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December 2020 Monthly Horoscope

This month is beginning in the aftermath of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini. And will lead us into the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Our ways of thinking, learning and communicating are going through a major upgrade. Sounds like a great way to end the year.

This is the last month of our 4 year, 2020 when you add it up equals 4. As we start the transition this month into 2021 energies we will start to notice the impacts of a 5 year. This is a year of change. If you want to know what the change will be like look back to our last 5 years which was 2012. You also have a personal year number that repeats every 9 years. To find that number you can take the date and month of birth, add them together, reduce to a single digit and add it to the 5 year. This becomes your personal year number. So, say your birthday is March 7. That is 3 + 7 = 10 which reduces to a 1. 5 +1 = 6. You would have a 6 year theme that brings changes relating to love and joy and happiness.

December 1st – The Moon is still fairly full on this day if you look at it in the sky, but it is making its way off the eclipse point. Today it makes a strange connection, called the quincunx back to the Capricorn trio, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto. This leads to miscommunications, especially related to governing bodies. This is the last day of Mercury in Scorpio as well, and this adds even more crazy energy into the day where our communications are considered. But Saturn and Mercury do combine in a positive way, that will hopefully keep things from completely erupting in chaos.

December 2nd – Mercury enters the sign of Sagittarius today, which is the opposite sign of Gemini, which Mercury rules. Mercury isn’t at his strongest here, it is far too serious for him. However, this is a good time to focus on themes of higher learning, and improving your communication skills through study. Perhaps you are studying a foreign language. With the Sun in this sign it will help you stay focused and not get too buried in the details Mercury loves so much. The Moon makes a sextile to Uranus and a trine over to Venus. This could bring out some crazy kind of information related to love or money. Uranus always likes to bring you some kind of shock and awe to keep you awake! Focus on the nice energy between Venus and the Moon this is the feel-good love energy you can escape into.

December 3rd – this is the last time the Moon will stand across the sky from all three of the planets in Capricorn. Amen! This is the final outcome, the last battle, and it is no coincidence that this is happening in the US as the final votes are about to be gathered for the Presidency. The battle for control reaches its peak. With it be home and family or your work life that wins. Or will you finally be able to find that perfect balance. The positive contact with Neptune and Venus says love and spirituality win.

December 4th – The Moon hot off its fight with the Capricorn energy is heading into lighter territory in Leo. It makes a nice connection over to Mercury helping your decision-making skills. Intuition working with our mind means we make the right choice. Mercury is also making a trine back to Chiron in Aries, still in retrograde. You could have the chance to heal some wounds caused by an old argument.

December 5th – The Moon makes a Grand Fire Trine with the Sun and Mars. This is hot hot hot action energy. We are finally moving forward, success is on the horizon. Some of this success might impact your love life in a not so happy way as there is a square to Venus from the Moon. But that is softened by Venus and Neptune getting all cozy in the water signs. This is a day for pulling off the rose-colored glasses so be prepared if you have been in deep denial for some time now.

December 7th – There is a tsquare today that puts the Moon, The Sun, and Neptune under pressure. This pressure with the Moon involved only last a day but the longer square between the Sun and Neptune is just beginning to build. Sag and Neptune are both spiritual signs. The Sun is strong in a fellow fire sign, and Neptune is really strong in its home sign. Battle of Ego vs the Soul. Success cannot be had at the cost of the Soul. You have to figure out a way to appease both energies. The answer comes from expanding your horizons and getting advice from a spiritual guru.

December 8th – today the Moon and Venus play nice, and so do all the Capricorn planets. Saturn is edging closer to moving into Aquarius as Jupiter edges closer to Saturn. If you need some willpower to accomplish some goals this is the time to get seriously motivated. Especially since the Sun and Mars are also making a trine to each other. You are like a super hero with all this positive energy. The square between the Sun and Neptune reminds you too not get overly cocky here. Choose the path with a goal for the higher good, not just to make your ego happy.

December 10th – Venus makes a positive connection with Pluto in Capricorn and this makes us very passionate! The Sun is now exactly conjunct with the South Node and opposing the North Node, this is what is setting us up for the Solar Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius. The South Node is the past, our Karma, and combined with the Sun this is removing a block that holds us back from shining brightly. If you stay stuck in the South Node you cannot follow your North Node path. This time is for learning from the past in order to move forward. Before the Moon joins the Sun, it forms a square with the Capricorn planets as it opposes Mars. This is a little precursor to the Mars square energy that last hit these degrees as it was moving forward in Aries 4 months ago. This is the final stage of the Mars retrograde and whatever you have been working on, gets one last adjustment before you can bring it to life. Big day of energy! Plan ahead to give it something to work on so it doesn’t just work on you.

