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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

Living on the edge, that is what this New Moon Solar Eclipse might feel like this time around. We know we need to be doing something different, but what exactly?? The eclipse has some things in mind for you and your best bet is to sit and watch and wait.

Eclipses remove something from our life that is no longer serving us. Could be a thought pattern, a person, a relationship, or even a job. Maybe you have actually already experienced this if you are very moon sensitive. Just know that it is a fated event, serving your higher good, and you want to go with the flow here.

There is so much energy in Capricorn right now that you will want to work, work, work. But that can become a distraction and there is more to do besides work. The eclipses in Capricorn and Cancer will shift us for the next 18 months. There will come a time when structures and routines will need to change. Saturn rules Capricorn and is in it's home sign. Trust me things will be changing whether you like it or not. The great thing about Saturn energy is that when you do the work, you are rewarded. Many people see Saturn in their chart and think, ugghhh. But if you instead think, 'this is an area where I need to apply more discipline' BAM rewards aplenty. So is it in your relationship house? You need work on boundaries. Is it in your Financial sectors? Then you would benefit from a strict budget. Health sector? Get a personal trainer, or download a tracking app. Whatever house/area Saturn is in, is where you signed up, signed a contract even, to be disciplined. So now to help you out Saturn has invited some guests to his New Moon Eclipse party, to help remind you of your contract.

We have the Nodes sitting there of course as they come with any eclipse as a packaged deal. Karma anyone? Now the South Node in Capricorn is sitting at 26 degrees, so on the outer edges from an Orb perspective, but definitely in play here. South Node is about removing things that no longer serve you, not using this already learned skill as a handicap to avoid growing like you are supposed to with the North Node. And of course the North Node is always in opposition to the South Node, encouraging you to focus your attention there.

The Sun at 15 degrees is of course conjunct the Moon. And Saturn is sitting at 12 (technically 11.59 on the West Coast), so triple conjunction. We have ego, we have our emotions, and we have our hard work and determination all lined up together. You are literally aligned to make some amazing forward progress in your life depending on which house this is happening for you. The 15 degree mark in Tarot is the Devil card. This is a message about breaking free from the ego and the things that keep you bound and hold you back. Hello South Node.

Supporting energy has Mercury, our mind/thoughts, in a trine to Uranus. Giving us inspirational thoughts as if from nowhere! And we have Neptune trine the Moon/Sun/Saturn. Meaning if we focus on our Spirituality and our Feelings, not just work, work, work we just might be able to make a giant shift. When is the last time you let yourself have a nice daydream as a way to manifest the life you want? Neptune is dreamy watery energy after all . Spend the 3 days of the dark moon contemplating just that with the help of Neptune, see what inspiration you receive. Then when the light first starts to shine again on the moon, take the action you have been guided to take.

Now Mars is squaring Mercury and a bit impatient for you to act, but don't take the bait. He is in his home sign of Aries and very excitable, but just hang tight until that dark moon dissipates. Exercise, plan a creative project, use the energy, but don't start something new just yet.

Last but certainly not least we have Venus about to finally get the hell, yep I said it, out of Scorpio. Yes she went deep, and is now about to transform, but she does not like it in the dark. So up from the underworld she has a message for Chiron and they are joined in a beautiful trine. She has a message for you about healing something from your past. And when you receive this message you can heal a major hurt and be transformed. Amen to that!! These 2 (planet/asteroid) are both about to exit their water signs and head to the fire. So emotionally you are done with this energy and ready to transform, and you will have all the fire you need to do just that. The influence of this Trine will linger as Chiron moves very slowly. So again sit with this during the dark phase of the moon and then enjoy the gift of healing.

Ask yourself where do you need extra help in transforming a certain area of your life over the next 18 months, and 3 eclipses? Your next shot is during the full moon lunar eclipse in 2 weeks. That is the time to bring your plans to fullness.

Spend these next several days planning, picking out your new moon wishes for all things Capricorn. And you might make one or two about something you want to eclipse out of your life. Maybe it's a bad work habit. Capricorn represents the 10th house of fame and career. What do you want to achieve there this year? The possibilities are endless. Don't hold yourself back. You are living on the edge now and about to take a giant leap forward! Be fearless!!

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