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Daily Horoscope June 22, 2019

The energycast today and for the weekend really is pretty emotional. We are continuing to be pushed by our values, as in what are they, and you don't know the universe is going to show you.

The general energy card is the Ace of Earth/Pentacles. This is a new beginning where our finances are concerned. Either a new money stream will present itself, or you will be ready to polish up your resume so you can find one. The Ace always represents a fresh start or a restart. Pentacles are things we produce such as money. But hey maybe you are just going to start visiting the farmers market with your produce. :) . It could mean someone is paying you back that money they owe you, you finally sell something you have been meaning to for a long time. The possibilities are endless, which is a good thing!

The relationship energy is again Yang. We are still in action mode in our partnerships. Mars is still hanging out in Cancer and a driving force at home and with our families. This could be you actively seeking a partnership right now as well. We are definitely in the action taking mode of things. With the way that Jupiter is opposing Venus this weekend we are not settling for shallow relationships. We need to dig deeper and share how we truly feel, what we really want. And if it isn't your emotions, you are just getting out and being active with your partner, family or friends today, so enjoy.

The Goddess advice to deal with all of the above is our good friend Mama Killa, representing the Moon moving into Pisces today. This is adding to our emotions this weekend. Our emotions, our intuition, the hidden feelings we keep buried are needing to be dealt with. There is a bit of trust and faith that needs to happen this weekend. We really need to be aware of what is going on around us and not attach to outcomes. There is something much bigger going on here and if you look too closely you actually might miss it. You need to step back and see with the inner eye.

The numerological energy is the 7, representing that inner eye.

The astrological energy this weekend is the Tsquare between Venus who is Opposing Jupiter and they both are in a square to Neptune. Here is what you need to watch for, do not be deluded into relationships that are fake. Neptune is well known for rose colored glasses and Venus wants nothing more than to be loved, but Jupiter is there saying hold on a minute. With the Jupiter energy you cannot just stop at face value, you have to tap in and spiritually see what is there. The experience this weekend is very dependent on where all 3 of these planets sit in your personal chart. On the positive side if you are an artist then this energy can push you to tap into your creativity and bring something to the surface that you have long kept hidden or buried. Those song lyrics that have been elusive perhaps. This energy will last for several days and be at a peak on Sunday night. If you need to work something out that might be a good night to plan the 'talk'. Pack some patience this weekend, notice what is going on within, but before you let it out try to understand it first. Make sure you are acting, not reacting. This is a lot of big energy involving our values and spirituality all clashing with one another. The worst thing you can do is retreat into destructive behaviors. Instead let yourself feel whatever you are meant to and then understand why. There is a big lesson to learn if you are open to it, and it will move you to a new level of understanding about yourself that will bring about freedom.

Love and Light.

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