December 12th – The Moon joins Venus and both make positive contact over to Jupiter and Pluto. This is another day for feeling emotionally charged in a positive and loving way. Since this is happening at the same time as Mars and the Sun are staying connected it is really intense passion. This is love that is over the top. So just be careful you don’t get so swept away you lose your head!

December 14th – The New Moon Solar Eclipse happens today in the sign of Sagittarius. The Sun and Moon are both at 23 degrees, while Mercury sits close by at 20. We call Mercury cazimi whenever it is this close to the Sun, and this one last quite awhile. The brightness of the Sun drowns Mercury out, which is our way of thinking. The planet Mars is in positive harmony and gives us the drive and determination to clear out whatever is holding us back. As usual it is no coincidence that the electors are voting in the US during an eclipse. Eclipses are meant to remove something that no longer serves you from your life. With Mercury involved this is clearing the way for you to make a connection to a higher power. Sagittarius rules higher learning, faraway places and your connection to the higher realm, and the law. The planetary ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter, which helps us to expand. This planet will be in positive harmony with Venus during the eclipse. The eclipse could help you to remove your blocks to love or some issues with commitment. This is a blessing coming into your life. I will have a full write up to get you prepared.

December 15th – Venus moves into the sign of Sagittarius for the next several weeks. This makes love fun and exciting, but also serious and purposeful. Venus is still in a sextile to Jupiter and Saturn both at the 29th degree of Capricorn. You literally can’t get any more serious than the end degrees of Capricorn and the beginning degrees of Aquarius. Saturn rules commitment. Venus rules love. Jupiter rules expansion. Mars and Mercury are in an exact trine today as well. This is no longer being afraid to express yourself, perhaps even express your love for someone. With the Moon in positive aspect to Uranus, your emotions may surprise you.

December 16th – Whatever emotional surprises you had yesterday today the Moon is fired up by Pluto and they both are facing off with Mars. This is the last week of the tension between Pluto and Mars from the long retrograde. Over the next week your need to take action will be rather intense. This is a really good time to do some power shopping, get those packages in the mail, set your intentions for the new year. You definitely want to have an outlet for this energy. Otherwise a war is brewing here and you do not want to be in the line of fire. But some good news is Chiron, the wounded healer ends its retrograde and the time for being withdrawn to heal your wounds of the past is coming to an end. With Jupiter and Saturn sitting together at 29 degrees of Capricorn control is expanded. The need for having a solid plan is expanded. The last time Jupiter and Saturn were together in Capricorn the Berlin wall was built, the cold war and the space war were strong. President Kennedy was in office and determined to win both.

December 17th – Saturn makes its entrance back into Aquarius. This is where it started the retrograde, at 1 degree of Aquarius. This is the energy of connecting to others, of finding your tribe, and networking. This is also humanitarian efforts. Did you figure out where you belong and what you stand for during this retrograde season? Saturn has his report card ready to hand you. Did you pass? Venus is still in close contact with both Saturn and Jupiter. She says love is the answer to whatever your retrograde question was about.

December 19th – Jupiter follows Saturn into the sign of Aquarius. Will the government put in more controls or will the people come together and fight for control? Jupiter spends about a year in each sign. Saturn about 2 ½ years. It was about March 30th that Saturn was last in this sign at this degree. Peak of Covid and the shutdowns. Did we learn the lesson? Are we ready to move forward? Hopefully this is a good sign of vaccine advancement. Those who did the work are rewarded in Saturn’s realm. As in frontline workers.

December 20th – For what seems like the longest time Mercury and the Sun have been hanging out together. This is the final time where they meet at 29 degrees of Sagittarius before they begin to separate. This can make for an intense day. Those who experience anxiety more intensely whenever the Sun and Mercury are close together would be good to have a plan for coping. I have on my website a calming recording that you can listen to over and over for free. This self-hypnosis track is made to help you connect with the energy of Sagittarius. Take advantage of this intense energy and this free session to help calm your mind. This energy started with the Eclipse and now it will show you what the eclipse was about. For others you have been flying high and full of brilliant new ideas. Make sure you journal them all and keep a record.

