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Full Moon in Capricorn

This one packs a punch. Typically Capricorn is all about work, work, work. But this time we have a bit of karma thrown in with the conjunction to Saturn who is sitting in retrograde. The moon is also sitting between Saturn and Pluto. It's as if Saturn is sharing some insight with Moon and then the moon is heading to Pluto to share the message. The moon representing our emotions has a tremendous influence on how we react daily. With it's daily movement the energy can be changing rather quickly. Which in this case might be a good thing!

Saturn is saying listen your ego has ruled you long enough, and as I sit here across from the sun (symbolizing your ego) and next to the moon (symbolizing your emotions) I want to help you connect the 2 in a more positive way. If you would just stop letting your emotions run wild, if you would just stop having all these knee jerk reactions, we could settle down and get some real work done!

So depending on where in the zodiac you have Capricorn sitting you are being guided to work on this particular area with more focus and determination. You need to apply some discipline in this part of your chart. And Saturn isn't messing around anymore, he means NOW! If you have already been doing the work, Saturn will reward your during this full moon. If you haven't, well expect a little shot from your friend Karma to help you see the light! And when that moon passes by Pluto, the planet of transformation expect to receive the message loud and clear on just what it is you need to transform.

Before the moon heads on to Pluto though, there is a helpful trine to Uranus

by both the moon and the sun. Expect a surprise, perhaps a redirection of sorts. You just might see something you never paid attention to before in your current circumstances. Perhaps a realization of how your emotional reactions have steered you off course in the past, and now that you are aware you can better deal with them going forward. And the enlightenment could come via social media or the internet.

Lastly we have a square to Chiron, by both the moon and the sun Another highlight of how our feelings over past hurts are holding us back. Now is the time for healing. You are being guided to let something go once and for all. You will have all the support you need over the next few weeks to work through this. You just need to be focused, but at the same time flexible.

The sun is getting ready for a grand water trine with Jupiter and Neptune, there is great support here for our emotions. But we must take action, nothing will get resolved if we just sit back and wait.

Last but not least we have the North Node inconjunct the moon. So fate is definitely highlighted during the full moon. Set your intentions for what you want to bring to culmination on this date. You have all the support you need to make it happen. Since the North Node is in Leo it could involve your children or childhood. What are you willing to sacrifice today to feel like royalty? What's holding you back that you are ready to be done with once and for all? With the eclipses coming up next month now is the time for cleaning out our internal houses. Letting go of things by choice is always so much easier than having them ripped away by force!

Take some time out to celebrate your accomplishments to date. We are literally midway through the year with a lot of retrograde energies. It is time for taking stock on what you have done, seeing what you should adjust, and then get ready for forward movement again at the end of the summer.

Love and Light!

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