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Embracing New Beginnings: The Power of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries

Updated: Mar 26

The Sun being eclipsed by the Moon
Solar Eclipse

As the celestial dance unfolds, a potent cosmic event graces the skies: a New Moon Solar Eclipse in the bold and dynamic sign of Aries. Occurring when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, obscuring the Sun's light, this eclipse heralds a profound period of transformation and renewal. In the fiery realm of Aries, the energy is electric, igniting our passions, fueling our ambitions, and inspiring us to embark on courageous new journeys.  What will you eclipse out of your life that will enable you to take the journey? Only those within about 115 miles of the path of the eclipse, which begins over Texas, will see it as a total eclipse, everyone else in the viewing path, will experience this as a partial solar eclipse.


In the spirit of embracing these cosmic energies and harnessing their transformative power, I invite you to join me for a personalized astrology session during this potent time. Together, we will explore the unique influences of the New Moon Solar Eclipse on your birth chart and uncover the opportunities it presents for growth, healing, and evolution.  Find my reading special here.


Aries: The Pioneer's Call to Action

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, embodies the spirit of the pioneer, the warrior, and the trailblazer. Ruled by Mars, the planet of action and vitality, Aries is fearless, assertive, and fiercely independent. With the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries, we are invited to embrace the warrior within, to tap into our inner strength, and to boldly pursue our dreams with unwavering determination. The Sun and Moon join together in the sign of Aries to provide you with an opportunity to reset your personal goals, to redefine who you are, to remove blocks to your personal growth, or have them removed for you.


Chiron:  Profound implications for healing, growth and personal transformation.

Chiron was a mythical character, a Centaur.  Half man, half horse.  Half is father, half his mother.  He was also a trainer of the God’s.  He suffered a wound that was so painful, because of an arrow that hit him by mistake.  He was immortal and could not heal the wound, and also could not die.  He eventually made a sacrifice, gave up his immortality, to help someone else heal.  That is the lesson of Chiron.  Use your pain to help others heal, and you will heal yourself. 


An eclipse is a rare event, making this one even more rare is the exact conjunction between the Sun, Moon and Chiron.  This is creating a stellium of planets in the sign of Aries, which is amplifying the energy of the eclipse even more.  With any pain you are experiencing there is the potential for deep emotional healing.  You may feel much more self-aware, and have increased self-compassion.  The Eclipse may even remove the blocks that keep you from healing the important relationships in your life, including the one you have with yourself.  This is a chance for you like Chiron, to integrate your woundedness, to gain the wisdom you need to heal, and if you are a healer, you may be called upon to help others at this time.


Nodes:  Fate and destiny are activated

The Nodes of the Moon represent points where the Moon's orbit intersects with the ecliptic, and they hold significant karmic and evolutionary significance in astrology.  The North Node in Aries brings fated events that cause us to further explore our self-identity.  The South Node the karma we came into this lifetime with in the sign of Libra, may cause us to release a relationship that is no longer part of our future.  Wherever there is imbalance in your current relationships, it needs to be corrected.  During this eclipse you may see just how to right the scales of Justice, which are the symbol of the sign of Libra.


Mars:  Embrace your courage, live life fearlessly.

The planetary ruler of this eclipse energy is Mars.  At the time of the eclipse it will be transiting through the sign of Pisces, where it is not strong, and also be conjunct with the planet Saturn.  This brings an element of control, restriction, and karmic lessons to learn.  If Mars is the gas, then Saturn is the brakes, and you will find if you try to take off too quickly, Saturn will slow you down.  Saturn in Pisces has been teaching us for the past year about having good boundaries.  Mars is showing you how to take the necessary steps to keep those boundaries in place.  If you are not holding good boundaries, or others constantly push past them, that will be corrected at this time. Because of the reckless pace of Mars energy it is always good to be aware of the element the planet is in, and to practice more care as you do things that activate this energy. During the eclipse season that means you should be careful near water.


Mercury Retrograde:  A time for Reflection and Review

In mid-March Mercury first traveled across the eclipse point, at that time you may have gotten a preview of the work you were expected to complete.  Right around the Spring Equinox was when Mercury passed over the eclipse point.  It will be sitting at 24 degrees of Aries, and still in retrograde, at the time of the Solar Eclipse.  The retrograde means, this eclipse event is unusual.  It will be activated twice more, before the work is fully done, so no need to rush through this.  Mercury was also retrograde during the 2005 eclipse, but much further away.  This impact will be more apparent.  You could be reviewing the path you are currently on, considering your way of thinking, learning how to think for yourself.  There is a significant level of energy focused around your individual goals, and letting go of relationships and situations that are not meeting your goals.  Mercury retrograde always comes with challenges to electronics, travel, and communication devices.  Despite the potential challenges, Mercury retrograde in Aries offers valuable opportunities for self-reflection and personal growth. Use this time to explore your inner motivations, clarify your desires, and identify areas for personal development. Embrace the introspective energy of the retrograde period to gain insights into your true self and aspirations.


