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Energycast May 31, 2019

Don't forget tomorrow morning to start out the month on a positive note and bring good luck you will want to say Rabbit Rabbit as soon as you awake.

Our general energy card today is from the Major Arcana cards, so stronger, it's the number 3 the Empress. This means we are giving birth to new things today. We are in a state of creativity and from this place great things can be brought into your world. If you are feeling stuck then tap into your creative side. Color, listen to music, sing, dance, go work in the garden. From this space you will know what you want to build.

The relationship energy is Deep Knowing. This is that soul mate type of connection. You will receive a download about your relationships today, especially while you are creating something. Just sit with your thoughts today so this message can come through. It is important and it will set the tone for love this weekend. If you meet someone new there is an instant connection and you will know right away they are an important part of your future.

The Goddess energy is a combination of the 2 cards above, this feeling of deep knowing is very strong. It is a big day for trusting your guides, and your intuition. Trusting that the Universe is bringing the right people to you at the right time. Green Tara and Salvation say this person or person's are important for your life's journey and are creating what is needed for your soul growth at this time. If you are off your path in particular this new person is particularly important.

The numerological energy is a 9. Trust the things that are ending for you right now, need to do just that end. Which means a new beginning is just around the corner.

The astrological energy is all about Venus and it will be all weekend. The planet is still contacting our Karmic points, North and South Node. She is exactly trining Saturn today and will be trining exactly with Pluto during our New Moon. This is a strong theme of people from the past coming into your life for a new beginning. How this shows up for you will be very much dependent on your natal chart, and the houses that all these planets and points reside in for you. This is a huge shift. What you value is about to change, how you love and who you love and why you love. All changing, shifting. Mercury and Jupiter still form an opposition. We have got to hone our thinking. We cannot be so narrowly focused or so selfish, and me me me with our thinking. Jupiter pushes you to care about the bigger picture, the higher purpose, expanding your mind in order to meet yourself at soul level. You are up-leveling yourself, and things just might never be the same again.

Love and Light!

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