotions in order for us to better pay attention to them. Some don't do so well expressing all these uncomfortable feelings, so give them a pass. Scorpio makes our emotions even more intense so just be aware, and don't be too hard on yourself if things bubble up that you thought you dealt with long ago. If it is still stuck it needs to be let out.

Love and Light!!

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