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Energycast April 18, 2019

Breathe people just breathe, it is going to be an intense day. Try not to get caught up in all the drama of the day. We can try and force things to come in balance on the outside or go within, bring ourselves in balance, and watch the world around us follow. I recommend option 2. And if you come across someone choosing option 1 gracefully walk away.

Our general energy card is the Page of Wands which usually brings some sort of message that can get us all fired up. The benefits of a full moon is that it brings to fullness something that you have been working hard to achieve. The 1's mean we take that energy and use it to kick something new off as a result. There are times where we have to forcefully close a door so that a new door can open for us, this might be that kind of day. If not this is a fresh start in creativity, passion, and even love. This is swift energy as well. Just don't get burned.

The relationship advice today is also a 1 energy since the 10 reduces to a 1. An unfinished symphony in our relationships means we still have energy attached to someone that no longer serves us, but we are for whatever reason hanging on and refuse to cut the cord. This can be love, family or work, even friendships. You need to finish the symphony you have been writing and firmly close the door. Hmmm where have a I heard we might need to forcefully close a door today?? It's time, and the full moon energy will help you to finally move on and free yourself so the relationship that better serves you can appear. If you want that new job, that new relationship, some new non-flaky friends, you have to stop accepting what isn't working for you. You have to make room for the new, in your heart, in your mind and in your energy. And if you happen to have an energy vampire in your life they have got to go. They can create their own energy and stop sucking the life out of yours!

Our action/advice from the Goddess Lilith is Independence. See you just can't make this stuff up. When we break the glamour of the energy Vampire, we gain freedom. And we have still more 1 energy, the 29 reduces to an 11, the master number of service, and meant to help us manifest our independence. The 11 also reduces to the number 2 which means we are moving towards interdependent instead of co-dependent relationships. We are no longer willing to identify ourselves through our partnerships. We are strong enough to stand on our own. That is the message and the lesson of the full moon tomorrow, and unhealthy relationships will be exposed, and never be the same again. This entire day will be full of things being exposed so they can be cleared away.

The numerology is mentioned above of course, lots of new beginnings coming together to create the 4. A new foundation of self worth will be built.

Astrological energy has us building up to the full moon early tomorrow morning. But today I want to talk about Jupiter. I keep hearing from people about things suddenly getting out of control in certain areas of their life, and when I look at the chart I see Jupiter in retrograde in that house. When a planet first begins it's retrograde motion it is really full of energy and that is what you are feeling along with the full moon. Oiy Vay! It's pretty intense. Jupiter expands what it touches too, so if you are worried about money and it is in your second house, then you get more things to worry about. This is a time to learn to use your energy and work with the expansiveness of Jupiter to get things back on track. He shows you where you need improvement. If you are in a good place, then you are seeing even more good luck appear in that area/house. By the end of this month both Saturn and Pluto will join this retrograde party, and it is a long one. Where ever you have Capricorn in your chart you have a chance to dig deep and do some work, start planning now.

Love and Light!

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