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Energycast Feb 15, 2019

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day. Reminder I will be in South Tacoma on Saturday if you want to come out for an in person reading. I will be at the Masonic Temple from 10-4.

Apparently we still have a stalker amongst us. So today I asked the cards why we need to pay attention to these messages that keep popping up. 3 days in a row is pretty crazy and hard to do, so maybe I should be hitting Vegas.

Our general energy card is the 6 of Gabriel, and this Archangel represents the Wands, our fire and passion. With this card we are celebrating a success today. Being recognized for achieving a major milestone. This is a bonus, an award, a celebration from the community you serve. This could be work or family or a humanitarian group. This is generally a feel good type of energy. Your only charge is to be sure you truly deserve the recognition.

The love energy I kid you not was Inner Strength. So instead of stopping there I asked why is it so important we call on our Inner Strength. So my clarifying card is Be Authentic to Who you Are. Here is the deal about being a people pleaser. 1 it's exhausting, 2 it isn't sustainable, 3 you are not being authentic. We can all play at pretending we are something we aren't for awhile, but eventually the universe catches up to you. Once your behavior starts causing more harm than good, it's time to take off the mask. Don't pretend to love someone for the sake of not being alone, don't pretend to love your workload when you don't, and don't pretend what your partner is doing or saying doesn't hurt. You deserve to have your own needs met. But that can't happen if you don't stand up for yourself and admit to what you want and need. Even if that is only to yourself. It's time to get real, and if you have been pretending to be happy for the sake of everyone else for a long time, this will take some willpower. But this message mean's time is up. Take the steps that are needed, or the Universe jumps in and takes them for you, and this is never fun.

The action/advice card is still Yang, which as I have mentioned isn't a total surprise since Mars is now charging into Taurus. But again I asked Why do we need to take action, and the card that was shown is Treasure Island. Holding back now is keeping you from achieving all your hopes and dreams. Abundance in all forms flourishes when you take the necessary action. This will not come to you. You have to stand up for yourself. Even if you only put out into the Universe what it is you want, just get it out there. Complaining won't get you there though. When we complain we just attract more things to complain about. Hello those of you who kept getting more snow. Whatever energy is the strongest wins. So anytime you are sitting there wondering why is this happening to me? Because what you don't want is what you are focusing on the most. Switch it up today, get yourself the treasure you deserve, and keep it. The action/advice is focus on what you want, why you want it, daydream about it. Really put your energy into what you want, and today you see a difference.

The numerological energy is still a 9. We really need to wrap up this phase of behavior. There is a full moon in Virgo coming up which is urging us to complete something we started 6 months ago, in the late July/August timeframe. What was it? Where did you get off track? See what you can do to get back on track today.

The astrological energy is pretty harmonious today. We have the Moon entering it's home sign of Cancer and sextiling over to Mars. We are taking action on our intuition, our emotions, our nurturing. You might be fired up to cook, clean and take card of loved one's. You are in super mom mode this weekend. Can someone bring me some cookies this weekend? :) . With both at the zero degree mark this means the energy is magnified. If you are ruled by the Moon, meaning Cancer sun or Cancer rising you will feel this energy the most. Enjoy and make the most of it.

Love and Light!

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