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Energycast Feb 17th, 2019

Thank you to those who came out to see me yesterday. I always love meeting people in person! Today we are ready for new beginnings, so let's do it.

Our general energy card is the Eight of Summer, which is the 8 of cups in the traditional tarot. This is heading off to new horizons, to something that serves our overall journey better. So how do you know if this applies to you? Your body is your guide. When we are not living our best life, our body will send us a message. Pain in the body is trapped emotions, old wounds we need to release. So even if it is just a thought pattern that needs to change, once you do, your body will heal. And look at the issue from a pain perspective what does it represent for you? If a body part for instance is acting out of control, not doing what it is supposed to be doing, then you have given up control somewhere in your life. Or you fear giving up control because of something that has happened in your past. Make peace with the past and watch your body part slowly but surely come back in alignment with its true purpose. Our body is always a reflection of our energy. If yours is making you want to get away from it all, take a look at why. Then move on. That thought no longer serves you.

The love energy is Be Supportive. I love what this card symbolizes. If you look at it this is cupid out there shooting his arrows helping others find love. But even Cupid needs love, needs to be appreciated and supported. So today take time out for those who have done something special to show you that they care. Too many times we just take what is given without showing our appreciation, and it leaves that person in our life completely drained. You can only give so much before you run out of gas. And you can only run on empty for so long. You may not be able to pay this person back in full, but you can start to make a dent. Who do you need to be supportive of?

The action/advice card is Coming to Life. Both this card and the Love card jumped out of the deck and wanted to be heard today. This one is about rising from the ashes much like the Phoenix after completing a transformation. This is what is pushing us to move on from that which no longer serves us. You have a step to complete in your transformation process be sure you take it.

The numerological energy is a 1, and this supports our need for a fresh start and a new beginning. Be the butterfly.

The astrological energy has the Moon, our emotions, in a square with Uranus, surprise and Mars, action. The emotional outburst you experience today is needed actually. And you know I don't normally condone that, but today it is a step in the right direction. This will setup the full Moon in Virgo for you on Tuesday. This will be the final push before you are ready to let something go that has been holding you back now for far too long. Virgo brings healing, it represents the bodies overall health. Now I am not condoning any outlandish lashing out, but I am saying this is about sticking up for yourself today, and you might just be a bit surprised at how adamant you are with your message. The song lyric in my head is, We're not gonna take it anymore. So don't.

Love and Light.

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