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Full Moon in Libra #2

This is the second full moon in Libra in consecutive months. With the first occurring at the 0 degree mark, this wraps up our work in Libra with the Moon now at the 29 degree point. Both are extremely potent energies and this culmination means we are looking at our New Moon wishes from 6 months ago, and last months full moon since it brought new beginnings at the 0 point. While we don't have a lot of direct aspects, we still have a very active sky. Let's look at the players.

Full Moon in Libra April 2019

The red lines in the picture represent challenging energy, blue is supportive, green is inconjunct or quincunx and the circles represent our conjunctions. I will leave it there for now.

Moon in Libra has our emotions, our need for security, our intuition focused on relationships that are balanced and fair. You have been seeing all week where your relationships are out of balance, even the one's with yourself! Now the Sun is shining a light on these over in Aries with a final push to take action, and decide what we stand for and who we are in our relationships. No apologies are needed either. You are drawing a line in the sand and setting the tone for the next year. You are done with codependency and breaking free of those chains that have bound you for far too long. You are responsible for only yourself and how you treat others. How they treat you is their journey. This opposition is I (Aries) vs Us (Libra). We no longer can make excuses for losing ourselves or our identity in our relationships, and quite frankly it no longer feels attractive at all. We started this awareness journey last month, and now we are ready to move this to a close.

The Sun is also in a conjunction with Uranus, so we have the energy of surprise, innovation, but it's grounded in Taurus. You are stronger than you ever imagined. You are inspired on this new path, and your ego is growing by leaps and bounds in a healthy way. If you have been feeling sick, run down, the universe is trying to show you where you give your power away. Now you have the power to face this head on, and deal with it once and for all. The Sun will then move into Taurus and be with Uranus working on your self-worth journey. The second house is Taurus and ruled by Venus, and one of the areas we focus on in the 2nd house besides the money we make is our self-worth. It is the foundation for attracting wealth. If you are not where you want to be financially, this is the place to start. What do you believe you are worth??

Venus is almost at the 29 degree mark here and making a semi-sextile over to the Sun and Uranus, inconjunct the Moon. This is where the work on our self-esteem is coming from. We just need a little push here to make the connection between the thoughts we think and the impact they have on our outer world. If you don't think you deserve better you cannot get better in your life. You will see what ever that is for you with the full moon, and then begin to understand how to deal with this and remove the blocks.

Mercury and Chiron are conjunct now in Aries driving together our plans for improving upon our self. Mercury has the plan, Chiron was the trainer of the Gods. Chiron wants to show you how to heal, not just expose your wounds to you. However, you have to see what's broken in order to fix it. Depending on how good you are at camouflaging this area in your life the exposure process might be a bit harder. Chiron stays in a sign longer when it needs more time to do the work. Take advantage of this specialist, here in the sign of self, encouraging you to grow into the person you came here to be. And if you are already there? It is time to reach out and help others. This energy is meant to transition to a train the trainer event.

The red triangles are the broad tsquares that are a part of the Full Moon. I say broad because I personally think this is too far apart to directly impact the Full Moon. I like 2-3 degrees since the Moon and Sun both move so quickly. However, this adds a bit of fate in our relationships. North Node opposing the South Node, as usual, and still Saturn/Pluto. This will go on a long time, into late this year. Biggest impact will be felt if you have personal planets also involved. Say like your Natal Moon sits at 21 degrees of Capricorn, so I feel all of you out there, quite literally, going through this reconstruction. But the really good news is we are rebuilding in a way that makes us much stronger, so let this growth happen, and stop fighting it.

Mars is not directly involved but beginning to form a square to Neptune. And in Gemini this really fires up our mind and our activity level. This square will force us to see where we are being inauthentic with our creativity, our spirituality, perhaps your healing journey. You will feel this next week, very strongly. Mars is blowing away the fog and going to expose things. Watch and see, literally.

Jupiter and Venus have a separating square at this time. Two benefic planets in square is a more gentler square, but it does push us to explore our connection to a higher power and our purpose. Venus is wanting us to lead with love, it is the answer, it is the foundation to acquiring all we need at a soul level. When our soul is happy and fulfilled our outer world follows. It is not sustainable with an outward looking model. We must go within. When we heal there, all of our relationships benefit.

The impacts by sign will be similar to last month, but very dependent on your personal chart. Look at last months blog and see if the sign ahead of you is actually giving you clues to the things that need to be brought to a culmination with this months full moon. Of course if you really want to know, it's always best to book a reading with me.

Love and Light!

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