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Daily Horoscope July 4, 2019

Happy 4th of July! Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday. Love is on our minds today, and probably for the rest of the month thanks to Venus.

Our general energy card is the Page of Water/Cups. This speaks to gifts of love and new beginnings. All the court cards represent the #1 in Tarot, which means new beginnings. This is youthful energy as well, maybe a bit immature. This could involve an immature person, a young child, or just a new beginning in an existing relationship. Be open to receiving this gift today, you will be glad you did.

The relationship energy says the love we share is with our Soulmates today. You are making an important connection today. This is also a sign to you if you have been asking, that yes this is the one, the soulmate you have been waiting for. You know your soulmate because of the way you recognize their energy, they just feel right. There is just something about them. And this doesn't have to be a lover, it is also our close friends, our co-workers. The important thing is these people are here to help you on your life journey. Today it looks like they are bringing you a gift, so be open to receiving it.

The Goddess energy of Mama Killa representing the Moon says we are entering a new cycle, and now that the light is back on the Moon we can start to take action on those New Moon wishes we made. This is also a very intuitive and emotional day. Tap into those emotions as they have a message for you, pay attention to how you are feeling, and then make sure you really understand why.

The numerological energy is 11/2, which is all about relationships and partnerships. 11 is a master number of service, 2 is partnerships. Where are you being of service to your partners?

The astrological energy of love is coming from Venus being in the sign of Cancer. She loves love and so does Cancer. All month long you will feel this pull towards home and family, both creating and improving one. Mercury has reached the point where it is now stationing and will start it's retrograde motion on Sunday. Leo is very showy energy, on stage, a performer. This will make you very outwardly vocal, especially with the meet up with Mars. The Moon here is also making us want to put our emotions on stage, tell that soul mate how you really feel. Give an emotional performance today. Might be a really good day for a proposal of some kind. Hmmm keep me posted on that! Uranus our planet of surprises and electricity is squaring the Moon and Mercury, so just be cautious with those fireworks, the real ones and the verbal ones. This could easily turn into a foot in mouth kind of situation. Don't say I didn't warn you. And leave the fireworks to the experts!

Love and Fireworks!

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