As mentioned previously, 2005 was the last time we had this set of eclipses.  The Nodes take about 18.5 years to move around the Sun.  It can be beneficial to review what happened in your life during this last eclipse.  While the energy is not exactly the same, the themes for your life may be repeating in a notable way.  Were you working on being more independent back then?  Were you getting out of a relationship that was not healthy for you?  Maybe you moved, changed jobs, or started focusing on your physical health. Maybe you didn't and instead of being stuck in the same type of cycle for the next 19 years, you will choose differently.


Impact by House: Navigating Personal Realms of Influence

The influence of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries varies depending on its placement in your birth chart, particularly the house it occupies. Be sure to read the below for your Sun, Moon, and most importantly your Rising sign.  Here's a glimpse into how this eclipse may impact different areas of life:


1.  First House (Aries): With the eclipse occurring in your first house, the focus is on self-discovery, personal identity, and reinvention. Embrace your individuality, assert your autonomy, and set intentions for personal growth and empowerment.  Set intentions to remove blocks to your personal growth.

2.  Second House (Pisces): In the realm of finances, values, and self-worth, the eclipse prompts a reevaluation of your relationship with money and possessions. Set intentions to cultivate abundance, strengthen financial security, and align with your true values.

3.  Third House (Aquarius): Communication, learning, and local community are highlighted with the eclipse in your third house. Focus on expressing yourself authentically, expanding your knowledge, and nurturing meaningful connections in your immediate environment.  Set intentions to remove blocks to communicating authentically.

4.  Fourth House (Capricorn): The eclipse brings attention to home, family, and emotional security. Reflect on your roots, create a nurturing sanctuary, and set intentions for healing familial dynamics and deepening emotional connections.  There may be a strong desire to remove things from your home that are unhealthy, including your physical body.

5.  Fifth House (Sagittarius): Creativity, romance, and self-expression take center stage with the eclipse in your fifth house. Embrace your inner child, pursue your passions fearlessly, and cultivate joy and playfulness in your life.  Focus on removing anything from your life that blocks your joy.

6.  Sixth House (Scorpio): Health, work, and daily routines come into focus with the eclipse in your sixth house. Prioritize self-care, establish healthy habits, and set intentions for greater efficiency and productivity in your professional endeavors.  Eclipse out of your life any behaviors or commitments that negatively impact your health.

7.  Seventh House (Libra): Relationships, partnerships, and collaborations are highlighted with the eclipse in your seventh house. Focus on fostering harmony, balance, and mutual respect in your connections, and set intentions for meaningful partnerships.  If you have been struggling to get out of an unhealthy situation the eclipse may help you move on.

8.  Eighth House (Virgo): The eclipse brings transformation, intimacy, and shared resources to the forefront with its placement in your eighth house. Embrace the power of regeneration, release what no longer serves you, and set intentions for deep emotional healing and empowerment.  If you have been too reliant on others for financial support you may be able to break free and increase your own income instead.

9.  Ninth House (Leo): Exploration, philosophy, and higher learning are emphasized with the eclipse in your ninth house. Expand your horizons, embrace new perspectives, and set intentions for spiritual growth and adventurous pursuits.  This is the ideal time to remove blocks to pursuing your dream of living abroad.

10. Tenth House (Cancer): Career, ambition, and public reputation take precedence with the eclipse in your tenth house. Set ambitious goals, pursue your professional aspirations with confidence, and set intentions for success and recognition.  Let go of limiting beliefs that keep you small.

11. Eleventh House (Gemini): The eclipse shines a spotlight on social networks, friendships, and collective goals with its placement in your eleventh house. Connect with like-minded individuals, align with your aspirations for the future, and set intentions for community involvement and collaboration.  It’s time to allow yourself to be your unique self.

12. Twelfth House (Taurus): The eclipse illuminates the realm of spirituality, subconscious, and inner exploration with its placement in your twelfth house. Embrace solitude, dive deep into your psyche, and set intentions for spiritual renewal and healing.  Work with a professional to release subconscious thoughts that hold you back from living the life you are meant to live.


As the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries graces the skies, we are reminded of the power of new beginnings, the courage to pursue our dreams, and the transformative potential that lies within each of us. Regardless of the house or astrology sign, this eclipse invites us to embrace the journey ahead with courage, passion, and unwavering determination. May you harness the energy of this cosmic event to ignite your inner flame, blaze new trails, and boldly embrace the path of self-discovery and growth.


I am honored to accompany you on this journey of self-discovery and transformation. If you feel called to explore the mysteries of the cosmos and uncover the hidden treasures of your birth chart during this auspicious time, I invite you to schedule your astrology session today.


Love and a Guiding Light!



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