December 21st – Happy Winter Solstice! This marks the first day of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Summer in the Southern. The Sun will be with Mercury as they both enter into Capricorn. Jupiter and Saturn are exact in Aquarius and Pluto and Mars are exactly square now. The Moon is also close with Neptune. Capricorn is a Cardinal sign; one of 4, they represent action and change. Each cardinal sign marks a changing of the seasons. Winter is aligned with death, not literal of course. But it is a time where the trees and flowers have lost their leaves or blooms. They are dormant and will come alive again in the spring. It marks a time for reflection. With all the planet energies at these significant degrees we can only imagine the big changes that await us. Actually, we don’t have to just imagine we have astrology to guide us. Moving on.

December 23rd – This is an intense emotional day. Tempers could really flare up because we have Mars, with the Moon and both are squaring over to Pluto. This is a lesson of power. Mars doesn’t want to give his up, he wants to fight on. Their first standoff happened in mid-August. What was the battle for in your life? This is the last chance for you to stand strong and take your power back. In the US the battle for the Postal Service was getting very heated, as was the presidential election. Whatever your battle, stay in your truth and don’t give your power away to anger. Just take decisive action. You don’t have to prove you are right. Just move on and move forward.

December 25th – Merry Christmas to those who celebrate. In all the tense energy there is some fun surprises instore when Mercury makes positive contact with Uranus. The Moon also with Uranus means the news is an emotional surprise. Here is wishing you have a blessed holiday with family and friends even if you can only see them over the phone.

December 27th – The Sun and Uranus make a positive connection that could bring you a pleasant post-Christmas surprise. The Sun rules our success and Uranus is ingenuity. Maybe an idea you have long been wanting to pursue gets off the ground today. Capricorn is the ruler of the 10th house and our careers. Could be you are getting a new job. This also means some kind of positive surprise for government leaders. The Moon is also back at its lunar eclipse point today. It is making a weird angle back to the Sun and Mercury. And Chiron squares the Sun as well. There is something you need to release in order to finish your healing journey.

December 28th – The tension today comes from Venus opposing the Moon, and both are in a square over to Neptune. This isn’t a harsh square, these are all benefic planets, but it is something you need to change in your relationships. Just sex isn’t going to cut it any longer. Staying for money isn’t reason enough either. There has to be both an emotional and spiritual connection.

December 29th – we have a Full Moon in Cancer. 2020 is literally coming to fullness today! Amen to that! Not surprising at all it is finishing with the battle between our emotions and our money. Our home and family vs our career. We are finally ready to bring something Cancer related to fullness. Both the Moon and the Sun will be sitting at 8 degrees. In numerology this is the number of strength and leadership. Both luminaries are also making positive contact to Uranus. This could be a somewhat surprise ending for however this has been showing up in your life this year. Venus is in an exact square to Neptune while conjunct the South Node and opposing the North Node. How you value love and money is changing. The South Node with Venus is also about relationships from the past coming back to show you something you need to see in order to move forward. I will have my full article to share further on the events of this day.

December 30th – The Moon moves to oppose Pluto today and you are asked to balance your intuition and emotions with our need for power. Mercury is in a sextile over to Neptune which is really good for creative writing or speaking. The Moon in a trine to Neptune pushes us to express ourselves emotionally and positively.

December 31st – This is it! The last day of 2020. I can hear Barry Mannilow singing now, “Looks like we made it!” Of course, it wouldn’t be 2020 if we didn’t end the year on a crunchy note. We have been pushed to change all year long. This day is no different than the rest. The Moon, Uranus and Jupiter with Saturn form a tsquare. The Moon is in passionate fun Leo, Uranus in stubborn and responsible Taurus, and the big guys as we know are in Aquarius. So, you can have fun, but it needs to be responsible and you need to be considerate of how others will feel. The Moon with Chiron represents an emotional wound healing, which is a really nice way to end the year.

2021 Preview

As we begin the New Year Mars will finally complete its full retrograde journey. We really are able to move ahead now. However, before the journey starts there will be a check in with Jupiter/Saturn. Uranus will finally move forward Mid-January ending the retrogrades of 2020. Buh bye. But of course, Mercury will be in shadow of its first retrograde of 2021 in the sign of Aquarius. 2021 is a 5 year. We move out of a year where we tore down structures that no longer serve us in order to create a new stronger foundation. 5 years bring us lots of change, and it is a time to remain flexible. Go with the flow and remember my mantra, Change is Good! Happy New Year!

Love and Light!

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